1970's era Old Crow tasting

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1970's era Old Crow tasting

Postby oldcrowleif » Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:23 am

Was able to purchase 30+ year old bottle of Old Crow on-line as I always wanted to taste the difference I had been reading about. I enjoy Crow presently as an affordable and palatable bourbon but the first taste of the old batch was unbelievably different.

I am new in regards to trying to profile taste but the nose is very strong, woody, spicy and sweet. The finish is surprisingly smooth given the impression I got from when I first smelled it. Doesn't have the corn-like taste of the new version and the trip down the hatch is free of the burn I associate with cheaper bourbons. Great finish but a formidable first impression.

From what I understand the original recipe was aged for around 7 years. If that is so I can tell just by how strong and smooth this is.
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