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Eagle Rare 10 year

Postby dr.booze » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:24 am

Well I am drinking this right now so I figured I would impart my opinion.

For a classic bourbon mash bill and reasonable price this is a fine daily sipper. I obtained a 1.75L bottle from Buffalo Trace and it's nearly done.

For me there are hints of vanilla it is smooth with a bold spice and subtle burn finish in the end of the sip. Easily consumed straight and the second goes down nicely. I feel overall it is a strong 90. It has its rough edges but in a good way. A most enjoyable beverage and a go to whiskey for every day use.
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Re: Eagle Rare 10 year

Postby zeeck » Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:41 pm

I just stumbled upon this site, but figure if I'm going to make a first post, this is the place to do it. I've only discovered my love for whiskey in general a few years ago, and I had up until recently been primarily enjoying Scotch. I went to a local spirits shop by my work, and decided to grab a nice bourbon in the $30-40 range. After staring for a few minutes, I finally asked the opinion of the guy stocking the shelves. When I asked him if he knew anything about bourbon, he laughed. Apparently rightfully so, as this guy was like a bourbon encyclopedia.

Long story short, he suggested the Eagle Rare 10 year (after going through a diatribe about the bottling and the awards this bourbon has won). I was completely impressed, and I have yet to find a comparable bourbon in that price range. I know all tastes are subjective, but I absolutely love this whiskey and it has left me wanting more.
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Re: Eagle Rare 10 year

Postby jhughes2466 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:52 pm

I am also a fairly new Bourbon Enthusiast. I've had the great luck and opportunity to get some really great bourbons here lately. I tried the Eagle Rare 10 year about a week and a half ago and I'll be honest... while good... it's not blown me away. I have never gotten the EXTREMELY rare finds like Pappy or Black Maple Hill as of yet... but for what I've already gotten and tasted... here is my Top 10.

1. Orphan Barrel - Rhetoric (Aged 20 years)
2. Jefferson's Ocean
3. Elmer T. Lee (Single Barrel Sour Mash)
4. Buffalo Trace - Single Oak Project (Barrel 121.. I also got one from Barrel 169 and it was terrible)
5. Orphan Barrel - Barterhouse (Aged 20 years)
6. Eagle Rare 10 year
7. Sazerac Rye (6 year)
8. Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch (I have the Single Barrel but liked it less)
9. Elijah Craig 12 Year Small Batch
10. Wild Turkey Forgiven

Now my daily drinker is usually Basil Hayden so that kind of puts into perspective my personal tastes.
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Re: Eagle Rare 10 year

Postby therussian » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:30 pm

Okay, I'm new to the bourbon world too. Having said that, I have been impressed over all with the brands of bourbon I have tried. For some reason I am drawn to the Buffalo Trace products. Is it because they produce so much that it's more than likely what I will grab? Or do they produce a truly more enjoyable bourbon. I agree with one of the posts below that stated "tastes are subjective." I think one persons taste can be quite different from another's. Whatever you like, swill to some, pure enjoyment to you, go with it. Don't let someone else's opinion sway you into liking a $70.00 bottle because it's the new hot thing. Find what curls your toes, and make that your go to bottle. Don't let the snobby 30 something year old whiskey manager, who thinks he holds the keys to the retail bourbon kingdom sway you. In the short time I've been enjoying bourbon, it has become quite apparent that not all bourbon makes it to the store shelf. That "30 something" has it locked up for his "buddies" or the customer that kisses his ass. Don't let that idiot turn you from enjoying the "lesser" bourbons, nor turn you into one of those boot licking customers searching for the white unicorn (Black Maple Hill), and the holy grail (Pappy Van Winkle).
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