2-22-16 Whiskey Label Approval Roundup

New bourbon and whiskey brands are popping up across the country. Before bottling each brand must receive approval of their label from the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Below are the approved labels from yesterday.

  • Belle Meade is set to follow up on the success of their Sherry cask bourbon with a Port and Cognac finished bourbon
  • Did you try Diageo’s Blade & Bow? It was a 22-year-old bourbon which included trace amounts of Stitzel-Weller. Get ready to try it’s older brother.
  • The most interesting approval of the day is High West’s “Light Whiskey”. I’m a fan of High West but I hope “light” whiskey is just to provide some variety in a crowded whiskey market and note a trend. Light whiskey is distilled to 80-95% ABV. It distills out most of the congeners (flavor) and is usually used to blend with other whiskeys. If it passed High West’s quality standards I’m sure it will be good.
  • Knob Creek 2001 Limited Edition. I’m a fan of Knob Creek. Can we please keep this price tag less than 2x regular Knob Creek?

12-22-16 Label Approvals


    If memory serves me that is about the number of Booker’s 25. They weren’t abundant but I was able to see a couple on the shelf. I hope that’s the case here.

    Interesting that the first B&B was a blend of Bernheim and George Stagg distillery and now its a single barrel. Wonder from which…

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