2015 Bourbonr Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! ย Whether you’re shopping for yourself, ready to share this list with loved ones shopping for you or trying to find a gift for the bourbon lover in your life. This list was made for all Bourbonr’s.

For All Bourbonr’s (shameless plug)

2015-11-28 13


For the Cocktail Loving Bourbonr

Untitled drawing


For The Reading Bourbonr


For The Golfing Bourbonr

Untitled drawing (4)


For The Traveling Bourbonr

1776 co flask


For The Drinking Bourbonr

Knob Creek Single Barrell Reserve


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



    Anyone tried the Metze’s? I had a quick sample over the weekend at Big Red’s Pappyfest in Indy. Although I thought it was good (and bought a bottle regardless) it seemed a little thin when I immediately after had a sample of SAOS 10 100pf.

    A complete set of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection ๐Ÿ™‚

    What kind of information are you looking for? Are you looking for a price?

    John you have what would be called an anomaly …2010 was a bad year and the bottles are worth about $100 each but it’s ok I’ll give you $150 each :-). Haha good stuff man but just google what you have you’ll find answers.

    Jack, 15 FRSmbLE is crud. No one should be drinking that. Let me know if you would like someone to dispose of it properly.

    Happy Holidays! Question……I saw a beautiful bottle (decanter) of “I.W Harper 15 yr old” yesterday…fully stocked shelf, for $71.99 plus tax. I thought that it was wayyy overpriced, am I right…or wrong?…lol. Thanks!

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