2016 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

BATC Release Map

Please Read: Each state is highlighted when one bottle is reported in that state. There’s a good chance that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace but a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Happy Hunting!

This is the 4th annual BTAC Release Map. Here’s the procedure. I highlight each state when the antique collection is released in that state. Remember, distribution can be tricky and just because it has released in part of the state doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The release map is another tool to help in your BTAC hunt.

My goal is to build a stronger Bourbonr community with this release. For more info and to find other bourbon hunters join the Bourbonr Facebook group. I’ve also added the city which was reported if you hover over each state. If you’re  new and still trying to get your feet wet check out my post “How to Hunt Bourbon” Happy Hunting!

If you find a bottle please shoot me an email at Blake @ Bourbonr.com that includes your state as well as a picture of the bottle. I welcome any tips about state releases as well!

2016 BTAC

12/2 – Mississippi, Maine and Missouri releases their Buffalo Trace Antiwue Collection

11/19 – BTAC released in New Hampshire

11/17 – North Dakota receives their (reduced allocation) of BTAC

11/14 – BTAC released in South Carolina, (Nashville) Tennessee and Connecticut

11/9 – Pennsylvania raffled their BTAC but winners have been chosen and bottles have been received. BTAC hits Arizona

11/3 – BTAC released in New York, Montana, Minnesota, Wyoming, Florida and Maryland. Happy Hunting!

10/27-30 BTAC has a big weekend with releases in the following states: Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan and California

10/27 – Virginia bourbon lovers receive calls to pick up their BTAC (most have been on a waiting list for 3+ years)

10/25 – BTAC continues is tour through the Midwest with an arrival in Indiana today

10/21 – Rhode Island releases BTAC

10/19 – Antique Collection has landed in Wisconsin

10/14 – Tennesee releases BTAC. TN has distribution based on East and West and Nashville hasn’t reported yet

10/13 – BTAC lands in Illinois. Fly the W!

10/11 – The Antique Collection comes home! Reported release in Kentucky as of today.

10/6 – Welcome to (Atlanta) Georgia BTAC! This is just Eagle Rare 17 since there are two distributors in GA.

9/28 – Kansas becomes the first state to release BTAC. Open season has begun. The Antique Collection Has released in North Carolina.




    But you never know when/where you’ll find one. That’s half the fun. This weekend I found 2 bottles of last years 15 year in a random liquor store. I paid 200 a piece for them, considering most places in the area if they do have it charge over 1k (even our liqour stores) I was very happy. Hoping to go back and find 2 more for this years.

    FYI, Buffalo Trace told me that Ohio got a few bottles of the Eagle Rare. But I cannot find it in Ohio’s data base. Guess ABC states play favorites too.

    and by favorites, you mean to their friends and whatever leftover goes to restaurants… which the restaurant owners usually consume themselves or change $30+ for a 1oz pour.

    It is my understanding the producers dictate how many units are to be allocated to the restaurants and to the distributers. In this case it is Buffalo Trace you have issue with, although I do understand your frustration.

    It will never hit the database, or any store shelf. Ohio is a notoriously bad control state for anything rare or limited making it to the general public. Even 5+ years ago before all the bourbon madness it was difficult at best in Ohio. Now, it’s just a downright waste of time and effort. Sorry man, but we live in a crappy state to have a bourbon habit.

    Wait there is a liquor control database to look for in Ohio? Moved here 3 years ago and trying to find anything online is a complete hassle and waste of time it feels

    According to my local Total Wine (Fort Myers, FL), they had 3 bottles of ER17 last week. Still looking around for more. 🙂

    Here’s a funny (maybe not)….what if BT exported the entire 2016 allocation to the rest of the world and the map stays blank…imagine the insanity then…

    One bar in Houston, RESERVE 101, serves all the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection that they receive. Every 4th of July the break out the PAPPY!

    Yes, and they get their allocation from a retail liquor store that refuses to sell to the general public, because “my bars are my most important customers.”

    Just FYI, Specs has an allocation list for the masses. You can get on the list by going to the downtown location. Your ranking is based on your purchase history with your specs key.
    That said, unless you are spending over a grand a year it is hard to rank high enough to get a bottle.

    Just saw this on the FB Group… LIke this guy!!!

    “OK Cats & Kittens… With the start of a new season of absolute utterly out of control ridiculousness over old brown corn water, this needs to be said… Anyone in this group paying ludicrous prices for ANYTHING limited is part of the problem! You are saying, with the use of your (whether hard earned or in the corporate world, where let’s be honest, you don’t work that hard – You don’t do construction, You don’t work in a 120 degree kitchen or autoshop, you’re not teacher or an ER Dr. or Nurse. You’re not a Cop or Fire-Fighter – you sit at a desk, in an air conditioned office, drink coffee, punch keys & jockey a phone… I know, why do you think I’m posting this at 2:15 on a Wednesday! – I used to be a cook & an auto tech.) $$, that it is OK to price gouge. You’d whine & moan if it was gasoline wouldn’t you (like what happen in the northeast after Sandy!!)? Don’t do it now. Help us all out & do the right thing! Happy Hunting!!”.

    One correction to your re-post. He is not describing the corporate world he described Government Bureaucrats to a tee…………just say’n

    My friend and I wrote a blog last year on how to get hard-to-find bottles (specifically for us it was Eagle Rare 17 in particular) without even touching the secondary market. Ended up getting ER17, WLW and Pappy 15 for $90 a pop (and a lot of great stuff along the way). Someone mentioned it last year, but it’s whiskeygoals.com. I hope this helps people that are looking for a way to get Antique Collection bottles by making friends and supporting your local liquor store instead of buying them off some flipper.
    Blake, thanks for putting up this map. Helps a lot of true hunters.

    Thanks! I had a great time writing every bit of it. You’re very right. I will update soon, especially because Bourbon Season started again. The short story is that I moved to another state [and an “ABC state” for that matter 🙁 …] and don’t have as much opportunity as I did, but the good news is, Trevor is still back at home and I send my funds to him so I can keep up the great customer relationship with the liquor store. And every so many bottles stocked up and I get a package! Banking on that for this years “Dreams, Goals and Aspirations”.

    Thanks! I don’t think it was quite that much, I would say close to $4000 max in that time frame. Split well between me and Trevor. Some people might say we spent that much for just three main bottles, but we spent that much for around 50+ bottles and got Pappy 15, ER17 and WLW bottles for 80ish bucks a pop. Plus we have solid connections and great friendships built.

    Your fb account appeared to be fake. Your comment was fishing for arguments and that’s not the point of the group. It’s a bourbon group.

    Oh, Horseshit! One guy got the point. And as far as the crack about “Corporate Work” not really being “work”. If that offended you (or anyone) — get over it! I used to bust my knuckles & deep fry my fingers on a daily basis at different points in my life. Now, like you, I sit at a desk & punch keys (as I’m doing – at “work” — ahhhh Cubicle Life!!). This is not real work. People need to stop being so sensitive & look into sarcasm (especially considering how I’m finding that the entire “Bourbon Community” seems to be right / red. Aren’t they the ones that bitch about political correctness & how we need to be (as stated) “less sensitive”. Lil’ hypocrisy there, no?).

    You’re still proving my point. No one is offended by your comments. They’re just unproductive and intended to start arguments. Perfect example. You turned your last comment into a political statement.

    Like you, I’ve worked both blue and white jobs. Though not a majority there are days I’d prefer to be doing manual labor. What does that have to do with bourbon? Absolutely nothing. You’re not banned from the site so feel free to make any comments you’d like on here.

    It’s obvious that plenty of people were “offended”… it was never meant as so. I guess I should use “LOL” & “Winky Smiley Face” after everything written. It was an off handed minor comment – that’s it! I was thrown out of the “Honey Comb Hideout” – so it evidently touched a nerve. The point of the post WAS about bourbon if you actually understand it’s overall point. One other guy “GOT IT”. And it’s a shame that ONLY one other guy got it. ———————————————- “OK Cats & Kittens… With the start of a new season of absolute utterly out of control ridiculousness over old brown corn water, this needs to be said… Anyone in this group paying ludicrous prices for ANYTHING limited is part of the problem! You are saying, with the use of your $$, is that it is OK to price gouge. You’d whine & moan if it was gasoline wouldn’t you (like what happen in the northeast after Sandy!!)? Don’t do it now. Help us all out & do the right thing! Happy Hunting!!”. ——————- There! Better? I rubbed your tummy tum tum… Can we all be friends again?

    PA conducts a lothere for all the BTAC and Pappy products each year. Open to PA residents only. Open to consumers and retailers, ie. bars and restaurants. However, the number of bottles aviable to eacheck group, computers vs retailers, is proportionate to actual annual sales. Therefore, consumers are alotted better than a 70/30 share of the results.
    Last year, I wound up with a bottle of George T and my son got a bottle of Pappy Family.

    According to my sources who were 100% accurate last year, you may as well cross New Hampshire off your list right now. I was told that all bottles are going to restaurants and bars. I think 2 bottles accidentally ended up in stores, but that likely isn’t happening this year.

    Sounds about right. I live in Maine and check the NH stores on a regular basis. Never found any BTAC stuff in the years I’ve been keeping track 🙁

    It comes as a whole collection (or subset of the collection) at once. And by state. Simply put, in my experience, each state gets it when they get it. Last year, there was about a 2-3 month range of when the first state got hit to the last state. That’s Bourbon Season for ya!

    Yay, it’s limited release bourbon season! Hours spent on the frivolous pursuit of bottles that will end up at a select few restaurants who will then charge $30 for a pour, or in the personal cabinets of employees of the 2nd of our 3 tier liquor sales system. I can’t wait to see them listed online for ridiculous prices that I can’t afford/am not willing to pay. Dropped an entry into a Pappy lottery yesterday…the sad part is that this drawing among a thousand or two of my neighbors is the best chance I have of getting a good bottle of anything. Can’t even get a Weller SR here…I’d be happy with that at this point let alone an ETL, Blanton’s, Pappy, BTAC, etc.

    Wow, what state are you in where bourbon is that scarce? Worse come to worse, there’s always online retailers for Weller SR and Blanton’s.

    Ian, where you at in MN? I am near the cities and have a few bottles of Blanton’s. Let you have one or two for retail if you are interested.

    My first time following the map. I’m assuming the map is just empty now until the first bottles are reported, then they will start to fill in.

    Simple suggestion: Put the map at the very top of the page so we don’t have to scroll down to see it every day. #LazyBourbonr 😉

    Coming off the comment above about being released at the same time. I work at a liquor store in Ga and eagle rare has a different distributor than the others. So for us er17 usually comes out a week or two after the rest of them. We stock our bottles to the shelf too albeit for minutes if not seconds. Happy Hunting!

    Lol you cant get blantons? It is in literally every liquor store in CA. weller SR sucks. Fyi ya’ll…saz 18 is not even good. 90 proof underwhelming and plain rye…sell it if youre lucky enough to get a bottle and use the money to buy 15 good store picks. Eagle rare 17 sucks, same story. Handy is good but sucked last year. Only 2 consistently good bottles are stagg and wlw, worth $600? NO, so quit crying about rich ppl and distro employees getting all the bottles. Its called supply and demand. Make more money then you can afford to buy whatever you want. Half of ya’ll somehow think you “deserve” all this rare expensive bourbon. I just went to KY and came back with 20 bottles of HHSS, WFE, and weller 12. Maybe try traveling and not being a brokeass instead of whining with jealousy about people who have $$.

    This guy is a flipper. All the whining “brokeasses” have hurt his feelings about what he does. I go to KY about 2-3 times a year and find some great bottles. I do not buy as much as I could, just so I can make a buck. So with that said, go to bottle spot and purchase some of his overpriced WFE and HHSS. He just has “way too much bourbon right now.”

    Ohio sucks. My brother lives in PA and managed to win a 12 year Pappy thanks to the PA lottery, which is really the only fair way to do it

    Ohio’s liquor control agency was created during prohibition and should no longer exist. It served only the selfish interests of the politicians who refuse to abolish it

    Don’t even waste your time looking in Ohio…unless you have inside connections your efforts will be fruitless

    Just got home from Total Wine in Orange County, CA. Said they will do a 1st come 1st serve on the BTAC. They started their rewards club a while back and for Pappy (they finally sold their stock this Spring), they sent a barcoded email to the Grand Reserve members. I was very excited to get the 13 Yr Rye. Kinda bummed since I was hoping being a grand reserve member would get me a shot at the BTAC this Fall.

    Anyway, just an FYI & goodluck to all.

    Thanks for the info Greg. I’m a grand reserve TW member in Los Angeles and was hoping for another email like the van winkle. Bummed that they aren’t doing it for BTAC but I’ll keep an eye out.

    In SC, one (1) restaurant owner- Sean Brock- ends up with ALL of the PVW allocation for the state. Other BTAC bottles can be found, but are scarce. SC is a small state that does not deliver large sales volume, hence a very small allocation. I have a friend that owns a liquor store, and I have tried to cultivate a relationship with another….so we will see what happens.

    About 5 years ago, Total Wine cut a deal with someone to receive the entire PVW and most of the BTAC allocations for the state. I spoke to a manager who told me that they did is to reward their best customers; none of the bottles were put on the shelf. While having this conversation, I had a cart in front of me containing several hundred dollars in liquor (buying for a party). After the manager told me what happened, I left the full cart in the aisle directly in front of the manager and I walked out of the store. I do not shop at Total Wine. And I don’t eat in Sean Brock’s restaurants.

    That might have been true in the past, but that’s not true anymore in SC. I personally know 6 different liquor stores that get 30-40 bottles of Van Winkle every year and have for the past few years. Those stores also get BTAC bottles, just not very many. I think someone has been pulling your leg about Brock and Total Wine, especially Total Wine cause they by no means get all the Pappy.

    SC actually gets more Pappy than a lot of other states for some reason…..but we get less of everything else good. Not sure why that is, but it’s true.

    This is entirely untrue about Sean Brock receiving the entire allocation for the state. I know the only thing Total Wine did for their customers was sell ORVW, Lot B, and 13y Rye to their grand reserve members. But as far as BTAC, both of the Total Wine stores that I shop at in SC sold it on a first come first serve basis with no warning about when it would be released. The entire Pappy line is spread across the state with essentially every area of SC receiving some. It’s all about establishing a connection with your local people and you will be rewarded for your loyalty. I have 2 stores in the state that I have established a strong connection with and they always put me at the front of the line when the good stuff comes around. Just get in with your locals, consistently shop at the same store, and make sure you don’t just come around when it comes to this time of year.

    But to answer your question, whatever the Total Wine manager told you is completely untrue. Don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to bourbon releases because everyone likes to have their own story.

    That might be true for the distribution in Charleston (although I doubt it since I’ve seen PVW at other restaurants/bars in town).

    I know of several places that get BTAC and PVW around Fort Mill, SC (Near Charlotte, NC).

    In my experience, most people that talk about bourbon that way don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Yeah, that’s just not true. Maybe Husk gets a better allocation than most bars/restaurants but he’s also maintained a solid bourbon lineup since before it was trendy. Total Wine stopped putting Pappy on the shelf about 3 years ago. BTAC is still for sale to the public but usually behind the front counter. Pappy is sold to their reward members. While I’m not one of the top-tier members I think it’s fair to reward their best customers.

    find friends and relatives that don’t value the total wine rewards program… and get credit for their purchases… you can enter receipts online after the fact. It really doesn’t take that much to get into the upper levels if you know someone who likes wine.

    Unfortunately I live in NC, so total wine can’t sell liquor near me. 🙁

    The Release map is still solid gray, yet the “Bourbon Brothers” have their YouTube vid review of the 2016 BTAC out now. I think they’re in Maryland. Also – I’m a Total Wine Total Discovery member. Did some of you get an email already for Pappy? I havent yet.

    If you look at that video, you can see little sample bottles in front of the big bottles, which are still sealed and are doubtless from prior releases. Nothing appears to have been distributed yet.

    John Gargo – do you know that to be true (BTAC not yet distributed) or are you making an assumption? (Seems to me that last year the “Bourbon Brothers” only had the samples and – if I were to make an assumption, I’d say that if they in fact received the BTAC last year, all bottles wouldn’t still be unopened.) Thanks.

    Those are media samples. I did reviews on the Bourbonr fb group as well. No Pappy has been released. Total Wine did their email over the summer but that was for 2015 bottles

    all 100% accurate for Maryland, at least. no 2016 bottles have been released here (BTAC, Pappy). a friend of mine is one of those big spenders at Total Wine, and he’s a wine drinker, so I was fortunate enough to get the phone call when he got the email about the ORVW, Lot B, and 13y Rye. got me a bottle of Rye at retail. dream come true. 🙂

    I’m making what I believe to be a common sense assumption… it’s seems far more likely to me that these are bunkered bottles from rabid bourbon enthusiasts than a newly acquired BTAC vertical, but stranger things have happened I suppose. BTW, I still have sealed 2015 Stagg, PVW 12 and 15 that I scored last year, and others here have written that they’re “saving” their bottles. Here’s another sample review… http://whiskyadvocate.com/2016/09/19/2016-buffalo-trace-antique-collection-general-impressions/

    Hey Unicorn, you are one lucky SOB. I was just in KY., for bourbon festival and did not see a single bottle of any Weller, not even the 107. I have traveled down the east coast and not found anything but two pints of Special Reserve. So that is not always the answer. It is luck and sometimes having someone keep an eye out for you. By the by, I have a bottle of 20 YO Pappy and a 12 YO Pappy from 2013. I had a 10 year old but that is my favorite and it is now open.

    Ok thanks. Was afraid I missed the BTAC bus. Probably another dumb question but here goes – I was living in Louisville last year at this time and it was common knowledge that last year’s Pappy rye was the last from the Stitzell-Weller reserves. In fact, lots of the bourbon lovers in line with me (on the day of the Liquor Barn annual Pappy lottery) were on a mission to get a bottle of the Pappy rye, even over the bourbon offerings. Separately, the BTAC Sazerac rye also had its last hurrah from the Stizell-Weller reserves last year. Ready for the dumb question? Here it is: Were these two offerings from the same juice?

    Sazerac 18 was never from Stitzel Weller. I don’t believe S-W even made a rye. Supposedly, all Saz18 was distilled at Buffalo Trace.

    All the Saz 18 that’s been sold for roughly 10 years or so was tanked – but it wasn’t SW distillate. New stuff this year. The Van Winkle Rye at one point was a combo of old Medley and Cream of Kentucky.

    I’ve been lucky to get on a few lists for the last couple of years and came away with a Pappy ’15 in 2014, and a Van Winkle ’12 in 2015. Earlier this year a manager from a liquor store I frequent sold me an Eagle Rare ’17, that he had on reserve, for slightly over retail! My best advice is to frequent a few stores and become familiar with the workers there, and make sure they know you’re name and face. Get on as many lists at those places as you can, and make sure they know you patronize their store. BUT BE COOL, AND BE SINCERE! They just might look out for you!

    Leonard – I couldn’t agree more, and this has helped me build one heck of a decent bourbon collection in just the past year. The gremlin for me, living in Connecticut, is that we get very few bottles of everything and while I’ve made good contacts, many store owners rarely mingle or are present in the store. And when the store gets a bottle or two of a unicorn, the “contact” can’t even advocate for me to get the bottle, as the owner just gives it to a close friend or neighbor without even considering the store patrons. Finally, some stuff, such as Weller 12, just doesn’t ever make it into CT.

    I feel you, Peter! I can’t stand when a store owner says they never received anything when truth is they just keep it for themselves or give it to cronies without thought to the people who actually keep their business running. I like places that explicitly let it be known that they prefer to put the bottles into the hands of loyal patrons and people who really appreciate the product. Luckily I live in a state that pretty much gets everything and have contacts at a few places that look out for their most loyal and frequent customers. Happy Hunting!

    Exactly, what bottles are you looking for? There are some good little stores a short distance and drive from CT that may have some nice stuff…Of course, I’m not talking about PVW or BTAC bottles, unless you want to get ripped off.

    Bourbonbum – looking for Weller 12 yo. IMO, a really good bourbon, especially if you let it sit and “open” up. I’ll take any help in locating it. Thanks!

    Peter…Hi!….I’ve called around for you….yes, I’m a *VERY* nice guy, haha….Unfortunately, for now, I found none, BUT, many of the stores said they haven’t received their allocations of the Weller 12 (and others) “YET”……I can’t (and wont) give away my personal “honey holes” on here, but from one “bourbonR” to another….keep checking the “central orange county NYS areas stores”, there are PLENTY tucked away on country roads and ghost towns…even saw some (overpriced) Pappy bottles….last year (fall), I got *a lot* of various Weller bottles (750ml W12 & OWA), and larger WSR)from various stores in the areas….all under 50$…..12 yr old, antique and special reserve….plus a host of other desirables and allocated stuff….so, they’re out there…..be persistent. Besides, it’s a nice Sunday drive out this time of the year with the Mrs.’s. Hope this was of some help to you in your quest. GOOD LUCK! #Stay thirsty my friend.

    Hey bourbonbum – thanks! I’ve been off devices for a while and just saw this. Suffered a concussion and not supposed to be looking at screens. I’ll start calling around in that area. Thanks again – so much. Peter

    Long time lurker —- I emailed Buffalo Trace after getting to taste a flight of the BTAC and they emailed me back a list of stores in California that received bottles last year:

    COLLEGE AVE WINE & SPIRIT3185 COLLEGE AVE         BERKELEY                 CA
    TWM #1105 – SPIRITS      471 S ASSOCIATED RD      BREA                     CA
    ALAMEDA JUNIOR MARKET & D929 S VICTORY BL         BURBANK                  CA
    EL CERRITO MARKET LIQUOR 19480 ONTARIO AV #C-D    CORONA                   CA
    KORKER LIQUORS           2229 E COAST HWY         CORONA DEL MAR           CA
    HI-TIME LIQUOR           250 OGLE ST #F           COSTA MESA               CA
    WALLYS WINE & SPIRITS    -10459 JEFFERSON BLVD     -CULVER CITY              –90232    -CA
    TOTAL WINE & MORE        -7707 LAGUNA BLVD STE 1   -ELK GROVE                –95758    -CA
    HOLIDAY WINE CELLAR      302 W MISSION AV         ESCONDIDO                CA
    MYRTLEWOOD LIQUORS       1648 MYRTLE AVE          EUREKA                   CA
    TWM #1111 – SPIRITS      2765 E BIDWELL ST        FOLSOM                   CA
    MEGA LIQUOR WAREHOUSE    347 S STATE ST           HEMET                    CA
    ALL STAR LIQUORS         210 HILT RD              HORNBROOK                CA
    TWM #1109 – SPIRITS      16272 BEACH BLVD         HUNTINGTON BEACH         CA
    PALM SPRINGS LIQUOR      4301 PALM AV             LA MESA                  CA
    TWM #1110 – SPIRITS      24001 EL TORO RD #B      LAGUNA HILLS             CA
    7TH HEAVEN MARKET        30012 CROWN VLY PKY#M    LAGUNA NIGUEL            CA
    LIQUOR EMPORIUM          1200 E OCEAN AV          LOMPOC                   CA
    LIQUOR TOWN              4100 ATLANTIC AVE        LONG BEACH               CA
    STEARNS LIQUOR           4360-62 E STEARNS STREET LONG BEACH               CA
    TOTAL WINE & MORE        -7400 CARSON BLVD         -LONG BEACH               –90808    -CA
    BEVERAGE WAREHOUSE       4935 MC CONNELL #21      LOS ANGELES              CA
    JASON’S WINE & SPIRTS    110 E 9TH ST #A2 LOBBY   LOS ANGELES              CA
    K & L WINE MERCHANTS     1400 VINE ST             LOS ANGELES              CA
    WINE HOUSE               2311 COTNER AV           LOS ANGELES              CA
    BELTRAMO’S WINES         1540 EL CAMINO REAL      MENLO PARK               CA
    MORAGA WINES & SPIRITS   1437 MORAGA WAY          MORAGA                   CA
    BOUNTY HUNTER            -177 TOWER RD STE A       -NAPA                     –94558    -CA
    LAWLER’S LIQUOR          2232 JEFFERSON ST        NAPA                     CA
    VALLERGA’S MARKET        3385 SOLANO AVE          NAPA                     CA
    TWM #1102 – SPIRITS      19336 NORDHOFF ST        NORTHRIDGE               CA
    PIEDMONT GROCERY 1#      4038 PIEDMONT AVE        OAKLAND                  CA
    REDHILL LIQUOR           3302 E CHAPMAN AV        ORANGE                   CA
    TWM #1112 – SPIRITS      72399 HIGHWAY 111 #339   PALM DESERT              CA
    LIQUOR BANK              6026 CLARK RD  #B        PARADISE                 CA
    EVERSON ROYCE – 21TYPE   155 N RAYMOND AVNEUE     PASADENA                 CA
    MISSION LIQUOR           1785 E WASHINGTON BL     PASADENA                 CA
    BEV & MORE #014          5765 JOHNSON DR          PLEASANTON               CA
    TWM #1104 – SPIRITS      8201 DAY CREEK BL        RANCHO CUCAMONGA         CA
    LIQUOR BARN              2627 BECHELLI LN         REDDING                  CA
    #1 LIQUOR MART           1520 AVIATION BL         REDONDO BEACH            CA
    TWM #1106-SPIRITS        1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD      REDONDO BEACH            CA
    LA BODEGA LIQUOR         3512 CENTRAL AVE         RIVERSIDE                CA
    TOTAL WINE & MORE #1101  5791 FIVE STAR DR        ROSEVILLE                CA
    TOTAL WINE & MORE #1108  2121 ARDEN WAY           SACRAMENTO               CA
    DEL MESA FOOD & LIQUOR   6090 FRIARS RD           SAN DIEGO                CA
    PLAZA WINE & SPIRITS     6755 MIRA MESA #125      SAN DIEGO                CA
    QUALITY MARKET           2329 MADISON AV          SAN DIEGO                CA
    WINE BANK                363 5TH AV               SAN DIEGO                CA
    BI -RITE MARKET          550 DIVISADERO ST        SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    BI RITE MARKET           3639 18TH ST             SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    CASK                     17 3RD ST                SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    CASK AT RINCON           -101 SPEAR ST STE A04     -SAN FRANCISCO            –94105    -CA
    D & M LIQUORS S F        2200 FILLMORE            SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    EASY MONEY               2312 IRVING ST           SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    HEALTHY SPIRITS          2299 15TH ST             SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    K & T MARKET             1042 CLEMENT             SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    PLUMPJACK NOE VALLEY     4011 24TH ST             SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    SOMA WINES & SPIRITS     246 SECOND ST            SAN FRANCISCO            CA
    WINE CLUB                2110 E MCFADDEN #C-F     SANTA ANA                CA
    BOTTLE BARN              3331 INDUSTRIAL DR #A    SANTA ROSA               CA
    M D LIQUOR & FOOD  #4    2743 YULUPA AVE          SANTA ROSA               CA
    ALL STAR LIQUOR          12559 HWY 101 NORTH      SMITH RIVER              CA
    BITTERS & BOTTLES        -240 GRAND AVE            -SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO      –94080    -CA
    TWM #1107-SPIRITS        394 N MOORPARK RD        THOUSAND OAKS            CA
    TWM #1103 – SPIRITS      2952 EL CAMINO REAL      TUSTIN                   CA
    LIQUORAMA                901 W FOOTHILL BL #A     UPLAND                   CA
    LIQUOR MART              13583 WHITTIER BL        WHITTIER                 CA
    NUGGET MARKET WHSE 99    2170 HANSON WAY          WOODLAND                 CA
    GREEN JUG LIQUOR         6307 PLATT AV            WOODLAND HILLS           CA

    Hope this helps my fellow bourbonr’s –

    Also, might be worth reaching out to buffalo trace directly about your area.



    Thank you for the address. I sent an email asking for info for my area which is Lexington, KY. Will update if I hear back.


    I had tried the email address previously and gotten no response, but I just looked again at the BT website and saw that there was a phone number as well. I called up and the phone was answered by the lovely “Leslie” in consumer affairs after 2 rings who sweetly and politely agreed to email me a list of retailers in my area (Washington, DC) that got some of the collection last year.

    I live in Washington State and have been a TWaM Gran Reserve member for 2 years. Each year since I became a Gran Reserve member I have gotten a “heads up” email around release time informing me that one store (Bellevue, Wa.) will be offering 1 bottle of either Lot B or 13 year Rye (last year it was from 8 cases of each) on a first come first serve basis. Both years I received the email approximately 1 hour before the store opened and in each case I pretty much immediately drove the 20 miles to that store & was first in line at the door when they opened thus getting one bottle (limit one per customer) which was retrieved for me from the back room by an employee while I waited @ a check out counter. Each year both allotments were spoken for before I left the store with my bottle. I have also gotten heads up emails in reference to a Blanton’s release and a WLWA107 & WLWSR at another stores as part of their grand opening and that is the extent of the perks I’ve been offered. I have certainly never gotten a heads up for a bottle from the Antique Collection.

    I am also close to Bellevue, WA and always ask about anything BTAC when I get to the Total Wine there. Answer is always the same -they never get any of the BTAC and they haven’t for a long time. I’m always skeptical and hopeful they will have a bottle somewhere though… haha
    I have lucked out and gotten a couple of bottles of ECBP there to squirrel away but last I checked they still had a good amount left. They have Rhetoric and a few other uncommon bottles of bourbon that are way out of my price range that we normally don’t see on shelves out here but I think by the end of the year all of that stuff will be gone until next releases.

    In any case, I’m really wanting to get my hands on the ER17 and the ETL, especially the ETL. I’ve been trying to get a bottle of that since earlier in the year after trying some a friend’s house (we finished the whole bottle that night). Searching nearly every day, calling stores in Idaho and Oregon with no luck.
    As I mentioned above, we just don’t really see that kind of bourbon on most retail shelves out here in the pacific northwest sadly as I think most of it goes to bars and restaurants.

    Good luck everyone!

    The WA distributor that has BT products does some weird things including holding back items and preference to certain large stores. I have a good friend in the restaurant biz here told me that they give most to restaurants because they don’t want people selling the bottles. Self-appointed judges I guess.

    I have seen ETL recently but I am not sure it is still around for this year.

    Right – nothing against the Jayhawk State, but it seems like an unlikely (or at least illogical or inconvenient) place for BT to direct the first supplies of their premier product to…or perhaps it’s up to distributor politics? My head spins again with trying to figure this s*** out!

    Thank you for the list, Todd. I normally don’t post comments on blogs but I checked out one of the stores on the list today and was surprised and a bit shocked at what I found. At first, I was excited and felt that perhaps today was my lucky day when I saw a couple of bottles of BTAC on the shelf, then…I looked at the prices. There was a Thomas H. Handy for $699.99, William Larue Weller for $999.99, Pappy Reserve for $1,999.99, and Pappy 23 yr. for $2,999.99. The clerk didn’t know for certain but they are probably from last year’s release. He also said that if/when they get this year’s release, the owner will probably price them the same. So, even though it’s quite rare, it seems that you can find them if are you are willing to pay the price, which I am not.

    That is a very short sighted approach to business on that owners behalf. Each of those bottles at MSRP to a regular equals one loyal customer for an entire year until next years release. Too bad many now a days choose the one time cash grab as opposed to building a relationship with loyal customers.


    Wow, that’s is absolutely insane! Clearly, the morally corrupt owner, is snorting something or think his customers are stoopid! These kinds of prices should NOT be allowed in a retail store, and should be considered criminal…..a store that is doing this or have done it in the past, should be fined and should not receive their annual allocations the following year. At the very least, I would not patronize that store ever again…..

    I agree with both David and Bourbonbum’s comments. Those prices should not be allowed in a retail store. That’s probably why he still has them.

    I do need to correct myself though, the Thomas H. Handy is $399.99; it is the E. H. Taylor Seasoned Wood that is priced at $699.99.

    This is America where supply and demand play a role in the success and failures of businesses within a capitalistic society. Clearly the demand of limited release Bourbon and Rye is far outweighing the supply, thus higher prices on these premium products. If you find a liquor store owner jacking up his prices like the fella in the above comment, walk over and tell him he is an asshole and take your business somewhere else. Go back on the hunt and hope to find somebody that wants repeat business.

    When this bourbon *BOOM* finally busts wiiiiiide open, A LOT of liquor stores will close and go out of business simply because folks will have enough “collected” bourbons, whiskies and such bunkered down to last a second lifetime and will not need/nor have to to buy anything! Hopefully, the stores that did right by their customers and didn’t ridiculously gouge might stand a chance at survival after the *BUST*…This pig of a pig maniac will be stuck trying to push these same bottles for 50% off (MSRP) on clearance! I can’t wait for that!!!

    Still, crazy pricing…I went to NYS this past week and found a store in a little country town with last year’s PVW..they had the 10,12 and 15….I will just say I left without any…Insane! I will not try to reason with insanity!!!

    It’s just annoying. I don’t care so much about the super-allocated releases. I just want a reliable supply of Elmer, EJCBP, and maybe an occasional bottle of something a little fancier. And yet, even that stuff is getting snatched up like crazy. Hell, I can’t even find Weller juice anywhere in the DC/VA/MD area. Antique, 107, forget about it. gets bought as soon as it hits the shelf.

    Think I might move on to barrel-aged rum. That Appleton 21 is incredible and available everywhere. even goes on sale on occasion.

    Feel your pain! I see people posting pictures of finding Weller 12 Year and Antique on the Facebook group. I am sitting here like is this opened bottle of Weller Special Reserve the only bottle of Weller I am ever going to own? I agree any Weller is ridiculously hard to get in the Mid Atlantic! Took me forever to get a lone Bottle of ECBP, so I know what you mean! When Montgomery County MD had a pick Barrel of Elmer T Lee, I stocked up, so I still have unopened Elmer T Lee Bottles, but am drinking the lovely Elmer T Lee slowly since it is so hard to find!

    Seems like a lot of Antique is going to store barrel picks, at least where I live. They usually sell their entire barrel in less than a month though.

    Yes, I have been drinking A LOT of the aged rums lately….and like McDonald’s, I’m lovin’ it! El Dorado, Appleton Estates and ZAYA are all great neat sippers. Like you said, Weller, Elmer and the ECBP are all becoming impossible to find. And I’m getting more and more gray hairs hunting them down.

    Hey bourbonbum – saw your post that you like aged rums. I do too. I travel internationally a lot and have several bottles of beautiful 7-year old Havana Club. And the cask strength too. As I’m sure you know, it comes from Havana Cuba and is not (or was not) available here. If you’re in NY, I would be happy to meet up and maybe talk bourbon and rum (maybe you can point out zone of those honey holes. Lol). And maybe trade some Havana Club for your overstock of Weller 12? Peter

    Hey there Pete! *Unfortunately*, I am a VA resident, but *Fortunately*, I have relatives in NY/NJ, so I visit often; especially during the holidays…and sure, we can do a trade…1 for 1….I’ll be willing to trade you a “new label” Weller 12 (750ml) for one of your Havana rums……does that work for you? **OR**…we can do 5 Weller 12’s (2 old labels and 2 new labels) for one “BTAC 2016 William Larue Weller”….we will take it from there…

    Hey Peter! I don’t have an exact date yet on when I’ll be in NY, but it should be sometime around the Christmas holidays…probably not Turkey Day tho. If you want to leave an email here for me, I’ll let you know when I’ll be in your “neck of the woods” so we can set something up to exchange bottles. They had Weller 12’s in a few stores in upstate Orange County NY last week…(and the ‘Midwinter nights dram 4/2’)…did you get some Weller? I was told they were priced *higher* this year, $99.00 per bottle at a store I sometimes frequent. I’ll check this thread periodically for a response/email/number from you…

    Ok I’m going to try and play nice… The BTAC and Pappy hunt is all bullshit. Just a few years ago, a select few of us would dust off these bottles before buying them. Are they better than anything else out there? No, but they are good. Not nearly good enough to command top dollar. Idiots will pay for bragging rights, while the rest of us will sip on fantastic juice without missing a car payment for bragging rights. Have fun stroking each other’s egos and posting a lap bottle pic in your broke down car. Yet again, Buffalo Trace laughs all the way to the bank…..

    Hey Boyd…I for one can afford it. Won’t miss a single payment, won’t post a pic, won’t brag about it. Will just enjoy drinking a good bourbon. So much for your playing nice. Stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Matt, I get Boyd’s point (one of them), in that PVW or WLW is often priced at say 5 – 10x or more the price of a bottle of a “pedestrian” bottle (e.g. ETL, EHT or even Weller 12 yo). I’ve tried every PVW, GTS and WLW and own at least a bottle of many, because I am lucky enough to have liquor stores that charge around MSRP. But frankly, as much as I think PVW 15 yo has the best mouth-feel of any bourbon I’ve ever had, none of these unicorns are bringing anyone 10x the pleasure or the pedestrian bourbon, and they certainly don’t taste 10x better. Maybe if they were, there’d be an argument to pay crazy prices for this stuff. But, I think Boyd’s point is – is it really worth paying 5 or 10x for the relatively minor taste difference between the unicorn and the pedestrian bottle?

    Honestly, I really feel that MORE people are “collecting” than there are people who are actually drinking the stuff! I mean, there are page after page after page on bottle – spot of the stuff you and I are looking for (to drink)…..I really don’t think anyone is actually drinking these high in demand allocated bottles……I think they are all in a suspended perpetual state of flip! NEVER OPENED AND ENJOYED!

    Good! So do i! I have also given away more than I’ve drank, But, no one will believe us will they? Who cares….drink on!

    You are absolutely correct. I refuse to pay more than retail price for any of these based on principal. The families that have spent generations perfecting their craft definitely didn’t make their bourbon for you to display on your shelf unopened. Display the bottle after you drink it in your collection so you can tell the stories to your grandkids about when you enjoyed the bottle of the hardest to find bourbon in the world with friends and family. That is a much better story than “Look at this full bottle that has been on my shelf for 30 years unopened.”

    In the Commonwealth of Virginia, ALL, but one of the PAPPY VAN WINKLE’s this year will be through a lottery…..according to my “reliable sources”, the ORVW, LOT B and PVW 15yr old will all be distributed through their lottery system come sometime in november…..Yea!!! I was told that they will honor the waiting list on the PVW 20yr old this year, so there will be NO lottery for that one. The PVW 23yr old will be distributed to the counties with the highest sales and put randomly on store shelves. My “educated guess” would be those cities, towns, counties closest to DC will be the stores getting them, since they are some of the wealthiest in the “state”…..They’re getting rid of those dreaded “waiting lists”, and say the lottery system is the best and most fair way to distribute their allocations…oh well, just passing on some info…Good Luck!…..****It must be true, because the VA ABC online website NO longer has PVW bottles listed on their site, they took them all down.****

    …also, the OFBB is going to be by lottery as well….I think that will be sometime this month…and the retail will be $79.99 a bottle….must be true because they just recently put the “2016 OFBB” listing up, but of course, “it’s not available within 15 miles of your store”….IMO, just by them putting up the listing, means they will get it (at some point).

    Yes! VA just had a few really good lotteries for some awesome bottles…most recently, the OFBB and the Abraham Bowman cocoa/gingerbread finish bourbon. I’ve heard they will soon offer the “Rebel Yell 10 yr old. single barrel” soon to “online ordering”….smdh…..nothing is shelved anymore! Soon, Old Crow will be by lottery only! Ha!

    I too am in VA and just put in my name for the OFBB. That is interesting about PVW 23. I wonder why they are putting that on the shelves instead of the lottery or waiting lists? How will they announce when that is happening? Or will it just show up one day and a few lucky SOBs will stumble upon it?

    I also think it is absurd that they are honoring the waiting lists for W. L. Weller Special Reserve and Old Weller Antique 107. I have only lived in VA for a couple years and they stopped taking names for all this stuff 2 years ago. Therefore, I can’t get my hands on either of these in state but normally pick up a bottle or two when I go visit family in SC.

    Yeah, So I’ve heard…the 23 yr old will be randomly put on shelves and most likely sold to lucky bastards who probably don’t deserve it…just want it to flip. They probably don’t even have enough bottles to enter into a lottery or online ordering…..VA has over 9 million residents. ..go figure! Simply not worth the effort if you only have a few cases of it…stick it on a shelf and forget about it! It’s insane that they’re also now allocating the OWA and WSR…last year I was turning down bottles of both from stores in Norfolk! So, I have a very nice stashed away for rainy days… (smile)…I added my name and my girlfriends ml name to “the list” in 2014 for various Weller bottles…so, the distribution office says I’m on “the list” this year…and that’s only because I’ve been kissing butts and lickin boots since then to get my bottles, or I’d be on the bottom of this shit list like everyone else! But, I still prefer lotteries over lists.

    Found a Thomas H. Handy Sazerac here in Los Angeles. I asked the owner if she just got the bottle in and she said she’s had it for awhile. So I guessing it’s from a previous years release. Asking $449.
    Is there a way to tell which release a bottle came from? The bottle I found was behind glass, so I didn’t get a chance to look to closely at the label.

    Also, the $449 and the fact that its just sitting on the shelf is usually a good giveaway. From what I recall, CA also releases much later in the cycle then other locations. I think it was even something like Dec last year for some places in CA.

    here’s a story goin’ around town for a couple of years now – – “town”, in this case, being Louisville, KY, on the bleeding edge of bourbon country…
    we get our (minimal) distribution of VW just like all the rest of you. Some retailers do lottery, some do “favored client” lists, a few just let you que up out front over night.
    But there was a guy down on Dixie Hwy. who had one bottle of 15 yr. to auction. On the morning of the auction, he had a couple hundred folks in and out of his shop, waiting. He did a little speech, thanked everyone for coming. Talked about his old friendship with the VW family and how this fine bourbon should be drank – – not re-sold.
    So when he was about to start the auction, he paused – took out a wine-bottle knife – and cut open the seal and pulled the cork! He took a sniff!
    And he said, “NOW, we’ll begin the auction1”

    About 150+ folks left right away and some lucky sod picked up an open bottle of 15 yr. for $68.
    (Wish it would’ve been me!)

    Does anyone remember what day of week it was for CA last year. I looked back on last year’s map and it showed the real release as a friday. I thought it was usually on Tuesday/wedneaday.

    For Norcal most likely the first week of November, at the earliest maybe at the end of October. That is based on last year’s release dates.

    Cheers and Enjoy Hunting !!!

    Lucky devil you! I really want a WLW this year, thats the ONLY BTAC i desire….if I don’t get one, I’m afraid I’ll have to go secondary…I’m hoping it won’t be over $500, anyhoo….Congrats!

    All of the stores in KY will have received their bottles of the BTAC release by Friday (14th) except for the stores in outlying areas where Republic only delivers once every 2 weeks. Lot’s of stores are doing Saturday morning releases so I would just call around and keep your fingers crossed.

    That’s because no store around Chicago or suburbs will sell to a stranger and they’re telling you it didn’t come in (and believe me – they were staring at it when you called) because they don’t want to be bothered by you or the thousand other people doing exactly what you’re doing. Why would they? Why waste a BTAC bottle on a stranger when they can reward a loyal customer? I’m surprised people don’t acknowledge this concept and yet incessantly bemoan the fact that stores aren’t tripping over themselves to hold a bottle for you based on a phone call. Seriously people, if you want these bottles, you have to have a rock solid relationship with a local store owner or a whisky manager at Binny’s (along with a Binny’s card with a ton of points), which can take a long time, and a lot of cash, to establish. Otherwise, enter a bunch of lotteries and hope for the best.

    Just picked up a bottle of Weller in Northern Illinois. Getting different stories from people on when they got it. Which is odd, because I’ve been stopping 2-3 times a day at a couple spots and they’ve not had them (even stop during their delivery times), then I was told that they got them in and they sold. I was hunting for the Stagg this year, I have a feeling that the owners all kept them. They’ve all told me they got 1 bottle of each.

    My usual source here in NE IL had them for $120 last year which I was confortable paying, this year they raised the price to $399. I buy a lot of regular bottles from them and I can say I’m done shopping at that store.

    Where can it be found in Illinois? Are we talking southern Illinois? I called a reputable store and they receive shipments twice a week – Wednesday and Friday and they said they did not receive anything on Wednesday, so I assume they might get it on Friday’s shipment. Or is this reported by a distributor?

    Found a bottle of Eagle Rare and 2 bottles of Handy at a store in Joliet. They wanted $299 for the Handy and $399 for the Eagle Rare. Walked right out and won’t come back. Fuck em.

    All of the bottles went up a tiny bit this year but they still cost between $72 and $75 per bottle to the retailers so if you’re paying over the $95-$100 mark then you’re getting skinned a bit. That being said, if you are traveling about or calling stores way outside your area you should keep in mind that (at least at my stores), random calls from different area codes are always answered with “sorry we’re sold out” by default. Best way to ensure you get bottles is just to develop a relationship with a local store and go from there. You can’t blame a business owner for wanting to take care of his customers that help keep the lights on year round as apposed to someone cherry picking from out of state once a year, thats just good business practices.

    Basically just got kicked out of Binny’s Lincoln Park in Chicago – they either didn’t get their shipment yet or they had it and weren’t giving it up. I was the only one there and asked if it was ok if I waited – keep in mind this place is like the size of a smaller Costco – Was told it was fine to wait but then the napoleon-type supervisor guy started harassing me – that its not first come first serve its for regular customers – I probably spend 3-5 grand a year there I said. Was told I could no longer stand and wait and they didn’t know if it was coming. Then they tried telling me not until after Thanksgiving. My family has owned or worked in various retail outlets my entire life including some liquor stores – a store that size knows what they are getting. The funny thing is this is exactly how I got a Stagg AND a Handy there at the same time last year with no issues.

    Every Binny’s is notified by e-mail prior to it coming in, so Napoleon was lying to you, which is par for the course, see my post of 10/13/16. At this point, it’s probably safe to say that if you’re not sure you’re getting a bottle from Binny’s before distribution date, or minimally that you’re in the running based on prior relationships/spending, you’re going to by SOL, as you unfortunately experienced. I went through similar treatment the last couple of years and just stopped trying for any highly allocated bourbons there. Too many politics, shadiness and deuchebaggery on delivery day.

    Binny’s in Chicago got theirs yesterday. They are holding for preferred customers. Got a call and they held a bottle for me!!!

    Seems like everybody is lucking out and getting the William Larue Weller this season! Damn, I want that bottle sooo bad! That is the only BTAC i LOVE! Alright Satan, what do I owe you?

    Nice! LOL!!! So, when my better half SCREAMS to holy hell about how much I went over my bourbon budget this $eason, I’ll just tell her *YOU* made me do it!

    NYC Liquor Stores suck. I used to live in Florida and managed to get a case full of ETL, a PVW 15 and 23, an ORVW, 4 Jefferson 18 PSs, 2 THHS, 2 OFBB, and 2 PHs within the span of 3 months, all at regular retail. Since I moved to NY last year I have bought a bottle of ECBP for $140 and that’s it. I am over it. I will sip on what I got for the next few years and try and find some new gems from lesser known distilleries because I am over this bourbon resale market markup bs. Bourbon should be sipped and enjoyed not left in bottles to be put on auction blocks. If you want to spend money on something to look at you should by art…. There, I’ve said my piece and now feel surprisingly better 🙂

    My local liquor store here in downtown DC used to price at MSRP (or thereabouts). They just got OFBB in, and they priced it at $250 (or three times (plus) MSRP). I’m done too. Ridiculous that retail is now selling for secondary black market prices. That’s just going to fuel black market prices further. I see a vicious cycle coming, and hopefully we’ll see a great big crash.

    I’ve basically given up on DC. I have a buddy in VA I hope to win lotteries through and then I stood in line in MoCo a lot this year (except now it looks like they’re going start using lotteries for a bunch of stuff.) The only thing I got from the liquor store that I frequent this year was a bottle of Seasoned Wood for $140 (which was high but definitely not the highest I saw.) They offered me a Parker’s yesterday for $600. I actually laughed in their faces and walked out.

    Schneiders in Capitol Hill is worth checking. They sell significantly over MSRP for rare releases and a little over for midrange, but they do have some limited barrels, for example four roses single barrel barrel strength (OESK currently, if I remember right) for 85, which are worth checking. But yeah, MOCO is the way to go. Fair prices, but selection suffers somewhat. I read today VA ABC will be putting Stagg Jr on lottery?!? Insane.

    I feel your pain… I’m also in NYC and it’s ridiculous how absurd the prices are here. I went to liquor store the other day… Van Winkle 12 for $999. Two BTACs for $999. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and Weller 12 for $199 each. The ECBP wasn’t labelled and I laughed in the guy’s face when he told me the price.

    YUP!!!!!!!!!!! All (MOST) of the NY / NJ / CT retailers are all out of their f’n minds. It appears that (just my opinion based upon what I’m seeing – I could be wrong) the folks buying at these ridiculous prices, and are all too happy to do so, are all on the Bourbonr Facebook Page. The original crew from the blog are just hanging back laughing (I assume – I am). I even know of some flippers from there.

    Thankfully I don’t see much price gouging around here. The general selection of bourbon is pretty darn good for the most part, and while I won’t claim any of the limiteds (or W12, or ETL) are easy to find, I think I’ve developed my connections well enough that I stand a decent chance of at least picking up a couple of bottles at or just a little more than MSRP. If not, I think my chasing days are over. I’ve got enough in the bunker that I can drink quite well for years without buying another bottle.

    Long time lurker and just wanted to voice my disgust – I went to a small liquor store in Boca Raton, FL yesterday and they had a 1.75 WSR for $160. I was certain it was a mistake so I asked the cashier to check it. It was not a mistake. The same store had ETL for $60 2 weeks ago. It was $200 yesterday. Disgusting.

    Where do you think that comes from?? These store owners don’t have time to watch online “trends”. It’s from the damn distributors. They tell these poor folks how rare a particular label is (WSR is NOT rare!! – It’s avail year round in more than plentiful amounts – distributors hold it back (EMPIRE!!) to – (ahem) trump up sales of garbage then tack this stuff on in a “package” for sales incentive). I have a friend that manages a “big box” liquor store in Up State NY and an Uncle that runs a lil’ mom & pop shop 45min away… 2 DIFFERENT PRICE BOOKS!!! How crooked is that!! My buddy’s store sell EHTSMB at $45.00 & my Uncle has to sell it at $65.00 to make margin (not that it sells at that). When my Uncle found out about this an confronted his rep from Empire, the rep said it had to do w/ “bulk purchasing” of larger stores (deeper discounts). I work in NJ – live in NY. EVERYBODY IN NJ SELLS EHTSMB FOR $45.ISH!!! Empire has had BTAC for 3 weeks (I network – I got people everywhere) – they’re holding it back, I’m told until after Thanksgiving (Holiday Rush!!!). This is why I don’t “hunt” anymore. It’s not worth it. WT101 suits me fine.

    I don’t totally disagree with you, but there’s plenty of blame to go around. Sure, the distributors are often greedy, but I know a lot of store owners are aware of the secondary and online trends. Distributors, store owners, flippers and the secondary market – when you see outrageously priced bottles at retail, it’s like a combination of all the above. And stupid people or people with way too much money looking for status/bragging rights or the next best thing. Sure, some of the crazy priced bottles gather dust, but someone’s buying them too. Thank goodness there are some stores that seem to care about their customers. And thank goodness there’s still a lot of great bourbon out there for reasonable prices.

    I totally agree on the combination blame statement…any store owner that says he’s not aware of a secondary market is outright delusional…personally I think the latest craze is the store owners (in some cases) are the flippers on BS…they take all or part of their allotment and put them up on the open market as opposed to take care of loyal customers…it’s a damn shame.

    A store I used to shop at revealed that the manager was working with his best customer to flip bottles online. I can’t wait until they get caught.

    Dude. All WSR and weller products are distributed in FLA exclusively @ ABC Liquor stores. You shouldn’t be looking for weller anywhere else than ABC. If you see it in another liquor store it was purchased at full price from ABC and is there to be resold. The only reason it isn’t at all liquor stores is their exclusive contract in this state(only) Ga has it everywhere

    @Matt – I’ve heard it has come and gone in Milwaukee. I am trying to confirm with stores, but most have been pretty hush about it. You may want try looking/calling around the larger liquor stores in the suburbs.

    Of stores in central IL that got some last year, I know of one that got it and it came and went, and another that hasn’t seen any yet.

    OFF topic, but I walked into a neighborHOOD(!) lil’ mom & pop shop on Friday. Never anything interesting there but I needed a bottle wine for dinner… TOP SHELF above all the other bourbons… 3! Count Em’ 3! E H TAYLOR SEASONED WOODS at RETAIL — $72.00 EACH!!! OK… now I know I riled against them initially (“smoke & mirrors bourbon” I believe was the exact quote)… but at retail I figured what the hell… I am impressed. I really liked it. Yes. I bought all 3. I figured that better me then some lowlife f’n flipper who’s just going to put them on WineScalper for a quick buck. Was I right in buying all 3… I don’t know. That said, not looking for VW or BTAC this year – no need w/ a score like that!

    Rhode Island huh? What tipped you off to that? Not asking “What store Bro?!?” just curious as to why RI would be the first NE state to get it. Thx

    WLW is being released to people on Virginia ABC’s waiting list. I picked up a bottle yesterday that I ordered in 2013. I guess I won’t have a chance of seeing another one for several years, when VA ABC switches to a lottery system after filling all the wait list orders.

    I think its called Hunt and Gather, not Call and Bother! If I got 45 calls a day like that, I would get a recording to immediately turn folks down. Bourbon is a social thing so hit the streets and say “Hello” in person.

    My family has been lucky this year. Back in September, I randomly came across Thomas H. Handy BTAC in NC and nabbed it immediately. One month later, my Dad and Brother get a phone call in VA. After 3 long years, they both walk away with WLW and George T. Stagg BTAC. Now if we can only find ER and Saz 18…between the 3 of us, we will have them all. Such a long wait for good stuff. Good luck everyone.

    I haven’t seen it mentioned on the boards yet but Total Wine is now going by your grand Rewards membership. It looks like I’m getting nothing this year as the only thing I really buy these days is Evan Williams for mixers. I already have enough bottles in the bunker I’m not spending money year around. Lame

    BTAC hit The Still in Lincoln, NE today. They get the biggest allotment in the state. Nothing hits the shelves. Put your name on a list, and the rest is all about the waiting game. These days it will be years unless Buffalo Trace picks up the pace with releases. Doubtful. They love the rarity game. Damn flippers flood the list these days. Just four years ago you could grab a William LaRue Wellers and George T Stagg, etc., off the shelf. Now the real bourbon lovers have to compete with the dips who just want the opportunity to pad their pockets. The Still in Lincoln, NE continue to treat their customers with respect. As always. Terrific people. All bottles went for $99.

    You mention a release in OK but we have heard we are not getting any this year. Could you share where there was a report of a bottle purchased?


    $$99.00!!! — YOU DO NOT BUY FROM THE SECONDARY MARKET!! LET IT IT SIT IN A FLIPPER’S / OR GOUGER’S HANDS & ROT!! Now, that said, if you intend to buy at retail & resell… well, everyone else reading, please see above!

    I saw it as “low” as $500 last year. Problem is, you don’t necessarily know what you’re getting (e.g., is it legit? Stored right? Etc.) and good luck dealing with the seller if you have a problem.

    got a call from my local liquor store in baltimore, md. said they received one bottle of WLW and various pappy’s. they are all most certainly sold by now.

    As do I…still trying to get used to a state where the LCB runs the show…I do like the fact that they actually charge what they’re supposed too though…if I can get a bottle.

    Yes, if the initial winners don’t buy the bottle that was won (bad credit card, etc.) then they will do a second drawing. I think that all of it is supposed to be done by the 9th.

    Report from the trenches… Nothing “upstate” NY Blake. The F’Tards at Empire usually delay the release between the city & upstate by a few weeks. Just an FYI. Don’t know where in the Boroughs either. I’ve heard nothing. But cheers to the lucky lander on it if it’s reality.

    Westchester county received it Friday. Westchester Liquor Warehouse in White plains offered last bottle of Handy to me for $500 on saturday. Gougers

    So as I got it at least downstate GTS, ER and Saz were released because they were not based on historical sales this year. There were so few bottles the distributor emailed saying it was first come first serve (and in NY this means calling 1st of the month and hoping you get thru at 9 sharp).

    I dont believe WLW or THH are out yet as they are supposed to be based off of historical.

    Just got a bottle of Stagg in Maryland after searching long and hard through the gougers. $130 out the door, my wife will love me forever!

    A (relatively) real-time report: this afternoon I went to my local store in Maine to check on an order of Elliot’s Select that I’d requested, and scanned the bourbon shelves as usual, with no expectations (although they did have a Blanton’s, see below) – at the end of one shelf sat two bottles of WLW and a bottle of Handy! The owner was busy talking to a distributor rep, there in person, so I had to simultaneously contain my excitement and wait to ask about the Elliot’s, but in the meantime I swept up a bottle of the WLW for retail ($89.99 + tax)…would have gotten all three bottles but I’m not made of $$$. The owner said those were all he’d gotten. I’m guessing the Blanton’s was part of the delivery, too. When I went back this evening for beer the two remaining bottles were gone, surprise! Talk about good timing, they must have taken delivery either late yesterday or first thing this morning. -So Blake, you can update your map with Maine having BTAC. (I don’t know where else or how much is up here at the end of civilization but I’ll venture my opinion that with the small population of Maine plus limited stuff just not being as much on people’s radar here, that there’s a better chance of randomly finding things on the shelf every few years than in bigger cities, ‘burbs etc.)

    Any chance you want to go pick up the others? I live in NH and can meet you anywhere. Not made of money, but could probably offload a few other bottles – Handy is my fav of the BTACs.

    I was in Delaware this weekend and they got their Btac allotment, a store in Hockessin had a Thomas handy for $400, an abc store on rt40 had a stagg/handy for $400 each plus a WLW for $800. I was on a wait list at Kreston and got a handy for $120; all the bottles I saw were this years release.

    I picked a Weller up today. This is my first time trying it, but I can see what all the fuss is about. I opened it as soon as I got it home, but I’ll try my best not to run through it!

    I live in PA which does a lottery each year. This year I was able to win a bottle of Thomas H Handy and my fiancee also won a bottle. I would like to trade one of my bottles for a diff BTAC or Pappy. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

    MA started getting BTAC 2 days ago on the 15th. Got WLW, Stagg, and Saz 18. Lotteries for a few stores have also been announced with bottles pictured.

    WLW and TH came and went this morning in NH. Waited a long time in line and came away with two bottles of TH. Just missed on the WLW.

    Can confirm that. Was in that line as well and got 2 WLW and 2 THH. I believe there were 33 cases of THH (99 bottles) and 25 cases of WLW (75 bottles). They limited everyone to 2 per bottle. Definitely worth waiting in line for 5 hours.

    yes, northern jersey. 2 distributors handle it in Jersey. One has made their deliveries the other has not from what I have been told from multiple sources.

    Just got a call from a liquor store in New Mexico. She had the following, with prices: Pappy 10, $249, Pappy 12, $499, Thomas Handy Sazerac, $179, William Larue Weller, $449.
    She’s holding the Handy for me.

    I was cringing at the price I paid for WLW @ $145 in NM. Feel better now! Also picked up a Rip 10 @ $80 and VW 12 @ $65. Go figure!

    Sorry guys. Been battling server issues for the last 10 days (fun thanksgiving). Everything should be back up and running. Both maps are now up to date. Not a lot of states left to release!

    Where in Missouri are these being released? What is your source saying? I’m in the St. Louis area and mum is the word on both Pappy and BTAC. I did get from a asst manager that Pappy was in a store locker but not for sale but no where did I see or hear about BTAC and I was visiting stores. Word is that the distributor is holding it and that stores both big and little must commit to 10,000 of product per bottle of Pappy but I assume that extends to BTAC as well. I’ll make some calls on this to re-confirm my experience.

    Some scuttle butt on Total Wine in St. Louis. No Pappy, no BTAC will be put out. It is being held for their “premium customers”. As Missouri doesn’t allow coupon rebates on spirits, their buyers club is not existent unless you buy wine. And if you bring bourbon to the register, they don’t ask you if you’re a member. Can’t tell you how much I’ve spent that’s gone unrecorded because their cashiers aren’t properly trained. Anyway, Glazers is the distributor here in town, so anything they have you can get elsewhere. They’re off my list of retailers now. I wish I’d spent that money at The Wine and Cheese Place or Friar Tuck’s now. However, so goes one store goes the general trend. So this is the case at 95% of the stores in St. Louis for Pappy, so I’m assuming the same will happen with BTAC. ’nuff said.

    You happen to have any of your receipts when you shopped at Total Wine? You can submit those to earn your points. The last time they did the Pappy release the bottles were still offered to those buying bourbon. So, even if someone was buying thousands of dollars in wine, they may not have gotten an e-mail notice for the Pappy.

    Saw a bottle of Thomas Handy at a local liquor store in near Minneapolis, MN, for $300.00. That just seems ridiculous to me. For that price, I’ll buy a bottle of E.H. Taylor Rye, a bottle of Eagle Rare 10, some Henry McKenna, and still have plenty of cash to burn.

    I don’t. What set them apart, was they put the bottles out for whoever first came in. I liked that. Now, they are like all the other big retailers (and that now includes Schnucks, a local grocery store) in the St. Louis area and what they have I can get elsewhere. Friar Tuck’s still puts it out on their customer desk. Wine and Cheese has their whiskey club. I’ll put my odds elsewhere.

    Friar tucks is making people bid on bottles this year. Check out their website.
    Don’t let them fool you. They are very corrupt. The employees hook their friends and themselves up first.
    Last year bottles were priced at secondary prices and they still sold quickly.
    The stuff you are finding on the counter is merely a decoy to throw people off. “No, we didn’t get any (pappy, btac, ofbb, etc.) All we got was (blantons, weller green label, col taylor, stagg jr, etc.).

    You might try begging the guy that owns Starr’s to sell you something, but you’ll pay dearly for it. He gets all the lawyers from Clayton to come in there and pay secondary – and they will do it, just to avoid shipping. He’ll also lie to your face.

    Total wine is the worst bunch of liars around. Theres a guy at the brentwood location who calls all his friends the moment the truck arrives. You literally have no chance except a lottery around here.

    St. Louis also gets a fairly small allocation compared to other places, which doesn’t help anything.

    I can’t post this on the FB (Mainly, sorry Blake, because frankly, I fucking hate it!! — I’ll get to that…). Let me know if I’m alone here & if I sound like a whining dick (probably do, please folks, let me have it!!) — I’ve enjoyed the comradery of the BLOG. The back & forth. I’ve enjoyed the hunt up until last year that is – prices are out of fucking control on everything now!! Stores near me are charging $60 to $100 for reg. Saz & ER because it “has” an affiliation w/ the BTAC. Over $100 for Stagg Jr. – same reason & $35 to $55 for 750’s of Weller (Let’s not even discuss Weller 12!!)! Allocations are getting thinner & thinner due to demand (band wagon anyone). The quality is dropping dramatically (ETL fucking sucks compared to 2 years ago – ALL the VW’s – rye excluded – this year are shit compared to previous). EC12 is a ghost (best buy on the shelf!!). Now w/ rumors a swirlin’ about ECBP dropping the 12 year age & Booker’s (Booker’s for fucks sake!!!) going to $100.00 a bottle (and allocated!!, Booker’s moves slow at $60.00, what the fuck is Beam/Suntory thinking???!!!) & OGD114 going away (won’t be hugely missed, but…) it’s not remotely fun anymore. I find myself going to the tequila section more often then not if I want to splurge. You have a choice w/ Bourbon / Rye now of 3 things… Over priced, Over Hyped, Once great stuff (that only an asshole would buy at these prices). Young, raw, nasty shit that needs another few years to be drinkable (expensive as well). Finally, bottom shelf stuff — this is still the stuff worth drinking (if you know what to grab), and I’m sure that’s not going to last much longer. ONTO FACEBOOK — I am SO tired of the Bourbon Cock shots. You’re adults!! Are you so needy and insecure that you require validation from strangers?? Also, “Hey, look at this whiskey! Any good?” & “Not a Bad Haul!” & “Man Down!” — stop it already. It’s sad! Just Sad! I know I’m being a dick! I cannot wait for the next bourbon glut. It can’t come soon enough (that, and a giant space rock!).

    Total Wine just sent out an email for Grand Reserve members to reserve 1 bottle from the BTAC. They are priced at $89.99-$119.99. There is a link in the email (which isn’t currently working as at 12:45pm EST).

    Got the same email. I contacted TW and they botched the link to try and reserve a bottle. Said they will send out a new email today or tomorrow (hopefully). They won’t promise you which bottle you will get, only that you will get a bottle. According to the email, sales will begin Saturday morning. Not sure if it is 1st come 1st choice, or if your bottle will already be reserved for you.

    Got an email from TW in Nor Cal for purchasing either of Pappy 10, 12 or rye, saw it too late, by the time I got there the 12 and rye were gone, was able to snag the 10 for $70+tax

    just picked up a bottle of William Larue Weller in Idaho through a state liquor store lottery draw. Happy New Year for me!

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