Review: 2016 Michter’s 10 Year Rye

After a years hiatus, Michter’s has released their 2016 10-year Michter’s rye. Michter’s, originally an NDP (Non-Distiller Producer), has now opened the doors on their distillery in Louisville. They’ve become famous in the bourbon community for their aged, limited releases. The absence of their rye in 2015 was notable but here’s why it wasn’t released.

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Michter’s 10-Year Rye Press Release

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Michter’s Master Distiller Willie Pratt has approved the release of Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Rye for sale this March.  The last bottling of this coveted Kentucky Straight Rye took place in 2014.

Nicknamed “Dr. No” by the Michter’s sales force due to his frequent refusal to release whiskeys before he believes they have sufficiently matured, Mr. Pratt did not bottle any of his older rye stocks in 2015 despite the fact that they were already over 10 years old.  A stickler for quality, Pratt says, “I wasn’t very popular with the sales guys who had none to sell, but I held the 10 Year Rye stocks back for a bit more maturation.  I thought they would be just great with some more age, and I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.”  The suggested U.S. retail price per 750ml bottle of Michter’s 10 Year Rye is $150.

Michter’s 10 Year Rye Review:

The nose is honey and fruit. The fruity sweetness has a little bit of oak but not much. The taste matches the smell. It’s like strawberry jam with a rounded note of orange peel. There’s a little cinnamon and nutmeg. Just enough to bring balance. The age shows on the finish when there is no burn. Just a silky sweet finish.


This one comes with some controversy because of the price. Michter’s price tag jumped $50 at check out since the 2014 release. I’m not a fan of that. Here’s the thing (problem), people pay for it. Should they? Tough question but I’ve seen people pay a lot more for worse bottles. My objective is to tell you how it tastes and then let you decide if it’s worth the price.

This rye is good. I’m glad Willie Pratt held off on releasing this bottle because the whiskey we have is excellent. While it’s not an automatic buy for everyone because of the price if you love rye you will love this bottle. Plus, the options for an aged rye are getting smaller and smaller.


    I am a big rye fan, but at that price it just isn’t affordable for me. I will have to try and find it in a bar someplace if I’m lucky. Nice review!

    These bourbons/ryes are too pricey! A really good 21 yr imported scotch fetches 100-150. I am not buying any of these.
    This bourbon boom is really getting on my nerves. I wonder when will these prices stabilize.

    Never dug the Michter’s stuff. Found it overpriced for it’s age. Better 10 & 20 year bottles for the money. Regular Michter’s stuff always came off as a 2nd rate Jefferson’s.

    Thank you for reviewing! I think you just saved me a $150. It’s really a shame how these distilleries have all of a sudden thought they product is worth 33-150% or more just because bourbon is popular. Willett started that nonsense and now they are falling in line like dominos. The real funny thing is the product hasn’t followed suit. It has gone the opposite direction in most cases. Is it decent and drinkable now? yes. Is it mind blowing like their older expressions? I guess we will wait and see. if I had to bet, it wouldn’t take long to say no.

    No comparison to 2014????? Easier to judge and compare a product to its previous releases than as a stand alone.

    I usually do but I didn’t have an opened bottle available. Plus, this release has a 50% higher price so it could be argued that it’s not a fair comparison.

    Price is getting really difficult to judge in today’s market. I would normally say that $150 for a 10 year old rye is outrageous. But, with Beam about to release a 7 year old rye (albeit cask strength) under to Booker’s name for $300 (a rep from Beam told me this last week) this one looks tempting and is almost a steal!

    I tried it last night and it tasted just how I remember the 2014 ed was; fairly flat entry, some typical rye flavor, a lot of bourbon-ishness on the finish and quite a bit of all-around nothing special. And there you have it, another year where the old KBD batches increase in value substantially.

    I just scored 2 bottles at 85.00 Not a rye drinker but I plan to crack one to try it. I am going back tomorrow to buy the rest if they will let me have them. I will be trading them for a top end whetted. Burbon down the road after it sells out

    I knew this was too good to be true. I found this at a store that I usually do not shop. The guy told me it was 10 yr. it was the bbl strength variety. The damn labels are similar and I was in a hurry. Rookie mistake. I am not a raw beginner at this but no expert either. Not bad juice but not what I was hoping to taste. Live and learn

    Anyone have any thoughts or input on the 2017 release? I am about to get two @ $100 per so, the price is right just hoping the juice is worth the squeeze.


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