2016 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Announced

Old Forester is the first to get label approval for a fall 2016 release. Their Old Forester Birthday bourbon was approved today and will include an orange neck tag. The Birthday Bourbon release is a 12 years old, 100 proof bourbon from a single day of production. The OFBB release celebrates the birthday of Brown-Forman founder George Garvin Brown every year since 2002.

2016 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon


    Every year I am SOOOOOO disapointed w/ this. I stopped buying a few years back. ALL the OF’s are below par (except the SIG. – that’s good Sh!t!!).

    Listen ya’ whippersnapper – 😉 – So what if it’s bit bitter (like me!). But “neat” it’s got a bunch of cinnamon on the palate. And for $20.00!! C’mon, ain’t that bad. I’d take it over ANY Four Roses.

    Respectfully, I disagree. I like my Old Forester; even the flask that I carry around. Born in Central South Kentucky in Somerset. Maybe it’s in the DNA. But each to his own. Sipping some Bottled in Bond now.

    I don’t sweat their stuff either…in the fall if I am able to get a bottle of the OFBB, then good….if not, oh well…not a BIG fan, but respect the brand.

    *****update****My bad,….bought 3 bottles yesterday……VERY affordable…couldn’t resist the temptation when so many were sitting there staring at me on the shelf….I’m not particulary wild about the taste of the OFBB, so I’m giving them away as Christmas gifts this year for a few of my BEST buddies!

    It never hits shelves in NH/VT anyway so who cares 🙂

    Sorry for butthurt. Our distro is so bad up here. We just got regular Forester, just got Four Roses Small Batch (not single barrel) and just got Michters. High west is a “new arrival” as of January.


    I have to agree with the naysayers on here. …always found it to be flat…with NO character, NO voice, one note…nah,not feeling “Old Forrester”, but I respect their long storied history in the business….they wouldn’t still be around if the majority of folks didn’t enjoy their stuff.. now, “Old Grand Dad”, well, that’s another story…….YUM to da O!

    Hmmmm – I tried at a bar and it to be very good. Glad others aren’t liking it. Maybe I can find a bottle this year. ?

    Opened the 2015 BB bottle (my first!) a couple of days ago and I was stunned by how much acetone there was on the nose and palate. WTF? I thought I was imagining things and gave it to my girlfriend (who loves bourbon, btw). She took one whiff and pushed it away.

    I’m letting it breathe for a while before I try again. Hopefully it will improve after a month but we’ll see. I’ve never experienced those kind of nail-polish flavors in a bourbon before… is this normal for this brand?

    I agree – on the initial opening, the 2015 OFBB had a really weird nose, almost like paint or stained wood. But after letting it breath over time, that gave way to a much better nose; and I still like the flavor (but you’re right, the Signature is awesome, especially for the price).

    I drink a lot of different Kentucky bourbons and I have never been a big OF fan. I have a bottle of Sig 100 ($19) that is outstanding. I rank it in the hing same category with other BIBs out there. Everyone I have shared it with has liked it.

    Old Forester Signature is an very good bourbon and an excellent one for the price. Four Roses Small Batch and Single Barrel are also exceptional bourbons and reasonably priced. If you are trying High West, seek out a bottle of Bourye, it is an excellent blending of bourbon and rye, the Son of Bourye, needs more schooling. Rendevous Rye is a fine drink. Others to consider are George Dickel 12 yr and their Rye (MGP).

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