2017 Bourbonr Whiskey of the Year

It’s time to cast your ballots! The 2017 Bourbonr Whiskey of the Year is officially open. For the past few years, we have crowdsourced the Whiskey of the Year selection on Bourbonr. I’ll still add my favorite whiskey but this is about the whiskey you loved. Plus, I disagree with most books/sites for “Whiskey of the Year”.

There are no official guidelines for voting. But, if you haven’t tried at least 4-5 whiskeys on the list it’s hard to support a favorite. This is whiskey of the year. Not best value. Not easiest to find. Not even most popular. Whiskey of the year means that the whiskey was the best thing you tasted all year. It was great and is worth purchasing at (almost) any price.

This was 2016’s Top 3

It’s time to vote on the Bourbonr Whiskey Of The Year. What was your favorite release of 2017?

Voting for Bourbon WotY ends this Friday (1/5/18) at midnight. In the meantime, come debate your choice in the Bourbonr FB Group


    Having only had 2 of these (NH/VT didn’t get any special releases outside of KC25 and BTAC), I’m not eligible to vote. Looks like it was a great year for whiskey but MSRPs again went up on everything limited. Can’t believe I’m enticed to spend more on bourbon than I ever did on Scotch and I often don’t give in and grab a Glenmorangie 18 or Balvenie 21 and enjoy that much more.

    I saw many saying Statesman or Elijah Craig Barrel proof were among the best of the year. Is this list based on price and unavailability?

    Your poll for rare moon rocks is very intriguing. I will vote if I ever get a chance to see them on this planet.

    In all reality, I could have tasted two of them for the cost of a pretty decent 750ml bottle. You maniacs and privileged can chase after this stuff. There are too many available products to spend time overpaying for something that more than doubles in price but only marginally goes up in quality.

    George T Stagg was one of, if not the best, bourbon I’ve ever tasted. I had it side by side with Pappy 15 and it wasn’t even close. For me, Stagg is one of the few bourbons that can justify its market value.

    ECBP was surprisingly flavorful but very difficult for me to find. If I ever come across another bottle I will definitely pick it up. Jeffersons Ocean voyage 11 would have been my runner up but managed to secure a bottle of the ECBP.

    Congratulations to all those who are able to find, purchase, and enjoy all the Bourbons on the list.
    I got lucky on some, but not lucky enough.

    My big surprise was High West Mid Winters Night Dram. Calgon take me away….

    Blake, I would be interested in seeing the results if you had a “Best Bourbon Under $50” survey. I have suffered with the fall bourbon disease for several years and have only pulled some Blanton’s and Pappy 10/12. I think it would help to have a rundown of the bang for the buck. Thanks!

    Or even under $100. Lots of good stuff that is premium but generally available in that range.

    I am in PA and have the ECBP in my bar, got about 6 bottles due to the vagaries of PA ordering. The last one I had was 134, this one is 131.

    I agree with the other replies about unobtainable and/or very expensive products. Vote “Other” and name your favorite of the year!

    I’m in the same state as Bourbonr and I have not seen a single one of these bottles this year, except for one bottle of Handy at +$500. I’m clearly missing something or I’m in the very wrong part of the state.

    Hi Admin,
    I think it is Quite harder to find out the 2017 Bourbonr Whiskey of the Year because there are many choices for the Whiskey and many other bloggers have posted their own opinions on that but I think that the best is that one which satisfy’s You.

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