BourbonHunt Pro Round 2 + ORVW Giveaway

You may remember that we launched the new BourbonHunt site last summer as a way to add more features for the Bourbonr readers.  As I’m sure, you’ve noticed, nothing about Bourbonr has changed nor will it change in the future. BourbonHunt and the “pro” membership is a completely separate site with its own benefits. I greatly appreciated everyone that decided to support Bourbonr with a “pro” membership.

After seven months I’ve decided to reopen membership. Why now?  BourbonHunt was a new idea that I wanted to make sure it worked and everyone was happy with the experience. I’ve learned a lot and decided there’s room for a few more people to join and still receive plenty of benefits.

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The main attraction is the Bourbonr barrel picks. Due to a limited number of bottles, there are a limited amount of BourbonHunt spots available today.

  • SOLD OUT! There are 60 bottles of Bourbonr Four Roses OESK available for purchase by new members. First come first serve.
  • It wouldn’t be a Bourbonr (re)launch without a giveaway. One lucky member will receive an Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year for FREE!
  • Finally, February 17th was World Cholangiocarcinoma Day which is a rare form of cancer that affected my family this past year. 10% of all new memberships will be donated to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.


Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year bottle giveaway

Private barrel bottles: Four Roses OBSK and OESK, Blanton’s and Smooth Ambler.

Free samples of the full Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon, Michter’s 10-year and Angel’s Envy Cask Strength bottles at retail and sample split

Discount at preferred retailers. (Ezra’s and Broudy’s)

Free Shipping on Bourbonr Tasting Kit’s

Free Digital copy of all Bourbonr material

Here’s what we have planned for 2016:

Smooth Ambler barrel pick round 2

WhistlePig Barrel pick (the first private barrel to come to Florida)

High West Barrel pick

Wild Turkey barrel pick (brand yet to be decided)

Buffalo Trace Barrel pick (brand yet to be decided)

Four Roses Barrel pick (recipe yet to be decided)

More discounts from retailers

Free copy of all Bourbonr digital products.

Membership Tiers

Unfortunately, Bourbonr Pro is full. If you add your email address below we will let you know if spots open up. Thanks!

Bourbonr Pro Waiting List

* indicates required

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  • Access to private trading group and forum
  • Trade group is only for trusted BourbonHunt members
  • Profiles can be linked to Facebook 
  • Membership to the Bourbonr Journal
  • Read the blog ad free
  • Discounts at preferred online retailers 

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  • Preferred spot in barrel purchases*
  • Discounted price on your first barrel purchase
  • 40% discount on NEAT glasses purchases
  • Read the blog ad free
  • Access to private trading group and forum
  • Enrolled in bottle giveaways and bottle splits
  • Membership to the Bourbonr Journal
  • Discounts at preferred online retailers
  • Free shipping on Bourbonr Tasting kits
  • Free copy of all Bourbonr digital products.

* Does not include cost of bottle

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  • Part of the selection committee for private barrels (when possible)
  • Free monthly sample of a limited edition bourbon (your pick of George T Stagg, Thomas H Handy, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon or Angel’s Envy Cask Strength in the first month)
  • Free set of four NEAT glasses
  • Guaranteed spot in barrel purchases*
  • A free 1776 Leather Flask
  • Discounted price & free shipping on your first barrel purchase
  • 40% discount on NEAT glass purchases
  • Read the blog add free
  • Enrolled in bottle giveaways
  • Access to private trading group and forum
  • Membership to the Bourbonr Journal
  • Discounts at preferred online retailers
  • Free copy of all Bourbonr digital products.
  • Free shipping on Bourbonr Tasting kits

* Does not include cost of bottle


    What states can you ship alcohol to? I live in NC, and it’s been generally impossible to get things through the mail. (aside from second market sales/trading)

    Here is a list of states they can’t ship to. AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, IA, IL, KY, MA, ME, MS, ND, NV, OK, PA, RI, SD, TX, UT, WA or WV

    Looks like you’re in the clear with NC. Obviously if that changed I would refund your money. Thanks!

    So for those of us living in the listed states, there is no access to the private barrel bottles or any bourbon samplings?

    Unfortunately, I suggest that you don’t sign up unless you can have it shipped to a neighboring state. Missing out on the main benefit just doesn’t make it worth the price.

    You can remove Delaware from this list as legislation was passed as of Jan one 2016 allowing shipments to private residences in Delaware

    I’m in Tx, can I have bottles shipped to a different state? Also…is it possible to pay the connoisseur level monthly? Or in 2-4 payments? I want in! Thanks!

    Just thought I’d post that I joined Bourbonr Pro this year and am very happy with it. Thanks Blake for making a great program.

    I’ve only bought 1 each of every bottle offered but they’ve been fantastic. I’m about to run out of Blanton’s so if there’s any more of that left, let me know!

    I also have enjoyed the samples and communications. It’s a great program.

    I am very interested in joining, however, I live in Chicago and it does not appear that I would receive the actual whiskey benefits of joining. What are the options for me?

    I joined Boubonr Pro and thought it was a waste of money. Maybe sour grapes, but I didn’t win any free samples nor any chances to buy rare/allocated bourbons. I purchased the Bourbonr Blantons and Smooth Ambler bourbons… both are good bourbons… but both were more expensive than the same products I could find locally. Access to private trading group and forum is a nice concept, but let’s be honest, there’s maybe one post per month about a bourbon found on a website that is inevitably either sold out or super pricey, and there seems to be zero trades happening. It’s disheartening when you follow the Bourbonr blog, IG, Twitter, etc. and see Blake’s access to bourbon, but not see the benefits of being a Bourbonr Pro. I wish Blake all the success in the world building the Bourbonr brand and enjoy reading his thoughtful bourbon analysis, but going forward I won’t be participating in subsidizing it.

    Hi Mike, I’m sorry you feel that way about it. I’ve tried to spread the bourbon bottles/samples as well as I could but probably can do a better job. I’d email you directly but this is from an annonymous email address. If you see this please email me as I’d like to make it up to you. There’s still 4 months left on your membership and I want to change your mind about Bourbonr Pro 🙂

    It really varies by barreling. Four Roses were $59, Smooth Ambler a little less, WhistlePig and Barrell will be more expenseive but if we get a regular Buffalo Trace it will be in the $30 range

    If my billing address is in a no ship state (PA) will I have ability to add a shipping address separately in a ship to state (MD or DC)?


    I am from Canada, and I am interested in signing up, however I don’t think I would get any of the actual whiskey benefits. Which membership option would be best for me?

    I am in WA State, is it just the barrel programs that can’t ship to WA… Or is it all shipments (samples if I did the top tier)?

    I’m also in Washington State…and get bottles shipped to me all the time. I wonder what the difference is? Otherwise, I’d join in a heartbeat.

    Sounds like a great program. Question – under the “Connoisseur” program it says:
    “Monthly sample of a limited edition bourbon (your pick of George T Stagg, Thomas H Handy, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon or Angel’s Envy Cask Strength in the first month)”

    Can you quantify sample size- eg.375ml ?

    Blake, not sure if you saw my above question. I am in WA State… is it just the barrel programs that can’t ship to WA… Or is it all shipments (samples if I did the top tier)?

    If you have a good resource, would you mind checking on Montana? As far as I know, shipment of hard liquor is illegal. They’ve made some changes for direct shipment of wine, and its possible to get a connoisseur’s license for beer, as long as they are coming directly from the winery or brewery, respectively, but I don’t believe they have anything similar in place for whiskey.

    I’d like to buy membership for my husband for his birthday. I clicked subscribe and it went straight to PayPal login. Will I have a chance after that step to out in hubby’s info?
    Thank you

    I just joined the Connoisseur level and am looking forward to the program and of course the samples along with Blake’s blogs……… 🙂

    Hi Blake, I’ve tried to buy from Internet and they said they can’t ship to Michigan, that’s why I haven’t purchased anything with my membership. If I’ve been misled let me know. Thanks. GARY

    Just read today’s email solicitation for Pro and it said still some 4 Roses OESK remain. Immediately signed up, paid and clicked the link to the Liquor Store. Couldn’t find the 4 Roses, went back to the email, clicked the link to Pro and, of course, the message now reads that the OESK is sold out?. Any consolation prize or indication of when the next allocated single barrel will be available?

    Thanks, Blake (not!) for the prize offer of the ORVW 10. I bought a bottle at retail (one of THREE at the front counter!) a few years ago, before things went crazy, and drank it without a thought…now if only I’d picked up a second one to “save”!! –So your offering that bottle is like rubbing salt in the wound – OUCH!! (oh, well…)

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