Bourbonr Blind Tasting 002

Here’s the format. Each episode there are 4-5 tasters with 5-10 whiskeys. Each taster is sent samples and submits their reviews and ratings before the live reveal. Every bottle in the blind tastings has been purchased by me. No outside bottles or media samples will be selected. I try to purchase every bottle at retail but, with today’s bourbon market, have to rely on fellow Bourbonr’s to source certain bottles.

his month I’m joined by Kenny Coleman of Bourbon Pursuit, Max Christy from Super Fly Bourbon Club, Ed Bley from Cork n’ Bottle and Edwin Vargas from the Cleveland Bourbon Club.

Each taster is asked to evaluate each whiskey based on the following scale:

0-60 – Terrible. Bottles should be destroyed

61-70 – Bad. Flavor is off as a whole but shows a few redeeming notes

71-80 – Decent. Could drink in a pinch but probably more of a mixer

81-85 – Good. I want a bottle on my shelf as a daily drinker

86-90 –  Really Good. Everyone should buy a bottle

91-95 – Great. This is phenomenal I would be willing to spend whatever it takes to get a bottle

96-100 – Perfect. This is everything you want in a whiskey and it has no flaws

There was a lot of great information shared by our tasters. If you want to skip straight in here are some of the markers for this video. Start of the tasting notes. The Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year reveal and tasting notes. I highly suggest listening to Ed Bley describe the process of selecting a Maker’s Mark Private Select Barrel. Wondering why there’s a Ninja blender in the picture? Skip here for the big (and shocking) reveal!

If you’re only interested in the results check out the summary video below. You miss out on the banter and information. But, you may not have time to watch an hour of bourbon discussion.


Taster Notes:


    I really enjoyed the video. A bit long but fun watching. I live in Ontario and sometimes Bourbons which are way overpriced because of supply vs demand in the US are more reasonably priced here. Would be a good idea to indicate the price paid for the bottle you are rating as well keeping in mind prices are variable

    I enjoyed the OWA abc they also did a SR store pick that had a lot of licorice to it I wish made the list. Still would like to try PMP but the OWA has been pretty scarce.

    I made a batch of PMP last night, giving it a go this evening between tasting the Bourbon County beers I grabbed this morning.

    I may have missed some of your early posts on the taste testing but:

    My go-to bourbon is Evan Williams Single Barrel. I love the taste and all of the bottles I’ve purchased are very consistent. And it’s very reasonably priced compared to many of the other bourbons. Have you, or are you planning on testing any of the EWSB?


    My wife and I sipped our first Serious Bourbon this Christmas Eve. It was 2009 Evan Williams Single Barrel, chosen on a little research I’d done. It’s become our gold standard, and still our favorite, and the reason to launch into an in depth journey into good bourbon, within a price range, since.

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