Long-Awaited Release of Michter’s 10 Year and 20 Year Bourbons

2015 Michter’s 10 Year and 20 Year Announced

Below is what we know so far. I’m digging to try and get some more details. Things like: Will there be a 2015 Rye? Is the 2015 20-year-old Stitzel-Weller or Bernheim or other? Are they still sourcing solely from Brown-Forman?

What else would you like to see answered?

Michters 10 and 20

Louisville, KY November 2015 — Michter’s Master Distiller Willie Pratt has approved the release of Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon and 20 Year Single Barrel Bourbon to the company’s distributor network for sale this December. This will mark the first release of the 2015 bottling of these two coveted expressions.

Nicknamed “Dr. No” by the Michter’s sales force due to his frequent refusal to release whiskeys before he believes they have sufficiently matured, Mr. Pratt is a stickler for quality. Says Pratt “These two bourbons were set for release at the beginning of this year, but I held them back for a bit more aging. I wanted them to be just right.”

The suggested U.S. retail price per 750ml bottle of Michter’s 10 Year Bourbon is $120 and the suggested U.S. retail price per 750ml bottle of Michter’s 20 Year Bourbon is $600.


    The 20 jumping $200 at retail is just rich for my blood. It’s really good but it was already pushing it big time at $400. The 10 is expensive but I’d probably still buy a bottle at $120 although that is starting push it too. Too bad really, I think they are getting pretty greedy at those prices but I’m sure people will pay it.

    Over $100 for a 10 year bourbon has always baffled me… Pappy 15 and BTAC all retail for less than that. I just don’t get it.

    Yeah, I think they’re looking at what people are actually paying as opposed to MSRP. I’ve seen some 2015 M10 go for 250+. Not saying I agree with the pricing but it’s reality. Same reason EC18 is now a $150 bottle when no one was buying it at $40 four years ago

    What I wouldn’t give to go back to those times. Buying reserve and limited releases off the shelf and paying less the $50 for top shelf bourbon.

    Last time I purchased Michter’s Single Barrel 10 year bourbon was October 2012, price was $85-$89, Red Dot, Frankfort, KY. First time VA ABC received 25 cases/3 bottles for a grand total of 75, $118.39… 20 year $599.99 Wow!!!

    MSRP at $600…which actually means the store most likely will jack it between $650-$700…just shaken my head. I suppose if a store really wanted to move the 20 year perhaps come in with a lower price…say $475-$500.

    Last year the M10 was selling for $70 to $80 and the M20 just over $400. Michter’s is clearly capitalizing on the bourbon interest by jacking up prices, no way costs associated with distributing these went up that much. I am disappointed in the price hikes, especially on the M20, as it was out of reach last year and even more so now. I can’t see retailers selling M10 for less than $150 now. Also, I find the press release to be an immature ploy at generating interest. I have a hard time believing that an additional 3-4 months of aging makes any difference. Combine that with the lame “Dr No” moniker and not indicating where it comes from and this all makes the people running the brand look foolish. That said, they are very good bourbons!

    I’m curious about trying the 10 yr old… how much of a step up is it from the standard expressions, which I consider pretty good (particularly the rye)?

    Ha! $120 and $600. Both have doubled in 2 years. Mystery whiskey hanging on a facade of “tradition” and it will be sold before it’s taken out of the box. Check that, before they can even get it off the delivery truck.

    Blake – any plans to talk about Jim Murray’s recent claim of Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye being the best whiskey in all the land? I got a bottle today, and it’s pretty good. A lot of apple and spice… but nowhere near the best thing I’ve ever had. Looking forward to throwing it in a blind tasting soon.

    Wow, this makes me cry to see the 20 jacked up so much. I’m done looking at Michters! Last year had 12 of the Mich 10 and 5 of the Mich 20’s. Bought a 20 mail order and tripped over a few in local stores , all at $425 to $450. Found one in Houston for $409! The 10’s were local chain store and used a coupon to drop to $99 each, some paid $119. The 10 is pretty good but not that great. Elijah 18/21 ($132-$149) or Parkers Heritage Wheat or Mashbills ($99) or OB 26 ($140) just outright kill the 10, though agree they’re all different. The 20 is truly amazing but retail prices at $600??? Forget that! Bull sheet.

    The price to the store is $460 and $600 is suggested retail. A store may be willing to take little or no markup for a good customer. Worth asking!

    My local Stew Leonard’s had the Michter’s 20 for about $550. It only lasted two or three days on the shelf. They know there’s always someone willing to pay big bucks for LE bourbon.

    I picked up a number of Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon bottles over the past few weeks and all but one of the bottles was priced at or below $100. One bottle was priced at $120 and that happened to be in NY. I’m glad to see this amazing bourbon has avoided retail gauging, although I haven’t looked at the “bottle-robbery” website yet. I guess it was able to find them because it came out after the Pappy and BTAC madness and nobody was out looking for rare bourbon.

    Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon is one of the best tasting bourbons on the market. Although I’m just getting into it, already has strong character, earthiness and mouthfeel. Well worth the $100. The 2014 Michter’s 10 was my favorite bourbon last year and I’m still trying to determine if the 2015 is better than the 2014? Time will tell once the juice has time to open up. Trying to get my hands on another 2014 so I can do a side by side comparison.

    Not everybody is a thief, I found a bottle of the 10 Year for $95 in Connecticut of all places. A very attractive price by a great retailer.

    I have always said that my favorite of the Michters offerings was the 10yr old I purchased in
    2013. My “guy” at my top liquor store I frequent has always told me his favorite bourbon he’s
    EVER tasted was Michters 20 from a few years back. So when the opportunity to buy this year’s offering came, I bought it – even though I had to pay $580 for it. He did give me a couple of pours of the 10yr which I found to be very tasty (helped me to make the decision to jump @ the 20…. good sales tactic..!)

    I believe it was a warehouse shipping mistake as the store had them priced at $44.99 each, in line with the standard Michter’s MSRP

    Might not like the prices going up, no consumer would. but it’s not gouging – it’s economics 101. High demand and low supply

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