New Bourbon Documentary: NEAT

NEAT: A Film About Bourbon

If you want to get excited about bourbon just watch the trailer below. There have been a few documentaries (and now a TV drama) about bourbon but this one has caught my eye.  I got the chance to talk with the executive producer, ­AJ Hochhalter, and he’s a legit bourbon guy and is ready to tell the story of bourbon. The documentary will cover everything from how it’s made to the current boom of the bourbon industry.

Press Release:

A feature length documentary about bourbon is currently in production and slated to be done filming by the end of the year. The film, entitled NEAT, continues to build momentum after signing on the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism as its title sponsor. The film follows the bourbon landscape from corn to cocktail, highlighting the unique characters along the way.

The film aims to pay tribute to the storied history of the spirit, while also celebrating its new found popularity worldwide. But it will not stop there. NEAT will also explore themes of time, risk, and the ultimate power of patience.

“We’ve been finding that bourbon is about more than the liquid in the glass­ it’s about WHY you open a bottle­ who is around you when you do. The time and work put into each drop almost forces you to slow down and appreciate the moment”. ­AJ Hochhalter (Executive Producer)

NEAT is the first documentary to be approved for the new Kentucky Film Tax Incentives passed in House Bill 340. The film’s audience will hear unique accounts from farmers, master distillers, brand presidents, bourbon experts, historians and renowned mixologists. The film also features interviews with Governor Steve Beshear and Franklin County Sheriff, Pat Melton. Sheriff Melton was the lead investigator on the infamous “Pappy Heist” that garnered international media attention earlier this year.

The film will be released in 2016. Official



    That’s it!! Pack it in boys!! NO chance of EVER getting your hands on any premium bottles now!! That said, I am looking forward to seeing this (no matter how infuriating I’m sure it will be!!). I wonder if it’ll cover the boom from the Low-Life Poacher / Flipper or the Price Gouging retailer angle??

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