Whiskey Label Approval Roundup

New bourbon and whiskey brands are popping up across the country. Before bottling each brand must receive approval of their label from the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Below are the approved labels from yesterday.

  • George Dickel receives approval for what appears to be their new private barreling labels. George Dickel Private barrels are often underrated in my opinion. While I wish the “14 years” on the rye label was an actual release I have a feeling that may just be a placeholder.
  • Maker’s Mark receives approval for their 20th charity bottle. This release features legendary University Kentucky basketball coach, Joe B. Hall and benefits the UK Center for Academic and Tutorial Services. As a Florida fan I’m sure there’s a joke there somewhere but I’ll hold back for now.
  • Woodford Reserve had a busy day. They received approval for a makeover of their small batch and double oaked bourbon. They also announced the continuation of the Woodford Reserve Masters Collection with a Pinot Noir finished Rye and a Toasted French Oak finished bourbon.
  • Finally, the most interesting approval of the day Bond and Lillard Straight Bourbon Whiskey. At first, I assumed this was a craft distillery trying to resurrect a pre-prohibition bourbon brand. Then, I noticed it was Wild Turkey who filed for the label. It appears to be a part of a new brand of Wild Turkey but details are scarce. Cool label. Let’s hope it tastes good at a reasonable price.

12-17-16 Whiskey label approval


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