Willett Distillery Mash Bill Breakdown

Edit: This list was originally compiled by Scott Hanson for the Willett Facebook community.

Willett Distillery is well known for its sourced products. However, back in 2012, Willett began distilling for the first time since the 70’s. Willett uses a total of six different mash bills. They also vary the entry proof by mash bill. This all sounds confusing so I created a cheat sheet!

The entry proofs are the standard but not always definitive. From what I’ve been told there was some testing done in the early days. There may be an Original mash bill with a lower entry proof. Or, a Wheated mash bill with a 125 entry proof. In general, the chart below is the standard.

Decoding Willett Family Estate (WFE) gets a little confusing as well. You can pull the age, proof and whiskey type from the label. But, is it Orignal Bourbon mash bill or the Wheated Bourbon mash bill? Here’s a cheat sheet for that as well. If you want to dig deeper into your WFE bottle I suggest downloading the WFE Pocket App. I only have 3 bottles in the app but it’s still fun to scroll through.


    Seems like there are many barrel numbers not aligning with this guide.

    6700 and 3400 for example.

    Hi, you wrote that the Wheated is 125 entry proof, but in your cheat sheet there is 115. Which is the correct number? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Willett just released to 15 year old barrels. One was in the 3600 range and the other was in the 1200 range. According to the chart you showed, the 3600 should be high rye. What is the 1200 considered ?

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