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What is Bourbonr?

When I first started to drink Bourbon and Whisk(e)y (neat, without coke or some other mixer) I wanted a way to keep track of my reviews. For several months I used a Google doc for all the whiskies I had tried. However, this was neither convenient or effective. It was my own frustration that led me to build Bourbonr.com. Bourbonr allows you to add whiskies you have tasted to a whiskey library as well as add reviews to these whiskies based on score (0-100) and rate based on 16 of the most common flavors in whiskey. When you can easily access our Whisk(e)y Database decision making becomes a lot easier becuase you can see what others have rated a whiskey.

The two biggest problems I faced:

1. I could never remember which Whiskies I had tried and if I liked them.

2. I was purchasing blind at the beginning. There is nothing worse than spending $50 on a bottle of Whisk(e)y only to get home and find out it taste like mouthwash.

Hopefully Bourbonr will help you solve the same problems I faced