About Me

About Bourbonr:

My name is Blake and I run Bourbonr. This is the part where I give you some elaborate story about how bourbon has been in my families history for generations and my ancestors were bootleggers. Unfortunately, that’s not true. I live in Jacksonville, FL which isn’t exactly a bourbon hot spot. Bourbon is something I got interested in around 2010 and being slightly obsessive I dove in head first.

Originally, Bourbonr started as an app and has slowly turned in to a blog (and hopefully back to the app). In August 2013 I decided to start the Bourbonr Blog and post about things I had trouble figuring out or understanding when I was new to bourbon. Distilleries are typically pretty secretive and keep a lot of information to themselves but with some digging things like mash bill, age, the filtering process, etc. are out there. I’ve tried to compile charts that make these things easily understandable.

This blog has become the place for my bourbon experiments/musings/reviews and I’d love to have you join!