2018 Pappy Van Winkle Release Map

Please Read: Each state is highlighted when one bottle is reported in that state. There’s a good chance that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace. This is a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Happy Hunting!

A few reminders to the Pappy Van Winkle Release Map.

  • I don’t have any Pappy Van Winkle for sale. Bourbonr is just a blog. I can’t answer “where can I buy Pappy Van Winkle”
  • I don’t know where you can buy it. I didn’t find any myself last year so I’m hunting just like everyone else.
  • The Pappy Van Winkle release map will launch next week. That’s the best I can do to help you find a bottle.
  • My thoughts on Fake Pappy. My thoughts on retail pricing
  • There’s no secret sauce! Everyone has been shut out on Pappy. Everyone has walked into a store with insane prices. And, everyone wishes it was available all year at retail prices. But, if that were true it wouldn’t be Pappy. I don’t make a Makers Mark Cask Strength release map for a reason.
  • P.s. don’t you love this time of year!

Love it or hate it, bourbon season is here. It’s time for the 6th annual Pappy Van Winkle Release Map! If you’re unfamiliar with the map, here’s how it works. I highlight each state when the antique collection is released in that state. Remember, distribution can be tricky. Because it was released in part of the state doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The release map is another tool to help in your Pappy hunt.

For more info and to find other bourbon hunters join the Bourbonr Facebook group. I’ve also added the city which was reported if you hover over each state. If you’re new and still trying to get your feet wet check out my post “How to Hunt Bourbon” This is a community-driven map. If you find a bottle please shoot me an email at Blake @ Bourbonr.com. Make sure to include your state as well as a picture of the bottle. I welcome any tips about state releases as well (Especially Florida 🙂 )!

Here are some things I understand about the map. Not everyone likes it or finds it helpful. It’s not perfect. Flippers may use the map. It may not find a bottle of Pappy for you. I get it. This is another tool to help you with your bourbon hunt. Bourbon hunting is more difficult than it four years ago. I still believe the release maps provide useful information. And, I enjoy the community that they help build. Because of that, I continue to, dedicate time to them every fall. With that said, Happy Hunting!

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2018 Pappy

10/19 – North Carolina becomes the first state to get Pappy Van Winkle in  2018!

10/23 – Pappy in the Bluegrass state! Aka Kentucky

10/26 – Pappy Van Winkle arrives in Minnesota, Georgia and Mississippi

11/7 – Pappy Van Winkle hits Illinois, Montana, Tennesee (half of the state) and Nebraska

I apologize for the delay in updates. I’ve added everything with their original report date. Thank you all who have kept the conversation going in the comments!

11/7 – Pappy Maryland

11/9 – Pappy in Wisconsin

11/12 – Pappy in New York, Alabama, and Maryland

11/14 – Pappy in Washington DC

11/15 – Pappy in Deleware and New Mexico

11/17 – Pappy in New Jersey

11/20 – Pappy in Oregon

11/22 – Pappy Van Winkle lands in Arizona and Kansas

11/27 – Florida sees its first Pappy Van Winkle as well as Texas

11/28 – Pappy Van Winkle makes it’s way to Utah and Colorado

11/29 Pappy Van Winkle is in California and Massachusetts

12/2 Pappy Van Winkle arrives in Missouri and Iowa

12/4 – Indiana gets Pappy Van Winkle

12/7 – Michigan finds Pappy

12/9 – Pappy Van Winkle in Idaho


    I actually think Utah has it the best with these releases. State liquor stores release all the same day, with no holding, no need to purchase something for a raffle ticket, no hoopla. It is just first come first served and while most people still miss out because you don’t know when it is coming, it is still my fave of the releases I have seen.

    Pappy dropped in Utah today, very annoying the way they did it because they updated the website the minute the stores opened instead of 8am like last time. All sold out.

    They posted that it was in the warehouse last night. They didn’t post the actual stores it was shipped to until 15 minutes before open, but I still think that’s better than almost any other state where you either have to win a lottery or have a really close relationship with a store owner.

    The only thing that’s consistent is how inconsistent the DABC is. The website is one thing, but also dropping everything at a store that typically doesn’t get these releases was baffling too. Keeps it interesting I guess.

    Utah DABC was a mess when I lived there. I was looking for tougher to find wines and they said that stuff like Shafer Hillside Select never reaches the store shelf.

    Now I’m in Kentucky and Pappy fever is rampant. Kroger had their lottery on 11/24 (had to enter the drawing on 11/23 between 4pm and 8pm) and Total Wine is having theirs tomorrow (first 1000 in line by 6am get a ticket for a chance at Pappy and other elite bourbons/whiskeys. Last year at 4am, there were about 3000 people in line.

    Very true. They messed it up big time this year. The they wonder why people think something is going on behind the scenes. Very puzzling how they changed it like this. Missed my chance after monitoring their website for months. Very ticked off.

    The release date in Alabama was November 12th at 0900 at the 8 participating ABC stores. By 0915 they were gone. 3 bottles showed up at Costco yesterday morning. 4 people were in line when I drove by 15 minutes before they opened.

    I live in the slc area and have a bottle of 20 yr. (2017). Don’t really want to sell it but strapped for cash. Does anybody know how to go about that?

    I leave in Texas, do any of y’all know how I can get a bottle? My father will turn 60 soon and I would love to give him a bottle of this. I called my local liquor stores but they want to charge me $600-$2500 for a bottle. Total wine is no help as well. If anyone has any info please let me know.

    Last year Total Wine (at least in SC) did an online Pappy sale at only somewhat ridiculously inflated prices. The first time they tried to launch it the system crashed so about a week later they tried again. I got in and made my selection immediately but because I did not have a credit card number stored with my account, it was gone by the time I typed in the information! Hoping for a better result this year but have not heard yet if they are doing it again.

    I was told at the total wine in Charleston, the only way to get into the auction was to spend at least $2500 and hope you get a private invite. No thanks

    That wasn’t just in SC that was the Total Wine release nationwide actually. Blocks of states were released across several dates. Here in CA we were released the same day as AZ. Not sure if they are doing that again this year, my Total Wine guy wasn’t sure

    The system crashes then after 2 hours the employees get to buy just like everything at the store. So out of luck as usual. BevMo pulled it off last year so it cant be that hard. I am done with total wine

    Total wine online customer that had a similar experience as noted above. Yes the first time the system crashed and I was in a tizzy! Although I did have my card info stored and on the reboot I was successful in getting Pappy 20 year old. It was worth it!

    PA will do a lottery for PA residents only. Last few years it was in early December. I have not heard about PA lottery for 2018.

    They did the lottery for the BATC already (results in early November, I think – interestingly, they lumped the $24-30 WellerSR into the lottery with the BATC – you cannot get it off shelves in PA anymore); Pappy is usually a little later. I was told last year that I did not win anything, but a week later got a message that they were sending a Pappy 10 to my designated state store, so I must have lucked out on a second chance drawing. Fingers crossed again this year.

    Also, the Total Wine online bum rush presents an interesting question – obviously the 23 sells out first, and then the 20, and so on, and the younger bottles last (relatively speaking) a little longer. If you try for the 23/20 and don’t get it, you may have squandered your purchase window for the younger stuff – the whole sale is over in about 5-7 minutes – so do you take your shot at the 20/23, or do you go straight for the 15 or younger, where you have a better chance, and will be one of the first into a larger supply before those that get shut out of the 20/23 purchases start moving down the list?

    Hello Bourbon Enthusiasts:

    I have recently have become a big fan of bourbon and especially the Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. I believe that one should celebrate successes with something special like Pappys and I plan on many celebrations in 2019. However, obtaining a bottle of Pappys is very difficult for me. I still do not understand why Pappys can’t be ordered directly from the Van Winkles or Amazon.

    I think my best shot at getting the amount of Pappys I need is to arrive at the liquor store(s) right after delivery. Can anyone from the Chicagoland area describe the Pappys delivery truck? Does it have a picture of Pappy’s face on the side or is it inconspicuous like a “Lot B” label. What day of the week will the Pappys truck arrive at the stores?  I read online that someone last year got over a dozen Pappy bottles by doing this and I need at least that many. Thank you in advance for your support. Also, please sign me up for any of the bourbonr lotteries and raffles.

    I like Kev’s style. . .I’m near Chicago and they disguise the Pappy truck with the words “Jewel” on the side. . .generally very colorful with like fruits and veggies n stuff. If you call all the stores that sell liquor you can probably score as many as you need. The folks working the phones love this time of year and are generally very patient and kind as they take down your information as well as give you the date they expect the deliveries. Good luck and cheers!

    Won’t happen took me 3 years and buying every recommended bourbon from my liquor store in Chicago are to finally be promised a bottle I buy 4 bottles of Weller a month because it’s never on shelf have ro when and ask

    For regular sales, if you are not at the liquor store days in advance, then you have zero chance of scoring a bottle. I’ve seen people camping for 5 days ahead of a release to score a 23 year old bottle.

    It would be nice, as a certified National Charity for Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s if Pappy would be donated for our Bourbon Events. Helping a Great cause is much more important than bourbon that’s flushed down the toilet along with your money. For what…to brag.

    I don’t disagree with you but this seems like a weird way to phrase it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) have been raised for non-profits through bourbon auctions. My best advice would be to pair with a local store that believes in your cause.

    I have been to numerous charity auctions where Sazerac and BT have donated substantial amounts of bourbon (Pappy and BTAC). The last one I went to benefited Kid’s Cancer Alliance. They will and do give back A LOT, especially with the bourbons they produce.

    The actual price was $99.99. NC is a control state and does not rip off its citizens. My local county got 12 bottles; 4 each of the 15, 12, and 10yr. A lottery was held for the people who put their name on a list. Last year my wife got a bottle of the 10 yr. for 59.99.

    Total Wine email went out this morning. Online sale for Grand Reserve members will be on Thursday 10/25 starting at 9am Pacific Time. Same as last year: can pick (1) bottle of Pappy or BTAC. Goes through their concierge sales and keep your fingers crossed. Little disappointed that once again no PVW Rye will be available for this. Price points are listed as follows:
    1. PVW23: $360
    2. PVW20: $200
    3. PVW15: $130
    4. LotB12: $100
    5. ORVW10: $90

    1. WLW: $115
    2. ER: $115
    3. SAZ: $115
    4. Handy: $115
    5. Stagg: $115

    GA email was received 10/18 and sale took place this past Mon 10/22. Got a bottle of ORVW10 for the $90 but they don’t give you a specific delivery date. Frustrating part about process was the time lost trying to get a bottle starting w 23 yr working down exposed you to the risk of completely missing out and with that they were completely sold out of the allotted bottles in about 8 min or less. They said in the confirmation email it would be available for pick up between now and Jan 31 but when I went to the store salesman said they expect to receive it around Thanksgiving. We’ll see!

    What Chicago stores are doing raffles? Didn’t put in the work this year to get to know the people I buy from and am not going to end up on a preferred customer list 🙁 Would still love a shot though. If you know of a raffle, let me know.


    I live in Georgia and went online Monday the 22nd for Total’s concierge service purchase. PVW 23 year and WLW went immediately (the sale opened at 9am) and I wound up with a PVW 15 for $140 after tax. VERY happy about it. They had all the Buffalo Trace offerings I believe at my preferred store (there were 2 store options for Georgia so I’m not aware what else was available there) and all Van Winkles with the exception of rye. Reasonable prices too. I’m still holding out hope for lotteries at some local stores here as well to find PVW 23 and WLW.

    Good luck everyone!

    I know Total held their online sale already. Then it stores like Green’s and Tower are holding their lotteries and will notify winners next week once they have the bottles in hand. Other stores may already have it but I doubt it.

    looks like Total Win F’d it up again. Talking to multiple friends and the website is not loading. Think they would have learned after last year!!!!

    And it’s official….customer service at Total Wine confirms the website has “had an issue”. A new email will go out and they will reschedule the sale. Such a joke.

    However, “Grand Reserve” members have in the meantime been redefined as limited to higher-ups in the Total Wine company and their distributors ;-O

    Headed to the Pappy raffle at Molly’s in Denver today. Can’t wait I was able to find a bottle of Stagg Jr this AM at another big liquor store in Denver.

    Thanks. I’ve heard of much better suggestions, seen it at +/- $15,000 in Calif., and would move it for a certain amount…..( less than that number above)

    Just because they are asking that price doesn’t mean they will get it. Every commodity has its price. In this case you turned down a offer of $6,000.00
    I have a friend who would sell his for 13,500.00

    Yes rye is coming this year though in very small quantities. Per a restaurant getting a huge amount of pappy, they get less rye then the 23.

    Total Wine Customer Service said that NJ (& surrounding states) are not getting any BTAC allocation in 2018- Even for Grand Reserve Members

    Yup no luck in Texas yet..total wine said the same thing, system crashed and to wait for an email..couple of stores I’ve gone have been no help at all..fingers crossed .

    The South FL TW sale was this morning and was pretty choppy. It opened at 9am and maybe 15 seconds in I already had a 20 year in my cart for checkout – I placed the order and was told it was sold out. I refreshed the page countless times over the next 40 mins hoping something would come available. I also changed store pickup locations. Somehow, at 9:40, I was able to get a bottle of the 23 year. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone in the South FL area was able to get a 20 year but wanted a 23 year please let me know.


    You have been kind of quiet this year. What are the best non-Btac/Pappy/hype bourbons in your opinion? I’m hearing some chatter about OF1910. Any ideas?

    Nebraska got their allocations for Pappy and BTAC over the last couple of weeks and we just got ours for the store this week. Opened up the sales for our December tasting and lottery at 10am with a limit to 2 tickets per person and sold out by 10:05am.

    Total Wine just sent me their sales listing. It will go live Wednesday Nov 7 at 10 AM.

    Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Bourbon $89.97
    Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Year Bourbon $99.97
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Bourbon $129.97
    Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Bourbon $199.97
    Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Bourbon $359.97
    Eagle Rare 17 Year Bourbon $114.97
    George T Stagg Bourbon $114.97
    Thomas H Handy Rye Whiskey $114.97
    William Larue Weller Bourbon $114.97

    As I posted on Saturday (and was removed by moderator), Pappy is in IL today. I got the 15 year and will get another bottle to be announced today, and will then get a third bottle from a place getting it near Chicago on Wednesday. In short, the first distributors will distribute this week in IL.

    Update, just got my second bottle of Pappy – had the option of 10, 12 and 15. I chose the 15 year and now have two bottles of the 15 year. Pictures of bottles from stores in IL will be posted on Facebook tomorrow so anyone on this site can search Facebook for a couple of stores.

    Technically this is only Old Rip and Lot B, not “Pappy”. Don’t know that the larger stores Binny’s, etc. got their allotment yet.

    Been checking everyday, no updates since before Halloween. Any insight to Michigan ? Looking at past it seems earliest is about today the 6th going into mid December, but it also seems more states got it before Michigan.

    In the few seconds it took me to pick the store & scroll down the Pappy 20 & 23 yr old were already sold out. So I bought a bottle of George T Stagg Bourbon instead.

    This extremely hearty whiskey ages in new charred oak barrels for no less than 15 years. Straight out of the barrel, uncut and unfiltered, the taste is powerful, flavorful and intense. Open it up with a few drops of water, sit back and ponder the wonders of the universe. Lush toffee sweetness and dark chocolate with hints of vanilla, fudge, nougat and molasses. Underlying notes of dates, tobacco, dark berries, spearmint and a hint of coffee round out the palate.

    9:00.01 in MD everything was there on the TW website (they had no ER or Saz). By 9:09 everything was gone except the ORVW. I think that made it until like 10:30. I was able to get a 20, and my wife a WLW which she promptly told me she would trade me for my EHTBP….LOL

    Pappy made his visit to Lincoln, Nebraska last week 11/1/18. Got my call for a bottle of 12-yo Lot B. Next year should be a better year. Name is in the top five for both a 15-yo and 10-yo next year. Probably the last time I’ll ever see another Pappy’s release from this special store. They said the lists for all the BTAC and Pappy’s has blown up to almost 400 people per list. Bunch of phony bourbon lovers. They’re in it for the resell. At least I got my 23-yo last year.

    TW California sale just went live. I tried to get Eagle Rare at hit buy about 45 secs but said not available. Ended up with Stagg. Pretty happy though since I have never had the Stagg. My business partner got the 23 Pappy. Hard to believe ER sold out before the 23 but odder things have happened before.

    Good luck everyone!

    Pappy and Antique Collections were just dropped off throughout the Milwaukee area. My restaurant got ours today and typically Badger Liquor hand delivers all product to stores on the same day. Happy hunting y’all!

    Totalwine dropped the ball again. Sold out seconds after email release?? My boss keeps telling me he spends so much they offer him flights of this stuff. Apparently you have to work there or spend 100s of thousands of dollars to be in this exclusive pappy club. Fed up with this sham.

    It seems this release map is being neglected this year. I know of several states that have received it with no mention here. For example. Alabama was 11/12…

    Waiting for Pappy to drop in NJ any day now. Does anyone have some reccomend stores that aren’t charging 10x MSRP like my local shithole?! Also does NJ Costco receive any?

    I can confirm that ORVW and Pappy are in Washington, DC as of last Friday. I picked up bottles of Pappy 15 and ORVW 10 from a store on which I’m on a list. Interestingly, it does not appear that BTAC has been released as of yet in this market. And Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2018 and Parker’s Heritage arrived earlier this month.

    Thruway Wine and Liquor in Walden, NY have 10YR, 12YR, 15YR, and 23YR available. In store only though, and very limited quantities.

    Has anyone had any luck in Texas ? I really hate I finally made the Grand Reserve this year, and it feels like I don’t get anything out of it, lol… At this point I’d be happy with any bottle

    Shawn, how reliable is your info?? I leave in Dallas/Fort Worth area and it’s almost impossible to find any good bourbon at retail price. I know 2 store who have Pappy 2017 and are wanting $2K for them. Any help would be awesome!

    Which stores are offering for 2k? I’m desperate lol…I feel like I was bamboozled..finally made grand reserve, and I haven’t seen any exclusivity!

    Hi Shawn, curious if you’d be willing to share any info on where in new mexico, I have a friend who’s done some looking but not had any success, though I think he’s more interested in the Antique Collection. Also, if you’re in the ABQ area if you have any stores you’d recommend just in general to check out, I’m headed there in 2 weeks for work and always try to shop some local stores in case there’s a bottle of something to add to the top of the fridge collection. Thanks!

    Pappy has hit upstate NY. Empire started dropping bottles Thursday afternoon. I saw the 10 and 12 on shelves but unfortunately at a secondary markup.

    BTAC/Pappy at binnys on black friday is highly unlikely. Binnys usually sells to high volume/dollar value members, the general public is not generally in on the sale. Would be very surprised to see a change to that procedure, especially on the same day as the Bourbon County Stout release.

    You are correct, I was posting so people dont get their hopes up and go wait in front of Binny’s. Bourbon County releasing on Black Friday causes lines of 1000+ in the city and 40-100 in the suburbs, if you didn’t know the reason you would assume it is for Pappy/BTAC which would be incorrect. The whiskey’s are (mostly) spoken for.

    I mean Black Friday is a REALLY busy day at Binnys, it wouldn’t make sense for them to receive anything allocated in or do their private sales they were busy enough with bourbon county stout. I wouldn’t worry about seeing when binnys gets their allotment if you are on their list you will be notified if you aren’t you won’t and you’ll never know that it came and went.

    They indeed are calling. Picked a VW12 this evening. Not sure if anyone has received a call about BTAC though? Is it either a Pappy or a BTAC deal?

    BTAC were also called on, it was either or at least in my case. In the opinion of many, BTACs are a better juice than VW or pappy. Thoughts on that? Eagle Rare was exactly that as was the Sazarac, PFR Rye, true unicorns.

    Any luck in Texas, yet? Made Grand Reserve at Total Wine about two weeks ago, but I’ve read that there is a cutoff date by which you have to make GR or you wont get the email. Can anyone verify? Down on a list at another local store as well. Crossing my fingers for beginners luck!

    Man, they have had some issues with emails..I had to call them and get re register..made grand reserve like 3 months ago, and I really haven’t seen any privileges.. the only place besides total wine that I go to is Pogos, and they won’t tell you what they have, gotta go Sat mornings, and see what bourbon they put out

    “Thanks for your email. Unfortunately at this time Total Wine & More does not yet have an allocation of the Pappy van Winkle and BTAC items for the state of Texas. If they end up getting an allocation they will most likely offer to Grande Reserve members by sending out an email. This will come from the loyalty team, i.e. where you are a Grande Reserve member, and not from Concierge Sales. We have lent our website to the loyalty team for the sale of these items in other states but we do not know how they will handle this in Texas at this time.”

    Just received this email from TW Concierege. They’re unaware of Pappy or BTAC being allocated to TW’s in TX yet, and most likely won’t use the Concierge service here in TX. History has shown allocations around Thanksgiving weekend or later. Keep the fingers crossed, Texas!

    Lol that’s more info than I have gotten ..every time I ask ppl they don’t know anything..the Lewisville one is the closest one to me, but I gone to euless, Plano, Park lane, Arlington..surely you would think someone would know something hahaha

    There is no best bet really. One of 2 things need to happen to score a bottle: Be extremely lucky, or develop a long relationship with a local liquor store. Good Luck!

    I was offered either a bottle of RVW10 or VW12 on 11/21 at my local Houston store. The store owner said they’d gotten them in on 11/20. Happy hunting!

    Wow guess I missed out this year..I didn’t get anything from Total Wine..and all the liquor store I frequent..nothing..Oh Dallas…

    Confirmed in Arizona- Just got my hands on a Pappy 15 for retail. Ain’t life grand? Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Bourbon Hunters

    Anybody have updates on the Pappy lottery happening in PA? The PA liquor control board specified the lottery would last likely through December 7th but curious if anyone was lucky enough to have their name called.

    Pappy has made its way to Middle TN. Pulled a bottle of 15yr today. Several stores across Mid-State have let me know they got supply today.

    UT releases the whole state in select stores and sales out in hours. If you weren’t checking the state website that morning you missed it.

    Pappy is out and about in MA. I passed on two overpriced bottles on the way home from work this evening. Most places are doing lotteries this weekend, so stores not holding lotteries should have their allotment by tomorrow.

    Today, through sheer kindness (and to be very honest, dumb luck), I got my hands on a bottle of VWFRR for $129.99. This will not be re-sold, or collect dust on my shelf; this will drank, and enjoyed with family and friends, like the Van Winkles intended it to be.

    With that being said, I’d love to compare the 2018 batch to that of the old tanked batches from years past; if any of you fine ladies and gentlemen are in possession of an older bottle of VWFRR, and are interested in a sample trade, let me know.

    Picked up an ORVW at my local in Tampa, FL this afternoon. Not MSRP, but not secondary. My guy said the distributor dropped his bottles by in person this morning.

    Just got a call that I have a Van Winkle Family Rye waiting for me. Pappy has made it to the Western suburbs of Chicago!

    I can officially confirm Pappy has hit Michigan.
    I have gone to several liquor stores in the past month constantly checking, and finally found one that got theirs in on Tuesday this week (12/4/18). He even showed me the bottles personally, and his entire allocation. Of course, he is selling them no-better than a secondary market price.
    This s**t is almost impossible to get here in the Mitten… so if you find some (at a decent price), consider yourself lucky.
    Also confirmed with another store today that they will be getting their allocation next week. State minimum sales too, but only to his most local customers… that was at least nice to hear.
    So stay tuned Michiganers… it’s just now coming. Best of luck to try to get some at a reasonable price though.

    So I finally got desperate and call a “supervisor” from Total wine ..he told me there is no allocation in Texas for Pappy or BTAC as of now …and there is slight chance the the 2018 allocation they get would be in the spring 2019 ( he said they did that last year) For me, it is disappointing to hear because I literally feel like I gave up a kidney, to become Grand Reserve and aside from pts, I have not seen “priority access to select products” Furthermore, if other stores already got it, I’m sure it’s long gone..haha..If anyone in Dallas, Texas has any leads on other liquor stores I can start going to, at least, to develop a relationship with em in hopes for luck later..feel free to say, hahaha..sorry for the long post but I’ve literally tried to get my hands on Pappy and BTAC for numerous years now.. but a dream for now

    Looks like California should be getting some Pappy next week. A lucky source I have says Friday it will be in at one of the stores. I should have a bottle then, but not fully going to get my hopes up until the bottle is safely in my hands.

    Michigan got their deliveries this past Monday. Most places I went to were selling it for way to much. And other places were out. If you haven’t gone yet, I would go now!

    Pappy has arrived in MI.
    I was lucky enough to get a 10, 12, 15 and a
    BTAC Willam Lauer Weller 😊 Thank you to the Pappy Gods!

    Pappy or BTAC limited will arrive in IL the week of October 21. I haven’t confirmed which one yet, but did learn the window between the two will be very tight this year (2 weeks) for IL. I have a reliable source who hasn’t failed me the past three years and will post updates.

    Hi! I am new to collecting bourbon and I live in Ohio. Does any one have any helpful tips they can pass along to obtain Pappy? Does anyone on this site collect Blantons? I appreciate any helpful advice! I am on a mission!!!

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