Booker’s Roundtable Cheat Sheet

Booker’s Roundtable Explained A couple weeks ago I announced the release of a new Booker’s Bourbon Roundtable release. This created some discussion in another forum about which releases were and were not roundtable selections. This was actually a question I’ve had over the years so I reached out the the people at Beam to get an

Bourbonr Pro + Van Winkle Giveaway

New BourbonHunt Pro Membership Update: Everything about Bourbonr will remain the exact same. I’ll still be updating the VW and BTAC maps, posting reviews, articles, etc. This is simply the launch of a new site with new features. Don’t worry, nothing about Bourbonr has changed I’m excited to announce the new BourbonHunt Pro Membership! BourbonHunt Pro will

Updated: History of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

History of the BTAC Every fall for the past 15 years Buffalo Trace Distillery has pumped out some of the best bourbons and rye whiskies with their Antique Collection (BTAC). Collectively, the Antique Collection has won over major 150 awards from almost every whiskey competition in the world. These awards range from “Whisky of the Year” in

Bourbon Review: Col. E.H. Taylor Cured Oak

E.H. Taylor Cured Oak Reviewed With spring bourbon releases in a pretty dismal state EH Taylor Cured Oak (see the specs for Cured Oak here) showed up to save the day for Bourbonrs. Like most hyped bourbon releases (or any limited edition release for that matter) it came with some controversy. The secondary prices quickly rose to

Bourbonrs Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gift’s For the Bourbon Lover It’s time to celebrate Fathers! If your father enjoys bourbon, here are a few gifts ideas. You’ll notice a few items that aren’t bourbon related but I’ve got to drop hints to my own son somehow (yes, he’s only a year and a half but if he hasn’t figured out

Smooth Ambler to (Temporarily) Discontinue Rye

Smooth Ambler Out of Rye Whiskey I try to ignore the “whiskey shortage” post as much as possible but this one hits a little too close to home. Smooth Ambler consistently lands on the Bourbonr best buy lists and their cask strength rye is one of my personal favorites. John Little, the Vice President of

New Booker’s Bourbon Roundtable Released

2015 Booker’s Roundtable Selected Jim Beam has released the third Booker’s of 2015 and it is also a roundtable pick (what do I have to do get get a chair at that roundtable?!). If you’re not familiar with the roundtable read Chuck Cowdery’s post on how it works. TL;DR: Fred Noe (Beam’s Master Distiller and

Do Whiskey Competitions Matter?

Are Competition Winners Worth the Money? Perusing the bourbon aisle of any liquor store across the country it’s hard not notice the awards dolled out by whiskey competitions. “Double Gold”, “Best in Class 2014!” or “Winner of XXX Whiskey Competition” seem to be on every third bottle. I understand why brands do this. It lends confidence

Jim Beam Harvest Bourbon Collection Reviewed

Bourbon Review: Jim Beam Harvest Collection Experimental mash bills are continuously popping up on on store shelves but Jim Beam has been playing around with different mash bills for quite some time. Last fall they announced their Harvest Bourbon Collection which included 6 different experimental mash bills all aged 11+ years. Here’s some more information from

These Bourbons are Good…

Bourbons (Whiskies) You Will Like The bourbon world (myself included) has become overly obsessed with limited editions (LE’s) or rare bottles. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? It’s more like the pot acknowledging its faults. About 80% of what I write on this blog is LE  related. Why? Because that’s what is fun, interesting and exciting.