2014 BTAC Release Map

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map When will the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection be released? Follow this blog post to find out. Complete BTAC stats Apparently Buffalo Trace decided to release the Antique Collection this year but here’s what we have so far. Release Dates: 9/19-9/21 – First released Maryland If you know of any

Bourbon Review: Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Background: Maker’s Mark is a distillery that is know for their innovation or even trying new things. They know what they do well and they continue to do it with great consistency. However, this fall Maker’s Mark released a cask strength version of their popular bourbon. Since Maker’s Mark last attempt at

BTAC Interview With Kris Comstock

BT Brand Manager Talks Antique Collection As most Boubonr’s know the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection was announced last week which had the bourbon world buzzing. While the press release did include some great information, Brand Manager of Buffalo Trace Distillery Kris Comstock was kind enough to talk about some of the highlights in 2014 BTAC release

Sazerac Announces New “Bond & Royal Spirits Company”

SAZERAC ANNOUNCES BOND & ROYAL SPIRITS COMPANY The below press release was sent to me this morning and my initial thought was “Great, now Sazerac has an Orphan Barrel Project”. Elaborate back-story with sourced, most likely premium priced whiskey. That may just be me jumping to conclusions so for now I will give them the

2014 Parker’s Heritage Collection 8th Edition

Parker’s Heritage Collection 8th Edition Wheat Whiskey This information was first published by Sipp’n Corn on twitter and hasn’t been officially announced by Heaven Hill yet but the announcement should come any day now.   Here’s the Heaven Hill Parker’s Heritage Collection 8 press release (not available on HH website yet). https://t.co/TvzttoIieL — Sipp’n Corn

Whiskey Vatting DIY

Whiskey Blending at Home Whiskey Vatting The Blending of Malt or grain whiskies from different distilleries. Whiskey blending or vatting is usually reserved for master blenders(distillers) and is a technique used primarily in the Scotch industry. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. With some spare bourbon and whiskey bottles and a few readily available tools you can

2014 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Announced

2014 BTAC Information Released Every fall one of the most anticipated releases is the Antique Collection from Buffalo Trace. Read more about the history of the BTAC.   Here is what we know about the 2014 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection release. FRANKFORT, FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY (Sept. 4, 2014) Whiskey aficionados can start their holiday shopping early once Buffalo

MGP/LDI by Mash Bill

MGP and LDI History Midwest Grain Products (MGP) is a grain and neutral spirit supplier based in Atchinson, KS. Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (LDI) is the former Seagrams distiller which was acquired by MGP in late 2011 forming MGPI. LDI was a mysterious and secretive distillery out of Indiana that didn’t reveal a lot of information about

New William Heavenhill Cask Strength Bourbon

Heaven Hill New Cask Strength Bourbon So, here is one more bourbon that you will never see on a shelf. On the heels of the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof success Heaven Hill will release a barrel proof version of William Heavenhill. It will be a 15 years old bourbon and it should be interesting to

September Bourbon of the Month: Larceny Bourbon

Larceny Bourbon from Heaven Hill Each month we try to select a bourbon of the month for a group review. We want to make the bourbon choice accessible but at the same time something you don’t see at every local liquor store. That is why we think Larceny is a great pick for the month of September.