Best Bourbon of 2017 (So Far)

I know this post will receive some backlash. But, I’ve decided that’s not a good reason to forgo posting. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch “B” is the best release of 2017. That may be a little premature since fall is when 75% of LE’s hit the shelf. But, I think Batch B may remain at the top after bourbon season 2017. This isn’t a paid or sponsored review.

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UPDATED: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet

Updated: For 2017, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof has received a makeover. The release now comes in a new bottle and label. Good new is ECBP is still 12-years-old. With the new bottle, Heaven Hill has standardized the releases with batch numbers

The first letter of the batch number indicates which of that year’s releases the bottle was a part of starting with “A”, while the second digit is a number that determines the month of the year the bottle was released. The third and fourth digits indicate the year.  

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Updated: Evolution Of A Bourbon Drinker

Bourbon – As You Like It

It’s hard to believe but I wrote this post almost three years ago. On one hand, the bourbon world has changed a lot. On the other hand, it’s funny how much hasn’t changed. I thought it would be fun to revisit and revise this post.

In September 2014, Whisky Advocate’s Jonny McCormick wrote an article titled “Whisky – As You Like it”. This article was his whisky adaption of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. If you haven’t read McCormick’s “Whisky – As You Like it” (link has been taken down by WA) it’s well worth the time. Below is a quote from McCormick’s article.

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I Call It “Small Batch”

Small Batch is a term ingrained in bourbon’s DNA. It’s a term I often glance over on the back of labels these days. Almost every brand has “Small Batch” on a label in their portfolio. It seems like every new release is “a handcrafted Small Batch” bourbon. But, what does it mean?

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Review: Knob Creek 25th Anniversary

This is the review for Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon. This is a new format for Bourbonr. For this review, I’ve included a live review I did on the Bourbonr Facebook group. Forgive the awkward fumbling and pauses. It seems so much more natural live 🙂 I do these reviews live and taste for the first time. I like to get my first reaction to a bourbon instead of taking the time to think about it. After the review, I go back and taste again and see how I feel. For the tasting part two, I’ll include my thoughts below the video.

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Come Join Me At The Orlando Whiskey Festival

Come join me this weekend at the Orlando Whiskey Festival! This will be the second year I’ve gone to this festival and it really was a great event. Last year, I sampled William LaRue Weller, George T. Stagg, Whistle Pig Vermont, 2015 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition, Willett 11-year private barrel and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon just to name a few. I know the taste list will be even better this year. If you’re in the Central Florida area (or willing to travel) you won’t want to miss this.

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