Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release #7

ECBP Release #7 Ready to Go Heaven Hill Distillery is set to release their 7th installment of the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. This release will be exactly 128 proof and 12 years old. No word on when it will hit store shelves but I’d expect it in the next couple of weeks. Elijah Craig Barrel

Updated: Buffalo Trace Distillery Mash Bills

Updated and Expanded BT Mash Bills Almost a year and a half ago I created my first distillery mash bill breakdown for Buffalo Trace. There has been several changes since then so I decided it was time for an updated and expanded version. I’ve tried to focus on whiskies that are distilled (at least once)

Willett to Release Unaged Whiskey

Willett White Dog is Coming According to TTB labels approved today, Willett will release 2 unaged whiskies a rye and a wheated mash bill. This will be Willetts own distillate. That part makes it interesting to taste but I would prefer a 375 ML bottle because who really wants a whole bottle of white dog.

Four Roses Discontinues Single Barrel LE

Single Barrel Limited Edition Dropped Four Roses announce that they will not releases their Single Barrel Limited Edition (SBLE) in 2015 (an indefinitely). This was originally reported by Fred Minnick on his blog and  is now making its way around the bourbonsphere. In a release Four Roses names “bourbon shortages” as their reason for cancelling the

The Return of I.W. Harper

Diageo to Bring Back I.W. Harper Based on TTB filings approved on Monday Diageo is bringing back the I.W. Harper brand to the US. We don’t have a lot of information but here’s what we can gather from the filings. - Two releases. One Non-Age Stated (NAS) (assumed to be 4 years+ since it’s “straight

Does a Bourbons Age Matter?

Is Bourbon Age Important? There’s a lot of emphasis placed on a bourbons age. Some brands state the bourbons age on the label with pride while others, for multiple reasons, choose to leave it off. Recently, there’s been several brands that decided to drop the age statement from their labels (Grab Jim Beam Black while it still

5 Most Underrated Bourbons/Whiskies

The Most Underrated Bourbons/Whiskies What if some of the best bourbons and whiskies are the ones that go unnoticed? The bourbon that never receives the attention or accolades but tastes just as good as the special releases. A few weeks ago I read a post about most underrated bourbons (sorry, I don’t remember where but if someone

Bourbonr’s Buffalo Trace Barrel Purchase

Barrel Purchase from Buffalo Trace If you’re not familiar with barrel purchases here’s how it works. Buffalo Trace offers barrel purchases from 3 of their brands (Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare and Blanton’s). Once we’ve selected the brand BT will send several samples of barrels to choose from. After the barrel is selected they bottle the contents

2014 Best Fall Bourbon Release Winner

Best Bourbon/Whiskey Released of Fall 2014 Special releases and limited editions are something we talk about a lot on Bourbonr so every fall we let you vote on which release you liked the best. It was a tough choice but a winner has been crowned! There were close to 1,900 votes cast over the 3 days

Best Fall Bourbon Release of 2014 – Voting

2014 Fall Bourbon Release Voting Voting Ends at 11:59 PM on 12/31/14 Back in July we listed the Fall Bourbon Releases and now it is time to vote for your favorite. Several of these bourbons/whiskies have already won various awards this year but I would like to hear the favorite among Bourbonr’s. You don’t need to have tried