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The Forgotten Bottles of Bourbon Several weeks ago I wrote about What Will Kill the Bourbon Boom on the blog which sparked a lot of great bourbon discussion. In the article I mentioned how the increase in premium bourbons over the last 10 years has affected the bourbon industry. However, one unintended consequence of a growing

2014 Fall Bourbon Releases

2014 Fall Bourbon Releases Every fall some of the best best bourbons are released to Bourbonr’s across the country and globe. Problem is there’s never enough to go around. The past few falls have been welcomed with lots of phone calls and long lines at liquor stores but that’s what makes the bourbon hunt more exciting.

What Will Kill the Bourbon Boom

What will kill the bourbon boom? There’s no doubt bourbon is in the middle of a boom. Some may even call it a bubble. Demand is at an all-time high. Every major publication, including the cover of Fortune, has covered the bourbon industry and not just the Pappy Van Winkle craze. Distilleries are screaming shortage

Jim Beam Distillery by Mashbill

Jim Beam Grouped by Mashbill This is the third installment of grouping distilleries by mashbill (See Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill). You were probably first introduced to Jim Beam white or green label while taking shots from red solo cups in college however Jim Beam distillery is so much more than that. Jim Beam produces some

June Group Review: Maker’s Mark 46

June Group Review: Maker’s Mark 46 Unlike other distilleries, Maker’s Mark has not strayed in to the world of special releases or experimentation. The majority of Maker’s Mark special releases are simply special edition bottles. In fact, they hadn’t released a new product in about 50 years prior to the “46″ release which is why

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Releases by Proof

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet In the fall of 2013 Heaven Hill Distillery released the first Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP) which quickly became one of the hottest bourbons in the market. ECBP is a 12 year old uncut, unfiltered bourbon which Heaven Hill releases once a quarter. Aside from the great flavor

Bourbon Review: 2014 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition

2014 Four Roses Single Barrel LE The 2014 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition is an 11 year old from the Four Roses OESF mash bill. The OESF mash bill is 20% rye with a more herbal tasting yeast strand. Since this is a single barrel release proof will vary but will be between 108.3 and 127.6 proof. My sample was

2014 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition

Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition Announced The Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition hasn’t even released across the country but we already have more great bourbon to look forward to this fall. According to the TTB the 2014 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition will be a blend of 4 Four Roses mash bills, OBSK

Bourbon Review: Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon

Breckenridge Bourbon Review: It seems like there is a new “craft” bourbon or whiskey on the shelf every time I walk in to a liquor store. Unfortunately, most of these “craft” distilleries are nothing more than Non-Distiller Producers or young whiskey that taste terrible. After my first sip of Breckenridge Bourbon I realized this was something

Heaven Hill Distillery by Mashbill

Heaven Hill Whiskies Grouped by Mashbill Heaven Hill distillery has a rich bourbon history. Currently, they’re the largest family-owned distillery in the United States and the second largest holder of Kentucky Bourbon in the world (I’m still trying to work my way up the list). The distillery was founded in 1935 by the Shapira family with Master