Jim Beam Harvest Bourbon Collection Reviewed

Bourbon Review: Jim Beam Harvest Collection Experimental mash bills are continuously popping up on on store shelves but Jim Beam has been playing around with different mash bills for quite some time. Last fall they announced their Harvest Bourbon Collection which included 6 different experimental mash bills all aged 11+ years. Here’s some more information from

These Bourbons are Good…

Bourbons (Whiskies) You Will Like The bourbon world (myself included) has become overly obsessed with limited editions (LE’s) or rare bottles. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? It’s more like the pot acknowledging its faults. About 80% of what I write on this blog is LE  related. Why? Because that’s what is fun, interesting and exciting.

2015 Parker’s Heritage Collection Announced

Parker’s Heritage Collection Malt Whiskey The 9th installment of the Parker’s Heritage collection will be a Malt Whiskey. The mash bill for the Malt Whiskey is 65% Malted Barley and 35% Corn. The whiskey will be aged 8 years, 108 proof and unfiltered. The price will probably follow prior year releases and be around $85-$90.

Buffalo Trace Supply Update

Inventory Update from Buffalo Trace We’ve all been beaten down with talks of a bourbon shortage so it’s nice every now and then to hear how the distilleries are handling the situation. There’s no earth shattering information here but it is nice to know that there are no plans to discontinue any brands (stop the “Elmer T

House Blended Bourbon

A few months back I wrote about blending or vatting bourbons. In that post I combined different bourbons to see how they tasted together. While that post was about experimenting this post is about taking those experiments and selecting a “house” bourbon. This is your daily drinker, what you give to guests and the bourbon that

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP) Release #8

ECBP Release Number 8 Heaven Hill continues to pump out new batches of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof on a quarterly or tri-annually basis. This release is the standard 12 years and weighs in at 139.8 proof. That makes it the second highest in the ECBP line up and misses “Hazmat” status by only 2/10 of

More Booker’s Bourbon Bottle Art

Booker’s Bourbon Batch Tags In 2015 Jim Beam added a cool new feature to the Booker’s bottle. First, they simplified the batch numbers by making it simply the year and batch number (2015-01). Second, each batch would have a symbol which represented the Booker brand. Everything from Booker’s dog to his rocking chair. I like this

Michter’s to Release a Barrel Proof US*1 Rye

Michter’s Barrel Proof Rye While this release is no surprise, this is the first time I’ve seen an official price. Depending on quality $75 seems pretty reasonable. It’s definitely pushing the limit of what I would pay but still within range of a quality barrel proof whiskey. While barrel proof bourbons are getting released left

2015 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition Announced

Four Roses Small Batched Limited Edition One of my favorite releases every fall is the Small Batch Limited Edition from Four Roses. They combine recipes from their 10 different mash bills for the release. Here’s the recipes Four Roses is using for the 2015 Small Batch:   OBSK – 16 year OBSV – 11 year OESK

How to Hunt Bourbon

Bourbonr’s Guide to Hunting Bourbon If you follow bourbon on any social media outlet I’m sure you’ve found yourself jealous of another Bourbonr’s bottles that they found “in the wild”. This is bourbon slang for “sitting on a shelf and I paid retail or close to it”. If you’re like me you probably wondered “how did they find