Buffalo Trace Distillery Update (GTS News)

Every few months Mark Brown, Buffalo Trace Distillery CEO, sends out an update email with different happenings from around the distillery. They usually include things like distillery events, updates on Warehouse X  or the continued “bourbon shortage” recap. However, today’s email (you can read the whole thing here) included some intriguing information that I think

Kentucky Owl Batch #2 Plus Interview

Kentucky Owl Releasing Batch 2 If you’re not familiar with Kentucky Owl here is a little bit of the back story. From Garden & Gun Dixon Dedman is resurrecting his family’s distillery one easy-sipping bottle of bourbon at a time “My grandfather used to tell us that if he ever won the lottery, he’d do two things,”

Bourbonr Blog Turns 2!

Two years ago I started this blog as an extension of the Bourbonr site. Originally, the blog was me writing on an iPad with terrible grammar. Two years later it’s still just me however I’ve upgraded to a laptop and the grammar has improved slightly (still working on that one). The first post I wrote

New Bourbon Documentary: NEAT

NEAT: A Film About Bourbon If you want to get excited about bourbon just watch the trailer below. There have been a few documentaries (and now a TV drama) about bourbon but this one has caught my eye.  I got the chance to talk with the executive producer, ­AJ Hochhalter, and he’s a legit bourbon guy and

2015 Fall Bourbon Releases

Every fall some of the best best bourbons are released to Bourbonr’s across the country. Problem is there’s never enough to go around. The past few falls have been welcomed with lots of phone calls and long lines at liquor stores but that’s what makes the bourbon hunt more exciting. Annual Releases: Pappy Van Winkle and

Is It Stitzel-Weller?

Whether you’re new to bourbon or a veteran of the game you’ve heard the name Stitzel-Weller. In (almost) mythical bourbon discussions the Stitzel-Weller name fly’s free.  The same question pops up when discussing older bottles Pappy Van Winkle, Old Fitzgerald, Weller, Rebel Yell, etc. “Is it Stitzel-Weller?”. Stitzel-Weller became famous for their wheated bourbon recipe and produced some

Bourbon Review: Wild Turkey Master’s Keep

If you’re a bourbon drinker you probably remember Wild Turkey from your days of mixing their 101 bourbon with coke. While they continue to pump out some great/available bourbons (Rare Breed is usually my favorite) Wild Turkey has a long tradition of limited edition bourbons. Wild Turkey Diamond was released in 2014  to mixed reviews and

Proof Obsessed

Is Higher Proof Better? If Bourbonr’s built their ideal bourbon at the top of almost every list (myself included) would be high proof. It seems that everyone is in love with barrel proof or high proof bourbons. Just read the comments of a TTB release that is less than 100 proof and you will see plenty of hate for the

Booker’s Roundtable Cheat Sheet

Booker’s Roundtable Explained A couple weeks ago I announced the release of a new Booker’s Bourbon Roundtable release. This created some discussion in another forum about which releases were and were not roundtable selections. This was actually a question I’ve had over the years so I reached out the the people at Beam to get an

Bourbonr Pro + Van Winkle Giveaway

New BourbonHunt Pro Membership Update: Everything about Bourbonr will remain the exact same. I’ll still be updating the VW and BTAC maps, posting reviews, articles, etc. This is simply the launch of a new site with new features. Don’t worry, nothing about Bourbonr has changed I’m excited to announce the new BourbonHunt Pro Membership! BourbonHunt Pro will