The Whiskey Speech

Happy Friday Bourbonr’s! This isn’t an in-depth, educational post. A friend of mine recently reminded me of the great orator Judge Noah S. “Soggy” Sweat and his “Whiskey Speech” so I decided to share it with you. This is a post to listen to and enjoy on a Friday afternoon while drinking whiskey. This is

Four Roses Mash Bill Breakdown

…And Limited Edition Cheat Sheet This is an updated version of the previous Four Roses by Mash Bill post. The new version is easier to read and also includes the years for each limited edition release. If you’re interested in a PDF copy you can download it for free in the Bourbonr Store. First, let’s

Bulleit Barrel Proof Coming

Today Diageo received approval for a barrel proof version of their popular Bulleit bourbon. The details are still pretty scarce on this one. This release isn’t a surprising one since barrel proof releases have increased in popularity over the last 5-7 years. Consumers love a higher proof and brands can charge double for a 30% decrease in

2015 Bourbon Report

It seemed poetic that the Distilled Spirits Council released their annual report on Groundhogs day. I almost copy and pasted my post from the 2014 report to save time from typing out the same information. Visit any bourbon bar or new craft distillery and you’ll know bourbon is booming. Check your local liquor store and

How To Taste Bourbon

The simple answer is pour, sip, repeat. However, taking your time to pick up on different flavor notes in a bourbon helps you expand and improve your knowledge. Tasting bourbon is a skill and with any skill you only get better with practice (this is why I insist on practicing every night :)). Time to

Destroy the (Empty) Pappy!

I know what you’re thinking. No, this isn’t another post about the Pappy heist. This is a PSA for the Bourbonr community. Make sure you destroy all empty bottles of Pappy Van Winkle and other limited releases [insert joke about people not drinking Pappy]. As prices increase scoundrels will find their way into the bourbon market.

Review: Pikesville Rye Whiskey

This past summer Heaven Hill doubled down on the rise of rye whiskey and released Pikesville Straight Rye. “Pikesville” the name can trace it’s lineage back to Maryland in the 1895’s. Stories are cool. A great product is even cooler. First, some details about Pikesville Straight Rye. It’s a 6 year, 110 proof whiskey that

UPDATED: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet In the fall of 2013, Heaven Hill Distillery released the first Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP) which quickly became one of the hottest bourbons in the market. ECBP is a 12-year-old uncut, unfiltered bourbon which Heaven Hill releases once a quarter. Aside from the excellent flavor and high proof

Interview With Bourbon Pursuit

If you follow Bourbonr on twitter you’ve probably heard me talk about Bourbon Pursuit. Behind Bourbon Pursuit is Kenny and Ryan and they’ve quickly become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Actually, they’re one of  only two bourbon podcast (here’s the other) I listen to religiously. Every episode is full of great bourbon info. Plus,

Distillery Summary – Part 2

The distillery summaries were created to help you easily keep track information. They highlight three key factors for a distillery: Mash Bill(s), Barrel Entry Proof and Barrel Char Level. While there are a lot of important factors when it comes to bourbon these three play an influential role in bourbon’s flavor. It should also be