2019 BTAC Review Part 2

This is part two of my Buffalo Trace Antique reviews. In this video, I review the George T Stagg and William Larue Weller. Here are the reviews and details for these releases. You can find more information as well as historical data about these releases here. If you’re hunting for the BTAC this year, check out the 2019 BTAC Release Map!

George T Stagg Review:

Proof: 116.9

Age: 15-Years 3-Months

Review: Initially, there are notes of honey, maple, and other sweet notes. The fruit notes are more like a melon or honeydew. I get a little bit of cinnamon and peach tea on the finish.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the fact that this release is a little lower proof. I believe it allowed some other flavors to shine. Overall, it’s not cracking my top 4 of GTS release. It’s a good release but nothing to go crazy over.

William Larue Weller Review:

Proof: 128 proof

Age: 12-Years 6-Months

Review: The nose is drier than most WLW releases. There are notes of spearmint and cocoa powder. I pick up some faint notes of black pepper and bruleed cherries. The taste is more of the same. It stays consistently dry throughout. The palate expands to golden raisins and cedar. The finish is a little short. It’s heavy with espresso bitterness, pepper, and oak. After a few drops of water, the fruit notes begin to shine

Conclusion: This was not my favorite this year. It was a little too dry for my preference. There were some of the traditional WLW notes but none of the balanced sweetness and dark fruits I love.

Overall BTAC Ranking:

1 – Eagle Rare 17

2 – George T Stagg

3 – Thomas H Handy

4 – William Larue Weller

5 – Sazerac 18


    2019 THH is horrible. Straight up medicine. Stagg is okay but a shadow of its former self. WLW is the best release since 2016. No idea how you got those tasting notes off of it.

    Haven’t had the THH yet this year but I have hear similar things. I did not care for the GTS this year. Batch 12 Stagg Jr was surprisingly better. That was a big surprise to me as I am not the biggest Stagg Jr fan. I really enjoyed the WLW this year. More so than last years but not quite the level of the 2016. That was a great year for both GTS and WLW.

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