Booker’s Bourbon New Bottle Art

New Booker’s Bourbon Design Coming

This past year Jim Beam released Booker’s 25th Anniversary Bourbon which may have been my favorite bottle, based on design, of the year (it helped that it tasted excellent too). Now, they’ve taken a cue from themselves and add more detail to the regular Booker’s bottle. According to the TTB filing there will be 16 different stickers. Each with its own nostalgic or historic meaning. It’s similar to the different Blanton’s toppers and obviously I will try to collect each of them.

Outside of the different images the label and bourbon remain relatively unchanged. The 2015 batch will be 7 years and 3 month and 127.1 proof. Although, these numbers are subject to change after final bottling.

Bookers - 1



    This strikes me as completely pointless (the labels, not your blog post). I guess it speaks to the “collect them all” crowd, even though the bourbon inside the differently labeled bottles is exactly the same. Clever marketing I guess: sell more of the same product to the same people and all it costs is some clip art.

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