Bourbonr Blog Turns Four!

I missed an important date last Saturday. August 26th was the four year anniversary of the Bourbonr blog. It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing the blog for four years. But, Bourbonr has become so ingrained in my life, at times, it seems like I’ve been doing it for even longer than four years. In an educational setting, I would’ve graduated and been on to new horizons after four years. Maybe that’s why I’ve had so many rum posts on social media recently :). For now, I’ll stick to bourbon! While I consider myself knowledgeable, there’s still so much about bourbon I’ve yet to explore. And, taste!

Here are a few things I’ve observed over the last four years:

  • It’s sad, but prices aren’t going down anytime soon. We have seen the release of several great bottles in the $35-$50 range. But, ultra premium bottles continue to become more ultra(r). Secondary prices continue to skyrocket. If my 401(k) returns were the same as Pappy I think I could retire at the age of 35.
  • Bourbons popularity isn’t going to die. Looking back on old posts I still see the same comments “I can’t wait for the hipsters to get out of bourbon so I can buy Pappy again at retail.” Not much has changed. In fact, it has gotten worse (or better if you’re in the bourbon business). It’s not the popular thing to say but the reality is bourbon will continue to grow and expand. Hundreds of thousands of consumers aren’t going to wake up one morning and forget what Pappy or George T Stagg is. Which is still a good thing! More people and releases keeps things exciting.
  • Price doesn’t equal quality. Age doesn’t equal quality. We’ve known this all along but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. Visit whiskey bars. Go to tastings. Find other Bourbonr’s in your area and share samples. Find what you like without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money.
  • Don’t get caught in the Limited Edition trap! It sounds disingenuous since I talk a lot about LE’s on Bourbonr. You don’t have to buy every new release.
  • Taste blind. Taste blind. Taste blind. Taste blind. Taste blind. Taste blind. Taste blind. Taste blind.
  • Finally, bourbon has a great community and culture around it. Get involved! Five years ago meeting up with random guys from the internet to get drinks sounded weird. Now, it seems like a weekly occurrence. I’ve had the privilege to meet a ton of great people through Bourbonr.  It’s been (aside from maybe the free booze 😉 ) the best part of Bourbonr.

Cheers to many more years of bourbon information!


    Happy birthday to your blog…..always an interesting read, and I often take your advice when shopping….keep up the good work, sip away!🍾🎉

    Really enjoy reading your reviews. I look forward each week on your expertise on Bourbon. I live in Alabama so it’s hard to purchase some of your recommended bourbons. I have 25 different bourbons most because of your reviews. Thanks again! I’ll keep looking forward to Friday!!!

    All very good points. Pappy is the same as chasing your shadow. Even if you see it, you won’t catch it. There are just too many really fine bourbon’s out there that are reasonably priced to chase a few mythical ones. Happy 4th and cheers! 🥃

    Happy Birthday!

    Couldn’t agree more about the LE trap. I fell into it with cigars several years ago. There was always a new limited edition best cigar ever and of course I just had to have it. 🙂 luckily I got smart really quick, now wether it’s bourbon or cigars I just buy what I like and try something new when I’m curious.

    Thanks for another great read and wishing you many more Bourbonr birthday’s to come.

    I searched long and hard for a place that had good whisky reviews and a decent sense of realism about bourbon – buying, tasting, keeping.
    I love what you are doing and really appreciate the time and effort it must take – writing the blog, rather than drinking the bourbon 😉

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