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The Bourbonr anniversary always brings a time of reflection. I try to make a few minutes to recap the last six years of bourbon. The last six years have provided me with incredible opportunities. I’ve also met some incredible people. I started Bourbonr because none of my friends drank bourbon. It was something I was excited about. To learn I turned to online forums and Facebook groups to connect with others about bourbon. I’m not a writer and I’m not from Kentucky. The early Bourbonr years were fueled by pure passion and naivete! However, instead of looking back at the last six years I’d like to add some observations/advice about the current and future state of bourbon.

  • The bourbon world continues to grow. The whole industry is magnified. That means there will be a lot more of the good aspects to bourbon. But, bad parts as well. This doesn’t mean the bourbon world has changed. It just means no matter where you go in life there will be jerks.
  • There’s more opportunity in bourbon these days. That means more bars with great bourbon selections, stores doing barrel picks, local groups, and meetups, etc! Make sure to get in on the fun.
  • “Dance with the date that brought you” Go buy a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 or Rare Breed. There are still good deals sitting on the shelf.
  • Give yourself a bourbon workout. Test your palate.
  • Expect more entries into the high-end bourbon market. Bourbon production has increased drastically over the last six years. That means we’ll see new sourced brands. New labels from old distillers. Brands resurrected from extinct distilleries.
  • Find reviewers you trust and listen to their reviews! It’s great seeing new blogs, podcasts, and Instagram accounts. It’s easy to start an account and receive free samples. Giving accurate and honest reviews is another thing. There’s a difference between review bias and review blindness.
  • The limited-edition market is here to stay. In the year 2030, you still won’t find Pappy 23 on the shelf. Hipsters have nothing to do with why you can’t find Pappy. Flippers are a small reason why you can’t find Pappy. (But, if you’re looking for an incredible 23-year-old spirit Seelbach’s has you covered 🙂 )

With that said, I’m excited about where bourbon is going! To celebrate the 6th anniversary, I’ve selected a six-year bourbon from Finger Lakes Distilling. Last year we highlighted wheated bourbon. This year we examine the impact of oak on a bourbon’s flavor profile. This barrel is a 36-month airdried stave from Chinkopin oak. More to come about staves in a future post!

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    Congrats on 6 years Blake! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the shared knowledge and fantastic distilled beverages! Cheers to 6 more, and then 6 more, etc., etc.

    At a 74 yoa I started with southern comfort at about age 20 due to being beered by that time. I started at age 18 with beer due to being a volunteer fireman and beer was the thing back in 1963. After the southern comfort and orange juice, I switched to wild turkey 101 with cola in 1965. Around 1970 I became a true bourbon drinker and started sampling all the bourbons I could afford neat. I still try all I can afford neat. As per Elmer T Lee the best bourbon is the one you like. I have to admit that Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, and Buffalo Trace are my favorites. I have been able to have a 10 year Pappy neat and I must admit it was grand. But without having the ability to have a bottle to sample with other various bourbons it’s hard for me to say its better against others. It was indeed very good but I had nothing else at the time to compare it to. As with all the bourbons on the market, the best one is the one you love. Tonight I’m having a Makers Mark 101, which I bought at the distillery back in July when I did the bourbon trail. I have had it neat, with 2 ice cubes, and with a splash of Roses lime juice. currently, I m having it with both 2 cubes of ice and a slash of lime juice. To me this enhances the flavor. WildTurkey I have straight as I also do with Woodfords Reserve and Buffalo Trace. Most bourbons I try straight first. If I find it’s not quite my cup of tea I then try various additions to enhance their favors to my liking. I also like Angels Envry, Elijah Craig, Basil Hayden’s,Bookers, Amador,W.L.Weller,Herschel,heavens Door,Larceny,Wathens,Bower Hill, Fightening Cock,makers Mark101, E.H.Taylor, Russell’s Reserve, Bulleit, Stagg, Duke, Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Clyde Mays, James E. Pepper, Pappy, Belle Meade, Blanton’s and various others including the sweet liquors for after dinner cordials. Needless to say, the best bourbons are the ones you truly ❤️ love, no matter who made them. Enjoy yourselves and keep trying what you can afford to drink. And experiment with the ones that your not that crazy about. (Water-ice cubes-lime juice-lemon juice-what ever.

    As an aside, a friend of my once said, I have no prejudice against alcohol.. I have also tried a variety of small independent distillery’s mostly from the upstate New York area. There are differently some very good ones. I’ll let you all decide who they are..

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