Drinking Bourbon Without Going Broke

Bourbon can be an expensive hobby. Special releases and Limited Editions are not cheap and only come in 750 ML bottles. There are a few Bourbons/Whiskies that you can find in minis but these are usually from the Giants (Markers Mark, Evan Williams, Jim Beam, etc.).

Here are three tips to enjoy Bourbon without breaking the bank:

Find a local Bourbon or Whiskey Bar

I know, you will probably pay $20 for a 1 oz glass of Pappy or Four Roses Limited Edition but these are Bourbons that you will usually drink on special occasions any ways

Split bottles with friends

When splitting bottles I use the term “friend” loosely. If your friends don’t drink Bourbon (find new friends) go online. There are tons of people online talking about Bourbon. Go to twitter, Facebook, StraightBourbon, BourbonEnthusiast or Bourbonr.com. There is a real community amongst Bourbonrs and most people are willing to help.

Scotch Swap

Scotch is not the only thing being traded. Here’s how it works. You “Submit a New Text Post” of what Bourbon you want to taste and include what you have to offer. When trading you put the Bourbon in a 2 oz container like this:

I suggest buying one good bottle and then using Scotch Swap to trade. It makes that $50-$100 of Bourbon go a lot further.

Bonus Tip:

Use the Bourbonr.com “Request Sample” button. If you are browsing a fellow Bourbonrs MyWhiskey page and see something you would like to try hit the “Request Sample” button to see if he would be willing to share


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