June Group Review: Maker’s Mark 46

June Group Review: Maker’s Mark 46

Unlike other distilleries, Maker’s Mark has not strayed in to the world of special releases or experimentation. The majority of Maker’s Mark special releases are simply special edition bottles. In fact, they hadn’t released a new product in about 50 years prior to the “46″ release which is why I was intrigued when Maker’s Mark released Maker’s Mark 46 a few years ago.

So, what makes “46″ different. Maker’s Mark adds seared French oak staves into the traditional charred white oak barrel toward the end of its aging. The French oak and additional char add complexity and flavor to an already good bourbon.

If you need a bottle the folks at Quality Liquor would be happy to help.We will be reviewing live on bourbonr this Monday (the 23rd) at 9 EST and would love to have other bourbon drinkers join in. Mark your calendars. Can’t wait to see everyone’s reviews.


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