New William Heavenhill Cask Strength Bourbon

Heaven Hill New Cask Strength Bourbon

So, here is one more bourbon that you will never see on a shelf. On the heels of the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof success Heaven Hill will release a barrel proof version of William Heavenhill. It will be a 15 years old bourbon and it should be interesting to see how much the additional 3 years changes the flavor profile. The proof listed is 130 but I’m sure that will change. Based on the ECBP proofs that is probably the ballpark.

My comment about the bourbon not hitting shelves was sarcastic┬ábut in all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a distillery only release. At least for the initial release. This is a tactic that Heaven Hill likes to use.

William Heavenhill Cask Strength

William Heavenhill Cask Strength back



    Gotta stay competitive. Seems to me HH is gaining market share against BT because they aren’t caught up in a run on their products, having to answer to a ‘shortage’ meme or have any fakers in their portfolio like BT and many others do. It’s a great position to be in. Go HH!

    Was just at the distillery, had a taste and bought a bottle $129 if memory serves. It is indeed distillery only along with a cognac barrel finished bourbon, a bonded, and a 23 year EW.

    Just had both this and the cognac finished last night at a bar. Both excellent. Now I’m going to have to go back to Kentucky to get one LOL!

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