Top Bourbons for Valentines Day

The Best Bourbons for Valentine’s Day

Guys can be hard to buy gifts for on Valentines Day. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong with either of these options. Old Blowhard is a 26 year old bourbon released under the Orphan Barrel (Diageo) brand. While Thomas H. Handy may be a little harder to come by since it’s a part of the highly sought after BTAC fall releaseĀ it’s definitely worth tracking down.

Valentines Bourbons


    Just so happens I scored a bottle of 2013 Handy earlier in the week. Nice little Valentine’s gift for myself. Great blog Blake, keep up the good work.

    Read the post and didn’t catch it at first. Was driving home and I finally got it! Creative Blake! Wonder if you give someone Four Roses LE, you’d get an Old Blowhard or Handy as thanks…..

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