2015 Parker’s Heritage Collection Announced

Parker’s Heritage Collection Malt Whiskey

The 9th installment of the Parker’s Heritage collection will be a Malt Whiskey. The mash bill for the Malt Whiskey is 65% Malted Barley and 35% Corn. The whiskey will be aged 8 years, 108 proof and unfiltered. The price will probably follow prior year releases and be around $85-$90. Heaven Hill seems to be enjoying their non-bourbon releases after last years Wheat Whiskey.

Parkers Heritage release 9


The quality in Heaven Hill’s Parker’s Heritage Collection is always top-notch and I’m sure this Malt Whiskey will be no different. However, if I’m being honest, there’s not much about this release that has me excited. I’m sure that will change once I taste it. For now, an 8 year malt from a bourbon distillery didn’t bring nearly as much anticipation as PHC 8. Heaven Hill may be getting strategic with this release. It could be a great way to bring more Scotch drinker’s in to the bourbon world (as if it wasn’t crowded enough already).


    Agreed, though last year’s Wheat Whiskey was delicious. It’s not really far to Heaven Hill, but after (what I considered to be) the disappointment of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Malt’s, I’m really not in a hurry to spend the $90 for Heaven Hill’s take.

    One thing to remember Kyle, is that those Woodford malts were 100% malted barley. Swapping 35% corn for malt is going to make a significant difference.


    I’m glad I got ten bottles of last years release “PHC #8”.

    I think it is the 2nd best bourbon released last year only behind the Bookers 25th.

    I have to concur. I saw 8 year old malt and wasn’t excited whatsoever. Especially for $85-$90.

    Hopefully, it will be a stunner.

    I’m sure it will be good, but I already know it’s something that I won’t like. If it’s not bourbon it’s not for me. I’ve tried all kinds of whiskey– rye, malt, wheat and Scotch , but I like none of it and none of it likes me. Bourbon is the only brown juice I can drink.

    I’ve been trying for some time to get a Parker’s Heritage release, but no luck. I found a bottle this year, but the liquor store owner wanted $225 for it! I have to agree with Blake, there is nothing about this that would make me want to go hunt for it! I’ll skip for now and hope for the 2016.

    I’m somewhat interested in this one because the mashbill being predominantly malt but still having a decent amount of corn seems like it’s combining scotch with bourbon. I’m not sold on spending $80-90 on a bottle though, I’m hoping to find someone to split the bottle with.

    I’m waiting for the day there is a over aged, cask strength rye whiskey. I’d live to see a 14 year Rittenhouse or Pikesville. That would be a great release, but who are we kidding were all still going to buy one at suggested retail, at least I am. I hope surprises me.

    My wish would be for another release of the Cognac barrel aged Heritage release. Absolutely one of the best bourbons ever produced.

    I come into malt whiskey with no preconceptions, and to my mind it is different from Stranahan’s which is 100% barley malt. I am tying it now and found the nose to be quite spicy. First sip straight had more alcohol than I expected at 108 proof – a little branch water smooths it out and opens it up. I’m not good at identifying flavors, but it’s sweet up front with a very long finish and is as spicy as the nose suggests. There is certainly strong anise. There is also a bit of unfamiliar earthiness, but I wouldn’t call it funky as people often describe malted barley. All-in-all the mouth feel and taste has more in common with a rye to me, specifically Whistlepig. Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it does. Very interesting effort. Second pour is starting to grow on me, though it may take living with it for a while to determine if it’s worth the cost.

    Well, I was on the fence about it yesterday, but today? Yeah, it’s pretty darn satisfying Unique and familiar at the same time. Spicy, sweet, earthy, and brown sugar in addition to the dominant anise. Plus, one long long finish. Still like a rye, but without the sharp tang of some. A risk for PHC, but the results are commendable.

    I was offered the opportunity to purchase one yesterday by the owner at my regular store. He has it priced at $129.99, which I thought was a bit high. I’m not a scotch guy at all, so I don’t know if this is buy or a “try it somewhere else first” before buying. He also offered me a 1792 Port Finish. Any opinions on either one? Thanks.

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