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It’s that time of year again. 2016 was a crazy year for bourbon. While there are plenty of things to be frustrated with there are also a lot of bright spots. I found myself disagreeing with a lot of the whiskey’s that were chosen by other books/sites for “Whiskey of the Year”. That’s why we do it a little different at Bourbonr. We open the voting up to you, the drinkers. What whiskey did you love this year?

There are no official guidelines for voting. But, if you haven’t tried at least 4-5 whiskeys on the list it’s hard support a favorite. This is whiskey of the year. Not best value. Not easiest to find. Not even most popular. Whiskey of the year means that the whiskey was the best thing you tasted all year. It was great and is worth purchasing at (almost) any price.

It’s time to vote on the Bourbonr Whiskey Of The Year. What was your favorite release of 2016?


    Been a lot of 5s when it comes to OFBB releases. The ’16 is a 9! Nose is beautiful. Perfect balance of classic Bourbon taste and age. These intense flavors keep heat in check. Only issue keeping my it from a 10 for me is a short finish.

    Personally I’m only interested in true bourbons. I don’t believe we should be adding ryes into the forum. Ryes r ryes and not bourbons. Just my way of seeing things.

    Parkers Heritage 24. The nose is fine, but the palate is amazing- my father in law says it has just the right amount of smack to it- warm but never hot. A long, strong finish. Best Parker’s Heritage since 6th edition imho.

    Black Button
    Little Barrel 375 ml
    Bartons 1792/Sazarac
    1792 Full Proof
    1792 Single Barrel
    Very Old Barton 86 Proof
    Very Old Barton 100 Proof
    Breckenridge Distillery
    Buffalo Trace/Sazarac
    Blanton’s Single Barrel
    Buffalo Trace
    Colonel E H Taylor Small Batch
    Colonel E H Taylor Single Barrel
    Colonel E H taylor Barrel Proof
    Colonel E H Taylor Seasoned Wood
    Colonel E H Taylor Straight Rye
    Eagle Rare 10 yr
    Elmer T Lee
    Sazarac Rye
    Stagg Jr
    W L Weller Special Reserve 1.75 L
    White Dog Mash #1
    White Dog Wheated Mash
    Four Roses
    Four Roses Single Barrel
    Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength
    Heaven Hill
    Elijah Craig Small Batch
    Henry McKenna
    Rittenhouse Rye
    Jim Beam
    Knob Creek 120 Proof
    Louisville Distilling Co
    Angel’s Envy
    Maker’s Mark
    Maker’s Mark
    Maker’s Mark Cask Strength
    Maker’s 46
    Maker’s 46 Cask Strength 375 ml
    Wild Turkey
    Forgiven Batch #302
    Forgiven Batch #303
    Kentucky Spirit
    Master’s Keep
    Rare Breed
    Russel Reserve
    Russel Reserve Single Barrel
    Russel Reserve Single Barrel Rye
    Small Batch 3 Yr Rye
    Pot Still Reserve
    Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch
    Crown Royal Canadian Rye
    Lot #40 Rye
    W P Wiser Canadian Whisky 18 Yr
    This is my collection. I’ve only have a couple from your list.. My problem is I enjoy each and everyone for their individuality.

    You really need to try woodfords reserve, another good bourbon not on the list. You do have an outstanding collection that you’ve tried.

    It was a toss up so I had to try over and over again ( which was my favorite part ) the Four Roses SB Limited Edition and the OF Birthday Bourbon. In my opinion the OFBB has amazing flavors with just the right amount of heat so that’s who I chose.

    Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch by far was the best bourbon released this year of the 10 on the list that I tasted. Wonderful nose and finish on it and great depth of flavor. Great start to Elliot running the ship. Fortunately tried: Angel’s Envy, Stagg, WLW(2nd), Gifted Horse, Michter’s 10, Seasoned Wood (Favorite Nose), Knob 2001 Batch 2, Old Forester 1920, Rebel 10

    I’d vote for the Rebel Yell 10 year, wheated bourbon, age stated not too hard to find, and at a respectable proof. Hard to beat in today’s bourbon market.

    WLW is fantastic. Difficult to get your hands on but oh so worth it if you do. If you do happen to get a bottle share it someone special. If you don’t have anyone special to share it with….please give me a call.

    New to market, wheated single barrel with an age statement? In 2016? Seems too good to be true! RY10 is my winner. It’s better than Weller 12.

    I’ve had five or so bourbons from the list, and for me, RY10 floored me with how well it hit the sweet spot of value, flavor, and availability (without being too available, if you know what I mean). Getting it was a stroke of luck for me – I happened across a newly opened case laying on the floor while my local store was restocking. Picked up two bottles before they even got the price tags on them, and now that they’re sold out, I wish I had snatched up the whole case.

    Between the quality and price, as well as the serendipity involved in getting a few bottles in the first place, it’s definitely my bourbon of 2016.

    Blanton’s single barrel. great taste and still reasonably priced.

    Oh just a side note to everyone… Bourbon Outfitters, don’t buy from these guys, I got taken and they didn’t fulfill my order. Never got a response after multiple emails..

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