2016 Pappy Van Winkle Release Map

*Please Read:* Each state is highlighted once one bottle is reported. Generally, that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace but a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Also, I’m not a retailer. I don’t have a list to buy Pappy nor do I know where you can buy online at retail. If I did I’d buy it all myself  🙂 Happy Hunting! 

It’s that time of year again! This is the 4th annual Pappy Van Winkle Release Map. Here’s the drill. I’ll update each state when Van Winkle is released in that state. Remember, distribution can be tricky sometimes and just because it has released in part of the state doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The odds aren’t in our favor, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Hopefully, the Bourbonr community will help you find a bottle.

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2016 Pappy Van Winkle Release Map

If you find a bottle please shoot me an email at Blake @ Bourbonr.com. I welcome any tips about state releases as well!

12/14 – Colorado gets Pappy Van Winkle

12/13 Idaho draws for their Pappy Van Winkle Lottery

12/12 – Virginia releases Pappy to their waiting list

12/8 – Pappy Van Winkle in Louisiana

12/6 – Pappy Van Winkle hits Minnesota

12/5 – Texas now has Pappy Van Winkle

12/2 – Pappy Van Wikle is released in California, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Mississippi

11/25 – Pappy Van Winkle hits Massachusetts, Missouri, Iowa, New York, and Michigan

11/19 – Pappy Van Winkle reported in Deleware, New Jersey, Indiana, and Washington D.C.

11/18 – Pappy Van Winkle in Arkansas

11/17 – Pappy shows up in North Dakota, Connecticut, and Montana

11/14 – West Tennesee (Nashville) and Alabama release Pappy Van Winkle

11/11 – Pappy Van Winkle shows up in Georgia

11/9 – Pappy hits multiple states: Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, West Virginia and South Carolina.

11/4 – Pappy in Maryland

11/3 – Tennessee (East) received Pappy

11/1 – Pappy released in the homeland (Kentucky). Pappy in Rhode Island.

10/21 – Wisconsin releases Pappy Van Winkle

10/20 – North Carolina becomes the first state to release the 2016 Pappy Van Winkle


    No, we don’t get any. Your best bet for other awesome bourbon is Freeman’s Liquor 43rd & Western, OKC they had 4 different E.H. Taylor’s, Blanton’s, and Blanton’s a couple days ago.

    No. I’ve talked to Julian and Preston about this directly on several occasions. They won’t deal with Oklahoma’s laws as they would have to offer to all wholesalers in the state, then worry about allocation. It’s too much of a time sink.

    The laws are changing in OK. It’s going to take a couple years to take effect by they will no longer have to offer to all distributors after SQ 792 takes effect.

    So we should expect to see them for sale on that one website in T minus 3…2…1…
    Does anyone actually drink the stuff anymore?

    Three friends and I have an agreement that if we find one or get one in a store lottery, we will split it in one sitting. Though I’m not holding my breath or exerting myself to get one.

    Maybe my palate isn’t wired fir Pappy. I’ve had the 10, 12 n 15 and was not impressed. I’ll take a bottle of Eagle Rare 10 or Blanton’s any day over Pappy!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 15 years ago when it was sitting on the shelf all year long next to Weller and Makers, I preferred them to ORVW and Pappy. Now there are maps for it and it costs two days pay for a bottle, yet it still tastes the same. I love reading about all the excitement over it though and seeing how much “perception” influences people’s pallette.

    It was never sitting on the shelves all year round, it was on the shelves for a few weeks but had more releases a year. Bourbon has gotten popular in the last 6-7 years a lot of things are going out of stock for weeks and months on end. The older Pappy’s are are a result of low demand at the time, and they have only be available for a few decades.

    Agree, the problem is that when products start selling for 10X+ retail it becomes harder and harder for people to get past the potential value. Opening and drinking a $100 bottle is not all that crazy for most people, with 2oz pours you are talking about roughly $8 a drink. Opening and drinking a bottle valued at $1,500 ($125 a drink) is beyond most people’s comfort zone.

    Where can you find a bottle of Pappy for $1500? The cheapest price I’ve seen on the 23 yr old is $2000 – make that $3000 during christmas season.

    Now that I’ve found a local watering hole that has the 20 and 12 for $40 and $25 respectively (2.5 oz. pours by my estimate), and have had the good fortune to be able to taste the 23 and 15, I’ve really stopped looking. Not that I ever did so in earnest, but I sleep well knowing that I’ve at least tasted all but the rye and the ORVW.

    That said, there truly is something special about PVW (well, the 15 took a LOT of water) that makes it worth seeking out.

    With all other options available overrated is an understatement. Don’t misunderstand if I had a chance I would purchase a bottle at retail prices, but HOLY GRAIL, it is not.

    I’m in NJ and I’m willing to go to around 12-15 places around NJ to find what I want but no onw will tell you who has what and most is already presold. I’m willing to leave my credit card for the next year but they mostly do not know if they will get more the following year……The only time I know I can buy Pappy’s is if I go to Ky. which is a pain

    where in NC? I live in NC and have been looking/calling all over. The state decided not to allow lottery draws or lists this year, although i feel like i’m running into stores who will be protecting their supply discriminately. No proof of that, just a feeling.

    i want it to drink, not to resell. Happy to have it opened on the spot and have a glass, so it’s clearly for my consumption!

    Where did you get the info that they aren’t allowing lists or lottos in NC? I signed up for the lotto in my county (orange) a week ago. Just want to make sure I am hoping on something that isn’t happening.

    In Wake County they only just dropped the list. It was entirely too long. Something like a 11 year waiting list. They just gave up on it and switched to first come first serve.

    Spoke with manager of ABC store here in Charlotte this morning and they are sticking to the blast email system for their Pappy distribution. He couldn’t tell me when that email would go out, so I will be glued to my computer/phone for the next couple weeks only for them to tell me I’ve missed out once again.. At this point I’ve pretty much given up hope of ever getting my hands on the elusive Pappy unicorn and I’m at peace with it. No use losing sleep over some brown water when there are plenty of other great, widely available, bourbons out there to be had at fraction of the cost. For instance, scored a bottle of Blantons and grabbed a bottle of Old Grand Dad 114 at same store this morning and will sleep just fine tonight!!

    my info was bad. Guilford County, which is where I live, did away with their list. FCFS basis when it hits shelves. But each county can decide on its own how it will allocate. I didn’t get any Pappy last year through Guilford County list but did get a bottle of George T Stagg, which i am savoring bit by bit

    I have called the four main ABC stores that will carry Pappy in Greensboro but they have no received it yet. I keep checking the Greensboro ABC site for when they will hit the warehouse, but no luck yet.

    Wake County in NC this year did away with their waiting lists to distribute Pappy and other special bourbons. For Pappy in 2016 they set up raffle boxes in each of their ABC stores for a week or two, they just finished drawing the names of 60-68 folks to come by one store for the chance to buy 1 of 5 different bottles, 10 year to 23 year, on a first come first serve basis. There was at least 1 bottle for each person. That took place on Veterans Day.

    I’m guessing not. If they (Van Winkle) ever released any firm numbers the Wizard of Oz effect would go *POOF*!!! They’re too smart for that :-/

    My brother in law called me last week, and told me I won the lottery on a 23 out in Forest City, NC. I will be picking it up tomorrow.

    Have tried the 10, 12, and 20 Year Old. Actually got the 20 before it was so popular. Paid about 90 for it probably in 2005. The 10 YO is my favorite. I have a bottle of 20 YO that I am just sitting on. What I really want to find is a couple bottles of William La Rue Weller. Really good one to me.

    You all know Pappy is an urban myth. Never seen a bottle nor have I ever seen an establishment offer it for $250 a 2 oz sip. Good luck with the Snipe Hunt. LOL

    Guess I’ll have to stick to my Buffalo Trace.

    It is in NC but depending on what county you are in, it will differ on when that particular ABC commission releases it. For instance, here in Mecklenburg County at least, BTAC was supposedly released in NC last month and we have yet to see any here in Meck. (assuming they even got any) So you just never know…

    You are 100% wrong about that. It absolutely has been released in certain counties and other counties are releasing it next week. I’m also starting to hear rumors about South Carolina being released soon, but we will see if they are true. As soon as I know for sure I’ll let everyone here know.

    Well…I guess its time to swing by and see when to expect things in the good ole’ state of Georgia. Been lucky enough to get a couple bottles each year from the local beverage store…. I’ll let you know when the expected drop date is….

    I can confirm that both BTAC and VW bottles have dropped in Wisconsin at the same time. Not an urban myth; I’ve seen them.

    Sorry if this is common info, but are these the ONLY states PVW has been released or just the KNOWN places? Sitting here in Madison wondering what makes Wisconsin so special for PVW.

    This post is very behind and misleading. I believe certain parts of WI got pappy released like green bay and madison, here in Milwaukee we have not even received BTAC yet. Probably 3-4 weeks away from any pappy. Also I know for a fact KY has gotten their release and so have many states in the south. There is 2016 pappy galore on the secondary pages already.

    @Will Weller – if you’re basing that on what liquor store employees are telling you, take it with a grain of salt. These days, they’ll often tell you that just so you leave, particularly if you’re not already on a first name basis with them.

    No Pappy has not been released in Ky. I was told it would be arriving this week beginning Nov 1. Last year it hit on Nov 10 so alot of folks believe it will be election week. Either way it should all be over in 2 weeks.

    Anyone know of any distributors who get allocations in Nevada? I know our Total Wine got some 2015 but held it for “VIPs.” Also, have a sister in Buffalo NY – any intel there??

    I’d never heard of Pappy before and tried it for the first time as a flight (12, 15, 20) at a local hotel bar for $48. I absolutely loved the 12, and the quality on the 20 was amazing. Since then I’ve tried it a couple times – like at Hard Water in SF – but the first one (without any idea whatsoever about the hype) is still my favorite). Drove around to several states this past weekend and talked with several stores that only got 1 or 2 bottles a year and had 300+ people wait lists. But managed to find one place that still had a couple bottles from last year so I bought them.

    I checked the NC ABC Warehouse for shipments, and there is no record of Pappy Van Winkle being shipped to the State within the past weeks. My honest thought is that no one in NC is getting Pappy; it’s an illusion; the ABC crooks are giving it to their friends and donors. Called several stores throughout several counties and not one of them said they had any come in and hung up on my immediately.

    We had some Missouri Whiskey Society members to our home for an evening of whiskey drinking. We sampled several bottles which people brought. Before that we had a blind tasting of Weller 12, Old Weller Antique, and PVW 15. Of the dozen folks, it was split about 50/50 for the best between the Antique and PVW 15. Both of those are 107 proof. The Antique has the advantage in that it is much more findable and affordable than the Pappy.

    OFF topic, but I walked into a neighborHOOD(!) lil’ mom & pop shop on Friday. Never anything interesting there but I needed a bottle wine for dinner… TOP SHELF above all the other bourbons… 3! Count Em’ 3! EH E H TAYLOR SEASONED WOODS at RETAIL — $72.00 EACH!!! OK… now I know I riled against them initially (“smoke & mirrors bourbon” I believe was the exact quote)… but at retail I figured what the hell… I am impressed. I really liked it. Yes. I bought all 3. I figured that better me then some lowlife f’n flipper who’s just going to put them on WineScalper for a quick buck. Was I right in buying all 3… I don’t know. That said, not looking for VW or BTAC this year – no need w/ a score like that!

    I’m on several list for Pappy in NC. I drive most of ENC for work and stop in many. I’m always on the hunt for good bourbons. I have some great honey holes. today picked up Taylor’s Small Batch and 2 Weller 12yr. Also, Jeffersons Experimental series. I have spoken to my 2 main ABC stores and both said they haven’t seen them at warehouse yet. One said he is suppose to get at least 3 bottles when allocation starts.

    My sister is on the top of the list for PVW at her local ABC in NC. Was told it would be on the truck either Tuesday (2 days ago) or on their ‘Christmas truck’ today or tomorrow. Shipment came on ‘Christmas truck’ last year. Happy hunting, and please leave word as soon as Ohio hits (hopefully not next week because of a Europe trip).

    I have my 20 year Pappy still sealed and when I DO open and drink it, it will be neat! No mix at all. Maybe just a 1/2 teaspoon of water to open the flavor.

    Can’t believe it, but got lucky in the Durham NC ABC lottery today. Had a choice of all three Pappy expressions, picked the 15 for $99. I will 100% be drinking it. Good luck everyone.

    I am somewhat new to Bourbon and will never be able to afford to buy Pappy on the secondary market. My question is, what are some other Bourbon’s the have similar taste as Pappy?

    Never know if these are a joke that I’m playing into…

    There’s plenty of answers to this if you google it. But bourbon is bourbon. I’ve blind tasted with some very experienced types and some could not tell the difference between a rye and a regular straight. Palates will vary.

    Try some wheaters: Maker’s 46 or Weller Antique 107 are good. Old Fitzgerald Bonded is all right too.

    Pappy is a wheated bourbon – it is finished with wheat rather than the more typical rye. So, buy a wheated bourbon if you want to try something similar. Makers Mark is wheated, as are most if not all the Weller brands. There are a few others, but not many.

    Just picked a bottle of 12 yr old in Catawba County, NC. Went to a lottery draw this year. In years past, if you were on the list and they got enough bottles to your place, you got a bottle. Was told this is the last year that our county will order. Too frustrating to deal with and causes so much disappointment for people who don’t get a bottle.

    I was told by my guy that works for EMPIRE (Scumb@gs) that they’re waiting till after Thanksgiving (Holiday Rush!!). That said, there were a few “NEW” bottles that seemed to have Popped up on “WINE SCALPER” over the past few days in NYC. EMPIRE (Scumb@gs) seemed to wait a few weeks after the Boroughs / Island releases before they release in NY State. At least that’s the pattern I & my contacts who own stores have noticed.

    While Pappy was released in Wisconsin, many stores such as HyVee and Woodmans are actually holding their bottles until Black Friday.

    Alabama gets it November 14th! You can bet your ass I will be camping out for a chance at the 23yr. I’ll post results of my camp out once it’s said and done.

    Costco employee told me 18 each of ORVW10, Lot B, and Pappy 15 hit DC Costco Tuesday – all gone within 3 hours. There is still OFBB in stock though.

    In my state, VW collection sent last week and distributor will only release Rip 10 yr to liquor stores and the rest of the collection is going to bars/restaurants. The distributor claims Sazerac directed them to allocate Pappy in this manner to increase visibility of their products. Talked to several stores and all told the same story. The store owners are pissed, as well as, their customers.

    You have been told lies, Sazerac and the Pappy family have been on record saying that they do not mandate any special distribution it is all the distributors doing. They are probably selling the bottles to the restaurants at a higher premium because they can command 40-75 and ounce and look less price gauging when they do it.

    I figured this much! But, looking at it from a marketing/business perspective it would make sense to have Pappy in bars/restaurants to increase brand awareness for Buffalo Trace and possibly increasing the number of customers in the places that carry it. Compared to Pappy sitting in someone’s closet or on a shelf where it would only be seen by a handful of people.

    got a call today from my local liquor store in baltimore, md. said they got in a old rip 10, lot b 12, pappy 15, and a WLW.

    Just got back from Total Wine in Orange County, CA. I have a very good relationship with the store manager there. He said they are still waiting on corporate to work out their release of PVW and also the BTAC. There is word that they will do both of these via email releases to their grand reserve members first. Apparently they are deciding on whether to allow grand reserve members 1st shot at both of these (i,e, one email and 1 bottle of PVW and BTAC), or to release them all at the same time with a 1 bottle limit (i.e. grand reserve members get the email 1st but can only buy 1 bottle of either a PVW or BTAC).

    Lastly, on a separate note, they already got and sold all their bottles of a Midwinter’s Nights Dram. They got 8 cases and sold out in 2 days. At least the allocation was better than last year when they got 3 bottles total.

    Happy hunting everyone!

    The Pap & BTAC have hit certain portions of Indiana. I was able to get one 10 year ORVW, and 2 12 year lot B Special Reserve. The older years were already gone and trust me, I searched EVERYWHERE. I guess I am lucky to have gotten what I did because there is no chance of anyone having any of it left over anywhere in the state. It all goes by way too quick! Cheers!

    I was checking a week ago around Chicago, and every shop I talked to said they did preorders and whatever they get in is all gone already.

    JK, Lol. Just trying to widdle out all of the noobs trying to take all of my pappiez!

    I’z drinks da pappiez for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is my medicine.

    My normal contact at binny’s said next week. He could be wrong but he did get me a bottle of wlw btac so take that for what it is worth. They are holding it for preferred customers they know.

    Strange they (Binnys) would hold it for more than a week. I got like 5 cases yesterday around Chicago. I am hearing Friday based on your spending history (they will review and deem you worthy). At Lincoln Park, S. Loop and Clark St., they will only sell to you if you get an email from them to come in and what bottle they have for you.

    How could you get 5 cases? Weren’t stores limiting purchases? BTW…mind sharing where you got it? Most places I talked to had their list of preferred customers set.

    Just heard from my Binny’s – The Promanade in Bolingbrook and they just received it and are still working on the list of who gets it so I’d say by the weekend

    I was not only able to get a PVW 20yr, but a William Larue Weller as well. Both at retail. I tried them as soon as I got them home, and they both jumped to the top of my “Best Bourbon Ever” list.

    Binnys still does not have their shipment. You can believe a random person that claims to have found 5 cases available for sale or another random person you have never met. They also still cannot not confirm that they will get it this Wednesday. You decide.

    Binnys is calling people today. They are very frugal this year. A friend just went and tried walking in and they didn’t give him the time of day. I’m glad I got a call! And glad Binnys is taking care of regulars.

    Got a 12yr VW Lot B from my Binnys guy on Saturday. Everything Leonard said is true about Binnys. Get a relationship and shop regularly. You don’t have to spend a crazy amount, just need to go there often enough to be known and loyal to them. They will reward you for that. Very fortunate that they don’t mark up prices or do any other crazy stuff.

    The Tuscaloosa Store was out as soon as the line went inside. I dropped by later after work the the clerk said it all went Monday morning with the first few customers.

    Yep! It sure did. My husband and I were #2 and #3 in line. We got a 15 year and a 20 year (the only 15 and 20 they had available). The guy in front of us and the guy behind us got a 23 year old (the only two bottles of 23 they had available. The rest of the Pappy’s were 12 years. We decided to just drink the 15 and sell the 20. But, this is our first year for all of it. Our first year buying Pappy’s and we have no idea how to sell it. There’s so many places online. Can y’all recommend a safe one to work with? Where do you look online for rare bourbon?

    I can second that. Started rolling out on the 15th with more stores getting some yesterday and today. Got ORVW, Lot B, Pappy 20, Stagg, WLW, Sazerac 18.

    Ball Square Liquors in Somerville MA had Pappy 15, Handy, VW12 and VW10. Posted available last night 9:36PM, sold out in 12 mins.

    Picked up a 15yr in Newberry SC last Friday and just picked up another 15yr in Rome GA today, both were $400 each. I think I’m done for this year. First year on the hunt. A store in Rome has a 20yr but they want $1200 for it. Store in Dacula GA wants $1100 for their 20yr (cork and bottle)

    I honestly can’t say enough about forging positive, sincere relationships with stores and the people who work there. I frequent one particular store where I live and only venture out if they don’t happen to have what I want. I try to know as many of the employees as I can, I have the store loyalty card and use it for EVERY purchase, no matter how small, on sale or not, and I make sure to engage someone every time I’m there to make a purchase. I ask questions, I ask for advice and recommendations, and I try to make it to every store tasting. Plus, they know I appreciate alcohol, and I drink what I buy. Considering that I see guys coming out of there with shopping carts and boxes full of stuff, I know I don’t spend the most money, but sometimes, that’s not what it’s all about. As a result I got a call shortly after Pappy hit town that I had a bottle of PVW 20yr waiting for me. This, a day after getting a call that they had a Stagg and a Weller and I could have my choice. I chose the Weller, by the way. More often than not, good relationships can pay off. At retail, no less!

    Got a 10 year in CT today, after 2 years on the waiting list. charged me $79. Got a 12 year last year in PA, at retail($60)

    Completely agree with Leonard Hart. All about the relationships. I go out of my way to shop at store near my wife’s office and every time I’m in there I make sure to say hi to the owner. Paid off today with a bottle of VW 12 year old and an ORVW 10 year old. Pretty sure he only got a few of each one so I’m a pretty fortunate guy.

    Hi All!

    Located in Australia and was hoping I gcould get some tips on how to get a bottle of Pappy. So far, I’ve got in touch with a “line waiting” service located in New York that is willing to purchase for me but, i have to organise post. Just waiting now to hear any news of availability. Does anyone else suggest another, better approach? I don’t want to have to go tothe secondary market in Australia where bottles of the 23 cost $3,000+.

    Hey Tony, be careful. New York, especially city, has some of the highest markups anywhere. If someone tells you they find a 23 year at a somewhat fair price and is willing to send it to Australia, I’d be very wary of it being a fake; there are lots of fakes being sold on the second hand market. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just saying it sounds like you’re in the ultimate scenario to get sold a fake.

    @Tony – WHat are you willing to pay for the 23 year as I have a 2016 release bottle I just picked up? Although I am unsure what the shipping would be to Australia from Texas.

    Just got a call from a liquor store in New Mexico. She had the following, with prices: Pappy 10, $249, Pappy 12, $499, Thomas Handy Sazerac, $179, William Larue Weller, $449.
    She’s holding the Handy for me.

    Hey guys, I don’t know how many of you all live in Georgia but I’ve seen more harder to get bourbons this year than any other year (except the BTAC).

    I’ve had 3 different stores that got Pappy this year (Old Rip, 15yr and 23 yr).

    One store had 6 bottles of ECBS, 8 bottles of Blantons, Elmer T Lee, and today they had 4 bottles of Angels Envy Cask Strength 2016.

    Last year they had Forester BDay bourbon that sat on the shelf for almost 3 months.

    If you get a chance, check out the Peachtree City area and Columbus. I even found a 2015 Angels Cask Strength in Athens just sitting on the main shelf.

    Just a heads up for you bourbon hunters.

    Sad though that it seems the BTAC is non-existent in this state.

    Had 18 different stores tell me they didn’t receive any. This goes for ones with waiting lists and ones that are first come first serve. Even my honey hole store says they’ve tried two years in a row and didn’t receive a single bottle even when they were told they’d get it.

    I just got an email back from State of NH Liquor stores. If you didn’t get a bottle last year you won’t this year either. They said they have a full list from last year and didn’t/wont add to it.

    I believe they only call/contact you if they pick your name out of the list. As mentioned above, they aren’t adding to the list. I got an ORVW last year and this year. 3-4 years ago you could get multiple Van Winkle bottles from being on the list. Those days are gone forever now.

    I can confirm New Mexico got its Pappy release today. My local store had 3 bottles of 23yr ($350), 3 bottles of 15yr($200), 6 bottles of 12yr($130) and 6 bottles of 10yr($90). They kept a bottle of 10yr for me under the counter as I’m a regular customer that has never once even said the word Pappy to them but constantly pester them to get more Old Grandad BIB. (They hate dealing with Pappy.) I bought it, overpriced as it was, only because they saved it for me specifically. They also had an Elijah Craig Barrel Strength for $55 that I’m more excited about than the Pappy.

    Pappy and BTAC hit upstate NY on Tuesday. I was able to get two ORVW 10, a Lot B, a 20, a 23, and a Stagg at 3 liquor stores in Auburn and Fulton. A few other stores were sold out or calling people on their lists. Paid retail for all except the 10’s and the 23. Paid double retail on those.

    Is Arizona getting any this year??? I can’t seem to find anyone who is even getting the bottles in. That includes BTAC and Weller 12.

    Yes, I believe AJs had BTAC. Not sure about Pappy. Total Wine will be releasing both, but will only be available to Grand Reserve members.

    Hit it just right. Went into a store this morning here in CT that had all the Pappys and they said I could have any/all as they were going to release them publicly at noon. They had several 10 and 12s, 2 each of the 15, 20 and 1 of the 23. He then showed me his price list: Pappy 10 was $550 and 23 was over $2,200. I passed. He “only” wanted $600 for the GTS. I passed on that too. I was in the dumps and just for hahas went into a mostly wine guy the town over. He had a 10 YO sitting on his shelf for $65. I grabbed it! Also got the WLW last week from another store – that set me back $199. Really happy, but really wish I could locate Weller 12 yo – my fave “daily drinker.” Again, any help locating some would be greatly appreciated.

    I am pretty sure I found the same store in CT. The only other VW or BTAC I’ve found in the state was even more expensive (eg., 23YO $3500). PVW was less expensive by the shot at a bar in Lexington a couple weeks ago. I am willing to pay above retail, but this is ridiculous. Pretty disgusted with it all. I’ve been looking for Weller12 for quite a while but no leads.

    So I have been waiting to hear back from my local liquor guy in NJ regarding the BTAC and Pappy allocations. He just got back to me and said he got 1 bottle of 23 and he put it aside for me! He is going through his customer list to see who asked for what and I may still have a WLW coming as well. His markups are reasonable. Last year I paid $239 for a Pappy 20.

    The Pappy collection and the rest of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection made their first appearance in Oregon stores yesterday. Stores only receive 2 or 3 bottles of an item and very seldom do they receive more than 2 types of any of the collections. Most all of the distribution yesterday is already gone off the shelves. There still may be more bottles sifted out but not to the stores that have already received them, it is a real crap shoot. Everything sells for listed retail price, that is a great thing if you get lucky and find anything. I live in Washington State, the populist voted for privatization of liquor sales several years ago, taking it out of the hands of State control, … BIG MISTAKE! It left consumers at the mercy of distributors and stores. A bottle of 10 YO Pappy retails for $59.95, in Washington State, if you can find a bottle, expect to pay $400 plus, it is insanely disgusting.

    one of the total wine stores in the Los Angeles area has it in the building, but I don’t think it’s on the shelf yet (supposed to go out this morning or tomorrow). The catch: They’ll only sell it to grand reserve rewards members…….anyone got a membership # I can borrow?

    There’s 2 more here that will get some in the next week or so, along with a little bit of the BTAC stuff….once again, offered to grand reserve members first.

    waiting for it in Texas. I managed to grab a bottle of the 10 a few years back. Got lucky because the whole warehouse theft made my shop’s shipment a month late. Walked in randomly one day and asked if they had any Pappy. They only had 2 bottles so I snagged one. Drank it for my friend’s wedding.

    Nothing yet. Called a few stores around midtown that I know got them last year and they all told me nothing yet (as of this morning)

    Mike, do you know if there are stores that offer them close to retail? Not asking you to tell me specific places. Just wondering if I should bother even looking in Manhattan.

    Not a single place I’ve ever encountered in Manhattan has had Pappy/BTAC at even a reasonable markup. I don’t even bother anymore. One place sold me an ORVW 10 for 90 a few years back, and when I returned the next year, it was on shelf for $499.

    5 years ago, I had 10 stores selling at or near MSRP.
    4 years ago, 8
    3 years ago, 4
    2 years ago, 3
    last year, 2
    this year, officially extinct. I am out of honey holes. And so goes the end of my time spent searching for this stuff in Manhattan. 11 of us did a line up last night of 20yr from each of the last 6 years (including this year) – the only variety we could find for a vertical among our collections. The result — mixed as you might expect, but quality generally declining each year. This year’s was the closest to unanimous and was the least popular.

    Dave, mind if I ask what part of Manhattan? Those prices are still crazy though (the 300 for 15 is borderline). Places by me in Brooklyn are charging $2000 for Pappy 20, btw.

    St. Louis market, it’s more or less unavailable. Distributor is committing retailers to 10,000 of product per bottle. Retailers are holding the bottles to reward biggest purchasers. So don’t waste your time looking. This pertains to the Missouri side, can’t speak for the Illinois side. I personally won’t be paying for a pore, I would rather take that dinero and put it towards a good bottle. While I’m sure Pappy tastes great, the availability of other great tasting bourbons has to call into question “is the dollar to value received worth the price of Pappy?”.

    Just got the email, I won a bottle from the PLCB in PA!!! I got the 23 yr old. might have to get rid of it due to xmas finances…. will see tho. lol

    Pa marked off as got it, but now were out of it, my state lottery them all off in an effort to be fair.

    Total Wine stores in CT have just sent out there email to Grand Reserve Members. If you got the email you can come in and buy 1 of the 15,20, or 23 as well as 1 of the 10,12, or Rye. First come first served. Subject to availability so if they are out of all the 15,20,23’s you can purchase two of the 10,12,rye. Prices range from $70(10yr) to $470(23yr)

    I am thinking of boycotting Total Wine. To level-set, you need to buy at least $2,500 of booze in a given “counting period” to be eligible to get the Pappy email. But there is no guarantee that TW will (a) get Pappy or (b) have a sufficient amount or (c) that they will have anything other than 10 year old left by the time you get to the front of the line. I can spend far, far less than even $2,000 at a number of other stores for the same odds of landing a bottle. In fact, I spent around $2k at TW this year. This is actually more than I would spend on booze in a given year, but was trying to get to Grand Reserve level, and make the right contacts in the store (moved here last year and wanted to get to know the folks at TW who can help). So, for $2k, I got no email, no shot at even Pappy 10, nothing. I probably spent between $500 and $750 in two local stores in the same timeframe. Both called me to let me know they had something for me. One had the WLW ($180) and a Pappy 15 ($199). The other had a Pappy 10 ($89). So, to summarize, spent $2k at TW and my patronage meant nothing, zero. Spent around 35% of that amount at another store and my patronage resulted in the Pappy I best enjoy and my fave bourbon (WLW). Spent 25% of what I spent at TW at the other smaller store and my patronage resulted in a Pappy 10. So where is my patronage more appreciated and more worthwhile? Clearly, not at TW. Thoughts?

    Same for Total Wine in Orange County, CA. Got the email at 10:25. Was in line by 11:45 & they were already out of Rye, 20, & 23. Was able to get 15 ($129.97) and a 12 ($94.97). Lot of people behind me in line. Definitely seemed like a smaller allocation this year. Was at the store in Tustin.

    I didn’t get to Total Wine until an hour and a half after the e-mail came out. I was able to get the last 2 RVW 10-year olds. They didn’t get any rye. Kinda wish they would do this differently. Maybe send an e-mail stating they are going to release the bottles on a certain date.

    Total Wine email in Greenville SC went out around 1:00. I was already on the way there, and happened to be there 8 minutes after I got the email. They were already out of the 23, so I got a 20 for $230 and a 12 for $95.

    **E-mail from the PLCB**

    Thank you for participating in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s December 2016 Pappy Van Winkle Limited-Release Lottery. Over the six-day lottery entry period, the PLCB received more than 78,000 eligible entries for Van Winkle Whiskeys.

    The first drawing for Pappy Van Winkle was completed, and orders are being processed and shipped to nearly 1,500 winners who were notified by email of their win. Once all of the remaining inventory is confirmed, a second drawing will be conducted after the first of the year to award the remaining bottles.

    Please visit http://www.finewineandgoodspirits.com again soon to view our wide selection of wine and spirits products, and best of luck in future lotteries.

    Last chance in CT was an e-mail list to frequent customers. I responded in 24 minutes and gave 3 choices: VW12 > ORVW10 > OW12. Prices were ~4X MSRP. No luck. I’m going back to scotch and tequila.

    I can’t make the comparison because I have not tried the three bourbons I requested. The Van Winkles were intended as a Christmas present for my brother. I wanted to be elected “Brother of the Year” and VW12 was the platform I was running on. The Weller 12 was for me because I have not tried it and while the reviews are not uniformly positive, it seems like an affordable option that I would like to try. I completely agree that Elmer T Lee is great bourbon. If ETL was commonly available for $30-40/bottle, I would not look further. Good thing that I bought a bottle in October for $35 because the store where I bought it has it on the shelf now for $70. Another CT store has it listed for $60. I don’t anticipate its prices to remain reasonable. I will need to ration what I have remaining until the next release in the spring and hope I can get luckier than I was for the VW. Unfortunately, I haven’t found other options below $50 that excite me. Many thanks to the folks who posted in this blog. The information was very helpful.

    Idaho has completed their lottery and sent me the “Unfortunately, you were not one of the pappy lottery winners.” email on the 15th. They still have not done the Antique Collection lottery.

    This is a re-post (meant to post as a “fresh” post, but it ended up as a reply to another post:

    I am thinking of boycotting Total Wine. To level-set, you need to buy at least $2,500 of booze in a given “counting period” to be eligible to get the Pappy email. But there is no guarantee that TW will (a) get Pappy or (b) have a sufficient amount or (c) that they will have anything other than 10 year old left by the time you get to the front of the line. I can spend far, far less than even $2,000 at a number of other stores for the same odds of landing a bottle. In fact, I spent around $2k at TW this year. This is actually more than I would spend on booze in a given year, but was trying to get to Grand Reserve level, and make the right contacts in the store (moved here last year and wanted to get to know the folks at TW who can help). So, for $2k, I got no email, no shot at even Pappy 10, nothing. I probably spent between $500 and $750 in two local stores in the same timeframe. Both called me to let me know they had something for me. One had the WLW ($180) and a Pappy 15 ($199). The other had a Pappy 10 ($89). So, to summarize, spent $2k at TW and my patronage meant nothing, zero. Spent around 35% of that amount at another store and my patronage resulted in the Pappy I best enjoy and my fave bourbon (WLW). Spent 25% of what I spent at TW at the other smaller store and my patronage resulted in a Pappy 10. So where is my patronage more appreciated and more worthwhile? Clearly, not at TW. Thoughts?

    Gran Reserve worked for me. I was able to get a WLW at retail ($89) and 2 ORVW 10-year old bottles ($65 each). The only thing I am disappointed about is how they did the Pappy release. The e-mail came out in the late morning when most people are at work. Who can actually get away that easily? Then to have to drive like a bat out of hell to get there? No thanks. I got there an hour and a half after the e-mail and got the last two bottles. I hope going forward that they send an e-mail to reserve a spot on a certain release date. Then, it is up to you to decide how early you want to stand in line.

    Unfortunately, I live in a special release desert where TW is pretty much the only game in town. I know AJ’s had a release of both Pappy and BTAC but I don’t frequent that place due to the attitude of the staff there. Unless you are a doctor or attorney and spend $$$$$$ there, you won’t get so much as a look.

    I will never shop in AJ’s again. I make a nice little paycheck, but their prices are ridiculous. I could buy whiskey at other shops and then buy a bottle of PVW 12 for $700 and still save money.
    I was also told that the alcohol manager handed the whiskies out to customers she deemed worthy. So for all we know, as consumers, her relatives and friends received the special releases. It’s not worth the money and time to shop there.

    I stopped shopping at TW a while ago. I rather give my money to local businesses. They know my name, know what I like, and know I won’t resell the whiskey like a scumbag.

    I stopped by TW today on a whim. Was looking for Rebel Yell 10-yo. Asked at the front desk if they had anything allocated. Guy pulled out a Stagg Jr. Wasn’t really looking for that. He asked if I was a Grand Reserve member which I said “yes.” He said, “Have I got a deal for you.” He pulled out a T.H. Handy. He said there was a number of Grand Reserve members that didn’t show up to claim their BTAC bottle. After the 20th it was fair game.

    Utah just got it and the state wine store that I was at sold out immediately. I got in line just in time to get a 10 year old bottle.

    Had an interesting e-mail discussion with Bevmo today. It started out with me asking if they had any type of rewards program other than the 5% off coupon one may occasionally receive. I remember some time ago, receiving an e-mail from their marketing group about a new rewards program they were “working on.” The rep. I e-mailed today said there is no rewards program and none planned. I then got on the topic of allocated bottles such as Pappy. Rep. told me that there is nothing you need to do to get a chance to get a bottle, other than having a Bevmo account and that you accept their e-mails. I told the rep. that this was interesting as I never receive any e-mails about the chance to buy Pappy. I told them that there must be some monetary value one must spend at Bevmo each year to get a chance to obtain a bottle. Rep. said no, but there is no guarantee you will receive said notice to obtain a bottle. Again, I said that there must be some metric Bevmo uses to decide who gets the notice. Rep. finally says invites are hand selected by marketing and they do not advise others on what criteria they use to select who will get the notice. Whatever. Say what you want about Total Wine…at least their rewards program is spelled out pretty well. I guess this is the reason I rarely buy anything at Bevmo.

    I have a bottle of 2016 William Laure Weller for trade. Looking for:

    13yr Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye
    Eagle Rare 17

    Either one of these bottles helps me complete my buffalo trace collection.
    Contact me via email ronserpaio#yahoo.com if interested!

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