2017 Pappy Van Winkle Release Map

Please Read: Each state is highlighted when one bottle is reported in that state. There’s a good chance that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace. This is a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Happy Hunting!

A few reminders to the Pappy Van Winkle Release Map.

  • I don’t have any Pappy Van Winkle for sale. Bourbonr is just a blog. I can’t answer “where can I buy Pappy Van Winkle”
  • I don’t know where you can buy it. I didn’t find any myself last year so I’m hunting just like everyone else.
  • The Pappy Van Winkle release map will launch next week. That’s the best I can do to help you find a bottle.
  • My thoughts on Fake Pappy. My thoughts on retail pricing
  • There’s no secret sauce! Everyone has been shut out on Pappy. Everyone has walked into a store with insane prices. And, everyone wishes it was available all year at retail prices. But, if that were true it wouldn’t be Pappy. I don’t make a Makers Mark Cask Strength release map for a reason.
  • P.s. don’t you love this time of year!

Love it or hate it, bourbon season is here. It’s time for the 5th annual Pappy Van Winkle Release Map! If you’re unfamiliar with the map, here’s how it works. I highlight each state when the antique collection is released in that state. Remember, distribution can be tricky. Because it was released in part of the state doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The release map is another tool to help in your Pappy hunt.

For more info and to find other bourbon hunters join the Bourbonr Facebook group. I’ve also added the city which was reported if you hover over each state. If you’re  new and still trying to get your feet wet check out my post “How to Hunt Bourbon” This is a community-driven map. If you find a bottle please shoot me an email at Blake @ Bourbonr.com. Make sure to include your state as well as a picture of the bottle. I welcome any tips about state releases as well (Especially Florida 🙂 )!

Here are some things I understand about the map. Not everyone likes it or finds it helpful. It’s not perfect. Flippers may use the map. It may not find a bottle of Pappy for you. I get it. This is another tool to help you with your bourbon hunt. Bourbon hunting is more difficult than it four years ago. I still believe the release maps provide useful information. And, I enjoy the community that they help build. Because of that, I continue to, dedicate time to them every fall. With that said, Happy Hunting!

11/1 – Pappy Van Winkle is confirmed in North Carolina and Kentucky as the first two states of 2017. Washington D.C. has also report Pappy today

11/2 – Pappy in Wisconsin and Nevada

11/3 – Pappy arrives in Maryland

11/7 – Pappy Van Winkle arrived in Iowa

11/9 – South Carolina, Utah and Georgia receive Pappy Van Winkle today

11/13 – Hope you had your camping gear ready. Pappy Van Winkle released in Alabama this morning. Pappy makes its way to (Middle) Tennessee

11/14 – Pappy Van Winkle ships to Massachusetts. Pappy Van Winkle lands in Illinois (Chicago and other parts of the state)

11/16 –  Rhode Island and Indiana receive Pappy Van Winkle

2017 Pappy Map


    Total Wine online sales of Pappy are through its Concierge Sales. After a national attempt that crashed the system, they are now doing it on a state by state basis with a predetermined amount allocated to each state.
    Sales in Florida took place on October 27th beginning at 9:00 AM and sold out quickly. Limit was one bottle per person.

    I heard from a friend of mine that some little bird was told from some little mouse that over heard some hamsters talking to some gerbils that eavesdrop the head ferret that owns the local liquor store. The gerbils told the hamsters that he was telling the local rabbit that own the local farm that they are getting a very special shipment of some special juice in, in about 132 hours 2713 minutes and 8751 seconds. The gerbils confronted the local rabbit that owns the local farm that was talking to the ferret that owns the local liquor store about the special juice and the local rabbit said he didn’t know what he was talking about. I don’t know where I was going with this but what ever I just typed will tell you when Georgia will get it.

    I saw a bottle of Old Rip 10yr today in San Mateo, CA but I have to ask to see it out of the case to confirm it is a 2017 bottle…

    FYI there is plenty to drink in Los Gatos bars if you are so inclined. I saw it at four bars down there a couple months back while visiting family.

    I’m answering my own reply, but I can confirm that I held in my hand today bottles of the Pappy 10, 12 and 15 at the Draeger’s grocery store in San Mateo. Prices are $550, $699 and $999 respectively and they have one of each.

    P.S. I ended up snagging 2 of their 3 bottles of Weller 12 instead….;>

    Any details on the DC release that people are willing to share? Where they’ve had success, price gouging, etc. Also, I’m assuming the Maryland TW release announcement isn’t taking into account MoCo, correct?

    DC is seriously the worst. Liquor store managers see this shit as their holiday bonus.

    Even Schneider’s on Capitol Hill, an otherwise great store (love their 4R private selections), charges secondary prices for highly allocated bottles. Last time I was there, their whiskey person conspiratorially offered me a couple bottles “from the back.” A WP Boss Hog for 500 or a Michters 10 SB for 300. If I recall correctly, my response was “HELL NO!“

    Hunting in this environment isn’t worth the money or effort. Even if you find something, you may well be priced out of it. When I was hunting last year in DC (before I became the jaded and disillusioned dude before you now), I found a bottle of OFBB! I was excited until I saw they were charging 350 for it. Hard Pass.

    As an aside, MontGo has bottles of Boss Hog on sale for 230, or so says their website. A good bargain. I plan on picking up a bottle if the lotteries don’t go my way.

    SD is the worst. Only a couple distributors and they hoard it to sell in their hunting lodges. If you have weathly out of state pheasant hunters and access to Pappy’s you have same wealthy hunters come back the next year. I tracked down release 2 years ago to Corbon’s Grocery, worked with back room stocker to know when was coming, had bead on a bottle only to find out the owner was part owner with a lodge. I don’t even hunt for it anymore. Crap.

    Oh. Yeah. That’s pretty bad, having good ol’ boys groups hog the allocation for SD. At least in DC I guess it’s “available” if you’re willing to fork over enough cash to cover the shop owner’s mortgage payment for November.
    Though, too, one can also pay some exorbitant prices to have a dram at a few select whiskey bars in the District.

    All, spotted 12 yr. Van Winkle in Cleveland Park just now (Calvert Woodley Fine Wines & Spirits). One bottle – $399.00 – casually sitting on the shelf waiting to be claimed. I couldn’t pull the trigger, but wanted to let you know in case anyone had the desire to fork it over.

    Happy hunting…

    NJ retail for Boss Hog is well over $350 and it is extremely allocated. $500 is not an insane price but any standard especially when you are required to sell and floor stack every other WP that they produce at all times to even get on the list. Standard liquor markup was always about 30% and this is not much more than that.

    It seems the owners at WP realize it is worth that much and charge more to retailers where VW keeps prices low and provides a real bonus to retailers to either make some serious cake or to make some of their best customers very, very happy.

    Every state is different but this is an NJ perspective.

    Two things. How is the boss hog? I’ve wanted to buy it but never had the opertunity to taste. I love all there other stuff. Also I can get it for 350 all day so if ya ever want some let me know. Sure it can be worked out.

    Yes, Total Wine is distributing their allocation to members of their loyalty club. Get an email, go to a special page, enter your code and you can have one bottle until all supplies are claimed. California and Arizona were up today, I didn’t get a Pappy but got the Special Reserve 12 Year instead.

    Yeah, but their system stinks. I had a bottle of 23yr in my cart, had the credit card info all filled out and was literally pressing “Confirm” and by the time I did that, their system came back and said no inventory available. It was like they allowed people to steal the bottle from your cart depending on who checked out faster. BS.

    Exact same here. had 23, then 15, then 20 “sold out” each time I clicked the confirm button. ended up with a WLW. I wont spend $1 much less the, $4k I did this year, at total wine ever again(outside of nex years Pappy farse, as the GR membership carries over).

    Total Wine in AZ held an online purchase for Pappy and BTAC today. Limit 1 for grand reserve members. Expected for pick up in 6-8 weeks.

    Hope not as many of you got totally shafted by the TW (non) release fiasco we had in Florida. Worst conceivable administration of such a program. Time to build other store relationships that might be half fair.

    Gouging isn’t limited to Pappy & 12 yr. Weller. I bought a bottle of EJ Taylor SB yesterday here in Bloomfield Hill, MI from an “uninformed” store clerk for $57.95 (retail). Later, when I heard there might be more and returned, the clerk was gone and I had to pay THE OWNER $105.00 for his “last bottle”!!
    I asked about expected delivery of any Pappy. “Expect to get a couple of bottles”. I asked: “How much?”
    He said :”About $2,000.00″ !!!
    Any locals that want more identification privately, feel free to ask.

    @Cameron, Just out of curiosity, where was that in DC? I’m not going to buy at a 10x markup (would rather buy a VR setup at those prices), but I’d like to avoid whichever store was doing that kind of markup.

    TheBourbonWard – PVW20 capsules (the foil on the top of the bottle) are red, the 15 is dark gray/black.

    Watch out everyone for potential counterfeits, particularly from stores selling at secondary prices – they may have acquired their bottles on the secondary as well, if they’re selling them for that much.

    Incorrect. All 2017 Pappy 15yr have the red foil topper, as opposed to the previous black foil topper. This is widely confirmed.

    I can get Pappy @ less than MSRP but don’t bother anymore. Like I’ve posted here somewhere, it’s good stuff but not what it use to be. What made Pappy great was it was ONCE old Stitzel Weller juice. That was like 4yrs ago and them days is long gone. Now its just ordinary age stated mass production label. Good stuff sometimes yeah but, inconsistent and not worth all the bs. My go to of the bunch WAS the 10yrORVW stumpy. Always was red colour juice and creamy sweet smooth black cherry vanilla cola float vibe. Now it,s brown, bland, sour and harsh @ double the price. I don’t even bother with this stuff no more. I got my rural honey hole here in the heart of the bluegrass where I get a bottle of 18-20+ yr juice any day I want while hangin’ with a small group of some cool people who are way far removed from all this tourismo magical mystery tour circus. FWIW, instead of focusing on stress, waisted time, disappointments and loss of $s tryin’ to score on somtin’ that ain’t all that, just get together w/some of your people at home or bar and share some quality juice and enjoy the experience. That’s what it IS all about IMHO..Later

    Don’t you love the people who claim they do not care about the Pappy or other fine bourbons yet they took the time to seek out this specific blog about finding it and obtaining it and reading all the information and commentary? If you you don’t care or want it, why are you here? Just to rain on others parade? You care…

    Seems a little odd, right? The act of telling someone how much you don’t care and how dumb they are for caring usually means you care

    So Delaware Total Wine had their on-line sale 11/2. I was lucky to gat PVW15. They sold out everything in less than 15 minutes @ slightly above retail @$130.00

    I found 1 2017 pappy 20 year today in West Virginia. The store was doing a raffle for it at $10 a ticket and already had over 344 entries!

    That may or may not be legal. Here in California There’s some weird law that says you cannot sell more value in tickets than the fair market value of the item you are raffling. you should research it for your area and call them on it(unless they’re giving the overage to charity).

    Anybody know when this is supposed to hit Illinois? We haven’t even received BTAC yet and we seem to be way behind compared to last year.

    I was in a liquor store in north east Illinois this week, and the clerk said the new Van Winkle would not be available until after Thanksgiving. They still have a bottle of last year’s 12 year old they are trying to sell in package with other whiskeys for over $600.

    Maryland got BTAC and Pappy in the first few counties. Seems like not state wide, as me and a few other MD Bourbonr are noticing. Scored an Old Rip Van Winkle bottle today. Still no word on MoCo! Drinking a William Larue Weller pour as I type this!

    Thanks for the update on Moco. Moco got another case of parker 11, just picked up my bottle from silver spring. with my primary objective out of the way, time for the stretch goals. what’s the status on PG County?

    I wasn’t ever in PG yesterday and none of my fellow Bourbonrs were either, so we don’t know. My one buddy, who was out of town got a call from a store he was on the list for. He thought he was totally going to miss out being out of town. He did though run into Brent Elliott while in Kentucky, so that’s cool.

    Damn, yeah-huh… Shaq(Diesel)!! It’s great to see such a big playa’ gettin’ the red carpet all down up in Buffalo Trace promotin’ the Pappy. Meanwhile, the real customers who actually pay the bills get the shaft up the yin yang for their loyalty. I bet he’ll (Shaq and blogging advocates) be pushing some obscure charitable foundation too no doubt. What a load of crap…Lol!

    live in Chicago buffalo trace sent me locations to get pappy its bull its bourbon probably not much better than woodford double oak

    Is there any possibility of a new to whiskey guy scoring a bottle in Delaware. I am by no means a top tear member of total wine, I didnt know if anyone on here had any luck with some of the smaller liqour stores around here? Thanks to one and all!

    I am an Illinois resident, and conduct my bourbon hunts in Cook county and in the surrounding counties. The PVW line hasn’t hit yet. But I know of several stores conducting their raffles before Thanksgiving. Which may seem strange considering some are hearing that PVW wont be released until after Thanksgiving. I also heard another, very interesting piece of information. Take it for what you want, but a reliable store owner told me that his distributor mentioned that The Antique Collection would NOT be distributed to any Cook county liquor stores. Considering that Cook is Chicago’s county, I find the intel I was provided to be very odd.

    Any help trying to get ahold of a bottle of 23 year Pappy for my military retirement ceremony after 27 years on active duty.

    Any suggestions on where to look in North ga? I have asked around to a couple places and they expect it soon but no confirmations yet.

    Pappy hit Utah today along with BTAC, I turned down Old Rip 10yr and chose Stagg instead as they limited 1 purchase per customer of either Pappy/BTAC.


    Not sure where you saw this, but I highly doubt it’s here yet. The DABC controls everything and lists everything coming and going. Not on their website, so I have to respectfully call BS. So, unless you work for the DABC in Utah, I’ll need solid evidence.

    You can’t even look up the btac bottles on DABC now, and pappy was removed from the search…

    Hoping it did not hit the stores yet…

    Ken is 100% correct. DABC released both Pappy and DABC early this year. Bottles were showing on the website between 8:00AM and 3:00PM. Everything was gone by about 2:00PM.

    I owe Ken an apology. Sorry Ken. You were correct. I am emailing the DABC, local news, and the CEO of Buffalo Trace to find out why there was not even a mentino of the order on the state run liquor website. This Utah system is corrupt, and there are clearly people making money off of reselling these bottles, or charging horrendous amounts for cocktails. This is horrible.

    Pappy and BTAC were released in Utah on November 9th. Pappy showed up on the DABC site on Tuesday, BTAC on Wednesday, both released on Thursday. Bottles allocated for clubs showed in the case counts, but not the bottle counts (2 cases of 23, 3 bottles released to stores). Distributed to Harris Ave, Sandy, Kimball Jct, Ogden Patterson, Pleasant Grove, and St George.

    I’ve checked with all my contacts and nothing so far. It was this week last year for sure. Specifically the 18th in North Jersey.

    Pappy arrived in southern Illinois today and the allocations were significantly lower than last year,I would almost say about half as many from what I am hearing.i wonder if this trend is across the board or just an anomaly. I would also like to say this map is extremely helpful and a time saver for me as I really don’t have time to visit the liquor store everyday to see if it arrived,hopefully it will be back next year.

    Check this out. Pappy has been delivered in Cook county Illinois. A driver from the company that delivers Pappy told me a group of guys followed his truck all day as they were running their route. One of the guys would get out and try to buy as much Pappy as the store would sell him. How do people who work even have a chance with this nonsense going on. This group sounds like flippers not bourbon lovers. I have not scored a bottle in 3 years. Many stores will only sell it to their best customers so it is hard to score any bottle on Van Winkle bourbon, but I keep trying.😆

    Bruce, please forgive me if my comments are direct and crass. I have actually tried the model you described i.e. following a delivery truck. It’s not possible – the truck delivers and it takes another hour for the store to un-pack the shipment and display it, and by that time, the truck is on to the next destination. Therefore, unless the followers had several cars packed with a ton of people, your story does not hold up. People don’t follow delivery trucks trying to buy bottles at every stop. They find one stop that will allow them to buy unlimited if possible or more than one bottle and purchase. I bought earlier this week through a raffle and have an in with another store that receives a delivery tomorrow, and am not going to follow the delivery truck as the first store will take 1-2 hours to unpack shipments. Please focus on facts and do not spread rumors on this thread.

    Horizon is not the only distributor of these items. Atlantic is as well. Some stores did get it and released or have announced raffles and some are waiting for Horizon. The store in Rhode Island was Sandy’s in Middletown.

    rumors are swirling that MN got some in stores at Total Wine, but they do a lottery for it. I have heard from a few friends in the business to expect this week or next week.

    Pappy has made it to the Northwest suburbs of Chicago! I have a 20 yr waiting for me and also a Stagg! Oops…that’s news for a different blog!

    Funny Leonard, same post as on BTAC Release Tracker, just switched which bottle you say is for another blog. I wouldn’t count those bottles yet, waiting for you and having are two different things.

    Let me reiterate – those bottles are Guaranteed! I just have to pick them up. I was given my choice of any BTAC and any Pappy or Van Winkle bottles. Stagg and 20yr are the ones I chose.

    Pappy hit San Diego – Retail store asking $1,500 for 15 year old and $900 for 12 year. This is just getting stupid. I guess the .01 percent will be having fun.

    Held a bottle of Pappy 12 in my hand today Gridiron in North Attleboro MA. They’re asking what appears to be a random price…I was offered it for $550, guy who came in a few minutes later saw me taking a pic with it and was told $650. Seemed steep to me for a 12YO so it’s still there as of an hour ago…I’m on the hunt for a WLW.

    Might be worth dropping in to any store I see a Horizon truck parked at :^)

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