Booker’s 25th Anniversary Release Announced

Booker’s 25th Anniversary

Booker’s 25th Limited Edition is set to be released in March 2014

Booker Bourbon 25th Anniversary now available at the Beam Distillery and select KY stores

This special edition is going to be a 9 – 11 year old barrel proof bourbon. I can’t wait to try this unfiltered uncut release! We should start seeing this limited edition Booker’s bourbon around March of 2014. This bottle will cost you about $100 but I’m sure it will be worth every penny


    How do I order a bottle of the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition? My husband loves “Bookers” and this would be a very special gift to him from me.

    What state are you in? If KY I’d go to the Beam Distillery. I know The Party Source near Cincinnati also had quite a few bottles. I’ve also seen several bottles floating around on the secondary for 175ish

    I ran across a bottle here in Indiana. $109 the clerk didn’t realize it had come in the night before and looked surprised when it rang up that way.

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