Bourbonr’s Buffalo Trace Barrel Purchase

Barrel Purchase from Buffalo Trace

If you’re not familiar with barrel purchases here’s how it works. Buffalo Trace offers barrel purchases from 3 of their brands (Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare and Blanton’s). Once we’ve selected the brand BT will send several samples of barrels to choose from. After the barrel is selected they bottle the contents and the 3 tier liquor process (Distiller>Distributor>Retailer>Consumer) begins. I’ve connected with a store here in Florida that is willing to receive and distribute the bottles to you. Each bottle will have a sticker on it that says “Selected for Bourbonr”.

Updated for FAQ’s:

How will shipping work?

– Shipments will be fulfilled by the retailer through either FedEx or UPS. Typically shipping runs between $10-$15 just depending on where the package is going.

Here is a list a states that can be shipped to (Ultimately it’s the retailers call):

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

– Can I pick up locally if I live close to the store?

Absolutely! And if you’re close enough to the store to pick up we should grab a drink sometime

– Will the bottles be barrel proof?

No, the pick will be proofed down to the normal ABV of that brand.

– Who will do the selecting?

I will be doing the selection. The stores only involvement is they can legally take payment and distribute to you.

– When and how do I pay?

Still working out the how but you will pay once the bottles have been selected and we know how many are available etc. Most likely you will be able to purchase online like any other bottle.

– What are the ages on the bourbons?

This will vary because we will have a few different barrels to choose from but BT will be 8ish, ER 10+ and Blanton’s 6ish


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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    same depending on the timing and what is selected. can you please ping all email subscribers when ready for purchase so we can decide

    Site is probably getting hammered by requests for this. This is such a cool opportunity. Hopy my request goes through. Question: Will this bottles ship out of the state of FL? Im assuming so.

    Bourbonr Private Barrel = the new Pappy/BTAC chase complete with error messages and site overload (kidding of course). Love the idea and looking forward to getting a pair of these.

    Always open to a good barrel select. . . . . .Would consider any of the choices, eagle rare would be my first. . . .just sayin. . . .sip enjoy repeat

    my only question about the diffrent offerings.
    Since this is all going to be a single barrel.
    the price difference is purely the packaging?
    or will they send different samples depending on which bottling you chose?

    I’ve had 2 ER store selections before…and prefer Elmer T to Blantons. And never had barrel select BT, so that’s my vote.
    Question: since I’m in GA not FL, how would I be able to get bottles ordered? If I have to drive to FL, guess I’m out.

    I’d like to try a barrel select BT. have had store select ER and prefer Elmer T to Blantons. I’m in GA, would I have to drive to FL to get bottles?

    I recently traveled to the Buffalo Trace distillery. We went as a barrel picking team for Market Square Liquors in Tallahassee. We tasted 30 barrels of Buffalo Trace that the distillery had pulled for us. We ranked all 30 and purchased the top 18. The top 15 were all very close (within 1/10th of a point or so and the last 3 were just a shade more. We also tasted and chose several barrels of Eagle Rare and tasted and chose a few barrels of Blanton’s. The barrels were bottled and shipped to Market Square Liquors. These are hand picked, single barrel selections that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The opportunity to participate and purchase such similar selections through Bourbonr is awesome. Although any of the selections should be awesome, the opportunity to select a single barrel Blantons seems to be too good to pass up. Whichever the selection, please let me know if you need any help with the tasting and selection. “Will travel for Bourbon.”

    Sweet deal! Looking forward to the outcome. I selected Eagle Rare 2 bottles if possible, but I’d do one if it got tight. Frankly, any of these are good choices when doing a private barrel.

    I got a shipping estimate for some bourbon one time, it was two 750ml bottles for $18. (To Michigan from somewhere in the east.)

    Voted for ER – but will take one or two of any of the labels. Living in Texas, I have to have it shipped to a Florida relative – then re-shipped. Seems a small nuisance for an opportunity like this. Thanks!

    Very exciting! I’m up for two bottles of whatever gets selected. I’m originally from Frankfort and all of my relatives worked in the various distilleries, although back then Buffalo Trace was actually named Stagg Distillery. I still miss the smell of cooking mash that hung over the town.

    Much like everyone above, I picked in (ER), but would be up for any if the 3 options.
    Would it be a problem to get it sent to NC?

    I put in for 2 Eagle Rare’s. ER is the closest thing I have to an everyday bourbon and I would love to try a barrel selection of it.

    “I’ve connected with a store here in Florida that is willing to receive and distribute the bottles to you”

    Does this mean this store will ship out of state. Say Ohio?
    (I am up for eagle rare or blantons)

    I would be in for any of them, but the Blanton’s sounds amazing. The only problem, I live in Oregon. Would we have to find our own way to get these shipped, or is the store willing to deal with shipping?


    Voted for 2 Blanton’s (but 2 of any would be great) and I live in Texas so my participation will be determined on whether they can be shipped to Texas. Love the idea and hope shipping is available. Thanks!

    Sorry to break the news to you, but the Texas distribution system won’t allow an out of state liquor store to ship directly to you. My work-around is to have them ship to a Florida relative who then can ship to me. Good luck.

    Awesome – put me down for 2 bottles of Blanton’s. However I do not live in FL and would need the bottles shipped to SC. Is this going to be a possibility? Thanks.

    Blake, can you please check to see if my intent to purchase went through? I am up for 2 of whatever but chose Blanton’s.

    Any chance the bourbonr private barrel will become an annual thing? I’m psyched about this. (by the way, would love to up my 2 bottle request to a 3rd if possible but definitely don’t want to take the opportunity away from any additional interested folks if we’re nearing the max). Thanks again.

    Blake, this is a great idea, I would like 4 bottles of Blanton’s, and since I live in Georgia I probably will take the road trip to Jacksonville

    If Eagle Rare is chosen over Blanton’s I still will go for 4 bottles, BT is the bomb when it comes to Bourbon in my opinion.

    personally i think 2 bottles should be limit so this wonderful opportunity will be available to more people. Even at 2 bottles. most people will not be able to get a bottle

    Such a great offer, Blake! I know I’m really late to the party here and most likely missed the boat, but can you please let me know if I made the cut? Thanks again!!

    Yeah this is awesome and I hope I got in this time but I’ll be looking forward to other barrel selections, thanks Blake!

    You want to hear something even more strange? There used to be distilleries in dry counties. I visited Woodford Reserve maybe 8-9 years ago, and we could not even taste anything on site. Didn’t know that before I went believe it or not…who would think? Now many more counties are turning wet (including Versailles where Woodford is) But yes, some more “rural” counties/cities are dry. I never understood the alcohol shipping laws of KY being that it is the bourbon capital of the world. But that fact alone could have something to do with it. Pappy release here on Nov 4, election day. KY just changed its laws earlier this year to allow alcohol sales on election day. Before, you had to wait till 6pm.


    I voted for ER, but would take any of the three. Great idea and tremendous blog. When do you anticipate that the brand selection will be final? How about the barrel selection? Thx.

    Blake, I just placed an order for 2 Blanton’s. Can you please let me know if I made the cut. This is just great!
    Thank you so much.

    I voted for BT back on the 5th, but would be glad to get 2 bottles of whatever the final vote determines. I TRUST Blake to get a great barrel of whatever is picked!

    Have you checked with Four Roses about their program too?? You can get barrel proof there and have many more choices to find the perfect bourbon. BT seems to limit what you can get. BT used to allow barrel program of Elmer T Lee too. I also don’t understand why BT doesn’t allow you to choose a brand that you want and then get that in barrel proof. If you are buying the barrel and the bottling, you should be able to do what you want with it. Barrel proof would also be less work! (I just want to be able to have access to Blantons SFTB)

    Voted for two Blanton’s. I’ve never seen a store pick Blanton’s, so I think that would be extremely cool. ER I’ve seen once and I feel like there are BT store picks everywhere.

    If you miss out on the BT barrel release, don’t sweat. It is not that “unique”. You are not getting anything different than you would in a store. Now if they allowed you to do Blantons Straight from the Barrel, that would be awesome! Four roses has a really nice program. You can get cask strength and choose your own recipe!!

    I kind of disagree with you. I have three different BT store picks and while they’re not all winners, one of them (for Calvert Woodley in DC) is a really excellent bottle. It easily hangs with a lot of $50-60 bottles. I guess that it’s all about what they send you and what you end up picking.

    You do have a point. You are hoping that the store manager will pick the best barrel and that is perhaps better than just usual “Blantons” for instance. But who is to say what he thinks tastes best agrees with your palette ? But the bourbon will always vary a little barrel to barrel so who is to say what you get from a barrel program will be better than a bottle you pick up at a random store? If I had the chance to go to BT and buy a barrel, then that would be a cool ( to taste many different barrels and find that exact one that fits my tastebuds). Granted the differences won’t be huge. Before the bourbon boom they used to do much cooler store barrel programs, particularly with Elmer T Lee. (and even Pappy Van Winkle!)

    When my friends and I visited BT last spring, we were jokingly asking them what it would cost to get a barrel of “Jesse T Stagg”. They did not give us an answer LOL!

    Did you like the BT tour? Setting up plans for a trip this spring. Trying to determine where to go to get most benefit.

    If you come to bourbon country in the spring, try to come during horse racing season. Keeneland in Lexington has a spring and fall meet. One of the most beautiful racetracks in the world.

    We usually go to the Keeneland and Ambassador Day deals. I think it’s worth planning a trip around those if you can’t come up with a better reason. 🙂

    Can’t edit my reply. I meant to say the Maker’s 46 Mile at Keeneland on April 10 this year. The place is always a little more special on bourbon-promo day.

    Unfortunately my friend won’t do it that weekend. That is the Masters weekend. We were thinking about Thur, Fri, Sat of Easter weekend. Assuming Sunday is a waste day to be there.

    love me a good barrel program…especially 4R and Elmer T. I’ve never tried the barrel program for BT, so I’m game for 2 of either Eagle Rare (top choice) or Blanton’s. Many thanks!

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