Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

BTAC Tracker

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has been released in several states

1/7/14: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is released in Utah over the weekend

12/18/13: New York and Connecticut release the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

12/3/13: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has come and gone in Maine

11/21/13: New Jersey BTAC

11/20/13: Oregon & Massachusetts has  Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

11/19/13: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection showed up in Washington (Tacoma) today

11/12/13: South Dakota and Arizona received their allotment of Buffalo Trace Antique Collection today

11/7/13: BTAC in the Corn Husker state (aka Nebraska), Colorado & the Hoosier state (Indiana)

11/6/13: BTAC in Michigan

11/1/13: BTAC in Missouri (St. Louis to be specific) & North Dakota (Fargo)

10/30/13: Virginia is for BTAC lovers

10/28/13: Pennsylvania is available online and New Hampshire is reporting BTAC. Texas has BTAC (Houston & College Station)

10/25/13: Iowa…. now serving BTAC

10/24/14: BTAC in Minnesota

10/23/13: BTAC in Maryland, Illinois and Northern California!

10/21/13 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Spotted in Las Vegas NV and Southern IL. If your in those states keep yours eyes open.

10/20/13: Rhode Island is reporting BTAC

10/18/13: North Florida Total Wine go 3 bottles each of George T Stagg and Eagle Rare. They were gone by 12:30. Luckily I was there at 10!! https://twitter.com/Bourbonrcom/status/391242385952620544/photo/1

10/17/13: South Florida (Total Wine)/ Appears to have hit several stores across FL…..None of which gave me a heads up before hand

10/16 update: Tennesee(Nashville), South Carolina (Columbia) and Wisconsin (Madison) are reporting BTAC

(Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Delaware).

I will update the Map as I hear about new state releases.

Please email at Blake@Bourbonr.com if you know of a state where Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has been released but the Map isn’t updated for it yet.

Or, if Florida doesn’t see any BTAC soon and anyone wants to share please email me too 🙂

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Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

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    Just caught some in Westchester County. Handy is around (priced too high for my taste). Stagg came and went, it seems (though, the Jr seems to be available at some places). Managed to snag an ER 17 and WLW.

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