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Rumor: Kentucky and Georgia this weekRumor was True

12/20/13: Pappy Van Winkle land in Virginia

12/3/13: Pappy in New York , Califonia and Washington! Not sure if it’s hit the city yet. Pappy Van Winkle has come and gone in Maine and New Hampshire. Very limited supply – Pappy in Minnesota as well

That is probably the last big push of this Pappy Season. If you missed out we have a consolation prize for you

11/21/13: Pappy Van Winkle has reached Alabama

11/20/13: Massachusetts has released Old Rip Van Winkle

11/19/13: New Jersey and Vermont received Pappy Van Winkle today

11/18/13: Oregon

11/17/13: Connecticut & Rhode Island have Pappy Van Winkle

11/14 & 15/13: Pappy Van Winkle and Old Rip Van Winkle in Ohio and Georgia. Now Florida is reporting Pappy Van Winkle (Tampa & Orlando)

11/12/13: Pennsylvania and Texas has Pappy – No rumor, Kentucky (Lexington) has Pappy. Pappy Van Winkle in South Dakota and Arizona

11/7/13: Pappy Van Winkle in Kansas, Iowa & Colorado

11/6/13: Michigan, Louisiana & Nebraska are now sipping Pappy

11/5/13: Heard the rumor over the weekend but it is now official, Tennessee has Pappy (Knoxville); Pappy in South Carolina (Someone make sure Spurrier gets a bottle)

11/1/13: North Dakota (Fargo) has Pappy

10/31/13: Pappy continues its trip around the Midwest and is now in Indiana (not sure of the city)

10/30/13: Pappy in Illinois. Looks like the Midwest is is starting to get all the Pappy. Add Missouri to the list as well

10/29/13: Wisconsin is now serving Pappy. To clarify, this was Old Rip 10 yr so there is still hope for Pappy if you didn’t get any

10/25/13: Pappy in Maryland!

10/22/13 Update: While there has been some discussion on whether or not the KY Pappy was 2013 or 2012 release I received some pretty good tips that Pappy has hit NC and NV. Be on the lookout Bourbonrs in those areas!

10/12/13 Pappy is spotted in Louisville at Party Source. Apparently, people were camping out in line the night before. Pappy is the new iPhone!!! Except the iPhone never brought me this much joy

-The Pappy in Louisville was leftover 2012 Pappy. Still has not been released in KY

Old Rip Van Winkle did announce that they were not going to have a Spring 2013 release. That should mean more bottles for the Fall!

Please email if you know of a state where Pappy Van Winkle has been released but isn’t on the map

Or, if Florida doesn’t see any Pappy soon and anyone wants to share please email me too 🙂

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Pappy Van Winkle 2013 Release Map

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    not sure where the word on Pappy in NJ came from, but it may have been premature. I’ve been calling all over and went to several stores last night in Northern NJ. Nobody has seen anything. They have been assuming it was going to be 11/19, but that’s come and gone and they still have no bottles.

    Maybe some stores did get it and put it out, but the majority of the state is still dry.

    I just left the lottery, although i did not get any Pappy there were 5 bottles here in Tacoma, WA as well as all BTAC……maybe next year.

    Anyone know where the Pappy has been spotted in CA? Just called a few places in the bay and they still haven’t seen anything.

    My wife got it! Pappy 20 in Los Angeles!
    she won the lottery at the local BevMo. When she went to pick it up she said there was a crowd of people looking to see who won. Guess Christmas came early for me this year. This is gonna look great next to my George T Stagg!

    Pappy 15 and 10 are back in VA.. Have only been able to get 12 and 20 yr for the last few years. Lucked out and got 3 bottles of 15, 2 20s, 4 10s, and 12 12s. Ended up being a huge year in VA!

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