Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP) Release #8

ECBP Release Number 8

Heaven Hill continues to pump out new batches of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof on a quarterly or tri-annually basis. This release is the standard 12 years and weighs in at 139.8 proof. That makes it the second highest in the ECBP line up and misses “Hazmat” status by only 2/10 of a point.

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Elijah Craigh Barrel Proof ECBP release 8
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    I was referring to the FAA’s definition of “hazmat” which is 140 proof and not the ECBP “hazmat”. My wording was a little fonfusing

    Picked up two bottles at the HH Heritage Center gift shop today. They received an allocation of only 39 bottles. 74.99 per and seemed to be selling fast.

    Just picked up 2 bottles in Chicago from a boutique bottleshop $57.99 each seemed like they had at least another case in the back

    Just found three bottles last night in Woodstock, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Only one of my four regular stores had any, and it was priced high at $69.99, but worth the price to take a bottle (or two) home. Seems like the stores all around the Atlanta area are increasing their mark-ups, as this is the fourth straight “sought after” label I’ve found in the past few months on a shelf, though at a higher than expected price. Supply and demand, so I can’t really blame them for it too much. Just happy to find a bottle this round, as I never saw the 6th or 7th batch at all!

    Just stumbled across a bottle at my regular store here in NE Arkansas. This place never has any special releases, but I happened to go in to get some EC12 for a trip to the beach and noticed a bottle out of line and a bit darker color. Was surprised that I didn’t drop it I was so shocked! EC has become one of my favs, so this was like finding a lottery ticket for me!

    Found a couple bottles in Oregon, they didn’t last long tho…for $50 a bottle sounds like it would have been a nice purchase. Unfortunately I was not in luck to be a purchaser of this bottle, but I will be picking up the release #9!

    I was able to get a bottle in Yakima, WA. Manager of the store knew I’d buy it and requested one from her distributor. Sometimes it helps to be a regular patron and request limited runs (just my 2 cents).

    Just discovered this last Wednesday at Proof On Main in Louisville. Oh, wow. Even the 12-yr old is Special Liquor Order here in PA, so I am burning up the google machine trying to find some. Plenty available at silly prices. My next move will be to drive to KY and “import” some back home.

    I grabbed a release #8 (139.8) today in Charlotte, NC.
    They got 3 bottles and put it on their online inventory. The guy said he never got a chance to print off the UPC code to put it on the shelf… it was gone within an hour. Atleast it was list price – $49.99

    Funny you post this, as I was at the Uptown store today around 11:15 and snagged a bottle. Good thing my lunch hour was when it was. Let me know what you think, cheers mate.

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