Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release #7

ECBP Release #7 Ready to Go

Heaven Hill Distillery is set to release their 7th installment of the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. This release will be exactly 128 proof and 12 years old. No word on when it will hit store shelves but I’d expect it in the next couple of weeks.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof will begin to ship February 2nd!

Ezras has decided to raffle off their ECBP allotment. For every $20 you spend in their store you receive 1 ticket in to the raffle. Pretty cool idea!

ecbp 7

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    Enjoyed batch 6, but there were strong hints of ethanol or nail polish in the finish. My favorite is batch 3, a bit more sweeter and smoother.

    im kind of against the raffle…. what were going to end up raffling everything now?
    I feel like this will slowly deteriorate the relations between customer and store.
    and i mean…. im against buying out entire stock and flipping but im not against first come first serve.

    I’m not the biggest fan of raffles either but the demand is so high right now it’s a fair way to handle. Even if you limit 1 per bottle the shelves will be empty in a couple hours

    Sounds good, but I’m not even going to try to find a bottle. I’m fed up with chasing shadows, begging, and pleading to find just one bottle of every ‘limited’ release bourbon only to find that all of it ends up in the hands of either flippers or friends of shop owners.
    I shop at a mom and pop store where l spend thousands of dollars each year. When the good stuff is released the owner reserves the good stuff for his friends. Liquor Barn will at least tell when the shipment will show, but then the flippers have an entire army in place to grab every bottle. By the end of the nxt daty the local Craigslist bourbon fs listings are saturated with the bourbon marked up several thousand percent.I even know bar tenders who can’t get premium bourbon. The whole bourbon experience has turned into a greedy pursuit of profit and prestige while people like me who actually enjoy a sip are left out.
    Anyway, that’s the way It is here in Lexington for the past 14 months. I’ve given up trying to play the ridiculous game that bourbon has become. So far I’ve saved a lot of money, lost a little weight and lowered my blood pressure.

    I feel your pain. I live in Lex too. Employees do grab their share especially with the “under the radar” stuff like this , Weller 12, ETL, etc. Not as bad with pappy and BTAC. But there were many LB employees in the pappy and BTAC lines getting more bottles. I asked two employees about Weller 12 and they both looked at each other for a second. They probably took 2 cases each.

    LB used to be that way before they were bought out a few years ago. Their new corp. policy now prevents them from that type of deception. Now it’s first came first served. Unfortunately the flippers beat that system one way by hiring college students to stand in line for them!
    The mom and pop stores are like LB used to be. They will sell direct to the flippers snubbing their loyal customers. I’ve sourced two local CL sellers who bragged about their connections they have with one mom and pop store where I shopped. Flippers are covered one way or the other here in Lex and they are clearly the ones who are driving the exponential increase in demand for premium bourbon by cornering the market. If you want to see where all the premium bourbon goes, just look on CL– you’ll find enough to fill a supertanker. I’ll give my money to LB, Kroger or CVS . At least they provide a level playing field. Screw the flippers and the corrupt good ol’ boy stores that support them.

    Ok. My contact at the store told me he was going to secure 6 bottles of the Weller 12. But maybe that would happen by having family/friends come in and buy it for him when they get it. The smaller Liquor Barns are the best ones to shop at. The large ones get picked over very fast, while the smaller ones will usually have stock much much longer. For Elmer T Lee release, they didn’t even have it out. I asked for a bottle and it mysteriously appeared.

    Wow! I actually have a number one bottle of the stuff that is autographed by Craig Beam too boot! I didn’t realize it was the first edition until now. What do you think that will go for on the black market? Not that I would be selling it anytime soon since , at that time, that was the first bourbon I had that really blew my socks off. Thanks for the good news guys. You made my super bowl weekend. Now to try and secure a bottle of the 7th release.

    So I just won Ezra’s lottery pick and they are sneaky as F!! First of all, it’s for the hazmat 6th ECBP release, not the newest 7th release. Second, they shadily raised the price to $65 from the $50 that was advertised when I got on the wait list weeks ago. With shipping and tax, it comes out to $78! That’s more expensive than I paid for the 5th and 6th ECBP release on the secondary market. (Paid $150 shipped for those two bottles). When “retail” websites charge more than you get paying secondary prices, you know something is wrong. ECBP MSRP is $40 bucks!!!!!

    I got it! I kept calling my local liquor store and I finally secured a bottle! The only thing I don’t get is that it says that it is 140.2 proof. Is it possible that this is a left over from the sixth release? Maybe the current bottling is just the same proof? I seriously doubt that this place had this bottle just lying around in the back since the guy that worked their said it just came in.

    Pete, being that each ECBP release has been at a different proof and the 6th release (aka Hazmat) is bottled at 140.2 proof, this leads me to believe that you have the Hazmat in your hands. The lottery pick I won from Ezra’s was also a 140.2 proof and I also just found another 140.2 proof bottle at a store today. Makes me think that the distributors were sitting on some 6th release and just released it to stores this week.

    You may be right about that. This bottling seems to conform with what has been described about that release. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if something different comes out soon. Still, it is very good stuff, although I do like the first one a bit more.

    So just got word from local liquor store that they got a shipment in and would save me a bottle. I went in to pick it up and it turned out to be #6 release. I guess distributors were holding some back. I bought it anyways, $49.99 isn’t too bad.

    The newest batch was shipped out Feb 2 and 3 from heaven hills bottling facilities. It has yet to hit stores here in ky but I think it will
    next week. If you got a 140.2 that is not the latest release.

    Sounds good!! I was wondering when it would show up here. I have a friend who works at the big liquor store chain and he is supposed to let me know when they are coming. I will post if I find out. Shouldn’t be too hard to get if you know what day the delivery will happen.

    Ordered 2 bottles of ECBP ($63) in NY last week, sent a buddy to pick them up on his way down to MD and had him snag a bottle of ETL ($49) as well. No word yet on the appearance of ECBP in any of Howard County/Anne Arundel County’s finer establishments.

    I bought mine in AA county, but it was the 140 proof that the distributor dropped off, not the newest one? Was there a new release of ETL as well?

    i was looking for the ECBP 7th, and stumbled across a left over bottle of 6th batch for 49.99.
    also my usual local spot in NY got 3 bottles in last week but they were batch 6. maybe the distributors were holding some back…

    Was able to hunt down batch 7 today here in Louisville, KY. Surprisingly Liquor Barn, a huge local store, only received 3 bottles per store. Have yet to try it but looking forward to it later. The price was $59.99

    Found a place in the Chicago suburbs which still has a few bottles from batches 5 & 6. Picked up a batch of batch 6 and looking forward to cracking it open to keep warm during the big chill…

    Was lucky enough to have a close friend hold one for me (#7) at local place in Richmond, KY. Was getting worried it wasn’t coming in. Haven’t opened it yet!

    I scored a couple bottles of batch 7 and it’s damn good. I like it a bit more than batch 6, which was good but a bit too hot (I guess that’s why it was called the hazmat batch). It’s quite the mighty mojo juice.

    I picked up a couple bottles of the number 6 in Houston at Spec’s!

    Tasty stuff… can’t say I get the petroleum reference I see up above though 😉

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