Willett to Release Unaged Whiskey

Willett White Dog is Coming

According to TTB labels approved today, Willett will release 2 unaged whiskies a rye and a wheated mash bill. This will be Willetts own distillate. That part makes it interesting to taste but I would prefer a 375 ML bottle because who really wants a whole bottle of white dog. What is also interesting is the release will be cask (still) strength. This would be the perfect bottle for home aging.

This is the first white whiskey to be released from our stills since the resurrection of our family’s distillery following a complete restoration. Using an original Willett family mash bill dating back to the 1930’s, our family is proud to share this rare release of cask strength.

Rye Whiskey:

Willett Unaged rye 1
Willett Unaged rye 2

Wheat Whiskey

Willett unaged wheat 1
Willett unaged wheat 2


    This is quite interesting. Willett is one of my favorite brands. Should be interesting to see how this goes. I agree with you, Blake – home aging this would bring out a lot of great flavors!

    Agreed as well…I just started some Buffalo Trace white dog in my barrel. I’ll probably use this next…can’t wait, thanks for the info.

    Per the new TTB rules on labeling the age of any “whiskey”, this label should have the age on it (even if it’s only for a few minutes). That, or the word whiskey shouldn’t be in the label (if in fact it is straight off the still). The phrase “unaged whiskey” is confusing for this reason.

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