Introducing Bourbonr Live

I’m happy to announce a new series in the Bourbonr lineup. I’ve decided to set up a weekly live tasting and discussion called Bourbonr Live. This series will take place in the Bourbonr Facebook group (for now). It may eventually move to YouTube Live. But, this is a test run. The plan is to go live every Wednesday at 9 EST. For tomorrow, I have a few interesting samples to review. I’d also love your feedback for discussion topics/questions. You can add them here.

The goal is to build this up to a weekly event. If you miss the live show it will still be available in the Bourbonr Facebook group and uploaded to YouTube. Don’t worry, it won’t be just me. There will be other guest tasters and interviewees along the way! Come join us tomorrow at 9 PM EST


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