Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye Is Back

That’s right, “Pappy Rye” is back! After a one year hiatus, Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye Whiskey (VWFRR) has rejoined the family. All prior year releases of VWFRR were bottled from tanked older rye. The label said 13-year but what was in the bottle was closer to 18 or 19-years-old. It was a blend of rye whiskey distilled at Charles Medley and Cream of Kentucky.

This brings to the biggest question. Can a 13-year Buffalo Trace distilled rye compare to the old releases? This has played out in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection over the past two releases. Sazerac 18-year was bottled from tanked whiskey for multiple years. In 2017, it was bottled from freshly dumped barrels. Nostalgia aside there is still a flavor profile difference. While I hope the taste is similar in regards to VWFRR only time will tell.



    I have not seen a bottle anywhere here in Florida 2018. Went to Sams Club yesterday. One of the assy. Managers promised to get some info if he can

    I have a bottle of 10 yr old Pappys and one 15 yr old bt for donation. bought them 3 years ago and now health prevents drinking them.

    I really think it’s really I hear about see picture but can never seam to fine any everybody says good luck hummm I’d buy a bottle just to try it but it never is available anywhere

    The Van Pappy’s went on sale Friday, at Total Wine. You had to be part of their concierge club to qualify for the online sale. I managed to purchase a 10 yr Van Winkle, $98 tax included.

    Does anyone know the bottle count for the 2018 VWFRR? It must be very low because I am in the bourbon mecca and even our big box stores are not putting it out in raffles with the rest of the Van Winkle line.

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