Jim Beam Announces Booker’s Rye

This is exciting news as Jim Beam has announced a limited edition release of Booker’s Rye. It should be released later this year. If I had to guess I’d say summertime and the price tag will be in the $100 range. Similar to Booker’s 25th. I’ve gone ahead and offered my services as the official Booker’s Rye taste tester. Beam, I’ll be waiting for your call 🙂 Here’s the label:

Booker's rye

Booker’s rye is probably the same mash bill as Knob Cree rye and RI(1) but it’s uncut and unfiltered. Here’s a statement from Fred Noe and then a Beam representative:

“I’m excited to share that Booker’s Bourbon will release a special-edition liquid that fans of the brand have never seen before — Booker’s Rye. Booker’s Rye remains true to what fans know and love about Booker’s — an uncut liquid bottled at its natural proof and full of big flavor. Barreled as a small batch late in Dad’s life, Booker’s Rye will be a rare, once-in-a-lifetime rye whiskey, and will be released in very limited quantities later this year.”

Like all batches of Booker’s, we won’t be able to confirm the age or proof of this special liquid until it comes out of the barrel, but it will hit shelves later this year in extremely limited quantities. I’ll share more information as soon as I am able.

Booker's rye tag

The bottle tag notes a proof of 127.1 and an age of 7yrs 3mo. While that’s just a placeholder I would bet that it will be close to the final numbers. As Ryan on Twitter pointed out, the age is most likely closer to 12-13 year old since Booker passed away in 2004 and “barreled as a small batch late in Dad’s life”



    I was at a distiller event and the Beam rep (who seemed knowledgable) told me it was going to be 14 years old, coming out in September. Take that for what you will.

    WTF—$300!!!!! That’s freakin INSANE!!! Bourbonr’s had better start now stocking up on all their favorite bottles because sooner than late, even a bottle of ol’ reliable OGD will be value priced at $100 or more! *Joshua, I’m withyou….I was also anticipating this one, but with the $300 “flipper” price tag, I’ll pass…….can’t miss something I never had.

    I agree with you Bourbonbum, $300 is insane for a bottle. However, distillers are making more bourbon than ever so in about 5 years or so there will be plenty to go around. Reason there seems to be a “shortage” or price increase is due to the fact that distillers years ago when first making the bourbon we are drinking now didn’t think that there would be this demand. Probably not telling you anything you don’t know but thats what’s keeping my hopes up! However, if OGD ever gets to $100 I need to find new whiskeys! Cheers 🙂

    I hear ya *bourbon broad*! You’re right tho….it is a classic example of supply not meeting the demand! Hopefully, by the time these distilleries catch up with the overwhelming demand for these highly sought after bottles, we will have discovered something wayyy better…..and maybe more reasonably priced. If they have this available in the bars, that will be the only way I will get to try it….Because I will NEVER spend over $250 for ANYTHING! Cheers! And Happy Hunting!!

    If it is 14 years old, sounds like a good $ 80-90 rye. If it is only 6 to 8 years old, sounds like a good $ 60 rye. Yes, the market will bear more than those prices, but I likely will not.

    I have a numbered ,in the box,never opened bookers bourbon. I inherited this about 20 years ago. THe tag on the bottle says “you want the very best this is it ” any idea how much it is worth ? Thank for your time.

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