How to Age Whiskey at Home

How to Age Your Own Whiskey

The aging process is what makes Bourbon Bourbon. Not only taste wise but legally. In honor of my recent post “Bourbon Aging Explained” I decided to give home aging a try. Below are instructions for what I did. I intend to let this age for at least three months before I ever drink more than small sips to taste. Whiskey that is aged in small barrels has a tendency to get an overpowering oak taste so I wouldn’t suggest letting it age any longer than one year. However, there is no reason to throw out Whiskey so let it age as long as you would like. read more

Bourbon Aging Explained

Bourbon Aging Explained

Everyone loves Bourbon because of its sweet and complex flavors. But, where do all of those flavors come from. This post will explain how Bourbon aging works and what flavors this process adds to the Bourbon. FYI, I refer to “distillate” several times in the article. This is the Bourbon after it has been distilled but before it has entered the barrel for aging. I use the word distillate since it is not Bourbon until it has been aged in new oak barrels. read more

New Buffalo Trace Trucks

There is a rumor going around the 60 cases of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon was stolen from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Apparently, the rumors of stolen Pappy Van winkle may be true because Buffalo Trace just ordered a fleet of new trucks to transport their Bourbon:

Alton Browns Blind Bourbon Review/Tasting

Alton Browns Blind Bourbon Review/Tasting

If you’ve never listened to Alton Browns Podcast (Alton Browncast) you are missing out. I am a huge Alton Brown fan (still have good eats episodes on my DVR from 2010) and when I heard Julian Van Winkle was going to be his guest I was extremely excited.

In his most recent episode he interviewed Julian Van Winkle (well worth the listen) and held a blind taste test with a friend after the interview. Alton selected 5 Bourbons from his collection and poured each Bourbon in an identical glass. They bounce around a little during the Bourbon review portion but I have tried to accumulate the majority of the tasting notes. Make sure to listen to the podcast first because I will reveal the results of the Bourbon tasting in this post read more

Pappy Van Winkle 2013 Release Tracker Map

Pappy Van Winkle Tracker

Check out our 2014 Pappy Countdown by State!

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Rumor: Kentucky and Georgia this weekRumor was True

12/20/13: Pappy Van Winkle land in Virginia

12/3/13: Pappy in New York , Califonia and Washington! Not sure if it’s hit the city yet. Pappy Van Winkle has come and gone in Maine and New Hampshire. Very limited supply – Pappy in Minnesota as well

That is probably the last big push of this Pappy Season. If you missed out we have a consolation prize for you

11/21/13: Pappy Van Winkle has reached Alabama read more

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Release Map

BTAC Tracker

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has been released in several states

1/7/14: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is released in Utah over the weekend

12/18/13: New York and Connecticut release the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

12/3/13: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has come and gone in Maine

11/21/13: New Jersey BTAC

11/20/13: Oregon & Massachusetts has  Buffalo Trace Antique Collection read more

Buffalo Trace Distillery Bourbon Mash Bills

Buffalo Trace Distillery Mash Bills

A break down of the majority of the Buffalo Trace distillery Bourbons and Ryes by their mash bill

Buffalo Trace uses two primary mash bills. While they don’t disclose the exact recipe Bourbonr’s much wiser than I have made educated guesses at the mash bill percentages.  Mash bill # 1 is probably 10% or less and mash bill #2 is somewhere between 10%-12%. Mash bill number two with 10-12% rye is a more common rye content for bourbons. read more

High West American Prairie Reserve Bourbon Review by Josh Peters

High West American Prairie Reserve Bourbon Review 

by Josh Peters of The Whiskey Jug

I first came across The Whiskey Jugs reviews on Reddit. While my reviews include an ugly Microsoft Paint image for the review Josh takes beautiful filtered pictures with text clusters to describe the Whiskey or Bourbon review.

Enter Josh:

Being a Utah native for the better part of the last 30 years I’ve had to spend a good amount of my adult life figuring out ways to acquire whiskey, beer, and wine that wasn’t easily available in the state run liquor stores. One such adventure even landed me in court for 2 days and resulted in a misdemeanor bootlegging charge, which I feel is more a badge of honor than a black spot on my record. read more

Willett Family Estate Rye Four Year Review

Willett Four Year Rye Whiskey Review

Barrel number 8, 110 proof:

The Willett Family (Kentucky Bourbon Distillers) has a strong history in Whiskey and have many excellent Bourbons and Ryes under the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers brand. While Willett currently sources all of their whiskey, the rye is from LDI (Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana), they have recently built a distillery and are already aging their own juice, which I can’t wait to try. read more