UPDATED: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet

Updated: For 2017, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof has received a makeover. The release now comes in a new bottle and label. Good new is ECBP is still 12-years-old. With the new bottle, Heaven Hill has standardized the releases with batch numbers

The first letter of the batch number indicates which of that year’s releases the bottle was a part of starting with “A”, while the second digit is a number that determines the month of the year the bottle was released. The third and fourth digits indicate the year.  

I.e. the first release of 2017 is Batch A117. Or, the first batch, released January 2017. While this does make it easier to keep track I’ll still maintain this cheat sheet. I know a lot of Bourbonr’s still use it as a reference for older releases.


In the fall of 2013, Heaven Hill Distillery released the first Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP) outside of the Heaven Hill Gift Shop. It quickly became a favorite among Bourbonr’s. ECBP is a 12-year-old uncut, unfiltered bourbon which Heaven Hill releases once a quarter. Aside from the excellent flavor and high proof what makes ECBP even better is its retail price. ECBP retails between is between $50-$75. With such a low price it’s hard to find a better bourbon for the money. 

Since there are several new releases each year, it can be confusing trying to keep track of each release. To prevent confusion I put together an ECBP cheat sheet. 

Check out my review of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof release #1 here



    I’ve only found one in FL and that was at a locally owned store. All others were out of state.

    I’m in Jacksonville. What about you?

    Lived in Jax for a few years, but reside in Orlando now… Its good to have someone in the state to share knowledge with. I’ll email you sometime, or you do the same. Keep up with the good work, its much appreciated!
    I’ll keep a lookout for any releases in central FL and report back any findings.

    Blake, I am actually in Neptune Beach in Florida. Do we have a local bourbonr group to assist each other when stores may get something hard to find in stock? I tend to peruse the ABCs at the beach, Broudys at the beach, and total wine. Sometimes lucky, most times not, but it might be nice to have a local community to share those rare finds so we can all get to enjoy them

    Any hints on where ha? I feel like I know the answer but gotta try. It is very tough to find even things like this around the Greenville area.

    I live in Bellevue WA and there are several bottles on the shelf out here. I heard that the first barrel proof was mythical but since they have struggled to replicate it. Real or just hype?

    I was able to get my hands on batch #4. Thoughts from others who have tasted it? Also, have you guys considered diluting this down to about 100 or 90 proof to see how that changes the experience?

    You’ll most likely never see a bottle on the shelf in KY, I surely never have. What a shame because it’s very good juice.

    Anyone know when the 7th release is coming out? The secondary market is charging $80+ and I want to score some of this beautiful barrel proof juice at retail!

    Release 7 was dumped at the end of Jan and went to distributors on Feb 2. Should be in stores between mid-feb and early-march. Hearing some stores will start seeing it around Valentines day.

    Release 9 just hit NE Arkansas. Not sure how much the area or state was allocated, but the two stores I frequent only received one each. Guess who got them both… 🙂

    I stumbled upon a bottle of batch 9 tonight in western Michigan – totally unexpected but very happy to do so. Finding a bottle like this on the shelf is really rare so this made my day! The store only got two and the buyer of the first was gracious enough to not buy both, which is making me re-think how I buy things. 😉

    I found and purchased my batch #9 on Friday, September 25, 2015. The Michigan (lower thumb area) store received only one and I was very lucky to have purchased it. I’m struggling with saving or drinking? I think I’ll drink to that! Btw, they have a Pappy 10 yr for $1500.

    Paid $39.99 for batch #9 this week off the shelf. This stuff isn’t that hard to find and the prices, by large are climbing, but there are still reasonable deals to be had. Good luck, y’all.

    Sorry for the late reply – Davidsons had some. They’ll never put it on the shelf though, you’ll have to ask if they have any.

    Picked up an Elijah Craig barrel proof #9 in Northern Kentucky. Couldn’t get a BT Antique Collection and was offered this. Support your local merchant. I’m thankful. Cheers.

    I grabbed a release #8 (139.8) today in Charlotte, NC.

    They got 3 bottles and put it on their online inventory. The guy said he never got a chance to print off the UPC code to put it on the shelf… it was gone within an hour. Atleast it was list price – $49.99

    Just picked up an ECBP #9 at my local store here in CT…just sitting on the shelf all alone waiting for a good home…unfortunately no luck on the EC-18 though…

    and wouldn’t you know…I got the call…an EC-18 just came in with my name on it at my primary liquor store…what a great way to end a really tough week…yeah baby.

    FYI – Visited the Heaven Hill gift shop this last weekend and they have a 138.8 proof on the shelf that I would presume is “Batch 10” – I picked up a bottle (they wanted $79, which struck me as a bit odd given the MSRP on the prior releases…) but haven’t opened it yet. I’ll report back once I’ve tried it.

    And I mean amazing in a negative connotation. The reason the ECBP was reveled was the quality along with the value. Doesn’t seem to be such a great value anymore.

    The gift shop sells for higher because they don’t want to undercut their retailers. It’s a pretty common practice. Even outside out bourbon

    Never tried the Barrel proof versions of Elijah Craig….was never able to get my paws on one,ever……Blake, would you be willing to or have you reviewed the Elijah Craig 18 year old?

    Well, I just saw a bottle for sale on Westchester Wine Warehouse for a whopping $299.99 plus tax! Yup….had to do a double take on that one. Everyone seems to be cashing in on this bourbon frenzy. That’s why if you see high in demand bottles available, GRAB and BUY as many as you can and stockpile them for later….because prices only seem to be going up and up and up and up on whiskey/bourbon!!!

    not the 23? the 18 has been around $120 here near rochester, it’s definitely a step up from the 12, but not 5x as good, let alone 10x, lol

    I saw 18 today for 300. I drove an hour to a store that was selling them at retail earlier in the week only to be told they “can’t” sell the rest for retail. 200 each.

    Hey Jason……yeah, it (the 18 yr.old) WAS listed for that price…it is NO longer available on the website…..maybe some brainless moron bought it…lol…or should I say some “savvy flipper” who knows the value of it will only increase as time goes by, and will eventually get a GREAT return on his $299.99 “investment”….smdh.

    Hey guys I picked up 3 bottles here in the okc area in the past 3days of ECBP 2 for $46.99 and 1 today for $55.99, 2were release #11 and 1 release #12 of 2013

    18 year old available for $150 to $200 around stores that I see here. Can’t find 23 year anywhere. But now I’m upset I didn’t load up on Barrel Proof for $60s, because actually like that the best of em all. Like I said, if distillery is charging $80 now for it, we aren’t seeing it for less than $100+ RETAIL!!!!

    I paid $129.99 plus tax each (in VA) for the 2 bottles I have a couple weeks ago. Southeastern VA got a few cases this week of the barrel proof, but unfortunately all were “allocated” (far as I know) to customers on waiting lists and bars (licensees). The 23 year old is a definite UNICORN!

    I have #6 and #8; just opened #8 recently and whoa dang!!!
    So, what is the deal about the EC Small batch 12-year and removing the 12-year from the front label of EC? Anyone know?

    A friend of mine who owns a liquor store told me the distributor told him that they are now putting it in small print on the back of the bottle. The reason they are doing that he was told, is they are planning on using a lower age date soon. Probably a blended 8 – 12 year instead of a straight 12 year. Because the Bourbon craze is wreaking havoc on supplies, they know they need to cash in before the market softens..

    So, I noticed that instead of the stamped 12-yr in front of the bottle, the latest bottles make reference to 12-yr on the back label. So, I guess if we want to enjoy a 12-yr EC bourbon, grab a hold of the latest. Maybe I should hold on to a few of those, too? Crazy!!

    Correct! Went yesterday and bought 3 bottles of the 12 year age statement bottles to add to the 3 I have in my cabinet. This morning made my daily rounds at some stores and the shelves are now stocked with the NEW labeled bottles…..in which NO mention of 12 year old ANYTHING is on the description of the botttle contents! HEAVEN HILL took off ALL references to the 12 year age statement. I guess the NEW Elijah Craig 12 year old will now taste like a blended hodgepodge of swill…lol.. it’s official…..”Elijah Craig 12 year old age statement bottles” are now in the hands of flippants! Has anyone on here tasted the new bottles of Elijah Craig without the age statement?

    I got a bottle last week (Jan 27th) for $49.99 weird thing is when I called they said they just got two bottles in that day and after looking up the proof it’s actually #9. Anyone get an old batch on new release day?

    Can’t find anywhere around Buffalo,NY But found online at retailer in Berlin,NJ for 99 plus shipping. Pass. Anyone from The area know where I could get ahold of a bottle?

    I picked up a #9 (batch) last year and was shocked to stumble upon a #8 this evening (yes, a #8). Yeah, I grabbed it. Who wants a drink? …thumb area of Michigan.

    Got a call this morning that two #10s were in store for me. Picked them up during lunch.
    I’ve killed one bottle of #9 and am almost done with #8. Enjoyed them both, but favored the #9. A little less hot.
    Location Virginia Beach, VA.

    Ok….let’s be a little more transparent here…..you got the two bottles (lucky you) in VA Beach (or the Hamptons Road area) because your name was on a waiting list OR you are a licensee……that’s what the Richmond office told me when I called….you’re not just gonna walk into a store off the street as a “regular customer” and pick one off of the shelf….nah ah. NO such a thing…..in any event, you lucked out….especially at the msrp of $49.99 for the bottle.

    …oh… I left out an all to important scenario…..you could just be so “special” that the stores staff reserved you the bottles….lol.

    Yes, it was a special order/wait list. Thought that was implied by my post stating “Got a call this morning.” They do know me there, but don’t know if they consider me special. Haha.

    I was told that they will no longer be doing special order/wait list for ECBP. Whatever they get from here on out will be first come first serve. I asked if this was store policy or agency policy. The lady couldn’t tell me. This was the 3333 Virginia Beach Boulevard location. I plan on asking my other usual ABC stores if this is true.

    When batch #9 dropped last September, I did walk into the downtown Norfolk store (the old Triple AAA building) and found it on the shelf. First time ever, but it did happen.

    Yup….you’re correct…. as of October 1,2015, VA ABC liquor stores STOPPED, and will NO longer be taking names (list) for ANY product in ANY of their stores; however, they are still honoring peoples requests (orders) who have been on a previous list prior to October, 2015, or who’ve ordered bottles BEFORE they instituted their new policy of NO MORE customer LISTS. *ALL* (allocated, limited releases including once a year releases such as BTAC and Pappy ) stock will now be shelved and sold on a “first come, first serve” basis, after they have honored the requests of those who were on these so called waiting lists….smdh….**plenty of room for corruption there**……..so, I suppose we will see die hard bourbonr’s and greedy flippers this season camping out in front of ABC liquor stores hoping to get a bottle(s) of super premium bourbon/whiskey…..and the downtown Norfolk store does on occasion stock the “good stuff”, you just gotta ask for whatever it is you’re looking for because it will most probably be in the back room…lol….the sales folk employed there as friendly,but not many know too much about Whiskey, Frank is a great guy…get to know him….the VA beach location you mentioned…not friendly at all…the asst. Manager there is a “piece of work”! Why he is in management there handling customers is beyond me….his attitude is abrasive and he has NO tolerance for questions about allocated/premium stuff…very short tempered….went there a few times, but stopped going. He puts me in a very very bad mood.

    I think I’ve met Frank. Nice guy. However, my experience has been the opposite. Besides Frank, no one there wants to help you. I dealt with one manager there who didn’t want to take a special order from me and was rude. So I just left.

    I think I know which AM at the Va Beach location you’re talking about. If it’s who I think it is, yes he’s a piece of work and that’s being nice. He told me to my face that all 10,12, and 15 year Pappy would be first come first serve, as the email from HQ stated. I was in court that morning, so a family member got there early and was second in. They said we only have one bottle of 10 yr and it went to the first person. My family member called BS and the guy said well there’s a list of people we promised to so the remaining 8 bottles went to the list. A list that wasn’t suppose to exist. I went in later to complain but the AM wouldn’t come out.

    We’ll see what happens.

    So I take it that policy doesn’t apply to special orders for products that are year round that just don’t show up in VA ABC stores?

    Thanks, Blake! Glad I got them. Won’t crack them for a bit. About to kill batch 8, and after that I’m going to crack one of my Stagg, Jr. bottles. Trying to only have one type of bourbon open at a time (one barrel proof and one regular batch).

    Hi Celtic757………I’m surprised you even got ANY Pappy at all….you’re very lucky, because they have waiting lists as long as 3 years in our state for people waiting to get ANY bottle of Pappy Van Winkle! He was right about honoring the waiting list with the 8 bottles…he/they/the store HAD to…..that is following protocol from the ABC headquarters in Richmond. …usually, if ANY ABC store has an available bottle of PAPPY/BTAC with no name on it, it’s *supposed * to go back to the Richmond office to be allocated to another ABC location’s waiting list…aaaggghhh!!!!..I hate this crap!!!…..I was told after they have honored the people on ALL of these waiting lists, that will be the end of ALL lists of ANY kind in the future at the VA ABC stores…..kaput! You will now have to sign up for their newsletter online to get any “heads up” on special bottles , allocations, sale items…etc…..I’ve signed up, and even still I miss out on stuff, such as the EC barrel proof….the store you went to had 5 daggone bottles that showed up available online, but when I went to the store to try and get one…they QUICKLY( and very suspiciously) told me they were honoring some dude on a waiting list who had placed his order BEFORE Oct,1, 2015 for ALL 5 bottles (bummer). So they HAD to give him what he ordered, which was 5 bottles total….smdh…..the best thing to do is check the website daily to see what they have….that’s how I was able to get super premium and allocated bottles. Elijah Craig 18…Pikesville Rye…Elmer T. Lee…CEHT…OWA…WLW, just to name a few…it’s a lot of freaking work…BUT when you score a bottle, it sure feels G-U-D!

    I didn’t get any Pappy. It was very confusing about the Pappy “wait lists.” ABC sent out an email that said only the 20 year would be given out by list and the 10, 12, and 15 would be first come first serve. However, I guess that changed some time between them issuing that email/notice and the Monday it dropped in the Hampton Roads area stores.

    They had 9 bottles of ECBP at 3333 Va. Beach Blvd. when I showed up, however, they were all spoken for. I got two of them. I tried to get a third bottle, but couldn’t. Lucked out with the Elmer once the shipment finally came in two months ago. Scored 5 bottles for myself and got my mom 3 bottles.

    I’ve had OWA and Weller 12 on special order for over half a year now and nothing has shown up. It’s real frustrating when I talk to my buddy up in Boston, who tells me his local store gets a case in ever other month. Got my out state family to grab me two bottles of OWA. Also, I lucked out when I found a bottle at the Colley Ave. store back in early summer.

    Hey Celtic….yeah, haha…I’m on “the list” as well for some Weller 12…..I also signed up last year, early spring, and am still waiting on its arrival, but I was able to get some bottles in NY when I went there late last year…and the Colley ave store had plenty of ETL’s on the shelf last fall…was able to get a nice allotment. … (smile)…..

    Just saw the recently discontinued “Elijah Craig 12 year old” on bottle-spot.com…….the larger 1.75L bottle is going for $90.00, and the smaller 750ml bottle is going for $40.00…..hahahahahaaaaa!!!! This shit is outta control!!!!!!

    I’ve got a bottle, but it’s empty :-O…..ditto ORWV 10 (that one I’m kicking myself about since the store had three bottles – this was late 2013 – and I only bought one; they were all at the front counter, no less! -oh what a difference three years makes)

    Batch 9 was my bourbon of 2015. Batch 10 is, unfortunately, disappointing for me. Much less vanilla than in the past, more spicy and pronounced burn despite having comparable ABV. Less balanced, and just doesn’t taste like Elijah Craig to me. Reminds me more of Stagg Jr, but the current bottle of Stagg Jr I have is better than this. Looks like the suggested price is going up by $10 soon. If the next release is like this one I won’t be getting it.

    That’s just silly- Cashiers, NC has a Pop of 157. A few weeks ago, I saw on the NC ABC website that there were 23 cases (3 bottle cases!) of ECBP in the warehouse for the entire state, and one of them went to Cashiers?. Go figure. Orange county, Durham county- got none. Luckily, we went snow tubing in the mountains yesterday and stopped into an ABC store and saw 6 bottles on the shelf. Last time I saw it was in a po-dunk ABC by the coast. I think someone at the warehouse is turning the allocation into a treasure hunt.

    Crazy how the price is all over the place, but unfortunately the mark up tends to be a little worse in these parts. Stumbled across BP on the website of my local here in MA., so I drove down there only for it not to be on the shelf. Turns out it that the two bottles they had were still in the office upstairs, so out the door they went with me ($73.99 per, batch 10) along with a bottle each of 2015 Bourbon County Stout and Barleywine. Just got home about twenty minutes ago. First time trying the BP, and it’s not as hot as I expected considering the proof. I’m going to have to give this one some time (and maybe a little water) before passing judgement.

    I’m surprised a store would even sell your BCS Barleywine. Almost all of it was know to be off-flavored by January, and Goose Island was giving refunds on it and BCS Coffee. Did you drink it yet?

    I was lucky enough to see a bottle of batch 9 on the shelf. I picked it up and enjoy it quite a bit. It was a little hard on the stomach though, so i vatted some 50/50 with regular 12 year. (I know, blasphemous) i tried it in a drink first to try it out though. Still letting it sit for a while to ensure proper mixing. I didnt realize how difficult it is to find until i read these comments… glad i picked it up when i had the chance

    I found A batch #9 today in the display case of my primary liquor store. $69.99 + tax. Best price I’ve seen in a while here in The Bay Area. I bought it.

    Any idea when? I know tomorrow is the Stagg Jr lottery. Not sure how I feel about all this online stuff VA is doing now. I made out like a bandit with special ordering ECBP batches 9 and 10.

    Just scored a bottle of elijah craig barrel proof #10 in illinois. Huge elijah fan cant wait to try it. Unfortunately had to pay $74.00

    Woah Woah Woah Woah now. What’s this I see about release 11 139.4p
    I Am The ECbp addict and keep an eye on this post regularly to see what’s up. Where did you get that info and any idea of a release date????

    With Elijah Craig Small Batch losing it’s 12 year age statement, is it likely that the Barrel Proof will soon lose it’s age statement as well?

    When they did the press release about dropping the EC 12 yr age statement, HH stated that ECBP would still be 12 yr. Hopeully that’s the truth.

    Whoa dang, just picked up a #10 ECBP; my brother-in-law nearly knocked me over to grab it, but there was one for him, too; priced at $56 w/tax. My brother-in-law picked up a Stagg Jr yesterday and failed to tell me that there was a second one and failed to offer to get it for me… LOSER!! That’s alright… I’ll find one. We are visiting Wisconsin (Green Bay Area); surprised and shocked to find #10!! Very happy!!

    Got an ECBP in Illinois for $54 plus tax. 139.4 proof. Is this release #10 or #11? Limit one per customer. Were 2 left now just one.

    Found a bottle of #11 at Surdyk’s in Minneapolis for $74.99. Swiped it right up as it’s the first time I’ve ever come across any ECBP up here. Can’t wait to sample it!

    The ECBP in Illinois was at the Binny’s Oak Brook location. They had one left after I purchased mine on June 1 and a limit of one per customer. $54.99 was actual price. Cheap compared to what I’ve seen here. I have some in a crystal tumbler as I write this. At 139.4 proof there is bit of alcohol burn on the nose but very sweet. Vanilla, oak, toffee, sweet syrup, pralines maybe. There is a rye spiciness to it as well. Packs a punch but not in an unpleasant way. Similar in some ways to BTAC George T. Stagg. very warm finish that stays with you. More complex and more going on than the standard EC 12 year old small batch.

    VA had their online ordering yesterday…was able to order 2 bottles. Good for me! (patting myself on the back).

    I was successful as well. Glad they did the online purchase instead of the lottery stuff they did for EHT SW and Stagg Jr batch 6.

    Hi Celtic!….Yeah, the lotteries suck big time! The site according to ABC actually crashed with folks trying to order the EHTSW…hahahaaa…unreal the interest with that… I wasn’t successful either with winning the “opportunity to purchase” the EHTSW, and I didn’t bother with the Stagg jr, because everytime I go to NY, I can get a bottle very easily. Did you get any ETL today? It’s out on the shelves in Norfolk! I picked up a total of 5 bottles …3 on Tidewater drive and 2 in the West Ocean view store…. Good Luck!

    I picked up a bottle of the batch #9 two weeks ago. Awesome! Paid $100. Great nose some good heat. Not to happy with price. Saw another bottle of ECBP at another store for $70. Going to go back and pick it up if still there. I’ve got the EC18 and tried the EC23 I’ll take the BP hands down. I know a store that may still have 3 EC18’s. In long Island NY. Was selling at $125.oo plus tax. Also plenty of Stagg Jr. Here. I have the Jr and the Stagg itself. With the Jr you need it to breath for at least a week. I’ve been really leaning towards the cask strength or barrel proof’s. Four Rose’s barrel strength is excellent as well as Jefferson ocean cask strength. I would take the four roses barrel strength over the limited space. Good hunting.

    Called all over the valley in Oregon, and found two bottles of #10 in Stayton. Made the 30 min drive and bought both for 59.95. Totally worth every penny

    Found a bottle of batch 10 in Ft. Morgan Colorado a couple weeks ago while just passing through and staying the night. $55 & declined to pay that much. I text my stepson who said it gets some good reviews and some mediocre reviews so lets split the cost & I went back and grabbed it. Waiting for him to return home in a couple weeks to crack it. I just happened to notice the sole bottle sitting near the cash register haphazardly mixed in with several other bottles of varied middle of the road liquor. Go figure.

    Just found batch 11 in Tonawanda, NY. 3 bottles on the shelf $59.95 so I had to grab one. Just stopped in on a whim. Butlers liquors.

    Just picked up two bottles of this batch at the local Total Wine here in Bellevue, WA.
    There was one more bottle on the shelf and I looked at it for a while, but ended up grabbing the last bottle of Stagg Jr as I’d heard this was a solid bottle though no where near George T Stagg. There was also Orphan Barrel Rhetoric on the shelf too but for $130 a bottle, I just couldn’t get myself to grab a bottle.

    It’s crazy though; we almost NEVER see these bourbons out here in the Pacific Northwest so I was in a little shock. haha
    Now to keep my wife from finding out…. 😉

    The rhetoric is good but not even close to worth the price they are asking for it. The ECBP, stagg Jr, and EHTBP are all equally as good or better for half the cost.

    Just got a bottle of the ECBP 136, so release 12? $55 at Total Wine. Also found 5 handles of EC12 at an out of the way little local store. Marked at $55 each. Bought ’em all because no more EC in any big store here with the “12” on the front label.

    Found a Batch #11 today for $59 in the Denver area. There was one more left on the shelf. Let me know if you are interested in where it is.

    Just bought a bottle of batch 12 ECBP. Have never had a bottle of ECBP before to compare it with, but it is very oaky, and very good. On the back of the bottle, it still says aged twelve years, written out as “twelve years” so a bit hard to spot at first.

    I just opened a bottle of batch 12 ECBP. I’ve had 4 others, #3, #4, #11. This is easily the best of the bunch. With a few drops of water this is very well balance of oak, cinnamon, vanilla up front with a smooth finish leaving a caramel/butterscotch flavor. It’s excellent.

    ***I just snagged TWO bottles of EC barrel proof from 2 ABC stores in VA…Hampton roads…..on my way to work, stopped in a store to “take a look around” and low and behold, stumbled right into the cashier checking out a customer buying a bottle of the ECBP…I was stunned, because these were alloacted here a few months ago…I asked the cashier if there were anymore, and she said,” yes, one more” and proceeded ” to the back office” to get it….meanwhile, the customer was telling me that ABC had plenty of them, but didn’t shelve them…instead they put it online under the “EC small batch (1.75L) bottle”, NOT barrel proof…WTF!…ain’t that some shit….why are these goddamn stores and the Richmond distribution center hiding stock from customers? PUT THE GODDAMN BOTTLES OUT ON THE GODDAMN SHELVES SO THAT THE GODDAMN CUSTOMERS CAN BUY THE GODDAMN SHIT!!! STOP PLAYING GODDAMN GAMES WITH CUSTOMERS…..SOOOOO..after the cashier came back, I had her check inventory for more available for the area I was close to…there was another bottle 35 minutes from where I was, so of course, i got in my truck and went to buy it….this is a little embarassing to me…I mean, you literally have to be a freaking super sleuth now to locate bottles…never know where these crazy ass holes have a bottle hidden! Really disgusting. ..but yeah, I’m glad I was able to get 2 bottles….didn’t bother to “hunt down” anymore…..kind of a blessing and a bummer at the same time going thru this bullshit this morning…anyways, gotta get in a little work today……..good luck!

    Thanks for putting this up. You helped me find a few here in northern Virginia. VA ABC is kind of backward, store managers have discretion to hold back bottles. I’ve run into this before with other bourbon. I’m glad they have the lottery now though.

    NO problem, glad you found some bottles for the cabinet and hopefully the bunker! Why are store managers holding back bottles, UNLESS those are special order bottles that were never picked up OR allocated bottles that were never picked up….everything else should be shelved “for sale”, …smdh….ridiculous!; something has to give because this shit is out of control…. I don’t know if you’re interested in the “Buffalo Trace bourbon creme”…but, I also found out that a customer can place an order for it at their VA ABC store of choice…NO Limit on bottles…… MSRP is $19.99 plus tax, and takes about a week for your order to come in…..I believe it will be offered through the holiday season….really tasty! I’ve ordered 4 bottles with ease and have found some (4) shelved at some ABC stores in Southeastern Va. Good Luck!

    Batch #12 is a flavor bomb. Notes of nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and fruit.

    Intense spice,citrus, and caramel up front. Sweetness fades to oak and musty books leather and spice. Finish is glowing and soft for a 136 proof. Not the heat I expected. Great silky mouthfeel as well. Side by side comparison to Bookers bluegill, the EC was far and away a more well rounded, defined and flavor full drink. Quite smooth for the strength.

    Got very VERY lucky today.

    Picked up 2 bottles of batch 12 of ECBP at my local store when the owner said “We also got some Pappy in today if you want it.”

    So also got Old Rip 10 yr and Pappy 15 at only a slight upcharge from MSRP.

    The ECBP is unreal. It has to be the best I’ve tried of any brand this year. So much flavor and body on this.

    Might go pick up the last one tomorrow because I want to have more of this for weekends spent relaxing on the porch.

    Just found a bottle of batch #8 in Marietta, GA while scouting around for ETL. Price $64.00 +tax. Quite the price increase over the last 3 years. That’s what good old fashioned supply and demand will do. Yet to open it, but looking forward to it.

    Found 3 batch 13 on the shelf at a suburban Minneapolis muni for $65. They are all now safely home on my shelf. New bottle DOES have a 12 yr age statement, so I was very glad to see that.

    Do NOT like the body redesign with the new Elijah Craig bottle.

    Anxious to hear tasting notes from anyone has had the chance to sit down with the #13 release.

    Just got number 11 yesterday 49.99,all this bourbon craziness is started to remind me of the stock market bubble before it popped,when you go to the grocery store and hear little old ladies talking about pappy van winkle you know it’s about time.

    I’ve had Batch 13 (the 127.0 new bottle design) sitting on my shelf for a little over a week now right next my almost-empty Batch 11. I like it a lot, but it’s not quite as rich and flavorful as #11. I also had a Batch 12 pour about a week ago, I think that’s closer in quality to the 139.4. I think with ECBP they should really try to keep the proof at 135+…..it makes it so much better, IMO.

    Grabbed a #12 off the shelf in the thumb area of Michigan. Our controlled state and the continued craze set me back $85 (w/ tax). Plan on cracking open a #10 soon! Oh, yeah, I want the 12 year 94 Proof back!

    Can anybody decode my bottle #?
    Batch No A117 127 proof New label design.
    Not sure if I got 11, or 17? Store said they just got it this week (March 23).

    They have 6 bottles at the store by me in NY some of the new bottle design and some of the old. They are selling it for $100 plus tax. Worth it? I have never had it.

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