What is the typical retail price on this. Think I saw some for around $85 at my local store, wondering if its a buy at that price?

    If it’s the true Limited Edition Small Batch and not one of their regular offerings, I would buy every bottle they have at 85. You could double your money on secondary market very quickly.

    At $85 I would buy every bottle and enjoy it.
    It was a nearly impossible find back when it was released last year – at least in mid-TN.

    I believe the suggested retail price for the 2014 small batch limited was $90. But they have discontinued production of the single barrel LE for 2015 so I’d expect all the more scarcity. Even if the suggested retail price stays the same I’d expect to see more retailers jack up the actual price, which should put upward pressure on the secondary prices as well. This year’s recipe has a nice array of older whiskey so I think odds favor another very good vintage, increasing demand further. I think I’ll buy a tent and set it up now outside my favorite store.

    My specialist shop here in Copenhagen, Denmark has Four Roses Small Batch LE 2014, Single barrel LE 2013, Single Barrel LE 2014 on the shelves. Prices: $74, $89 and $103. I wonder if I should buy some.

    If simenone buys one at $85 and wants to double their money by selling it I will gladly be the one who pays $170.00 I must get my hands on at least one one way or another!

    $110 isn’t bad. They keep raising prices every year on most hard to find bourbons. Hopefully retail price won’t get as high as the secondary market, but I’d rather pay a retailer then a bottle flipper. Can’t wait to pop it open and give it a test drive.

    Are you still looking? I have quite a few bottles, bit the real limited edition 2015 small batch, and 1 2014 single barrel limited edition as well..

    I was working in a company, distributing FR in Lithuania.
    Have stocked 12 bottles of this liquid gold. The last creation of FR Master Distiller.
    Have purchase documents.
    If someone is interested in buying – drop me an email at tomas.tracevskis@gmail.com

    i was wondering what the going price is now 04/2018? i have one bottle of the 2015 and if its still climbing in value i dont want to open it can anyone give a rough estimant on retail value

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