2015 Pappy Van Winkle Release Map

*Please Read:* Each state is highlighted once one bottle is reported. Generally, that means that store, and a lot of times that city, is already sold out. This map isn’t an official release tracker from Buffalo Trace but a network of bourbon drinkers looking to help each other. Stores are dealing with smaller allocations and greatly increased demand. Please be understanding of this fact. Also, I’m not a retailer. I don’t have a list to buy Pappy nor do I know where you can buy online at retail. If I did I’d buy it all myself 🙂 Happy Hunting! 

It’s that time of year again! This is the 3rd annual Pappy Van Winkle Release Map. Here’s the drill. I’ll update each state when Van Winkle is released in that state. Remember, distribution can be tricky sometimes and just because it has released in part of the state doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The odds aren’t in our favor, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Hopefully, the Bourbonr community will help you find a bottle.

No matterIf you need more help check out my post “How to Hunt Bourbon” Happy Hunting!

2015 Pappy Van Winkle Release Map

Also, Bourbonr commenter, Andy, provided some sound hunting advice:

1- find the stores that release theirs in a lottery drawing and hope to get lucky

2- find a store that is going to do a first-come-first-served release and be prepared to stand in line hours before they open
3- contact friends or family that live in states that haven’t released yet and see if they can help you hunt down a bottle as well
4- pay the dreaded secondary market prices on Craigslist or Bottlespot, etc.

Don’t want to worry about hunting a bottle? Find a bottle at Bottle-Spot

If you find a bottle please shoot me an email at Blake @ Bourbonr.com. I welcome any tips about state releases as well!

Kentucky to release Pappy November 12th. Party Source has announced they will open at 8 AM on Thursday for Pappy. There’s probably already people in line.

10/22 – Virginia jumps the gun and becomes the first to release Pappy Van Winkle in 2015

10/27 – Pappy Van Winkle (technically just VW 10 & 12) in Wisconsin. Cheese heads rejoice!

11/2 – Pappy is released into the ABC system of North Carolina

11/3 – Pappy is reported in New York but mostly at highly inflated prices.

11/4 – Pappy Van Winkle reported in Washington DC and Illinois (Binny’s in Chicago to preferred customers)

11/5 – Pappy snakes through the Northeast releasing in Rhode Island and New Hampshire (lottery)

11/6 – Georgia receives its first bottles of Pappy (at retail no less). This is a consolation prize for last weeks FL/GA thrashing :). Pappy Van Winkle releases in the Hoosier  state (Indiana). Busy day for Pappy releasing in Maryland as well

11/9 – Tennesee (Nashville) is now serving Pappy. Ohio also received Pappy over the weekend but it sounds like it’s primarily in restaurants and bars. Alabama releases Pappy if you brought your sleeping bag. Roll Tide!

11/10 – West Virginia receives its allocation of Pappy today. Pappy Van Winkle in Arkansas

11/11 – Pappy comes home to Kentucky by jumping the Party Source gun and releasing (in Shelbyville).

11/12 – New Mexico gets Pappy Van Winkle

11/16 – Pappy Van Winkle is in Mississippi, Arizona & Iowa. Pappy Van Winkle is now in South Carolina. Gamecock fans need as much bourbon as they can get their hands on this year 🙂

11/17 – New Jersey stores see their first bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. Pappy Van Winkle in Massachusetts (so far only by lottery) and now Louisianna.

11/18 – Pappy Van Winkle in Minnesota and North Dakota

11/19 – Pappy releases in Colorado today. Now in Missouri as well

11/20 – Pappy in Montana

11/23 – Pappy Van Winkle hits Kansas

Thanksgiving weekend – Texas, Michigan, Deleware and Maine

12/4 – Connecticut gets Pappy

12/7 – Pennsylvania announces their Pappy Van Winkle Lottery

12/8 – Pappy Van Winkle in Washing and South Dakota.

12/9 – Oregon receives its allocation of Pappy Van Winkle

12/11 – Pappy Van Winkle hits Florida and California. Most likely rounding out 2015 for Pappy. Nevada is still a possibility

12/16 – Idaho gets Pappy! If you were one of the lucky lottery winners

12/29 – Utah releases their Pappy Van Winkle




    Interesting comments. So, the Bourbonr community is more about keeping information to themselves rather than assisting others? Interesting because the post specifically says “Hopefully, the Bourbonr community will help you find a bottle.”

    I suppose my message was intended for those willing to help others.

    Simply sharing when and where it’s been released can be a big help – its a signal to start really looking hard at your usual spots when it hits your state. When it comes to lotteries or how any particular store does their distribution, though, some people do a fair amount of legwork to even have a chance, and wouldn’t necessarily want to decrease their odds of getting a bottle, flipper or not.

    My advice is to cast a wide net by talking to as many store managers etc as you can, and talk to them as youre making a purchase so you don’t look like someone that shows up only during Pappy season. You might come across a lottery or two, but I can’t say for sure. It’s a bit late now to start establishing those relationships for this year, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

    I am picking up my bottle of 12 year today at a liquor store in Elmhurst called Doti Liquors on York St. He only gets a few bottles and typically will reserve them for good customers. I made the list this year. I understand Binny’s will be first come first serve again this year but I don’t know when each store is releasing. I also heard the House of Glunz on Wells St downtown will carry some in their store since they sell some older bottles for $1000’s…. Good luck!

    I did my due diligence and I was a very loyal customer to a store for the past 2+ years. it became ‘available’ today and my cost would be $800 for the 15 or $500 for the 12. yeah, thanks. cant blame those guys for not wanting to pass out information they have. why make it more difficult, huh? I guess we cant all get it, but when we play by the rules and it’s RIGHT HERE in front of us yet we cannot afford the mark-up, then there might be a problem. oh well. congrats to those who got it. if you’re smart, you’ll shun those who are selling it more than 2x price. just my take. I was told I would have the opportunity to purchase due to my loyalty and amount of purchases through the year(s) but hey! if I cant afford it, I cant afford it (at 8X retail).

    I live in Oklahoma where Pappy will never come but I’m willing to drive, camp out, stand in lines if I can get a heads up to when/if it comes to Missouri/Kansas/north Texas/Colorado.

    It used to come to OK until ~2006. Then it got popular and due to OK’s three tier system they didn’t want to have to deal with allocation. Apparently it’s easier to export to UK and Australia than deal with OK. Sad, given OK was such a major market for Weller bourbon in the 50s-80s. This info is direct from Preston.

    Hello Randall C. Collins,

    What is your contact information? I can provide you two bottles of Pappy van Winkle 23 for $30 each if you like, and I will throw in 2 more of the 20 for $10 apiece. You will have to pay for shipping I’m afraid.

    Best regards,
    A. Wesker

    I’m in Phoenix. Wondering if you’ve heard anything yet ?
    Called BevMo and Total Wines. Even joined their mailing list and haven’t heard anything.
    AJ’s has a lottery, but you will be sooo down on the list. Their regulars who purchase mass quantities
    are prioritized !!!

    Wow, the launch of the Pappy map crashed your site Blake! Guess there are a few folks out there anxious to find some. Great work as always Blake and happy hunting everyone.

    It’s f’n wacky ain’t it!!! All this hooplah (That’s right !! Hooplah!!) over old Corn Water!!!
    WE ARE ALL IDIOTS WITH TOO MUCH FREE TIME!… Well, time to get-a-hunt’n!

    Hooray! I live in VA…. Too bad the stuff is unobtanium in ABC stores. Checked my local store tonight and they haven’t seen any. They tell me only the stores in the Richmond area have released the goods….. Good luck to everyone hunting.

    I arrived at the Gayton Crossing store this morning at 9:15 and they opened at 10. I was 3rd in line and got a bottle of the VWSR 12. They didn’t have any 15 but it was still a success!

    I’m happy that you got one but that wouldn’t work here in Kentucky. To get a shot at a 23 year old bottle, first you have to pick the right store, there is no second chance or running to another store because by the time you would get there they are sold out. Then you have to get in line 18 – 24 hours before the store opens on release day.

    Anyone hear of anywhere that is selling in Northern VA? I know DC is coming out in 13 days.. but thought I’d ask if anyone has heard for the Norther VA area. To second that… anyone hear about stores in DC or MD?

    Depends on if you’re in DC or Nova. Nova is my stomping grounds lol. J/k. Don’t know which stores but since richmond stores got it friday….nova stores should be getting it sometime next week.

    The best way to find it is in select restaurants. I spoke to a liquor store owner with a nice burbon selection and he said the allocation is done on purpose so that retail sees almost no pappy. Enjoying at home is preferred if you are lucky to find it. I like Jonny Drum as one that can be located.

    My local whiskey bar carries it year round, but they also sell the 23 for $150/shot, so its a little out of my price range. Trying to find a bottle is the only shot some of us have.

    The 15 is significantly better and as most Master Distillers will tell you, ‘any [age] above that and the oak tends to mute other notes in the bourbon.’

    -Blake: have you written something up on this prior? About the better tasting age range(s)

    Even the 15 goes for $57/shot. If I can find them for anything close to the suggested retail (a tall order itself– at least half of the liquor stores in this town are nearly as bad as the flippers), the bottles are a much better deal.

    Couldn’t agree anymore. I personally like the 12 and 15 year the best. Don’t get me wrong the 20 and 23 are great but 12 year is the sweet spot for me.

    Had my first in Vegas at one of the restaurants in the Mandalay Bay. $200 for 23 year old. Full glass though. Checked it off my bucket list

    I heard BTAC came to Binnys this week and sold out in 1 day. Apparently customers followed the truck to the store. Better have your guy at the store save you a bottle.

    About how long does it take for the rollout to complete? Does it “sweep” across the nation? I’m in Oregon and work next to a liquor store that is going to get a case. I’m trying to figure our when I should start getting up early and standing in line.

    Hey Dan, Have you had any luck? I’m been trying to figure out when the release is here in Oregon as well. Haven’t found an answer yet. Does anyone out there know?

    My preferred store expected to get some in with their Monday shipment, but it did not come. They told me they will receive the bottles for sure in their next shipment. I would expect to see stuff popping up anytime now as store get their shipments. Happy hunting!

    I went to a store this morning that had a Wednesday shipment. They mentioned they didn’t get anything. I’m going to check out a store that gets a Thursday shipment tomorrow to see if it is finally in. Unfortunately, I missed the day this week in my home state of Missouri because I’m in Oregon. If I’m flying home on Friday morning when this stuff is released in Oregon, I’ll karate chop my laptop in half.

    I bought a bottle of 15 year in Portland today. Sir, no liquor store out here is getting a “case” of Pappy this year. Promise.

    As we are seeing, VW & BTAC are getting harder & harder to track down. This year has not been a total waste – I scored a “dusty” EC21 as well as an EC18 and I landed a WT Master’s keep + a couple of 1792SW (do they count?). I was sitting in my kitchen sippin’ on some KCSB & realized that, while I will do bit of hunting this year, I don’t have to overly fret. There is just SOOO much great stuff just sittin’ on the shelf!! We need to remember this and start preaching this! Do you really “need” VW when there is Booker’s, Rare Breed, Jefferson’s Reserve, Noah Mills?? I get that we “want” the rare stuff — but just can’t really see if it is “BETTER” compared to all the horsesh!t we go thru to get it.

    Does Pappy ever get distributed to other countries to be sold at liquor stores abroad??? I travel internationally and was curious. Thanks!!!

    Fyi , VA ABC had posted on their Facebook page 10/14/15 :”Virginia ABC will receive its annual shipment of Pappy Van Winkle products soon. We do not carry Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year, and the 20 Year product is currently on a three-year waiting list, to which we are not adding new names at this time. For the remaining products (Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year, Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Year and Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 15 Year), those products are in extremely limited supply and will be distributed to stores that have sold those products in the past. You can check with your local ABC store(s) to see if they are slated to receive these products, however stores are not able to keep waiting lists for individual products. Limited availability products will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis to in-store retail customers”.

    I am on a supposed in store wait list for the 10,12,15 but not called. I was able to get in a store this morning and present the info above to a manager and got three bottles of the 12 year. She did not want to do it, was extremely rude and said they had to go by the wait list. Good luck in VA with all the conflicting information !

    Was second in line yesterday at Main St. in the Bottom. The Millennial hipster douche in front of me smugly informed me that his friend was buddies with the store manager who assured him he would sell him EVERY BOTTLE THEY HAD (6 Pappy 15s and around a dozen Lot Bs). After fighting off the desire to punch him in his bearded, hoodie-covered face, I let loose a flurry of f-bombs like I’ve never unleashed at another human. He shrugged and re-immersed himself in his iPhone. I detest the Internet generation and everything they don’t stand for.

    If I’d been in your place that f***** would have been on the floor (courtesy of my fist), with x numbers of Pappy-crazed customers stomping on him to get “his” precious bottles before he regained consciousness :-]

    That’s utter BS. If the store let that happen you should definitely be calling some of the enforcement people in Richmond or ask the manager for his/her name and inform them that you’re calling Richmond. They are NOT supposed to be doing that.

    Well that hipster pretty much f*cked us. That store was the reason why they tightened stuff up today. 1 bottle per customer. Some stores did first come first serve….some did phone holds…..some lied. A freaking mess! You should find the guy.

    Well, he had two options: provide the reaction you were hoping to elicit, or ignore you. Honestly, you must lead a blessed life if you’re getting this worked up over some mediocre whiskey.

    Local store says they have a list for the 12 year and won’t sell on first come first serve basis. I was in Williamsburg and this old lady grabbed the last bottle. Look outside and she passes it off to a dude that had already been in and bought a bottle. Store was only letting one bottle per person. I was so freaking pissed.

    People paying others to stand in line for them or to get around store limits are a big reason why I think flippers and hoarders are a much bigger problem than many, including Blake, think.

    VA ABC just took down the links for Pappy products on their website. Until today you could actually see stores allocation and inventory on their site(not in real time). Another example of their non-transparency and overall mishandling of what should be a clear policy for a state run entity. It is a free for all with each store and managers doing as they please. That being said , good luck !

    Total BS in VA…… I have a liquor license and purchase regularly from a local ABC store. Have been asking for months about the Pappy allocation. They let me know when their shipment would arrive so that I could come in for it. When I arrived they told me that they had a line and sold it first come, first serve. I scrambled to hit every ABC in the region and was given a different story by every single store manager that I spoke to. Some flat told me that they are keeping lists and saving for their best customers……..Totally unfair and way too much conflicting info!

    This why ABC stores are complete crap! Everything the government touches is mishandled and ripe with corruption. Gov should not be in the business of selling anything. So glad I live in a state that doesn’t have government run liquor stores. Over the last few years I’ve made my own connections. I spend good money in my contact stores on other bottlings besides Pappy. I bring stuff in for the employees to taste. I BS with the managers and employees in a friendly way. I’ve done the leg work and made my own bones and as such I get the hold backs. I don’t flip. I enjoy the bottles I’m able to land. They know this and I think they actually appreciate my business. I was whiskey drinker before all this hype and when the pretty folks have moved on I will still be a whiskey drinker. Unfortunately, this will not happen soon enough. Good luck with your Pappy hunting but keep it all in perspective!

    Tuesday, I was at the Tysons store that got 6 bottles of 15. I didn’t get one, but neither did the 5th and 6th person in line who got there a lot earlier. The regional manager set two aside for a licensee. The fifth person in line was a soldier. Hope those two bottles break.

    Fairfax stores receiving product today. Some 10 year VW is starting to pop up today….Store in Vienna on Maple Street has 18 X 12 year and 9 X 10 year. Only a dozen or so people waiting….Good Luck!!!

    Anybody have a line on 15 in VA???? I keep getting shut out……

    How do people find out which stores are getting what when? I’ve spoken to several store owners and they don’t know what they are getting until it arrives at the store.

    I’m friends with someone that was in that line and was speaking with the soldier while they waited. He was actually in line trying to get the PVW for his friend coming back from Afghanistan just before Christmas. He did end up with a “Lot B” but was giving that bottle to his father since it’s his father’s favorite bourbon. Apparently the soldier was a really nice guy. He’s never been able to get a bottle of PVW for himself…every year for the past 3 years he’s tried to get a bottle for soldiers coming home but has yet to get a bottle. He said once he takes care of his soldiers, then he’ll try to find one for himself. I’ve got A LOT of respect for a guy like that. Really hope the winds of luck blow his way…

    I’m a little iffy on that story. I’m a Soldier and I was in the area. First, he should not have been there in uniform unless he is on duty. Especially if he was in line for a few hours. I obtained 3 lot b and one 10 year just by driving around and following inventory on the website. I appreciate many who take their time to say thanks for my service, but I absolutely dislike those who try to abuse that right. He should have brought his uniform with and changed if he was working that day.

    So I guess it’s safe to say…LET THE MADNESS BEGIN…I wish everybody the best of luck…and remember, SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BURN A FEW BRIDGES TO KEEP THE CRAZIES FROM FOLLOWING YOU…

    Saw a 10 yr and 12 year Friday at a store in Napa ca. Assume they were last years releases. They were $350 and $450 respectively. I walked away. It’s become a joke to me.

    Sorry, no idea. I was just visiting the area and saw it while driving around. It was just outside of the downtown area but I don’t even remember the name. It said liquor store and I decided to check it out just in case they had something I wanted. I just looked at the map and it may have been Jefferson’s.

    Does anyone have the “release dates” or expected release dates for each state? Last year there was one on this blog..thanks!

    It hasn’t dropped here yet. Horizon Beverage is the distributor in mass, and they are very vague as to when this stuff will be allocated. depending on where you live in mass you have a few options. 1 ask your regular stores if they will have any. 2 try and score some in the boston area where most of it goes in mass. 3 enter a lottery, I know Julio’s liquors in westborough has a pretty fair one. 4 buy secondary market.

    It was available within the liquor section of Costco. I included the note about the wholesale so people wouldn’t confuse it with the liquor store that bears the same name.

    i have a question i have a bottle of eagle rare 17 from this years BTAC and was offered a bottle of ORVW 10 year old plus a bottle of weller 12yo and a bottle of weller OWA FOR IT… THOSE 3 BOTTLES FOR MY ONE…WOULD U TAKE IT???

    Did you WANT the Eagle Rare 17? Have you HAD the Eagle Rare 17 and are looking to try something different? I’m not sure want the point of the question is? Value to resell? Did you buy the Eagle Rare 17 specifically to resell at a higher price? Now, are you asking US here on this this blog (where most of us absolutely detest the idea of buying these RARE Bottles simply to make a later profit off the resell) if you traded the Eagle for the ORVW10 & Weller’s, are they more likely to bring said profit later?

    Dude, take a sip of whiskey and relax. I don’t know how you assumed so much from that question.

    Jackie, keep the ER17. Peel off a shot and send it to Lu with a cheery bow on it.

    Personally I would keep the Eagle Rare 17 because I can get Weller Antique and 12 regularly and I think the ORVW 10 is a good whiskey but not great. I’d simply rather have the Eagle Rare 17 because they are really good and really hard to come by but that’s me. Depends on what you enjoy and what is available to you. I know some cannot get the Weller line very easily in their areas.

    I’ve seen Madison, WI got their PVW but I’m being told it hasn’t hit the Milwaukee area yet. Anyone have any idea on when it will hit DL in Milwaukee? I was told they weren’t expecting it until later in Nov. Any chance they get surprised?

    In the past MKE’s PVW release has been the week after Madison, but it was different with BTAC this year so I’m still not sure. I also wouldn’t trust what you hear at DL, unless you have a good relationship there. I’ve been lied to several times about limited release beer and bourbon. If you want to work together in MKE area let me know so we can trade contact info.

    I was just at DL. Advised that they got 10 bottles of BTAC that were of course gone and no Stagg at all. As usual, mum on Pappy arrival. I have been a great customer there but the main man, Paul, apparently has better customers/friends that he hooks up with the limited releases. My plan is to stick with the bigger chains , first come first serve places and lottery drawings.

    FYI – I got the same story from Paul about the 10 bottles of BTAC. I feel your pain. Paul has been less than forthcoming about DLs Pappy availability as well.

    I was also at DL today. Paul wasn’t around, but I asked someone else and he said it hadn’t come in yet and to try calling every day. Interesting that you were told it had come in already. If they sell it to their regular customers, which I am one, then so be it. I don’t buy that much booze, so I guess I’m not on the secret list.

    I too was at DL this morning and no PVW yet. I got the run around on how rare it is and how they don’t even know when it is coming in and so on. Hang in there guys, it has to be coming soon!

    Steve – Who at DL told you they didn’t get any BTAC? If you didn’t talk to Paul (mke store), I’m guessing whomever you spoke with didn’t know what you were looking for. Paul specifically told me he got “like 10 bottles” and basically said they never even hit the store shelves. They continue to tell me they haven’t gotten any Pappy Van Winkle in yet this time so hopefully there’s still a chance to obtain it when the time comes.

    Lets put it this way – I bought a $5,000.00 bottle of Macallan 50 year Lalique from DL 2 years ago and that wasn’t good enough to get on the exclusive list for Pappy. So I think it is less of a good customer status versus hooking up friends.

    Can’t disagree with you there David. By the way it sounded the BTAC allocation was handled, DL didn’t make it available to regular (good, bad or otherwise) customers. I’m starting to think about giving up on them.

    Just for fun – I’ll share this one. I heard a story (from an employee at another liquor store in the MKE area), that last year, either on Christmas Eve or the night before or something like that, a lady was in looking for Pappy (not sure which year but let’s assume 23 year). Employee at this particular store said they didn’t have any and said maybe call up DL, but chances are no one’s got it as its crazy rare. She did call and they said … “$1000”. Story goes she said fine and went and picked it up. Just repeating what I was told. It’s madness out there.

    Thought today would be the day in MKE but all stores and bar/restaurants I’ve talked to have stated they haven’t received any Pappy yet but expect to. Is this pretty much the same for everyone else in Milwaukee, WI? One thing to note is one of the bars here did post they will be doing a flight of all 5 PVW/ORVW on Nov 27th. In my mind this means they have it or will be getting it soon.

    I’ve heard the same from my local liquor stores; seem to be expecting it closer to Thanksgiving but wouldn’t be shocked if it came sooner. So strange that we’re so far removed from the Madison release.

    Yes. Very different from last year. Nothing in Milwaukee that I am aware of but will try again next week.

    For those that are really desperate, the Woodman’s in Sun Prairie is releasing its allotment on Black Friday, first come first serve. So if you want to sleep outside a Woodman’s overnight you can get yourself a bottle.

    No idea on how many bottles. I would think you’ll want to be in the top 6 if you are going to try to nab a 15/20.

    I have access to a possible 2006 Pappy 20yr. Just not sure what year it actually is. I believe is PRE 2007. It does not have “laser codes” or “dot matrix codes which was post 2007. Nor does it have a raised / embossed lettering on the label. Any help determining which year it is would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you – John

    Has anyone seen or heard anything about ORVW10 this year? I was told that they had a labeling issue and it would be released at a later date.

    Thanks guys. I’m gonna try my hand at getting one on Friday. It will be more difficult now since they took all of the van winkle inventory off of the website. Maybe I’ll see you out there Tom. Happy hunting everyone!

    Shockoe guy just ran me off at 9:50. Was rude and said they didn’t have “anything anyone wanted”. We open at 10. No lining up. Jesus. What’s wrong with coming by 10 min early. What a piece of …

    A woman told me that today in Nova and they actually did. We waited until they opened and they had two 12 years, glad we didn’t go off of what that rude woman said. I think the store workers are upset that their usually minimal effort jobs require them to take phone calls and answer questions two weeks out of the year.

    Northern Virginia ABC stores received their shipments yesterday (10/29), and it was a Toys R Us bloodbath. Local store had 6 cases (3 bottles/case) of the Lot B 12 year (no 10 year, no pappy), and the line started forming at 5 am. For context, last year I called two local stores on “magic Thursday” at like 1 pm, and was able to score the 10 year and 12 year. No such luck this year – mania has taken hold!

    And to think I felt embarrassed as a young child watching adults fight for pokemon cards at the mall KB Toys. Now look at me……listing inventory numbers on the website was perhaps the most ignorant thing ABC could have done. The state pretty much made it horrendous for every employee.

    They removed it too late. Most everyone knows NOVA gets trucks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, Richmond and other store Managers were telling customers when and where.

    Yes, I know stores get their deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, not all stores in NOVA got deliveries and I don’t believe people were waiting at stores that didn’t get deliveries, but I could be wrong. But if the site was showing the stock for certain stores, then that makes sense. BTW, I sent an email to VABC on this…..crickets…..

    Woodbridge got their deliveries today. One store had two 12 years, another had 3 10 years and another had 6 but not sure which years

    NH liquor commission just sent out emails notifying winners of the state lotteries (at least the lottery for the 12-year). It will be arriving in stores for purchase in 1-2 weeks.

    I ordered and paid with bitcoins. It has been over a month and have not received the order. The company does not reply to emails. No telephone number listed to call. Don’t be fooled like me – the site appears to be a total scam. The Bitcoin Alcohol Market is a scam.

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain bitcoinalcohol.market by mail.bitcoinalcohol.market. [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 No Such User Here”

    Heard from a store in Chicago they will find out what they will be allocated November 12th by their distributor. Not sure when they will receive though.

    I used to live in mke. Three years ago I would say dl laughed at me when as I asked about pappys. Randomly maybe two or three months after the release there was a 23 year sitting out in the high value area. I bought it. It was sheer dumb luck. No clue why they put it out that day. Now I live in wv and don’t even have a clue where I would find it in this state. Last year I was in AZ and I don’t think any of my haunts received it.

    Confirmed pappy in Catawba county (North Carolina). They only received 1 case (3) bottles of each year. I was lucky enough to secure a bottle of the 20 year. Now the question is… do I drink or do I sell?

    YES! everyone that contemplates selling or trading an incredibly over-rated bourbon so that they can enjoy other bottles out there is a GD flipper!

    Move to a communist country if you don’t like it.

    You’re free to do what you want but I think you’ll find an overwhelming amount of people on this site will want to see you drink it

    I figured it’d get people riled up. I honestly have no problem with people flipping pappy. It’s incredibly over-valued, and most of the people they buy it our rich folks with little knowledge of bourbon.
    I will likely look to trade it… Probably look for some BTAC or LE-FR

    Probably a WLW… or maybe a stagg plus. I’m not a 100% sure yet. If you give me your email address, I’ll contact when and if I trade it….. It’s going to be really hard not to drink it.

    John, mind giving me your email instead? Mine has my full name and I’m not comfortable leaving it on a public forum. Let me know.

    Got the call today from the County ABC in Catawba County. Releasing only one bottle to those on the waiting list. Was only able to choose between 10 & 15 yr. Got a bottle of 15. Very happy to get this. For reference, Catawba Country sells the second most bourbon of any county in NC and they received 15 bottles total. Feel very lucky to have secured even the 15. Congrats John on getting your 20 yr. I’m definitely drinking mine by the way.

    Congrat’s to you as well. You must have got the call right after me. I believe there was only 1 20yr and 2 15 yrs left when they called me. I’d definitely drink the 15… but the 20 year is a tempting sale/trade.

    Thanks John. Can certainly understand the trade possibility. The prices on the market are stupid high. Even my 15 is going up crazy. I guess due to limited production this year. I’m still planning on sipping on mine but working on another bottle in the county. Gonna have a to pay a lil premium but not stupid. Know who has a 10 and may take $75 for it.

    I’d would trade it if you aren’t going to drink it. You could definitely take in a haul from someone that can’t live without it. That is what I plan to do if I’m lucky enough to pick up one.

    The 10 is $120.00 over priced (by “Blue Book” standards) and the 12 is $220.00 over… LET THEM F’N ROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is par for the course here in NY. Youll be hard pressed to pay anything slightly resembling a “fair” gouge. Last yrs Lot B’s were going for about $300 -$400

    It’s crazy that we’re “almost” OK with a “FAIR GOUGE” at this point. The fact that that’s a term is even more ludicrous.

    Went into several stores today with brand new allocation that were crazy. 23 year old 3,000. Not exaggerating.

    Stagg 640 and Handy 450.

    Still a few stores do it the right way but not many….

    You think that is bad? The only Van Winkle I saw in a liquor store here in MD had the 10 Year for $400 and the 12 Year for $500! I passed. Really hoping I get picked in one of the raffles I am in and/or I manage to score a bottle at the little store who told me they got 10, 12, and 23 last year, who I am building a relationship with.

    Pappy confirmed for Westchester County, New York. My local store got all of their bottles (both Pappy & BTAC) in one shipment. The manager I spoke to told me that this was the lowest allotment they’ve ever received (Pappy: two 10s, 1 each of the 12, 15, 20, 23). None of the bottles are being put on the shelves and all are being offered to good customers. I asked for either a 15 or a 20 but was told the chances of getting one of those was slim, but I was promised “something” (probably one of the BTACs; oh well).

    I called some other liquor stores in the area. Most of them claimed not to have received their Pappy shipments (not sure I believe them) but one manager told me that they also had received their BTAC and Pappy bottles, but that they were going into a lottery. So that’s two liquor stores confirming Pappy (and BTAC) for Westchester.

    Only Westchester up here so far… Nothing from the other “big retailers” yet. STAR in Monroe, ARLINGTON WINES in Poughkeepsie, SUBURBAN in Yorktown, & MID-VALLEY in Newburgh all got ZIP so far… They also price gouge the Sh!t out of the stuff. Would NEVER buy from any of them. There just a good marking system as to how the stuff is floating around.

    Westchester Wine Warehouse had about 2 bottles of the 10 yr left and they were selling them for $400.00 each. Nice try fellas.

    Yeah, I can direct people to stores where the 23 is 3,000 & Weller is $600. Seriously. Another store has Stagg for 650. Will be taking my dollars elsewhere.

    And the store where he takes care of his customers is asking no one tell anyone where they got the bottles he is selling (a handfull). Not worth the dozens of calls he gets a day about them. Crazy.

    Binny’s reserves their allocation for preferred buyers. If you’re not on the list, you didn’t have a chance. Happy hunting…

    Did you get confirmation it is for preferred buyers only? I got a lot B and haven’t shopped at binny’s much this year…I just ended a yearlong boycott. I suspect they are only allowing one bottle per buyer across the chain based on your binny’s card.

    Was happy enough to get a bottle of the 13 year VW Rye at Binny’s yesterday. Had never tried it before and it is truly remarkable. Having tried countless other rye whiskeys this may be the best I have had. Highly recommended if you can score it.

    I think it varies by location. The one nearest me sold to preferred customers. Got a THH and EC18 there previously so no boycotts here, but wasn’t on their “Pappy list”, unfortunately.

    I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I’m thinking of calling BS on that DC release. Was at CostCo @ 10AM (when they open) today, was first in the door and inquired in person and additionally just called my over there – nothing (albeit, my friend @ RNDC did state that they received their shipment last Friday). Also, called around to Pearson’s (where I send a lot of business), Schneider’s (I know Rick Genderson personally, who is semi-retired now, but still handles all the super rare releases and have done over $5M in business with him in the past), MacArthur’s (my shop does TONS of business with them), Calvert Woodley (where I know several of the wine buyers), Cleveland Park (where I know the owner), Potomac (where I know the manager), and several other shops where I either know the owner or manager by name, send business to, or purchase a decent amount from, and still came up with nothing.

    As one may be able to tell, I also work in the alcohol retail industry, though my shop carries no BT or Saz items, so I’m SOL at my store. In truth, I’d rather it be that way than put a bunch of sh*t product on my shelves and have RNDC dangle Pappy & BTAC in front of me & state if I don’t pick something up, I may not get it. Then, after all that, deal with the dozens of phone calls – I’d rather not deal with the headache altogether. I have to give it up to the stores that actually deal with it all, you deserve a round of applause (even more so if you have a bottle of Pappy, BTAC or FRSMLE waiting for me, lol).

    Think someone might want people chasing ghosts? Just a speculation. Wasn’t sure how definitive/reliable the source is.

    I actually picked up a bottle at Calvert Woodley today. They have one on the shelf left of the 12 year “Lot B” (at $399).

    Jeez I’m glad I gave up on CW after last year. I heard that they got BTAC but I never verified. Last year they were one of the few places in the city to get WLW but it didn’t matter since nothing went on the shelf. Kind of surprised to hear that they had anything on the shelf, although at that price it wouldn’t surprise me if all their list people passed.

    Screw that. At that price let it f*cking rot. Hope you didn’t pay that price. That’s why I picked up mine in VA this year. Sure, they mucked it up pretty bad initially, but got it set straight by the time it hit NoVa, and you can’t complain about their nice set MSRP prices.

    Plus, it’s better than the super political game in DC of snagging a bottle with either being a millionaire and spending tons of money to get one set aside, paying an arm & a leg, or making 2 hours worth of phone calls per day and hoping that you called at just the right time and that you can haul your @ss over there in time.

    I picked up a bottle of Pappy 20 today at a store with which I frequently do business in DC for less than the overpriced 12 Lot B at Calvert Woodley. This is the craziest I have ever seen bourbon in this area and I would guess, the country. Haven’t gotten any BTAC yet.

    Picked up a bottle of VW 12 Lot B for $149.99 and GT Stagg for $199.99 at a store in NW DC with which I’ve been doing business for years. This is a place with a terrific whisky selection and the manager only received five bottles total across Pappy and BTAC. Didn’t even receive any ET Lee or Weller 107 or 12. Two or three years ago, excess ORVW 10 or 12 ended up on the shelves!

    No worries. Can’t field all the stores in DC, some do slip through the cracks. Just wanted to make sure the readers/followers are getting accurate info. Thanks for the confirmation!

    It’s in DC for sure. I believe the distributor hand delivers the BTAC and PVW releases so its not uncommon for a store to get in a week before others (or a few days). My contact got it earlier this week and gave me a call to hold a bottle. None made it out to shelves and the allocations were way down.

    Ouch I bought a botlte of 20 year old Pappy back in the middle of Oktober at a slightly above price from some site called the Bitcoin Alcohol Market. I just now got it in the mail today which I am happy but seeing that the bitcoin I had to buy cost aound $250 I now see this bitcoin would of been worth $450 today if I did not spend it on some liquor. Oh well was my only option to get my hands on a bottle before the holidays not as easy as you people living in the USA to even get in a lottery for a chance to buy it. Smart business move on their end collecting bitcoins for liquor in hopes they increase in price? They must be doing fine profits.

    I think you are part of the scam.
    I ordered and paid with bitcoins. It has been over a month and have not received the order. The company does not reply to emails. No telephone number listed to call. Don’t be fooled like me – the site appears to be a total scam. The Bitcoin Alcohol Market is a scam.

    The Bitcoin alcohol market IS absolutely a scam. No replies from customer service, no phone number and no way to trace them (without the use of serious IT resources). I’ve been very long bitcoins so that profit has more than made up for the loss from dealing with these scumbags. SHUT THIS SITE DOWN.

    i dont really care to back them up especially if they recently started having shipping problems. but if were talking about the same bitcoin alcohol .market site that launched last year that the community knows about i have placed 3 orders since then. 1 bottle of van winkle and 2 other french wines. i have never had to deal with customer service so i cant comment on that but items all arrived to Chicago in a week.

    You are full of shit and must be part of the scam. The Bitcoin Alcohol Market website is a scam. Do not send them bitcoins – you will not get your order.

    I agree with Bob. Ordered over a month ago and no reply from their site, Facebook, or any of their “fake reviews”. You know what they say. If it is too good to be true it probably is.

    at least two Binny’s sold out before noon, calling into a store in the burbs and the location in Lincoln Park. Calling into Warehouse Liquors, they are all about the 1 word answers, keeping it for regular customers and they have no idea when they will receive it or are just being tight lipped on it.

    Been looking around/asking my contacts, doesn’t seem to have come to Upstate NY just yet. Keeping my ear to the ground though.

    Walked into a liquor store in Manhattan last night and started chatting up the manager. I joked about how hard it was to find any Pappy, and he laughingly agreed. I asked him if he had gotten any this year and he told me that he hadn’t. With a little prodding (and the some disingenuous innuendos that I’d perhaps be willing to pay over retail) he finally went behind the counter and pulled out a bottle of Pappy 15 that he claimed he didn’t have. He told me that he also had a bottle of the 20 that someone had offered to pay $2300 for. I asked him how much he wanted for the 15 and he told me $1600. I told him I’d think about it (pfft… yeah right!) and he told me that he’d probably find a buyer for it by early next week (on that I’m sad to say he’s probably right).

    So I got a chance to hold a bottle of the 15 yr in my hands for about two minutes, but I’ll be damned if I’m paying that much for it. The search continues…

    Yup…absolutely correct! I would also throw in the shady unscrupulous distributors as well. They are at the top of the ” food chain”, so to speak when it comes to having unlimited access to these allocations of rare whiskey. Absolutely ridiculous!

    Ha! Youre better person than I am! I would have whacked him over the head with it! I wouldn’t have mind going to jail for that!

    He won’t sell it for that. You can pick it up cheaper on wine searcher. If he does sell it, the individual who purchases it is really a fool! If stores actually do start selling (or at least pricing) the stuff at what is now no longer a ridiculous price but an absolutely ludicrously offensive price… how long is this stuff going to sit? Will we see a bottle from 2014 on the shelf 3 years from now? Plenty of store in central NJ still have their 15’s, 20’s & 23’s in the cases because they are all OVERPRICED! As we can tell from just this board alone, we bourbon nerds (sorry Kids — we are!) are all pretty savvy cookies! We do our research. We know what is a “decent” price. And from what I’ve been reading we are ready to walk out on a schmuckalupagus who prices this stuff out of any realm of reason. We all know how much GOOD shelf stable stuff is out there. So here’s to us all!! Cheers for fighting the good fight! F*ck the Flippers & F*ck the Gougers!!

    It’s all 2014 stock. You wanna pay $900.00 for a 15? $1100.00 for a 20? $2700.00 for a 23?!!! They’re around. Go north of you. Please don’t be “that guy”. Leave it be & LET IT ROT!!!

    I certainly would not pay that heft for these bottles. But it’s good to know which stores get regular allocations so maybe becoming a regular will get you access at a reasonable price.

    It’s a secret group on Facebook. If you look up David Burgos and send me a PM I could add you. Should say I’m from Bloomfield

    Hey, any chance people know of any New York secret facebook societies for bourbon? If not, I will start one! Please help me out.

    Hi Daniel no I don’t sorry but its only secret on FB to stop all the random advertisement bots from trying to join the group lol. But yes start one man its hwy I did. NJ had nothing local that I could find on FB for a group dedicated to just NJ scene so decided to just start it

    where was this lottery held? no stores i go to said anything about a lottery. it never had anything at the state website, and as of the other day restaurants hadn’t gotten their allotment yet?

    Nh has a list of people who want it. This year they randomly picked people off of the list. I was at Hooksett north on Friday morning and they had 6 old rips and six 12 year. All were awaiting pickup by people who were chosen.

    OK… Nothing (BTAC or VW) has hit ” upstate NY yet. Evidently Empire Dist. uses a “North” & “South” split allocation system. It stopped at Westchester. So don’t worry Kats & Kittens – you ain’t missin’ anything!! Keep an eye open – It’s a coming!

    Although the prices are high for some, I love being able to walk into a store in NY and get Pappy Van Winkle. I live in CT, which gets almost no Pappy and I can relate to those who live in states where Pappy is unattainable. Being only one mile from the NY border, I have a few stores in NY that I drop significant coin at every year and they have come through, even with all the new Pappy searchers out there. All told, 5 bottles yesterday, two for a friend and I kept 3 (10yr & 2 15yr). As an example, I got an email yesterday morning, “Mr D. we are holding a Pappy van Winkle 15yr for you, would you be able to pick it up today?” Like a concierge serve, how nice is that? No lines, no lottery, no guessing games! I got so many bottles last year, that I started gifting it! Back before all the hype, I could take all I can afford at list price. Those list price days are over, so please stop complaining about prices. It’s a supply and demand game and we don’t live in a socialist world. If you own a liquor store, you are sitting on potentially $100k in inventory that is not moving. Given the chance to make an extra markup on a few bottles, I would do it as well. Small business in the US is tough with all the taxes, health insurance and employee costs. think of the high prices as the liquor store owners annual bonus. I know the guys who are paying thousands and guess what, they are using their bonus to do it!

    The rest of Chicago liquor stores received their allocations yesterday. Probably hit up about 15 (on the Northside) or so with about half sold out already by 8:00 pm and the other half did not receive any this year. Got lucky at the last store I went to and scored two bottles of ORVW 10 year. Happy hunting!

    Why yes, yes I am! Mr. Fisher, I presume? I still get on there from time to time; update my cabinet, see what folks are drinking, etc. Just been a while since I’ve checked into anything.

    where in the heck is it already in atlanta? i’ve been poking and prodding all through my local spots and they all say it’s either on the way or they aren’t getting any.

    Have to agree. If you bought a VW10, I recommend drinking it or trading it. Selling it is unlikely to be wise unless you bought it at retail, and even then you will get much more bang for your buck if you save it for the novelty. I think the VW12 is great, and the Pappy 20 is my idea of perfection. Never hd the 23 nor the 15, but have a 15 on my shelf waiting for a really special occasion.
    I think the bubble will burst once people stop buying the 10’s and 12’s (as it was until 5 years ago). The word needs to get out that they are NOT Pappy’s, so people stop buying them which forces the Pappy line even higher. I started drinking bourbon because scotch was too expensive and I developed a real taste for bourbon as a result. It may be time to start drinking scotch and retrain my palate. Yamasaki 18 is amazing, though also hard to find, so I don’t know if it’s really a long term strategy.
    On a happier note, got my Stagg today in NYC and I am exquisitely happy.
    Good luck to all!

    Good luck convincing people it isn’t Pappy – it’s even got the Van Winkle name on it. The same isn’t the case for any type of Weller, and people even seem to think THAT’S Pappy.

    It blows my mind what’s going on with Weller and ETL now. They got their reputation by being a good, affordable, available bourbon (and I emphasize the available and affordable as much as the good). Past about $40 they lose that appeal to me, but the bang for your buck aspect to their appeal seems to be lost on the people who’ve recently hopped on the bandwagon.

    Bummed I missed out on the Maryland general release. Still got hope with two raffles. One guy said the truck was coming tonight, so I am gonna check first thing in the morning, but not my breath.

    When you say released in MD are you talking about Montgomery county or the rest of the state? Was just in a store today that is expecting an allotment and they said they were hoping for Monday or Tuesday.

    I know three stores in Howard County that got bottles Friday. One doing a lottery, another still doesn’t know what to do with their allotment, and a third that is charging more than retail but less than bars in the area for 10, 12, 15, and Handy. Shame as long as it is less than bars, stores seem to think it is a fair price.

    If I get two more bottles at MSRP or just a tiny bit over, with my ER17 I got last year from Montgomery County for $79.99, I might not have buyers remorse on some of the whiskeys I have picked up this year.

    Ohio went yesterday (11/06/15) and it was over before it started. Every bottle in the state was pretagged with a unique number and the name of the bar, restaurant, government employee, or distributor employee who was selected to pay for it.

    I have 2 bottles of the Pappy Van Winkle 12 year… And I willing to trade it for an UNOPENED bottle of the Eagle Rare 17 year.. Any takers?

    Facebook me @ Kenneth Brailey

    I just hit the jackpot apparantley, I found a few places that were releasing Pappys, so I lined up and paid “non pappy’s” drinkers to line up for me…. I scored the following….

    2 – 23 year old
    2 – 20 year old
    6 – 15 year old
    6 – 13 year old rye
    6 – 12 year old
    6 – 10 year old

    All together… 28 bottles of Pappys !!!

    I’m one happy camper !!!! I also have pictures to prove it !!! :)))))

    Did you get a decent price at least? Only stores in Maryland I saw were charging a lot for this stuff! The guy I thought I was going to get Pappy from got the 10, 12, and 23 last year, but hasn’t gotten anything as of 11:30 this morning. I guess the raffles I am in are my last chance.

    One of the big reasons the Pappy problem exists is because of sites like this one. A whole new segment of the population who feel they are entitled because they read a forum post and came late to the party has been set loose on the retailers. In the past, stores got it and it sat there, with nobody asking for it. Now, people are badgering retailers and thus they know they can charge more. Just look at the above post, some guy paid people to wait in for him to buy his Pappy (actually applaud his capitalism) and now he has 28 bottles to hoard away for himself, or more likely, to sell for profit. What are you going to do with 28 bottles? If this site, bottlespot and wine searcher didn’t exist nobody would know about this, inventories would be high and prices would be low. Everyone who reads and posts on this site must now know this is a real shitshow now!

    If you think this site is a part of the problem you’re a moron. The guy talking about 28 bottles was a joke which you obviously didn’t get. Things have been crazy with Pappy for several years now.

    Yes, in my opinion this site is complicit in helping pump up prices and promoting scalpers who would not know what Pappy is from Canadian Mist. You don’t think things blog posts on release dates, bourbon hunting and aftermarket prices fuels the fires of scalpers? You are obviously one of the new entrepreneurs to capitalize on this, in a big way, and that’s great!

    I just checked bottle spot and there is a Pappy post for a just released 20 year for $2000 and 15 year for $4000. Scalpers and retailers, must love seeing this and now think they entitled to their share of the big mark up and profits.

    Honestly, I’ve been buying Pappy for over 10 years and every purchase was to drink, share with friends and gift to people who I know would share it back with me. Now I suspect most people who buy it are not drinking it, but looking to turn it around for a big mark up. When I crack a bottle with friends, they freak out and say I can’t believe you opened it! If I had to guess, 2/3rd’s are not drinking it. I never thought that I would have to pay this much to drink my favorite bourbon. But on the bright side, I get to enjoy this wildly entertaining website!

    Valid points. I guess my counterpoint is while I haven’t been buying Pappy for ten years I’ve been doing it since before the complete madness it is today. That’s why I try to talk about how Pappy isn’t the end all and encourage people to drink. I started the release trackers three years ago to help dedicated drinkers find Pappy and BTAC. I’m not sure how to deter guys trying to flip from using the maps, but I can tell you I’ve deleted hundreds of comments from guys trying to flip. In the end, it’s a free market, though.

    If this blog didn’t cover limited editions it would be missing a huge part of the bourbon world today. Also, stay tuned I think you’ll enjoy today’s post.

    I don’t think that argument is logical at all. This site exists because there was a bourbon boom that started a few years back and has grown so there is a market for this website. People who come here or even know about it are those who seek to find those bottles and have been buying them for years in many instances and now cannot get them unless they find them on the day of or within days of release. The biggest reason for the boom is a combination of TV chefs endorsing Van Winkle, the craft cocktail movement (which lies heavily in the bourbon/rye world), and other shows/movies discussing/displaying Van Winkle, and feature articles being written stemming from those things. Trying to say a website that is in existence directly in response to the current interest in American whiskey is the reason for the boom is pretty faulty logic.

    If you google Pappy Van Winkle, this site turns up in 2 of the top 10 results, not so hard to find. No way this site has anything to do with the bourbon boom, other than maybe coining or popularizing the phrase “bourbon boom”. This site does have everything to do with helping create a more educated shopper. I’d say it is the Consumer Reports of bourbon shopping.

    Sorry to fact-check you Andrew, but I never said anything close to this site being the cause of a bourbon boom. No way this site has anything to do with the bourbon boom, other than maybe popularizing the phrase “bourbon boom”. The phrase bourbon boom refers to the increase in sales, jobs, tax revenue, visits to distilleries, etc, not the scalping of Pappy.

    If you google Pappy Van Winkle, this site turns up in 2 of the top 10 results, so not so hard to find. I’m sure a big percent of the visitors came in through a google search and are not in a private club of long time bourbon drinkers. This site does have everything to do with helping create a more educated shopper, which includes scalpers. I’d say it is the Consumer Reports of bourbon shopping.

    Thanks for the fact-checking. I don’t think the bulk of people who have a mild interest in bourbon are the ones camping outside stores, spending time building relationships with stores, and staying on top of release dates and likely places to find this stuff. Are those people on this site checking it out? I’m sure there are but from what I have seen its the people that have the relationships and know where to get this stuff that are by far the most successful. There are a dozen secret online bourbon trading sites, multiple tracking sites/twitter handles, etc. It’s all in response to a growing interest in bourbon. I just think saying this site is a reason for the Pappy problem is silly. It’s a response to a market that has grown to a size that a site like this is able to exist. The bulk of the people buying and selling this stuff at inflated prices are bourbon enthusiasts, it just so happens there are a lot more of them than there used to be. Just how it is, I really don’t think this website has grown that interest to any important degree at all, it has simply been an outlet for those that want to find the stuff. I also wasn’t aware at all that this site coined the phrase “bourbon boom.” To my knowledge it is just what people have been calling it.

    Yeah there’s no way I coined “Bourbon Boom”. But I’ll try to trademark it now and sue everyone that uses it 🙂

    Let me get this straight… newer Pappy hunters “feel they are entitled” to offer retailers money to purchase their whiskey? Oh jeez, that’s some real “entitlement” there, and rich coming from someone who brags about his connections and then offers a condescending lecture on laissez-faire economics. What was that about “entitlement?”

    There are tons of posts on this board that highlight the entitlement. People who feel they entitled to pay a certain price is an example. I have heard from many store owners that it is not worth it for them because it upsets customers when they don’t get a bottle. If people are getting upset, then they must have felt entitled to a bottle, no? I’ve heard a few stories of customers who went to pick up their Pappy and freaked out on the store owner because it wasn’t a 23 year or they only got one bottle, when they felt they were entitled to a case.

    For me, I don’t mind paying a little more to get the good stuff, I’m just afraid of getting shut out some day.

    It’s a problem for a lot of retailers. I’ve had guys contact me to ask if I’ll take down the “Pappy retail price” post because customers claim they’re being taken advantage of because the store charged $80 for ORVW 10 instead of $40 as the post says. In the meantime the store owner knows he could easily sell it for $300 on craigslist and not have to deal with a headache.

    There’s no easy way of dealing with a product so heavily in demand.

    I enjoy the site, please don’t change a thing. Hopefully, the next great collectible will come around soon and people will move on from rare bourbon.

    Got a bottle of Pappy 15 today in North Carolina. If anyone wants to make me an offer, feel free. I won’t sell it because I’m not a soulless, blood sucking flipper and I actually drink and enjoy bourbon but feel free anyway.
    Jokes aside, I believe the site was started to help true whiskey enthusiasts find good bourbon so please stop using it as your personal ad space to flip your finds.
    If you buy bourbon to sell it then you don’t like bourbon, you like money and there are other sites for you.

    I would buy it from you for retail value if you actually wanted to sell it to me. My grandfather just passed away this past year and his favorite thing to do was enjoy good bourbons. Me and my dad have been trying our hardest for the past year to get a bottle of the 15 year Pappy or really anything special for me and him to “share with papa”. Let me know if you’d be interested in selling it to me, like I said I’ll pay you whatever the retail is for it. I’m not in the business of overpaying for things and definitely not in the business of flipping meaningful things like that for money. The sentimental value means far more than any monetary value to me and my dad.


    What do you mean that Pappy is being “served” in Nashville Tennessee. Is it just released in bars and restaurants at this time?

    I’ve been drinking bourbon since 1979. Started with bourbon and 7. Got serious when I read Gary Ragan’s Book of Bourbon. My bourbon of choice was Old Charter 10. Blake, I love this site, just remember to find something you like to drink without selling the farm.

    Any thoughts on a Kentucky release guys??? And Blake I love your Blog…regardless if people like a post they can just pass over it. There is alot of useful info here. We just traveled overseas and found a bottle of The Macallan it is like a unicorn LOL pretty excited about it 🙂

    The best part of this blog is how much good bourbon OTHER than pappy’s I have discovered. Especially all the delicious barrel proofs! Blake, you are awesome. Your love and passion for good bourbon rings true through your reviews and timely posts. For all the people out there who feel the need to disparrage this blog, do us all a favor and start your own blog and do with it as you will.

    Just a quick note: Received the following email for Party Source in Bellevue, KY 41073

    Greetings Bourbon Enthusiasts,

    On Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. EST, The Party Source will be releasing our allocation of Rip Van Winkle and Pappy Van Winkle whiskies. The rules are as follows:

    ONE BOTTLE TOTAL PER CUSTOMER, on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

    There are no reservations, no holds, no paying in advance, no paying over the phone, no online orders, no bartering or begging.

    We take no responsibility for any line that forms while waiting for this release!

    We do not take names, hold places, pass out tickets, etc. for those in line.

    Selections and pricing are as follows:

    Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old 107 Proof – $41.99
    Van Winkle Family Reserve 12 Year Old Lot B – $49.99
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Old 107 Proof – $67.95
    Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Old – $125.99
    Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old – $221.99
    Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 Year Rye – $83.99

    Please understand that these whiskies are extremely desirable. If you are unfamiliar with the release, expect long lines to form early and demand to far exceed our supply.

    While you’re here, be sure to check out our great selection of excellent TPS Private Barrel Bourbons and Whiskies!

    -The Party Source Staff

    I dont know about that. Not saying I’m happy about it but I think we disagree on it. Considering stores PLENTY of stores by me are charging flipper prices the stores that ask less than 2x to 2x retail I’m not complaining about.

    The demand is so high, impossible to get it at those prices, and the one’s who do, are flippers. I was in Louisville all week, all the regular guys who want the stuff, are boxed out. The economy there doesn’t support the prices we can pay here in NY. I know a number of bars selling 10 yr and 12 yr Pappy for less than $15 a pour, so at least they have that!

    I too envy those prices. The raffles I am in are the best prices I have seen in my area (Maryland) by a long shot and these prices are even better! I could have scored bottles both this year and last, but at a very high premium.

    I was at a liquor store in western suburbs of Chicago that had 2 bottles, 10 and 12 year. But you have to but a case (6 btls) of Cutty Sark Prohibition with each. $240 for the 10 and $260 for the 12, all in. I took a pass.

    Just out of curiousity, which store was that? My family lives in the Western Burbs (I live in Michigan) and just curious if it’s nearby. I don’t plan on having them run out and get it, they are out of town the next two weeks anyways.

    I had second thoughts last night and bought the 10 year RVW today. Unknown to me, my wife bought the 12 year old Special Reseve for me for an anniversary present. I’ll likely keep the 10 and sell the 12. So I don’t think the store has any left.


    Is there an estimated (or can you for s’s and g’s take an educated guess) what the production numbers might look like for each of the line’s releases?


    Scored A 10yr and a 12yr and two bottles of Elmer T Lee an hour outside of Nashville! My first bottles; pumped! Thanks Blake for your site, really enjoy it.

    I think the distributor hit all of the state at once today, as several stores in different metro areas posted they received their allocation. Haven’t heard about the Lowcountry but its safe to assume they got theirs if the Midlands and Upstate did. I appreciate Blake’s shout out to The Cocks, it has been a rough season and can’t wait for it to be over.

    Liquor world in Bardstown, ky has 10yo for $250 if anyone is willing to pay that much for it. I have two bottles waiting for me this afternoon at much lower prices.

    The lesson for today is never say die… walked into a liquor store today in Westchester County, NY (let’s just say slightly larger than a mom & pop) and I asked for some BTAC. The woman working the register said that she thought it was all gone. I thought this was strange, since I visited the store on three consecutive days after pappy and BTAC were supposed to have been delivered to ALL the NY and Westchester County stores (11/3) and was told by this same woman that they hadn’t received any this year and had no idea if they would… I chalked the store up to a lost cause, but I figured today that I’d ask just for the hell of it. She told me that they recently received “a couple of bottles of the BTAC” and that they had been shelved and promptly purchased. At this moment, the woman squinted at her computer and asked me if I wanted any Pappy. WHAT?!?! She pulled out a bottle of the Van Winkle “Lot B” 12 yr and handed it to me… it was the last bottle (they had sold off two 10s and received none of the older expressions) and I got it for a reasonable $80. So the lesson today is that there are still bottles floating around Westchester County that can be had for a decent price.

    I’ve heard Rockland got completely F’d. I’ve heard thru the grapevine (and you know this grapevine), that (allegedly) 4 stores got rather “large” allotments… but the average Joe won’t be able to touch it. You must be part of a certain “community”… Just what I’ve heard… I know a couple mom & pop shops got a bottle here and there – and most got jack. I wonder what kind of kick back the Empire rep was getting??

    The whole switch to Empire was supposed to make things better and its roundly made it worse. Stores are told they cant buy allocated reg stuff (eagle rare, blantons etc) than punished for not purchasing in previous three months.

    And the reps tell them they cant do anything about it but I know first hand of two stores that do volume, but less than a large legit store who received over twice the allocation.

    Talked to 5 store owners in lower NY state. None of them are happy w/ Empire. Regardless of how the PVW / BTAC was doled out.

    Now you are ok with $170? Strange coming from someone who jumps at the opportunity to type let it rot?

    Isn’t book value = scalper value?

    Not so much. I don’t consider it. The book value is market driven (SO – YES – there is a chance some F-tard will buy a 10 for 6000.00 and screw us all) but right now as long as the stuff is under the stated value on BBB.com. I’m not completely upset w/ it. It’s when jokers think that they’ll get $400.00 for a 10 that I get annoyed. For a 10 I’ll never pay over $220.00. That’s my comfort zone. We all have to find our own for each bottle.

    Which Woodman’s did you score a bottle at? The one I visit did a lottery (which I didn’t win) and another in the “western burbs” said they hadn’t got it yet.

    I was shut out at Oak Creek as well, tough to see the bottles a few feet from you and have to walk away. Really surprised Woodman’s didn’t hold the prices closer to MSRP, congrats to those who were able to walk away with one!

    Elmer T Lee at a liquor store on West 4th St in Manhattan for the reasonable price of $800.
    If that doesnt tickle your fancy, you can get a bottle of Weller 12yr for the STEAL OF A PRICE of $200.

    You’d be a FOOL NOT to buy at these prices.

    *End of sarcasm*

    So, DC got hit with Pappy at Costco over the past couple days. I was first one in the door for the past week and a half straight and called around 3 times a day. They released 10 on the shelf on Tuesday, but said it was a 1 bottle per membership strict policy – any year you pick up, that’s it, you’re done – and that they would be selling older releases later. I called when they had it on the shelf (my girlfriend called me from her cell as she was physically there looking at the 10 year in the case) and they said they didn’t have it in yet.

    Yesterday, showed up @ 8:30 when no one was there (they open @ 10AM) and waited outside. It was a madhouse rush to get to the service counter. They said they only had the 12yr releasing that day and that the other older releases were on order and had not arrived yet. Figured I’d hold out a day, two, or few as the 15, 20 & 23 had to drop sooner or later.

    Today, I showed up a little later (around 9:15), but was still 1st one to service desk after dashing there like Usain Bolt. Everyone was told the same thing, that there is no Pappy and that it was all sold (a lot of the same people from yesterday were in the line). We had the GM come over in front of the dozen of us standing in line at the service counter. He stated the same thing – there is no Pappy and that it was all sold. When we asked when and to whom, he stated that they held their older releases that they had received were held for “larger accounts” that apparently spend $20K+ with them a year on spirits (albeit they have a first come, first served company-wide policy). We stated that this was against company policy and that we were given false information; additionally, I stated that I had all my bases covered when it came to the release at their store and explained as to the extent of how I did so. When I asked him who authorized the sale of product against company policy, he had nothing to say. I asked one last question and most of us left infuriated: Why were we not told the previous day(s) that these were being held for larger accounts? I understand it would upset some people (including me) but at least that information would have afforded me, as well as the others who had held out for older releases, the opportunity to obtain a bottle of 12yr (2 in my case as my girlfriend was with me at open yesterday when they were “only releasing the 12yr”) instead of none at all. Now, I’m stuck with nothing rather than something due to lies and misinformation.

    The resolution that the manager came up with is that they are not going to carry it in their store next year. So now, I guess they feel the need to further piss on everyone by making it even harder for them to obtain Pappy next year as most of the other stores in the DC area have around 500-1000% markup. My resolution was plain, simple and easy – tell people you are holding the older releases for larger accounts so that way they may at least pick up something rather than nothing, that way they may be upset but at least have something to show for all their time and work rather than nothing. Who all agrees?

    Sorry for the long rant, but I felt it therapeutic to vent here as well as to get gauged responses as to if they have encountered something like this at another large chain (other CostCo locations, Total Wine, BevMo, Binny’s, Spec’s, Liquor Barn, etc). So, is anyone else getting f*cked over at other chain stores, and if so, any resolution or opinions?

    John, cant agree with you here. You had the bird in a hand. You said it best, it was a risk you took, you would have had two 12’s. Always possible that when we do that it wont be there the next day for whatever reason. I get the frustration with not telling about the older release part but quite frankly I am ok with big spenders getting choice. If only it was that way at all stores than a shop you frequent often would take care of you. There are two five store or so chains by me. I got shut out of one and a bottle at the other and I cant complain about how any of them did it (each franchise had a little different policy). I’d rather the store try to figure it out than the lottery/mad dash to the counter method which shows no loyalty to people that regularly shop there.

    We complain when stores that charge msrp dont distribute it in a way we like or we get shut out and than are surprised when they no longer what the hassle of even carrying it which means more to the stores that gouge and play favorites…

    Did most people grab the 10’s and 12’s the other day when you passed?

    Went to Costco yesterday the guy said it was gone in 2 hours and that they had all years like it was all on the shelf. Spoke to two stores that said to check back next week. Found 2 bottles of 10 Year. Last 2 bottles the store had well above retail, but below the gougers price.

    Expecting special treatment from a huge chain store is probably your first mistake. Find a smaller store that receives some and be a loyal customer to them and you might be surprised how easy it is to get. Most stores in my area do not do public releases of it because the poaching has become so bad. My own store is no different. If you have something special, why would you just hand it out to anyone on the street instead of taking care of the good customers that keep you in business?

    The Cosco experience sounds like a terrible one. Does Cosco in DC sell Pappy at the suggested retail price? There are a few medium-sized stores in NW DC with which I’ve done business for years, who are willing to hold allocated bottles for me, including Pappy. As others have said, I think it is worth to establish relationships at stores like these.

    The prices were noticeably cheaper two or three years ago, but in the past year or two, I’ve been able to pick up Pappy 20 for around $300, 10 for $100, and 12 Lot B for $150, which I don’t think is terrible for the DC metropolitan area. I have had no success with 23 or rye. And, in the past year or two, I have noticed an exponential increase in the price of BTAC, but pulled the trigger on GT Stagg and Sazerac 18 for around $200 per bottle.


    This helps explain to me why I got several reliable tips about the BTAC release @ the DC Costco, and showed up there a few hours later, and none of the employees had any idea what I was talking about.

    Also, Total Wine in Laurel is guilty of flat-out lying as well. Any calls made to their store prior to the release were met with, “We aren’t carrying it this year”. Guess who was the first store in MD to release it…..to their VIP customers of course. The Total Wine in Towson lies, but at least they change it up every once in a while. They changed their tune from, “We’ll put it on the shelf > You’ll have to ask someone for it > We’re not carrying it this year > It’s for our VIP customers”


    You are wrong about Total Wine – Laurel. I don’t know what you were told but they got the shipment in on that Friday and had it behind the counter, 1 per customer for whoever showed up to ask. I had never shopped there before and simply asked for a Saz 18 and they handed it to me and I paid for it. Others came in and did the same until it was gone. So while they may have given you the run around, they did simply release it to the public and not any VIP customers.

    I would never purchase bourbon from Costco, Total Wine, etc. Not just because they make a fool out of customers, and there is no loyalty, but because these chain stores will put the locally owned stores out of business.

    First up, Blake is doing an awesome job with the site. The maps have been super helpful in at least seeing bottles in stores Here in Maryland for prices I don’t want to pay.

    If Van Winkle and Pappy (I’ve heard it called so unobtainable that even the rich who can pay the high prices charged by some stores can’t get it) and BTAC are so hard to find, then why can I always find a bottle, even if it is one I pass on? Is the market starting to change in that people only want close to retail and those charging a crazy high price taking advantage of those desperate for a bottle. I feel the bubble will burst within the next three years or so.

    My liquor store manager said the same thing… he said in about 5 years all of this hoopla will die down and we’ll be able to see the bottles on the shelf again, at (semi) reasonable prices – I have to think that we’ll start to see those MSRPs slowly climb as well over the years. He also suggested that production was going to be ramped up a bit as well. Can anyone else here confirm this claim of increased production?

    Distilleries have confirmed that production is ramped up. Of course we don’t know exactly how much. They don’t want to end up with a glut a decade from now. But production is expanding. Look at the recent additions to Buffalo Trace, MGP, Willett and many others.

    Production is up only slightly and not enough to meet current demand. Don’t hold your breath for a day when it is sitting on the shelf. For rare and allocated bourbons, this is the new norm. Buffalo Trace is happy to sell tons of it’s namesake & Eagle Rare bourbon to stores with the promise “you’ll get Pappy” so why would they destroy their cash cow?

    As far as Willett, yes they added a still, but it is not producing massive quantities and they are 5 plus years away from new high-aged stock. Even then, it could never meet current demand and it will be allocated if at retail at all. Also, most of the Willett distribution is slated for overseas.

    Montgomery County , Md Department of Liquor Control (DLC) just held the Pappy lottery. About a month ago, DLC held a BTAC lottery. All other allocated bottles (briefly) make their way to the shelves.

    Just based on a quick count, it looks like the County received 132 bottles (for a population of over 1 million people). There were at least 3,541 people entered in the lottery. I did not prevail.

    I received a lottery number yesterday via email, but have yet to receive an email with the lottery results. Where is this information coming from?

    I think the County just sent out an e-mail; however, the information was available as of this morning on the Montgomery County DLC website.

    Just went to a bunch of liquor stores this morning in Louisville and stores all said they got it earlier in the week, Tuesday kept coming up, and was gone by Wednesday. A few bars are selling it by the ounce for $10 or less, so that my be your best chance to “get” Pappy if you live in/around Louisville.

    Just went into the Gary’s Wine in Wayne NJ and they had a poster up about Pappy. They are doing a Bourbon tasting in all their stores Wednesday November 18 with a chance to enter into the Pappy Lottery. Just a heads up since I havn’t seen much posted about the NJ area here yet.

    Not sure I would call 499.oo “scored” but perhaps this is the bitterness of not winning a raffle today showing…

    Just because there are people out there that will pay $1000 for Pappy 20 and that is the going black market rate, does not mean $499 is a good deal. It’s very good bourbon but people have lost their minds with this. SW juice Pappy 20 was readily available 3-5 years ago if you knew where to look for like $70. 3-4 years ago if someone tried to sell it for $500 you’d laugh at em. Buying it at that price is just justifying that the store is right to sell it at that price. Theres a lot of really good bourbon out there. I have multiple bottles of the whole line of Van Winkle and BTAC and am starting to feel stupid for not selling them because they simply aren’t worth what people are paying with so many other good whiskies out there.

    Every other post you are yelling “let it rot!” but $499 is justifiable for a $125 MSRP Bourbon? I don’t really understand your viewpoint. It’s price gouging if its on the shelf for $499 or $999. Stores aren’t supposed to put their prices in line with illegal black market prices.

    As long as the stuff is under book – I’m cool with it. I’ve paid $425.00 for a 20. Now if that 20 was like $1100.00 — no way. I’m a drinker – not a seller — I also won’y open any of the VW, BTAC, EC 18, 21, or 23 without a damn good reason. 1 bottle of 20 could last me for years. So “paying up” doesn’t bother me as long as it’s not delusional. I save my pennies all year & budget accordingly. I look at what is being offered & a what price and go from there. The 20 I got was originally $700.00 — talked the dude down. He knew he could get more for it, but he gained a reg customer off that.

    Stopped by the Beaumont Liqour Barn in Lex KY looking for Col. Taylor. The parking lot is packed, then noticed a huge crowd waiting in line. Manager told me they’re in line for raffle tickets for Pappy lottery tomorrow, said some been there since Wednesday. Talk about amateur hour — geez. No EHT at LB so I went to Kroger Wine & Spirits. I shop there a lot. They never get the super premium stuff but, get mid range stuff at low price plus the staff is real cool and legit. Employee told me that people began to set up camp outsid there the night before for Pappy. He said the store manager go passed off and ran them off. He did not want to be responsible for a bunch of nuts — too much potential liability. Lmao! I didn’t find the EHT but left with a 28$ bottle of Evan Williams SB. I’m happy.

    open-ended question for blake / the community: if you could have your choice of any 1 bottle near MSRP, which would you want?
    23 ~275
    20 ~165
    15 ~85
    12 ~65
    10 ~60

    I tried the BTAC “William Larue Weller” for the first time this year, and it is *AWESOME* AND worth every dollar of a $200 price tag, **BUT** I wouldn’t pay over $250 for a bottle.

    one of my joints doesn’t receive it. but just for you, will make it a two-fer:
    23 ~275
    20 ~165
    15 ~85
    12 ~65
    10 ~60
    GTS ~80
    ER17 ~80
    Handy ~80

    Anthony Bourdain swears by the 20…..and since I like Bourdain and haven’t tried the 20yr old expression, I would indulge my fantasy and buy the 20.

    I have been following this blog since late Spring…my hubby collects Scotch and wanted bottles of Pappy to add to his collection (he says it is an investment LOL) He doesn’t open or drink them BTW. It just so happens that I have family in Kentucky and they spent the night outside at the Liquor Barn and got 7 lottery tickets…we are the proud owners of 3 bottles of 12 year and 4 bottles of 10 year…I will take what I can get 🙂

    He will keep one of each bottle unopened, the rest will be opened when friends come over to drink. My hubby doesn’t drink it himself, just enjoys collecting and sharing with friends.

    The fact your family stayed outside overnight speaks volumes if you’re just planning on sharing it within the family and not trying to resell it. Seven bottles would reap a lot of profit, 10 or 12 year. If they bought it at MSRP and you walked into seven bottles without the crushingly high prices of aftermarket buy I give your family credit for being at the barn overnight just for the benefit of family. That is a lot of love and will be a lot of good bourbon to drink. It should mean more that it was bought for you than them standing in line to resell for profit like most end up doing. I just tried to snag a 10 year and they wanted $350. The 12 would easily go for $450/590 my side of the road.
    Hope it’s enjoyed and remembered whatever the occasion will be to drink that with. Family sacrificing time for anything is rare. You wouldn’t see my kid standing outside ant establishment hoping to help me out for anything! Not even to save $200-300 bucks a bottle buying them retail. Kudos to your family whether they stay on a shelf to admire or to open and drink with friends.

    Yes to what Kalvin said. That’s a good sacrifice from people you love. Hopefully those bottles “pap” open and are enjoyed. And next year have them stand in line for me!! ha. I will make sure to enjoy them as well for those hard to buy at prices. still can’t believe seven bottles your easily came across! I wanted a 12 year but those don’t come cheap. $400 was the lowest I found but most are going for $500 and up now that they’ve had a new release. Don’t even look on bottlespot right now. I have given up hope until next year.

    I called Total Wine in Tuscon, and they stated that they did not receive any allocation, and that word from Corporate was that they wouldn’t. I called AJ’s Fine Foods, on 11/16, and they stated that they received their allocation a week ago, and that it was all gone.

    This was our first year trying to get Pappy… And we didn’t plan on even trying. Woke up at 7am on Saturday to find a text from a friend who was in line at Liquor Barn here in Lexington. She said it looked like they had 300 bottles and the list wasn’t filled up yet. We hurriedly got dressed & got in line at 730am, about 270th in line. Got our tickets and when they drew numbers to see when people got to go in, mine was drawn early enough to score a 20yr. My husband snagged a 12yr. We’re keeping both & even opened the 20yr that night to toast what would have been my Papa’s 90th birthday that day. So much fun!

    Yea I was at the very front of that line at Liquor Barn, actually 2nd, and I know it is crazy but had fun and met and made new friends. Didn’t really do any good with the lottery draw though. I did get a bottle of 12 year old Lot B. Went back home and went to my sweet spot Monday morning and he surprised me. I got a 20 year old, a 15 year old and a 10 year old from him. So it does pay to be a regular customer. I buy several bottles of something every week from him be it wine, beer or bourbon. He showed me he appreciated it and man so did I. I’m doing my Pappy dance now. 🙂

    Looking for a bottle of Van Winkle Family Reserve 12 Year Old Lot B . Really cant afford to pay more than 200 for it (will also pay shipping costs being i am in the NY area). If anyone is looking to sell please do not hesitate to send me an email (pangotti1@hotmail.com). I know chances are I will not find it for that low of a price, but this seems like a reputable site of bourbon lovers and not people looking to make a fast buck. thanks in advance

    You have to bring your own container though. They just shipped the barrels directly to him… 🙂 His whiskey collection is really damn impressive!

    picked up a 12 year myself on my lunch break $72 plus tax, went back after work because they still had some handy and got that too, $99 plus tax, probably on the high side for the handy, but this is my first time actively searching for any BTAC or pappy, so i’m happy to take what i can get, one less to try and acquire in the future, lol

    Rochester also? I went to a couple places around Syracuse and called some of my contacts outside the city and no one seems to know or have anything.

    alex, yes, whitehouse liquor to be specific, i know 2 other locations received theirs, one sold out, and the other has a lottery…whitehouse had 4 bottles of handy left as of 6pm unless someone bought one in the 20 minutes before i called

    marketview has a lottery (never knew until yesterday, called them from the whitehouse parking lot, lol), i was told they already have the winners picked…and the 12 was opened last night, so far, so good 🙂

    D, any hints for NJ? Drove around North Jersey Bergen county and had no luck tonight. I’m sure you didn’t just post your score to brag lol!

    haha nah of course not, but as you (hopefully) understand, can’t say exact brick & mortar store, but ironically it was in fact in bergen county. mgr essentially hiding it for top customers – pretty solid allocation of pvw/vw & btac; but best part is at “cost.” you train all offseason for this moment ya know.

    I understand. Didn’t realize you got them from being a loyal customer. Thought it was a first come first served sort of deal. Name doesn’t do anyone any good other than in first come first served cases. I live in a more urban area of NJ so my liquor store is a small mom and pop across the street. Unfortunately they’re not getting any Pappy because they’re just to small. The best advice I can give to people in NJ who either don’t normally shop at a store that gets Pappy, or can’t line up in front of stores at 9am on a Wednesday because of a job, is to call every liquor store you can find (before release) and hope you’ll find some that will put you name on a list and also don’t care whether you’re a regular customer or not.

    Ball Square put it out (5 bottles) and it sold out in 10-15 min (1 per customer). A couple other stores have it and its priced up. Some of the bigger stores are holding for lotteries or special release dates, and some just give to specific regular customers. I’m sure there are still some stores waiting for it though.

    just curious, i know buffalo trace lists how many bottles of BTAC were made, any idea how many of the various pappy’s? for the sake of rarity, part of me wishes i grabbed a stagg instead of the lot b…although on first pour, i’m not exactly disappointed with the lot b, lol

    Pappy hit KC, MO yesterday. Picked up 2 12’s a 10 and a 20. 10 was $50, 12 was $59, another 12 was $69 and the 20 was $229. Love the Midwest prices!

    Is Pappy selling at stores in MN, or just hit the distributer? What part of the metro area has it? Thanks in advance for whatever you care to share.

    Pappy is in multiple stores across Columbia, SC. Nothing at Total Wine, all of the bigger stores are doing lotteries, and the mom-pap stores allocations are “already spoken for”. I walked into one and the lady said they had it and slapped a few bottles up on the counter, then proceeded to tell me “these aren’t for sale though” and then wouldn’t sell them to me….. Never been sicker in my life

    Confirmed in Massachusetts. Got two bottles of Lot B, a Handy, a Larue and an Stagg. Wish I got a Pappy but there were none to be had.

    Does anyone know of releases in California, specially the SF bay area. Alternatively is anyone here willing to part with a 15 yr Pappy, my sole purpose of purchasing it is to drink it!!!!!

    Van Winkle was in MN at least if not before Friday the 13th.

    Bought Rip and Lot B in the Metro on Monday. Every year, this map thing is way off and just creates confusion and anxiety for those looking to “score.”

    Outside of lottery states, show me a state that release the entire state on one day. I’ve always said the map is an additional clue and isn’t always exact. For example I got a tip the MN released on Friday but wasn’t able to confirm until today.

    Well, in this case, there’s no ‘release.’ Only, stores receive it, then turn and sell it. It used to carry over for days. Then it was hours. Now it’s only minutes. By the time a ‘release’ is reported, it’s long gone and no one wins.

    But then again, your site gets hammerd, the ad revenue piles in and you can still pretend like you care. Go get yours, good for you.

    idk, i know a few stores near me who have it, but are delaying it’s release, so this site gives you a heads up, i guess you could always start your own way to track pappy

    Yes. If you’re paying that much you’re probably more interested in “winning the game” than the buying a bourbon because you want to drink it. Unless of course you have tons of disposable income.

    Good question – being offered a 15 and a 12 by a store owner – 15 is $475, 12 is $325. WAY outside where i care about stuff, as such i’m passing at those prices, but curious of the group’s thoughts on those offers and what you would do.

    I know thats under the after market value but I’d have a hard time paying what, 4 x retail? I feel schmitty paying 2-2.5 times retail….could just be me though. Passed on a Handy for 200 today. Probably would have done it for any of the others…

    Get this… I was in Rockland County NY last night going to my cousins house for dinner. Her & her Husband are big whiskey fans. So I’d figure I’d by a bottle of something to enjoy after dinner. Missed my exit & got turned around a bit (I hate GPS systems). I was driving up this road, saw a store, popped in & grabbed some Elijah Craig. Walked up to the counter & just for giggles asked if he had any Pappy… the guy actually said “Yes. But I wouldn’t sell it to your kind!!” WTF!!! What did I do? I’m spending money with you! He was an older Jewish Gentleman (use that term loosely now). I’m not. So what? What, now there is Pappy discrimination? Man this ain’t right… Needless to say I walked out with nothing.

    Weird staggered release in NJ. Some places in same counties appear to not have gotten it. But this appears to be the week….

    Anyone know when its expected to hit Southern California? My usual stores are rather tight lipped this year on the ETA. Some claiming they don’t expect any to come in which is funny as I just bought a BTAC bottle from them.

    I know bevmo is sending the e-mails for pappy the second week in December. Not sure about other stores. Where did you get the BTAC if you don’t mind me asking. – San Diego

    I got a bottle of Old Rip from a shop in Boulder (they also had some BTAC but only one bottle per person). Liquor Mart has started their raffle, drawing on the 27th. Hazel’s is (or has) emailing top points customers.

    Got a bottle of VW 12 year on Friday in Aurora. Just really lucky. Also got a Weller 12 there. Costco Liquors in Parker had ETL and Stagg Jr. It was a good couple of days.

    The excitement of having found it. Followed by the proverbial swift kick in the balls.

    Handy 299
    Stagg 399
    SZRC 699
    old rip – 389
    Lot B – 699
    PVW 15 – 899

    Seriously!?!?!?! no thanks…

    This is the future!! Buckle up!! This year is turning out to be serious b!tch! — It’s going to get worse!! Here’s what we do… start telling all these f’tards that their not charging enough! Tell them that everybody else is selling the 10 year for 700.00 (extrapolate the line from there — $4500.00 for the 23!!)!! Let start making our own fun w/ this sh!t!!

    Yea… store owners I’ve spoken with, where I’ve scored in the past, have told me that they are going to raise their prices. This is gonna be fun. I was thinking about going back in a few weeks and if they are still there, trying to KNOT him… roll out that jelly roll of green backs and see if he bites…

    Are they on social media? Can you troll them and leave tons of bad reviews? I don’t get the point of picking a small handful of bottles over the course of the year to gouge. Considering what these stores make in a year, raising the prices on a few bottles of bourbon must not make much of a difference in their overall yearly profits. It just makes people not want to shop there. If stores don’t want to deal with the insanity, they can just have a raffle. Perhaps the strategy is publicly shame the stores into doing raffles to avoid bad reviews and negative attention.

    Liquor stores are among least-profitable small businesses!

    Profit margins are typically around 1% and are under constant threat from big box retailers and warehouse clubs. No wonder they mark up the allocated VW & BTAC bourbons so much!

    Picked up 12yr today in Columbia,MO for $66. Seems like every store hit today. Still no btac according to the manager at the hyvee I got mine at. Lottery drawing.

    Released in Montana today. Much smaller allocations than last year- most of it went to restaurants. A couple stores still have it, but at very inflated prices.

    Cat’s Paw in Bozeman is the only place I know still has some. They aren’t going to put it out until after thanksgiving. I don’t know of anywhere to get a 23 year. A few bottles of the 10, 15, and 20.

    Got released in Michigan this past Thursday. Scored my first Pappy bottle, the 15yr. In a raffle on December 3rd as well with a chance to score a bottle of the Van Winkle selection and also the whole line of Antique. Great site Blake. I’ve learned a ton on here.

    I think the whole angels taking more than their usual share is completed BS. Just another bourbon industry ploy to drive the interest and market

    Would consider this IF you poured out the rye and filled the bottle with at least three different kinds of animal piss…preferably females during mating season

    Pappy showed up in west Michigan today but prices were too high for me – only 10 and 12 year left by the time I found out it had landed, $250 for 10 year, $350 for 12 year. It’s just bourbon, that is too much money to piss away, literally.

    He had Elmer T Lee, CEHT Single Barrel, and 1792 Port all for $100 each. 😐 State minimum price on Elmer is $35.96, CEHT SB is $59.99, and the 1792 Port is $41.99.

    Kind of funny though as people destroyed him on Facebook, lol. All was sold though so I guess he has the last laugh.

    i didn’t make the cut (winning the lottery) for Pappy in North Carolina but I was on “list two”, to get to buy one bottle from the BTAC. Got a bottle of George T Stagg. Excited about trying it.

    Also bought a bottle of the Woodford Reserve 2015 Masters Collection. Hope it’s good.

    Not for me. Liked the cinnamon. Really dont like how young/green it tastes to me. Gonna give the bottle to a friend after I let a few people try it…

    Where in DE? I have a few stores I have spoken to which still have not received anything. One is going with a waiting list. Others are going 1st come 1st served.

    I’ve picked up bottles from Wilmington all the way to Bethany. Pretty sure it’s everywhere, but has come and gone. If you want to pay gouge prices check ABC or Right Bottle.

    Where? I haven’t seen it or heard anything. Been calling around and no luck. Talked to my friend who works at a liquor store downriver and he is hearing nothing.

    Trucks delivered to Austin, TX Stores last night. Seems only at smaller stores with highly inflated prices…As one guy said we will be selling at market value, $300-400 for 10yr Van winkle even to regulars. So no pappy for me this year…

    Who’s the drooling f’tard that thinks $300.00 –> $400.00 is “market for a 10yr.?? What’s the store #??? There are those of us who would just love to give this gent a call & sent the deluded lil’ man straight!!

    South Lamar Wine and Spirits was where the guy said that, and yes they make you play this game of waiting for a tweet on Twitter to know when the bottle is available then it’s first come . Another place where they charge $300 for 10yr even to regulars is Danny’s Liquor in Pflugerville, TX. Needless to say I will not be doing business at either of these establishments. To bad Twin Liquors doesn’t sell their Pappy to the general public only to resturaunts, I’m sure their prices would be more reasonable.

    I scored the Four Roses LE Small Batch for MSRP at a Twin Liquors. I want to support the smaller shops but not at those prices.

    South Lamar Wine and Spirits gets a decent amount of Pappy and price gouges the heck out of their customers. It’s first come, first served and randomly released throughout the day. If you happen to get there first, they charge hundreds and thousands of dollars. Pretty obscene.

    South Lamar Wine & Spirits is a good shop. They do charge slightly higher prices on all of their items, which was fine to me, since they have a good selection and I like to support local establishments. However, I won’t shop there anymore.

    I called to find out the price for a bottle they posted and received this response: “We can’t share any pricing information with our customers, and we’re very busy right now, if there’s something that you want you’ll just have to come by, blah blah blah.” I clarified this even more by saying, “So, I have to literally come into the store to find out how much something costs, and you won’t tell me over the phone?” “Yes.”

    I don’t understand the point of that. The only thing it says to me, is that they’re going to charge obscene prices and they know if they tell you their price, the customer will sour and not go in.

    It’s bull crap. But people WILL pay obscene prices that don’t know any better. FYI- this shop will charge you above secondary market prices that you can get from a flipper. It’s a shame they choose to price gouge and lose their loyal customers for a couple extra bucks around the holidays.

    Completely agree with EVERYTHING you said.

    Although they receive much less, Travis Heights Beverage World off 35 (next to The Whip-In) sells their allocation at or around MSRP. Their bottle of Thomas Handy went in a couple minutes though.

    Picked up a bottle of 10yr last night at my local store. The owner rewarded me for being loyal and said “I have something for you”. Boy did I have the biggest grin when he pulled out the bottle from the back. $50. I also bought the Canadian northern eye for fun.. It’s actually not bad.

    Came across a store in Ft Worth that had received their bottles last Wednesday, store owner told me he just sold his VWFRR for $700 and would generously sell me the Pappy 20yr for $1400…hard pass

    Valerie at Spec’s Corporate here in TX told me today they will have NO retail sales of Pappy this year. It is all going to wholesalers who will up charge us patrons $75 per drink at their bars.

    Picking up a bottle of 10yr and 12 yr tomorrow in Louisiana.
    $61.99 for 10yr
    $73.99 for 12yr
    Total WITH TAX = $147.87

    Now these are decent people!

    I opened one of the Pappy 15 year bourbons I purchased in NY on Thanksgiving. I used the opportunity to share my spoils of the hunt with family. I also brought a bottle of Willett Family Reserve 9 year 118 proof bourbon that I have from their gift shop. Both cost me about the same, $10 per year on age statement. Tasted the two side by side and it is hard to say the pappy is better. I realize the Willett is barrel proof and non-chill filtered and therefore way more flavor and exceptional mouthfeel, but I wonder how many people Jonesing to get there hands on Pappy actually tasted it side-by-side with another bourbon? I ask, is recent Pappy (not SW juice) really worth all of this?

    My take, way to many people are in it for winning the game, just look on instagram, or to flip and make a quick buck.

    Exactly!!! It’s good. BUT definitely NOT(!!!) good enough (especially after the SW stuff was exhausted) to justify all this. The hunt used to be kinda “fun”. This year was an unmitigated friggin’ catastrophy!! Sure, I scored a ER17 & a VW Rye — but the begging wheeling & dealing I had to go thru was F’n torture. I think, for me, this is the last year I’m out for the hunt. I’m going to stock up on the Weller stuff. You kids have fun!!

    Totally agree. I did significantly better this year than last. But it took a lot of footwork, coin (nothing more than 2x retail-personal cap, and most closer to 1.5) and relationships with a few stores built on year round business and not being a dik about it.

    Funny thing is and I’m sure its true for many is I think I am now set as a result on most other super allocated releases during the year at these stores without any additional work/spending. So time to settle in with those guys and ride this out…
    Now to work on some trades for wishlist items…

    I agree. It’s been a bad year in NJ/NY/PA area. So far I’m shut out but still got two possibles from last year that haven’t gone “live” yet. If I get shut out completely I’ll look to trade one of my xtra PVW 20’s, from last year, to add to my lonely GTS BTACs. Maybe find a VWrye for a trade. But remember, like the recently late and always great Yogi said…ain’t over til it’s over.

    I’m holding onto my only BTAC (GTS). I really want a Weller so if I continue to get shut out come January I’ll look to swap one of my PWV20s for a Weller and others.

    I’d be happy with the ER17 & VW Rye.

    I’m out getting ready for the CT release, pounding the pavement, talking to stores, putting in the time and I may not see anything I can afford with my remaining budget.

    I may be better off holding out until next week when I’m in Louisville and I can get EC23 at Heaven Hill or WFE in the gift shop.

    Retailer called today and had a bottle of Lot B and a bottle of 10. I paid $300 for the pair. I thought all the Van Winkles had been distributed last week Blake!

    Does anyone in the north Texas (DFW) area know if Goody Goody has began contacting winners from their BTAC and Pappy lottery?

    Just got word from a distributor contact that it will be mid-Dec before the bottles hit Houston stores. Sounds like Specs and the west-side/Katy WB’s are the only options. Everyone I’ve talked to in other areas said they’ve been told they’re not getting any.

    Goody Goody in Dallas has started contacting winners. I was able to get a 12 yr Van Winkle after being called today. Good luck!

    was able to only score 2 bottles of 10 yr ORVW this year.. anyone interested in trading one and some cash for a 12yr or 15yr?

    I just found this site, can’t believe how cray-cray peeps be bout not finding Pappy bourbon?

    Yo my boy is balling – buying it by the case dat bottlespot website. Pays mad $1000’s per bottle, but he has an amazing collection dat gets braggin rights! Guess it is worth it for the street cred alone yo. He gets tons of likes and followers to his insta account redrum_she_wrote every time he posts a photo, prob worth it for dat alone. Not only does he drop c notes for Pappy, but all the other cray-cray bourbon porns like stitzel weller juice. You can’t hang with him, so stop ya’ll crying game.

    Dude. dats da bomb my boy. You sho showed us sumpin. We be kickin like if it aint straight cash the its hell naw, we just b buyin the Kronik

    I just saw “him” or his dealers extensive offerings on bottlespot.com. ..smdh…how can one “assopening” acquire all those bottles of Pappy /BTAC and everything thing else in this miserable f’ed up world!??? The bottles this “peachtreebourbon” seller has is UNF’NBELIEVABLE!!! This is why we get royally screwed every year because of the monopoly of these rare bottles by whomever…greed…pure greed….all for profit, clearly this “peachtreebourbon butt hole” is not drinking ANY of this …capitalism at its best (worst).

    Pennsylvania LCB just released an e-mail at 9:30am announcing lottrery for limiter release of:
    24 bottles of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 23 Year Old, $249.99 each
    30 bottles of Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13 Year Old, $99.99 each
    111 bottles of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 15 Year Old, $79.99 each
    210 bottles of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 20 Year Old, $149.99 each
    384 bottles of Old Rip Van winkle Bourbon 10 Year Old, $49.99 each
    780 bottles of Van winkle Special Reserve Bourbon 12 Year Old, $59.99 each

    Pennsylvania released its PAPPY lottery announcement today.

    go to fineineandgoodspirits.com and enter.

    Good Luck!

    only 24 btls of 23yr for the state! Only 30 of the Rye!

    Delaware. I posted here about it Nov 24th, but it was released Nov 19th. Confirmed to me by many retailers and snagged several bottles.

    It’s in Houston. WB/Costco in Conroe got 5 bottles and they’re gone, I was able to grab the last ORVW10 this morning. They recieved 1 20yr, 1 15yr, 2 12yr and 2 10yr. Good luck to the rest of y’all.

    Does the Conroe location put their allotment on the shelf, or deal first come first served? Based on your news though, I called and found it should be hitting all the Houston WB locations this week. I’m still holding out hope that I can get at least a 15.

    The one in Conroe put it on the shelf and it was 1st come 1st served with a 1 bottle per person limit. The other WB’s that I called were all doing it by a list, some were based on your position on the list and others were doing it based on the amount you’ve bought this year. Specs has a master list for all city locations that’s based on their point system.

    Can confirm Houston as well. Local store that received 8 bottles last year got 4 this time around, so the ~50% allocation checks out. No luck for me, but I did manage to grab the last WLW12 from the backroom (1.5L, even better)!

    Still no word in Florida yet I heard a rumor that some product arrived in Tampa and a sales rep or warehouse employee released a bunch of allocated stock to one retailer because he “didnt know” . Anyone hear anything else down here???

    ABC is absolutely NOT getting all of the Pappy. They get most of it – but not all. Several small liquor chains in FL will be getting bottles but “less than last year” – up to 30% less.

    If I were you I would go start camping out at TW right now. Rumor has it that they are releasing it tomorrow morning

    Talking to TW, they are saying it is all going to a lottery of the top tier Discovery members. All just rumors at this point

    The rep in SW Florida would not state who the lost allocation went to. Maybe another Hype Story to get people riled up.

    I racked up in Memphis 8-10 year olds, 2-12 year old, 3-15’s and a 20 from mississippi…but mostly gone now. I know where one 10 year is for 199.00 other than that….nada. Just ran and picked up a 10 year for 79.00. That will last me all year, drinking all of it!!!!!!!

    Wow. How’d you score so many? Do you know someone in the distribution chain who is tipping you off as to when stores will get them? I have tried not only all over NC but in other states as well with zero luck on getting any Pappy. I did get one bottle of Stagg which i will nurse for a long time.

    Nice gets! That Stagg is definitely a big score! Not at all complaining but I’ve only gotten a hold of 2 Handy’s so far. Hoping for a Stagg and/or Weller.

    the site says california was due to release last friday but nothing is being said anywhere. does anybody know what’s going on with california? i cant get any information from any of the stores, either….. thanks!

    Sorry Blake… I gotta rant!! SOOOOOOO Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye sales have jumped 400% since the announcement of the “World Whisky of the Year” award. MORE F”N proof that this whole whiskey rush thing is just one big pile of popular exposure horsesh!t! Half of the schmucks on (or watching) this blog are here just to claim jump Pappy / BTAC the other half (like me) have been drinking the stuff since we were kids(ish). Holy crap!! I cannot wait to see what the CRNHR is going to start popping up on Wine Searcher & Bottle spot for in the coming months(irritates the crap out of me that Pikesville 6 year was # 2 (better than the Crown f’n Royal — (NO WAIT!! I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN THAT!! THE PIKESVILLE 6 ACTUALLY SUCKS MONKEY NUTS!! GO BUY MORE CROWN F’N ROYAL!!). God dammit I can’t wait till this is all over. I want my whiskey back.

    I know what you are saying but I don’t think its planned/paid thing. Doesn’t really matter what won, it would see a sales boost. On the bright side, it could be a good thing because at least there is a decent supply of the Northern Rye out there… Anyway, whisky is such a personal taste thing, who cares what someone else says is the best. There are people who hate my favorites and those that love the bottles I detest. I’ll continue tasting as many different bottles as I can get my hands on and make my own choices!

    BRAVO! BRAVO!! What I don’t get is why in the heck die hard “bourbonrs” wait year after year until some so called “whiskey expert” tells them what’s good and what’s not so good? Go out and buy some DIFFERENT BOTTLES BESIDES the usual over hyped, over rated, over priced stuff and make your OWN decision about what you like and what suits your particular tastes! Everyone is different. We all have different tastes, we are all unique in what we personally like/dislike. We all could probably write a book/review on this topic…It’s not rocket science….it’s just corn juice folks! STOP over thinking 1+1….

    At this point, I think it’s clear that there’s no need to pay attention to Jim Murray’s ratings/rankings for best in the world anymore. He seems to just be moving from region to region for his top spot to create some controversy, create press, and sell books. Otherwise, why else would anyone buy the newest version if he picks the same whisk(e(y every year? I went ahead and bought a 50ml of the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye just to try and thought it was pretty unremarkable. A middle of the road rye. Just my two cents.

    I agree …..you have to wonder sometimes if they’re getting something in return for these “awards”…and “great reviews” of product, some, most mediocre at best for a majority of bourbonheads.. they (along with other factors) create most of the manic hysteria, the media hype and demand for these distilleries (product).

    There are two schools of thought on this…
    It is quite interesting to see people clamoring for Crown Royal, but perhaps Jim Murray did this for a reason. It doesn’t necessarily mean this is the best of the best. However, what I think he was trying to do was show people “Hey…there is more out there than just the heavily allocated bourbons and $$$ Scotch.” If this gets people to start looking at other bottles, not because they are the most popular, or gives you some boost in social status, then all the better. This craziness that is bourbon is getting out of hand. When I see grown men stomp off like a child when they missed their precious bottle of BTAC, there is a problem.

    Of course, maybe Mr. Murray owed a big favor to CR. I don’t think so though.

    In regard to, “It doesn’t necessarily mean this is the best of the best,” I would argue that it’s exactly what he’s saying with his high score and rating on the list of “World’s Best Whisk(e)y”. It would be different if he had given it a high score after prefacing it as the “Best Value” or something like that.

    Care to share location or city? Florida is pretty big and Republic National has several offices.
    Went in to TW again Friday and was told they may release some in January. Still all rumors but at least this was a manager at the store in Orlando.

    The total wines in orlando will not be publicly selling the pappy – the customers on their preferred list will get a notification of where to pick it up.