2016 Parker’s Heritage Collection Announced

Parker’s Heritage 10th Edition

Heaven Hill released a wheat whiskey and malt whiskey the last two years for their Heritage Collection. Today they received TTB approval for PHC 10 (courtesy of SKU). In 2016, Heaven Hill will take it back to (what I believe) they do best, bourbon. This year the Heritage Collection is a Bottled-in-Bond, 24-year-old bourbon.

PHC 10

The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 was the first consumer protection legislation in the history of the United States. It was passed in order to ensure the quality of whiskey during that time. In order to carry the Bottled-in-Bond designation, the whiskey had to conform to a strict set of regulations set forth by the Federal Government.

As the supplier with the most Bottled-in-Bond products available today, Heaven Hill is proud to bring you the 10th edition of Parker;s Heritage Collection, which abides by those same regulations.  The barrels, aging since the Fall of 1990, have been dumped and bottled without chill-filtration at 100 proof and deliver a true taste of Bourbon history.

A 24-year-old, BIB, 100 proof non-chill filtered bourbon? This really needs no commentary. Just take my money!



    I have a reg lil’ shop nearby that usually shelf stocks the PHE… Don’t think they’ll be doing it this year… I’m gettin’ tired of it all.

    As we all know the absolute madness of hunting season will be upon us in a couple of months….nothing like a little PHC teaser to get in the right frame of mind….

    Can you imagine?? My go-to everyday’s are Henry McKenna and Pikesville. And thats because they’re really good. The new Parkers ought to be outta this world…Just hope they don’t go the way of that overpriced rye that just came out…by quadrupling the price that is. Shame on you F.K.

    I visited the HH heritage center in Bardstown in May and as I admired the full PHC lined up over the register my tour guide did mention this 24 yo release. He predicted that it would sell for more than the usual msrp of PHC (80-100). He backed it up by explaining that it costs a lot of money to sit on product for 24 years, especially considering they pay taxes on it when it goes into the barrel. All true, but they have done extra aged releases in the past with no extra money tacked on so I am hopeful they don’t go that way. However, this is also the shop that sells Evan Williams 23 yo for like 350 at the gift shop.

    I’m really excited (YEAHHHH BABY!!!) about getting one of these at retail…I’m hoping (and praying to the bourbon gods) I can get 2, or at least 1. If not, I think I will *have to* shop the secondary market. This is the one I want the most this fall release. Gotta have it…won’t stop! can’t stop! Til I get me some!

    “…won’t stop! can’t stop! Til I get me some!” -kinda like Sunny D and rum (check out YouTube, it’s hilarious)…except this is gonna be waaaaaay better!

    California seems to be known as a state that cannot (or will not) obtain these products and forces me to go to the secondary market. Any ideas??

    I saw 8000 on another site. Who knows how reliable it was.

    Any word when this is hitting Chicago?

    It’s too bad stores cannot legally make buyers crack these bottles right after they pay. Eliminate the after market.

    I’ve been able to get PHC with ease the last three years and I’m afraid this release will be the end of the run!

    Picked one up in Minnesota today at Total Wine. Surprisingly it was only $199.95 here. They got 3 bottles. The stuff never even made it to the shelf.

    I’m assuming that you picked that bottle up at the total wine location in Richfield and purchased it online…how many did they end up getting in stock? 2?

    Montgomery County MD did their release at four stores this morning. I was sixth in line and the store I was at had 12 bottles! Sold out about an hour before they opened at that store. I was even lucky enough to get one of the four case boxes and it isn’t even dinged up from opening!

    I was lucky enough to get the last bottle from one of the other locations in Montgomery County this morning. That location also sold out an hour before the store opened; they had 15 bottles at that location.

    I also got mine today in Montgomery County, MD. I arrived two hours prior to the opening and got a number for the second to last bottle. A lot of people arrived afterwards and were disappointed.

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