Bourbonr Blog Turns 2!

Two years ago I started this blog as an extension of the Bourbonr site. Originally, the blog was me writing on an iPad with terrible grammar. Two years later it’s still just me however I’ve upgraded to a laptop and the grammar has improved slightly (still working on that one). The first post I wrote on the blog received a whopping 31 visits and I┬ánever would’ve imagine, 160+ posts later, it would grow into what it is today.

A lot of readers have come to Bourbonr looking for information about Pappy Van Winkle or Buffalo Trace Antique Collection others for the mash bill charts or cheat sheets. Together I think we’ve realized there’s a lot more to bourbon than just the limited releases. The Bourbon community as a whole has been great to be a part of and I’d like to thank all of the Bourbonr readers! Now it’s time to get ready for the fall hunting season.

Bourbonr birthday


    Please allow me to be the first to say a big Congrats!! It’s been fun! Here’s to MANY more years (hopefully by then the bubble will burst)!!!

    I think I’ve enjoyed every blog post. . . keep up the good work. Maybe a post this fall on “The crazy things people do in search of Pappy”. . . .[grin]

    I consider myself an OG. I bought my Pappy 23 when it was just sitting on a shelf for $75. This was before Wine Spectator rated it and made it almost impossible to find and more expensive than I am willing to pay. I bought three of them and three Old Rip 12 for $25 a piece. I drink it neat but I have come full circle. On a hot day I will still have an old fashion cocktail sometimes. I don’t feel guilty or ashamed. It’s refreshing and miles ahead of a Maker’s and Coke!

    Congrats Blake! I’ve got to admit I get excited every time a new post is dropped. Keep up the great work and here’s to many more years of your blog and true bourbon appreciate

    This is a great blog!…I’m enjoying it! Thanks Blake and good luck with it, i am looking forward to reading and commenting throughout the coming year! One of my earliest and favorite memory about “PAPPY” was in the early 90’s when I went to my local spirit shop for a bottle of my favorite bourbon…..I Remember seeing ( and laughing to myself) looking at a bottle with a “old man with a lighted cigar in his mouth, lighted match in his hand and the name “Van Winkle” (being a Catskill Mountain native at the time, I thought of the “RIP Van Winkle” legend)…At the time, I thought it was the lamest label EVER! I LOL at all the bottles collecting dust on the shelf….lol… while I reached for my ol’ reliable Jack Daniels #7…….if only I knew…, have times changed.

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