Bulleit Barrel Proof Coming

Today Diageo received approval for a barrel proof version of their popular Bulleit bourbon. The details are still pretty scarce on this one. This release isn’t a surprising one since barrel proof releases have increased in popularity over the last 5-7 years. Consumers love a higher proof and brands can charge double for a 30% decrease in production. It’s a win for everyone.

My guess is this will be around the $50-$60 range similar to Bulleit 10. No mention of age but my guess would be 5-7 years range. I’m also interested in the source after Four Roses cut them off a couple of years ago. I heard from an unconfirmed source that Beam is contract distilling for them, but that’s a rumor at this point. Could this be Booker’s Cousin? There are more questions than answers at this point. For now, the label look cool and I love the Bulleit bottle design so I’m excited to try this one. I’ll report back with any new details.
bulleit barrel proof

bulleit barrel proof label


    Great! I think every distillery should offer their namesake at barrel proof, and with the bourbon boom constantly growing, it would be economically and insanely foolish not to do so! I LOVE barrel proof spirits and thoroughly enjoy drinking them as such to enjoy their fullest, robust and intense flavor profiles. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a barrel proof whiskey/bourbon, the way nature intented……lol…Personally, I have NEVER met a barrel proof of ANY name that I didn’t like….ha! Good Luck!

    I really wish that Bernheim would release a barrel proof of their Bernheim Wheat. Agreed though, almost everything that I’ve had both versions of, I’ve preferred the BP version. Although, the Cask Strength Jefferson’s Ocean comes across as a bit pedestrian compared to the regular bottling. I would love to try a Barrel Proof EC18, but don’t think we’ll ever see that day.

    Yeah, the barrel proof EC 18 would be VERY nice! I was lucky to get my paws on 2 bottles so far, and opened one, what can I say>>> absolutely delicious….18 years is the ‘sweet spot’ for me in the aging of bourbon/whiskey…I really don’t care for anything older taste wise….too tannic and for me, loses its authenticity ….I am wondering what Heaven Hill will do with the Elijah Craig 12 year barrels? What will it be “turned in to”? My guess is that they will continue to age it an additional 3 years and come out with an EC 15 year old, uncut and unfiltered………hopefully, ha!…… but, my absolute all time favorite cask strength/barrel proof ANYTHING is the BTAC “William Larue Weller” expression. ***WOW**…..further words not needed.

    The 2014 Parker’s Heritage Wheat is a barrel proof bernheim. Granted it’s 13 years instead of 7 but it’s still a barrel proof bernheim wheat whiskey.

    Just saw this being offered on bottle-spot this morning for $100. The bottles Label color is different, but it has the same marketing descriptives on it as above. Haven’t seen it yet in VA ABC stores. Probably never will.

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