Review: 2016 Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition

Since 2008 Four Roses has released their Single Barrel Limited Edition. That was until last year. Four Roses discontinued the FR SiBLE due to barrel shortages. Well, it’s a new year, and the FR SiBLE is back under a new moniker, “Elliott’s Select.” This year’s release is named after new Master Distiller, Brent Elliott.

2009Limited Edition- 173

Elliott’s Select Stats

Mash Bill: OESK

Age: 14 Years

Proof: Varies by the barrel. Probably 105-115

Price: $125

Bottle Count: 8,000

Four Roses Elliott’s Select Review

Beginning with the nose I get some sweeter fruits like cantaloupe or honeydew. There’s a little bit of oak but a nice balance with the spice. The taste is cinnamon, vanilla, and raspberry jelly. I get a little bit of mint and almonds on the finish.


Reviews like this are hard. No matter what, people are going to buy this bourbon. Others will complain that it’s overpriced. Luckily, the bourbon is really good. OESK is my favorite FR mash bill so a 14-year-old version is hard to beat. While I don’t think it’s better than some of the older SiBLE’s it’s dang good.

The best part is there’s an FR parachute. If you don’t get your hands on a bottle there’s retailers and whiskey groups across the country picking Four Roses private barrels. While they may not all be great they’re still one of the best deals in bourbon.


    A year ago I picked up an OESK from Liquor Barn in Louisville. It was second best on my tongue and I’ll probably buy only one at that price. My favorite is OESF and I’m anxiously awaiting my local shop to pick a barrel. I also have an OBSO barrel strength and now realize that while I prefer high-rye mashbills the “B” recipe @ 35% has an edge that the “E” version @ 20% does not. Thus I would agree with the OP on the spice balance.

    Signed up & voted for Broudy’s (& the $10 shipping reduction expecting to buy a bottle of Elliot’s Select only to find they don’t have it (or don’t list it on their website)….Disappointed he is!

    Aged 14 years… Maybe Rutledge Select would have been more fitting. I’m definitely a fan of 4 Roses and will be a buyer if I can find it. The price is a little steep but it could be worse.

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