Review: Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond

Heaven Hill recently released their Old Fitgerald Bottled-In-Bond decanter. This is an 11-year-old, 100 proof bourbon. It will retail for $110. If you’re not familiar with Bottled-In-Bond requirements, here’s a crash course. The bourbon has to be, 4-years-old or greater, from the same distillery, in the same distilling season and at 100 proof. Here is more information from the Heaven Hill press release:

Heaven Hill is proud to offer a premium, allocated product within the Bottled-in-Bond class that showcases the authenticity and quality of the American Whiskey portfolio. Acquired in 1999 by Heaven Hill, the legendary Old Fitzgerald line is well-known for its distilling pedigree and intriguing story behind its namesake, John E. Fitzgerald. The first release is comprised of barrels produced from February through May of 2006, and bottled in April of 2018.

The newest bottle is inspired by an original 1950’s Old Fitzgerald diamond decanter, as the brand was traditionally bottled in artistic decanters of all shapes and sizes. The label features the time-honored graphic of a key, commemorating an important element in original labels and the brand’s slogan since the 1940’s, “Your key to hospitality.” Kentucky’s state seal and a prominent brand banner replicate a pre-Prohibition label. Spring editions will be denoted with a green label and fall editions with a black label. The age will change with each edition and will also be indicated on the bottom of the label.

Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond Review:

The nose is honey, oak, leather, and spice. There is a lot more leather and spice on the nose than I would expect for a wheated bourbon this age. The taste is typical bourbon notes of vanilla and caramel. But, the heavy leather and spiciness show back up. It progresses to a short and hot finish. It’s very dry on the finish with mostly oak and black pepper.

Conclusion: For me, this is an easy pass based on the taste. I’ll still try to grab a bottle or try a sample from a friend to compare to this sample. But, nothing about this bourbon screamed $110. That is except the bottle. I love this bottle. I think it’s one of the best packagings I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Maybe Heaven Hill thought that would be enough to sell. They’re probably right.

Anyways, Heaven Hill has nothing to worry about. Between Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna and Evan Williams single barrel, they’re providing some of the best bourbon available today. And, those three bottles I just mentioned are all around $30. It will be interesting to see how the next batch progresses.




    The BSM are bunch of sheep who’s very existence contaminates the industry. They’ll run out & fawn all over anything that says “limited edition”. I love watching the fools buy overpriced crap while I sit back & drink the good stuff that’s readily available everyday but goes overlooked because of internet hype about the “next limited release”.

    Could not agree more. Nice bottle, but the juice is not good at all. Still going for $300-350 on the secondary market so will be trading my bottles for something worth drinking.

    If we’re talking beautiful bottles with a better bourbon than you described to us, I’d check out the I.W. Harper 15 yr. Now that bottle is stunning (and a good bourbon at 86 proof).

    Excited to get the EC BP 130 abv last weekend and two bottles of Fighting Cock on sale for $13.95 to sip in the rain with a cigaahh!

    I am impressed with the frank, honest discussion and review.
    It’s exactly why I refer all of my friends here.. I have never been steered wrong by the reviews and truly enjoy the content.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Thx for the review Blake. Always look forward to your new bottle reviews. Maybe your next one shall be the really good Boone County 12yr SiB.

    So now we know where the aging Elijah Craig ( previously “Small Batch 12 Year Old”)
    …stock is going.
    Totally ridiculous price on this one….. Good luck with that.
    Something for the hipsters……

    Elijah Craig isn’t wheated – Old Fitz IS… so this isn’t where those stocks going – this BiB is just extra-aged/higher proof Larceny…

    I always go to your reviews before any other site. You are consistently accurate and fair. The background information is always welcome and informative. I think this will sell because of the bottle style and limited release label, but I’ve also heard that the juice is standard and unimpressive. Thanks for another super review. Keeping it real my friend 👍🏼

    Just Had a bottle of the old fitz bib 11 year its the same as the old fitz bib 100 proof you can get for $20.oo

    I actually found it to be better than expected. The batch I got out here in Northern California is great. It’s a BIB wheater, so don’t expect a high rye barrel strength knockout. I found it well balanced and wore the higher proof well. It had the right amount of oak and age without loosing the softer sides of the wheat. Cost through distributors was just over $75. At that price I am buying every one they will sell me.

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