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Fall bourbon is here! This week a couple bottles of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon popped up in the Bourbonr Facebook group.

Every fall Buffalo Trace Distillery release their Antique Collection (BTAC). The antique collection includes some of the best bourbons and ryes released each year. The Antique Collection won 150+ awards from every major whiskey competition in the world. They’ve won everything from “Whisky of the Year” in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible to Double Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (but you already know how I feel about whiskey competitions). Aside from that, George T. Stagg holds one of the highest honors bestowed upon a bourbon. It’s my favorite bourbon.

Currently, the BTAC consists of 3 bourbons and 2 rye whiskies (George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, Eagle Rare 17, Sazerac 18 and Thomas H. Handy). That was not always the lineup for the BTAC. Find out how it has evolved over the years here.

Proofed Releases

BTAC Proofed

Barrel Proof Releases

btac barrel proofs

There’s a lot of info to digest here. I find it interesting that 2010 had a HUGE allocation. I asked Buffalo Trace about this and they didn’t have an explanation. Hopefully, we’ll see bottle counts like that again in 2016! What was your favorite release?


    HAHAHA!!!!! “OLD FORESTER BIRTHDAY BOURBON” IS OUT in VA ..——-On the daggone shelf AT the NEX package store off of hampton blvd in Norfolk, VA!!!! Just picked myself up 3 bottles for 49.99 each!!!!……they got plenty!!!!!…..damn I’m happy as **** right now!!!

    Yeah..I could make another run over there…but I’d have to charge you an extra $75 for my gas and time…..you can wire me the money today and I’ll ship it first thing in the morning.

    Ok, here’s the deal guys ….I just left the NEX package store….bought the last TWO bottles on the shelf….Now, how are we going to do this Cascade, Jason and ReidC? Cascade, if you still want a bottle, I’ll “allot” you ONE bottle (lol), because you took too long to get back to me man……..The final cost to buy and ship it to you will be the $49.99 for the bottle and an extra $75.01 for my time to go get it and gas for my truck, which is a grand total of 125.00$….what say you fellas?

    Sorry fellas….unfortunately, I’ve decided I don’t want to ship these….looking to avoid headaches, shipping restrictions and legalities….if anyone is interested in these 2 bottles and a “face to face cash transaction”, and live in and or on the Hampton roads area in the Commonwealth of Virginia, or in the mid-hudson Orange County NY State area….lemme know…. I’ll let them BOTH go for $200.00 (cash)….again fellas, my apologies for any inconveniences.

    Bourbonbum, I am in the Hampton Roads area (VA Beach) and would like to talk to you about one of the OFBB bottles. I work at Little Creek and was unable to score a bottle. Please let me know! Thanks!

    Anybody have any idea why the evap % loss seems to be trending up so dang high for GTS? No wonder there’s not much to go around!

    I was wondering the same thing – It seems to be trending up across the line. Are they pulling more from upper levels of the rick houses where the temps flux more?

    Does anyone know if Buffalo Trace is still producing Weller 12yr and if so then are there any in Mass?? It has been a long while since I have come across one…I guess ever since that “poor mans pappy” post came out 😠

    Definitely still being produced. And, since they are getting a new label for it, seems clear they intend to keep producing it. It’s very allocated though, and that’s likely to continue for several years.

    Does anyone know if BT released info sheets for the WL Weller 19? They released them for the other bottlings the first 3 years, so I’d assume they released them for the Weller 19 as well.

    Bourbonbum, I am in the Hampton Roads area (VA Beach) and would like to talk to you about one of the OFBB bottles. I work at Little Creek and was unable to score a bottle. Please let me know! Thanks!

    HI Pat! Hey, If you’re interested, I know of a place that has a *2016 BOOKERS RYE*….it’s $325.00 retail…..fair price, I think (there were 2 left)….try to let me know by thursday (or sooner if you can) if its something you’d like to own. *Happy Hunting*!

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